tagIllustratedA Family Fuckfest

A Family Fuckfest


Chapter 1

"Mmmm, do you know how good you feel in my ass?"

"No," John smiled, "Tell me about it."

"Well, you know it took time for me to get used to it."

As Susan kisses John deeply, their tongues sliding back and forth, she slowly rises and falls in John's lap. His cock slides effortlessly in and out of her tight anus.

"I remember! I must have spent a fortune on lube."

"Silly!" She playfully slaps his back. "It hurt like the dickens the first time. Even then, it felt...wicked...transcendent."

John squeezed her ass, then affectionately stroked her full firm behind. They continued a slow languid fucking.

"Transcendent! Wow! I have never heard such a big word used to describe assfucking!"

"You have no romance in your soul whatsoever," Susan groaned. "I'm trying to describe this incredible feeling and you are teasing me!" She began sliding back and forth on his cock buried deep in her ass.

"You get a sense of fullness that nothing else can provide." she continued. "You are touched inside in ways that never happens otherwise."

John grips her ass and begins to rock his body as she slides back and forth.

"You used to say it was scary. I remember the first time you cried."

"FFUUUUCCKK Baby! Keep moving like that! It feels incredible!"

"Say it, you good fucking slut! Say it"

"I love you in my ass, baby! I love that full feeling! And when I cum, like I'm doing now, it comes from a different place. Fill me up, you Black bastard! Pump your bitch's ass full of your jizz!"



The two lovers undulated as they came together. Their mouths were pressed tightly together. Their arms were wrapped around each other.

"Shit! That always feels so incredible."

They lived two doors from each other all of their lives. Their relationship dated back to kindergarten. They couldn't recall a time when they were not together. They played all the quasi sexual childhood games like doctor and nurse, show me yours and I'll show you mine and so on. Their love of sex was a natural outgrowth of their livelong intimacy.

She was built on the generous lines of a Renaissance model. She had blue eyes and a fair highly colored complexion. She favored green nail polish and gold jewelry that went well with her flame red hair. Her 34C tits were small for her size but very sensitive. When she and John started having anal sex earlier in the summer, she cried because it hurt. Now she could wrap her full pink thighs around his caramel colored back and take all he could give.

John's room, in a converted corner of the basement of his parents' house, had an exterior exit. Many nights Susie would sneak out of her home, cross the common backyards of the complex and sneak into John's room.

Anal became their favorite sex act. Susie loved it. She would straddle John and they would have slow languid anal sex while kissing and hugging each other.

Susie raises up and groans as John's cock slips from her ass. "I better get home before my parents miss me."

"Mmmm don't leave!" Susan slips from his arms. She scoots across the bed and stands next to it."

"I have to, baby. My parents are saying we spend too much time together."

She slips on her t-shirt and sweatpants as John lays on the bed watching her. "Okay you sexy devil! But whenever you need a good fucking, you know where to find it."

They embrace at the door to the basement. She carefully checks to see if anyone is watching then slips out and heads home.

Chapter 2

John slowly stroke his cock, recalling the tightness off Susie's anus. Through the heating vent, he could hear his mother and aunt talking. His aunt was having marital problems. Based on bits and pieces of conversation he overheard he knew the problem was twofold. His aunt tended to binge drink. In addition, she wanted babies and his Uncle Al could not get her pregnant.

"Chrissie, I don't know if I drink because I'm frustrated or I'm frustrated because I drink."

"Toni, you just need some time to work out what you want to do. You and Al will be ok."

Two years separated his 38 year old mom and her younger sister. Aside from that, they could be twins. They both were voluptuous Black women. Their Creole heritage showed in their reddish brown skin, high cheekbones, startling grey eyes and thin aquiline nose.

Over time, through surreptiously inspecting his mother's lingerie drawer and dumpster diving her soiled panties in the hamper, he knew she was a 36, large C or small D, depending on the bra. He also knew her pantie size was large to extra large. His mother was a big sexy voluptuous Black woman.

His cock ached as images of her moving about the house in tight mid thigh jersey shorts sans panties and one of his father's old t-shirts. The shorts pulled tightly into her crotch, creating a large pronounced cameltoe. The fabric of the shirt sliding across her large nipples caused them to be partially hard, creating delectable protrusions. The protrusions were large, like the knobs on his old radio. There were times he was tempted to reach out and twist them.

Aunt Toni was a slightly smaller version of his mother. He recalled a conversation they had about exercising. His mom said she wished she could get her hips below 38" like Aunt Toni.

For as long as he remembered, Aunt Toni was affectionate. When he was younger, she hugged him, trapping his head in the valley between the mountains of her breasts. Her kisses on his cheek were warm and wet, often leaving a smear of her bright red lipstick.

Now when she hugged him, it was her face pressed into his chest. He could feel the pneumatic pressure of her breasts as her arms tightly encircled his waist. Her kisses were delivered on tiptoe, sometimes missing his cheek and brushing his lips. When this happened, she would smile devilishly looking up into his eyes and smack his behind. Once he returned that playful smack on the rear, earning him a surprised whoop and a lopsided grin.

"I don't know. I just don't know! June, my body aches because I want babies so bad."

"It'll happen, Sweetie! You just have to keep trying."

John heard his mom snicker. "Hell! It took me and Andre 18 years to get pregnant again. And the fucking was half the fun."

"Al and I are down to once a week. And that is usually Slam! Bam! Thank you, ma'am. Sometimes I expect him to toss money on the nightstand. It's all about him."

"Girl, you got to get creative to keep your man interested. I got more slinky negligee then you can shake a stick at. Sometimes I'll wear something slutty. Then fix dinner with candlelight and wine. That's always good for a hot sweaty session. Other times we go over to the park. Find a secluded spot. Get naked and fuck! We pretty sure this baby was conceived in there."

John heard their laughter through the vent. The thought of his mom and dad fucking in the woods had his cock so hard it hurt. He and Susie fucked in those same woods. He wondered if his mom and dad used the same spot he did.

He had seen his mother naked a couple of times. It was usually after one of his parents late night sex sessions. She would walk naked across the hall to the bathroom.

Before she got pregnant, her breasts stood out on her chest like cantilevered cones. Her nipples were erect and pointed up slightly. Her belly was flat. A forest of black hair covered her pussy.

"Al doesn't like for me to drink. He says when I drink I became a nymphomaniac. All I want to do is fuck. Then I don't remember what happened the next morning."

"You never could handle alcohol. You know, that happened when we were girls. You remember that time we double dated with those football players?"

John heard Aunt Toni's muffled giggle through the vent.

"I remember the date. But all I know about what happened is what you told me."

He could almost see the smile on his mother's face.

"Well! They were trying to get us drunk so they could fuck us both. We drank them under the table! Then they got sick and I had to drive. And you...!"

"Stop! No more! I'm getting red...and wet...Thinking about it. I can't believe I went down on you."

Gales of laughter echoed through the vent. John leaned closer to the vent. Aunt Toni ate mom out! No!

"Yeah you did! Right there in the driveway of our house. I was trying to get your drunk ass out of the car. I turned you sideways in the passenger seat. When I leaned over to get the seat belt over you, you pushed up my skirt, pushed my panties to the side and dove in! Did a damn good job too."

"Stop! I don't want to hear anymore. You have told me that story a thousand times. So I ate you out! Big deal! All I have is your word that I did!"

"Girl, I came so hard I damn near drowned you! You missed your calling. When it comes to eating pussy, you're a natural."

John heard the kitchen chair move across the floor as one of them got up. His hand was firmly wrapped around his rigid cock. Gone was any idea of watching a porn video anymore.

"Look, baby, I'm dead tired and It's getting late. I'm going to bed."

John could hear his mother moving slowly across the kitchen floor. His baby sister was due anytime. His aunt's marital problems dovetailed with his mom's need for help during the latter weeks of her pregnancy.

He frowned as he thought about his new sibling. Her pending arrival had already begun to affect his life. His dad had converted part of the basement laundry room into a bedroom for him. His old bedroom was now the nursery. The feeling of being pushed to the side was mitigated by having his own room with its own entrance. He and Susie loved it.

"Good night! By the way, thank you for the Ambien. With all that is going on, it helps me sleep."

"Good! You be careful though. You shouldn't drink that wine and take Ambien. I have heard about people doing strange things when they mix the two."

"You worry too much! I'll be okay."

Chapter 3

The smell of food cooking wafted through the heating grate woke John up. A glance at clock radio showed it was 2 am. Who the hell was cooking at this time of morning?

Clad only in his boxers, he padded barefoot out of his bedroom and up the stairs leading to the kitchen. He opened the stairwell door to a brightly lit kitchen. His cock popped to attention when he saw his aunt, stark naked, frying chicken.

Her breasts were large with a mature sag. Her rigid nipples were as black raisins set amidst the rich chocolate of her areola. Her belly was flat but not muscular. It had a gentle roundness that enhanced her sexuality. Unlike his mother her sex was cleanly shaved. John thought he could detect a faint glistening.

"Aunt Toni! What are you doing?"

"Shhhh! Johnny, don't wake her up."

John started at the unexpected sound of his mother's voice. He turned quickly.

His mother stood in the hallway that connected the kitchen to the stairs leading up to the second floor. She wore one of his father's old shirts. It rode high across her pregnant belly, barely covering her nether regions. He could see the black forest of her pubic thatch outlined against the sheerness of her white silk panties.

John's cock, already at half-mast from seeing his naked aunt, jumped to full attention. Like most boys, he harbored a secret lust for his mother. He thought she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen. As she grew large in her pregnancy, she replaced the internet porn stars as the object of his masturbation fantasies.

Her milk filled breasts swayed gently as she moved into the kitchen. The shirt shifted from side to side exposing more of her full plump thighs. One hand gently cradled her distended abdomen. Unbeknownst to him, this vision would place pregnant women at the top of his list of the sexiest women.

"Johnny, you'll have to help her back into the study. Try not to startle her. She is in Ambien induced sleep walk."

John tore his eyes away from the erotic vision of his pregnant mother to the voluptuous sight of his naked aunt. Her large bubble butt protruded almost obscenely. Although her thighs were full, there was a small gap just below her gleaming wet sex. He had an awkward moment as he tried to decide where to hold his naked aunt to guide her back to the hideaway bed in the den. He was aware of his mother's amusement as he stepped behind Aunt Toni, gripped her shoulders and guided her toward the den.

Behind him, Chrissie turned off the stove. She shook her head as she dumped the half cooked chicken into the garbage. The only way to save it would be to finish cooking it and she was too tired for that.

As she turned to head back to bed, she saw her son in profile. His partially exposed cock poked through the slit in his boxers. She caught her breath at the size of the bulge. Jesus! That big motherfucker would wreck a pussy!

She felt her pussy moisten as he and Toni disappeared into the den. It had been nearly a month since she and Andre had fucked. She knew it was because he was afraid he might hurt her, the baby, or some combination of the two. But Gawddamit! She was horny as a hoot owl.

She sighed as she placed one foot on the stairs. She gripped the handrail and took one ponderous step. It was becoming more and more difficult to climb the stairs.

Then she heard her son's pained exclamation.

"No, Auntie! Don't!"

What now, she thought tiredly.

Downstairs Toni Adams was in a semi trance state. She was dimly aware of someone's hands were on her shoulders from behind.

"I'm so sorry, Al!"

"What? This isn't Uncle Al. It's me, Aunt Toni."

John was pushing his aunt toward the hide away bed with his butt tooted out away from his aunt's naked ass.

"What...Whuh did you shay?"

In an Ambien induced trance, Toni was desperate to placate her husband. She turned quickly. She threw her arms around John's neck and pressed her open mouth hard against his. Her tongue forced its way into the startled teenager's mouth.

Reflexively, John's hands dropped to his aunt's waist as she plastered her hot lush body to his. His hands slid naturally down, cupping her lush jiggly ass. He squeezed then, as though he had touched hot coals, he snatched his hands away. His quick feel of his aunt's large warm moist ass caused his cock to pop through the slit in his boxers. It slid wetly across her belly, leaving a slimy trail.

Toni felt the man she thought was her husband forcibly breaks their kiss. Sober she would have accepted this rejection as the norm. For whatever reason, Al did not see her for the sizzling sexual animal she was. Through a haze, she saw his cock pop out of his boxers.

It seemed fatter and longer than she remembered. Her hand reached down and gripped it. She could not wrap her hand fully around it. She slowly stroked, relishing the heft and feel.

John grabbed his aunt's wrist and halfheartedly tried to pull her hand away from his cock. His blood roared in his ears. He was on sexual overload. His body betray him as his aunt slowly sank to her knees.

"No Auntie! Don't!"

He hissed as she gulped down the head of his cock.

Gently rubbing her belly, Chrissie trod slowly down the hall. She knew she probably should have stayed and helped Johnny get Toni to bed. A wry smile played across her lips. She thought about her son trying to guide her nude sister to bed. That should be any 18 year old's fantasy.

"Oh my god! Auntie that feels incredible! But you must stop."

Chapter 4

Chrissie turned the corner and looked in to the den. What she saw stunned her. There was her sister on her knees trying to swallow the biggest cock she had ever seen. She felt the moistness between her leg became a flood as she watched Toni's head bob back and forth. Her saliva drooled out of the corners of her mouth and across her naked breasts.

"Jesus H. Fucking Christ!"

Johnny's head snapped around. his mother stood in the door opening, balancing herself with one hand on the doorsill. Her mouth was open. Her eyes fixed on the erotic tableau.

"Mom! I didn't...she...oh fuck!"

The last exclamation shot from his mouth as he came. The force and volume were such that the thick white cream oozed out of Toni's mouth and dripped over her large breasts.

"Johnny what the hell are you doing?" Jesus, Chrissie thought. Look at all that cum!

"Mom, Aunt Toni did it. I...I...!"

Chrissie held up her hand, palm out, fingers spread. "Shut up!"

Chrissie heard a slight popping sound as her son stepped back from her sister. She unconsciously licked her lips as she saw it was still rigidly hard with rivulets of cum hanging from it. Jesus! I wish that was me swallowing his man juice!

Chrissie moved slowly across the room. Although upset with her son, she knew what happened. High her sister was an avowed alcohol induced nymphomaniac. Add Ambien and you got the scene she just witnessed. Lucky bitch, she thought.

Chrissie was ashamed of the arousal caused by watching her sister suck off her son. She loved sucking cock. Next to having a hard piece of meat rammed into her needy hole, she enjoyed that sex act most. Make it a 69 with a long tongue probing her cunt and...! She shivered. No sense thinking about that now. She balanced herself with one hand on her trembling son's shoulder. With the other, she shook Toni's shoulder.

"Toni! Wake up!"

"Mom," John said, "you said not to wake her up."

"That was before I saw her on her knees sucking you off!"

John felt the heat rise in his face at his mother's comment. Between them, still on her knees, Toni smacked her lips as she swallowed the remnants of her nephew's cum. Her finger stole down to her pussy, her finger probed her leaking hole.

The weight of her 32 weeks of pregnancy was sapping Chrissie's energy. With a great effort, she managed to kneel next to her son facing her sister. The aroma of her son's maleness assaulted her nostrils. It was like a drug, addling her brain, taking her back to those sweating pussy satisfying sessions with her husband.

Not 6" away her son's cock gleamed with the residue of Toni's saliva. She turned her head slightly and saw one enormous drop of her son's potent cum hanging on the slit. Impulsively she leaned over and licked it off.

John yelped and jumped back. "Mom!" His mom had just licked the head of his cock. He was at once confused and aroused. He looked down at where she knelt next to his aunt. He watched as she loudly smacked her lips.

"Baby, I am so sorry! It was an impulse. I should have controlled myself."

"I...uh...sure! Maybe we should get Aunt Toni to bed."

Chrissie longingly eyed her son's rigid cock. Her raging hormones had pushed her to a forbidden arena. She knew she would need to try patch up her relationship with her son. At the same time, she realized she could not leave her sister by herself. She could have set the house on fire. Her son exuded a potent maleness that made her head swim. She felt a wetness running down her thighs. Her pussy was flooded.

"John, we will talk about what just happened later. Right now we need to get her downstairs."


From his vantage point standing next to the two kneeling women, he could see drips of his cum on his aunt's breasts. They looked like greyish white speckles on her sweating heavy caramel breasts.

Adding to the erotic scene, the front of his mom's shirt was wet from her lactating. They made the gown semitransparent, revealing her large plum dark nipples.

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