tagIncest/TabooA Family Get Together

A Family Get Together


The tyres crunched on the gravel verge as Mike pulled the car over to the side of the road. He twisted the key to switch the engine off, before leaning back wearily. He closed his eyes, only the ticking of the engine spoiling the early morning silence. After a few minutes of enjoying the quiet around him, Mike stretched as best he could in the confines of the car, before rubbing a little more of the weariness from his eyes.

He had driven from Paris, having landed there at around midnight. The drive over to the west coast had taken him around five hours, with a couple of stops on the way. But now he had arrived on the beautiful Vendee coast, at Cap Natur', his destination. He looked across the road at the entrance, smiling to himself when he realised that it really hadn't changed in the eight years since he'd last been there.

While Mike had been growing up, he had come here every year for a two or three week break with his family. His parents, Sue and Nick, had always been keen naturists, and had been visiting Cap Natur' for as long as they could remember, preferring it to anywhere they could find in the UK. Mike and his sister, Sammi (she hated being called Samantha!) had come with them until eight years ago.

Mike smiled to himself ruefully, thinking back to the last time he'd been here. He had been fifteen, and for the first time he had been conscious of some of the naked woman around him in a totally different way to before – and as a result, his raging teenage hormones had fed straight to his cock. He shook his head and laughed gently to himself as he thought back to all those embarrassing reactions, most of which "arose" at the most inappropriate of moments.

After that, they had been away to different places for a couple of years, until Mike decided he was too old to take his holidays with his family. In the years since, his parents, along with Sammi – who was now 21, two years younger than Mike – had returned to Cap Natur' each summer.

Mike had been away from home for the last five years. During his three years at University he rarely found his way home for more than a few days at a time, preferring to spend his long vacations travelling around Europe, picking up work wherever he could. After University, he had travelled to New Zealand, where he had been working ever since.

He had seen his parents on a couple of occasions over the last two years, both at home and in New Zealand, when they had flown out to be with him. However, he hadn't seen Sammi in that time – the only time he'd flown back to the UK, she had been on holiday with friends.

But now all that was to change. Just a week ago, his boss had asked him to fly to Europe on his behalf. Mike couldn't wait, and had phoned his Mum immediately – only to learn that they were leaving to go on holiday the next day.

"Join us for a few days," Sue had said excitedly, "It'll be great, just like old times."

And then she had told him where they were going – Cap Natur'.

Mike had hesitated for just a second, remembering the last time. Before he could answer, his Mum spoke again.

"Come on, there's plenty of room," she told him, before teasingly adding, "You'll be fine – you're all grown up now!"

Mike had smiled to himself, embarrassed all over again at the memories of that last visit, before saying "Yes". After flying over from New Zealand, Mike had sorted out the business end of his trip in Italy, before flying up to Paris late the previous evening.

His thoughts were brought back to the present as he heard the jangling of the gates being opened at Cap Natur'. He glanced at his watch and smiled to himself again – seven in the morning, just like he remembered. He leant forward and restarted the engine, before pulling onto the road and driving straight into the resort.

He drove slowly, spotting quite a lot of people around even at this early hour, drawn out by what promised to be another hot day. Most people were naked, though a few of the women wore a wrap around their waists, as they headed towards the pool for an early swim, or across to the shop for some fresh croissants. As he looked around, Mike realised that being back in this environment felt just right, and he immediately felt some of the tension, some of his concerns, slipping away.

Mike made his way to the parking area nearest to the chalet his parents and Sammi were in, grabbed his bag off the back seat, and made his way along a wide tree lined path. He smiled and greeted the few people he passed, totally at ease with their nakedness. He spotted the chalet he was looking for and speeded up, a smile crossing is face in anticipation of seeing his family again.

As he stepped into the Chalet, he was surprised to see his Mum and Dad fully dressed, an overnight bag on the floor beside them as they stood with their backs to him, each of them sipping from their cups of coffee.

"Morning," he called out, smiling at their surprise as they spun around.

"Mike," his Mum squealed, splashing coffee on the table as she put her cup down before rushing across the room and throwing herself into his held out arms.

They hugged each other tight, before Mike held his Mum at arms length and smiled down at her again.

"It's great to see you," he told her truthfully, "And looking a great as ever."

He had almost forgotten just how beautiful his Mum was. At 43, her hair was still glossy black, hanging around her shoulders like a thick mane. Her eyes were a deep brown, her pretty face sprinkled with freckles but without an unwanted line anywhere. Her lips were full, her mouth wide and generous. And from the feel of her against him when they hugged, her body was still as firm and toned as he remembered from all those years ago.

Mike turned as his Dad joined them, sharing a quick hug. His Dad was looking good as well, as fit as ever even in his mid forties.

"What's with the clothes then?" he enquired, "And the bag?"

"Ah," his Mum sighed, "There's a problem at the factory."

Nick and Sue ran their own, very successful, business, and while they had a great team in place, the occasional hiccup did arise.

"We need to get back," his Dad continued, "but if we get away now, we should get the early flight out of Nantes, and be back by tomorrow night, or first thing the next morning."

"And don't worry," his Mum told him, squeezing his arm with a gentle laugh, "Sammi will look after you!"

Minutes later they had finished their coffee and were gone, having said goodbye to Sammi the night before. As his sister was still asleep, Mike found his own room and dropped onto the bed, his lack of sleep catching up with him moments later.

It must have been mid-morning when he woke up, refreshed after a few hours sleep. He sat up, swung his legs over the edge of the bed, rubbing his eyes and gathering his thoughts. Standing up, he stretched and then stripped off, immediately feeling better once he'd shed the clothes he'd been wearing for the best part of twenty four hours. Naked, he pulled his towelling robe out of his bag and slipped it on, not bothering to tie it properly as he wandered out to the kitchen, following the smell of the coffee.

But what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks.

It was Sammi. And from what he could see of her naked body, she was truly beautiful, stunning even. The last of her "puppy fat" was gone, leaving her firm and toned but with enough curves to make people stop and look. She was stood with her back to him, leaning over, her elbows on the table as she read a magazine, her chin resting on her hands.

She was stood with her legs straight, her ankles crossed. Her perfectly formed ass was rocking from side to side in time to the music playing on the radio, her rosebud peeping out at him from behind the tight cleft between her firm cheeks as she moved. As the music got faster, she wiggled her ass, a hint of her pussy appearing from between her firm thighs as she moved. Mike gasped at the view – and Sammi spun around.

"Mike," she yelled, throwing herself at him.

Sammi hugged him hard, showering his face with kisses, totally unaware of her own nakedness, his near nakedness. She stepped back from him breathlessly, looking at him intently, a wide smile on her face.

"You look great....." they both said, laughing as they both fell silent, looking at each other.

Mike looked his sister up and down. It was a long time since he'd seen her – and the pictures his parents had sent him really didn't do her justice. In the last two years she had become a woman, a very sexy woman. She may have lost her "puppy fat", but one part of her had still managed to fill out – her breasts. He struggled to drag his eyes away from her breasts, full and firm, her small, dark nipples perched at their tips.

And when he did manage to drag his eyes away from her breasts, they only drifted lower, over her flat belly, down to the junction of her thighs, to where her pussy was barely hidden behind her neatly trimmed blonde hair. With a guilty start, his eyes flew back to her face, to the mass of blonde hair that tumbled onto her shoulders, to her soft green eyes, to her full lips and wide mouth.

Sammi felt like she was glowing as she felt her brother's eyes lingering on her naked body. She didn't mind – far from it, she wanted him to look. And as he looked, so did she - at him. She drank in her brother's handsome face, his firm jaw line that was so like their fathers, his sparkling blue eyes. His shoulders were broad, his chest smooth and strong, his belly flat and his legs muscular. And his towelling robe was hanging open just enough for her to glimpse his powerful cock.

With a soft groan, she threw herself at him again, hugging him so tight that they were both breathless by the time she let him go. But to Mike, that second hug felt different, Sammi felt different. Her breasts were warm and firm against him, her body so soft and sexy. He let go of her as if his hands had been burnt. For a moment they stared at each other, Mike unsure, Sammi with a look on her face that he had never seen before.

Suddenly she smiled.

"Same problem," she laughed, glanced downwards.

Mike looked down – and saw what she was looking at. His cock was jutting out from his robe, thick and hard. He gasped as Sammi playfully swatted his cock, leaving it swaying in front of him.

"I think you need to do something about that," she laughed again, her eyes locked on his, almost challenging him.

"Unless you need a hand," she asked, her voice suddenly low and husky as she dropped her eyes again, as she stared at his cock.

Mike stood still, unable to move as her words sunk in, sure that he'd misheard her. He turned away, struggling to tie up his robe, to hide his throbbing cock. But then his sister was behind him, pressing against him.

"We can't go outside with you like this," she murmured, her hands reaching around his waist and pulling his robe open, before sliding over up chest and around onto his shoulders.

"And Mum did tell me to look after you," she added.

Before he could react, Sammi had stepped back and was pulling at his robe, dragging it down and off him to leave him naked. She stepped forward again quickly, pressing her naked breasts, her swollen nipples, against his back as she reached around him for his cock. Mike gasped as his sister held him, as she slowly slid her hand back towards his body, stroking him, peeling his skin back to reveal the tip of his cock, already slick with pre cum.

Mike started to protest, but bit back his words as Sammi murmured to him.

"I'm only trying to help you out," she told him as her hand moved slowly back and forth, as she kissed his back, her tongue flicking lightly against his hot skin.

Mike moaned and leaned back against his sister, savouring her hot body against his, knowing it was wrong, but not wanting to stop. Sammi's hand was moving faster now, his cock harder then ever, her fingers barely able to reach around his throbbing shaft. He looked down at her hand, her red painted fingernails a blur as she stroked him harder and faster.

Sammi pressed against her brother as she heard him moan, her own body on fire, her nipples hard and rubbery, her pussy heavy with her own wetness. She desperately wanted more, wanted to go further but didn't dare. Instead, she spun Mike around, her hand not leaving his cock as she looked at him, as she guided him backwards until he was leaning against the table.

With one hand still moving along his throbbing shaft, she reached for his balls with the other, cradling them, squeezing them. With a cry he came, thick ropes of cum splashing onto his belly as he leant back, running down his shaft and over his sister's hand, a torrent of cum that Sammi could only stare at as she stroked and caressed her brother.

Mike gasped as he came, leaning back, his eyes closed, his legs suddenly weak as pleasure rocked his body. For a few moments he couldn't move, didn't want to move, as the hand on his cock caressed him gently, easing the last of his cum out of him. And when he did open his eyes, the realisation of what had just happened hit him. But as his eyes focussed on his sister, she was turning away, moving quickly towards her own room, leaving him alone and naked.

The chalet rocked as Sammi slammed the bedroom door behind her. Mike thought about going to her, talking to her, but decided to leave it for a few minutes. What he didn't know was that Sammi was already on her bed, clutching at her breasts with one hand, while the cum covered fingers of her other hand were plunging into her pussy, her mind filled only with visions of her brother, of his gloriously hard cock.


In the end Mike decided to leave Sammi alone as he really didn't know what to say to her. Surely what had happened was just a bit of fun. But even as he tried to convince himself of this, he could only think of how beautiful and sexy his little sister had become – and of the unmistakeable desire he'd seen in her eyes.

After a shower, he'd slipped on a pair of swimming shorts, grabbed a towel and headed down to the pool. Most people were naked, and by the time he reached the pool he was ready to join them. He spread his towel out, pulled his shorts off, and lay down to enjoy the heat of the sun.

He stayed by the pool for much of the day, resting and recharging his batteries. He felt totally at ease with being naked, and with those around him. He smiled to himself as he thought back to the problems his rampant teenage hormones had caused all those years ago, thinking of his embarrassment. This time everything was fine as he enjoyed the sights around him.

But he couldn't help but think about earlier, about his reaction to Sammi – and then it all started again. He rolled onto his front, hiding his rapidly hardening cock from those around him, his mind a blur of mixed emotions. Once his panic was over, he went for a swim, the cool water calming things down further.

During the rest of the day, he only saw Sammi once, and that was from a distance when he popped back to the chalet to find something to read. She was chatting to a group of people she obviously knew, all of them naked. Mike couldn't help but look at her, to compare her to the other women with her. He felt the stirring again, and was thankful that he was already close to the chalet as his cock reacted to his thoughts.

They did eat together that evening. After Mike had got back from the pool, he had a shower before pulling on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Sammi got back a little later, dressed in a wrap that only served to enhance rather than hide how sexy she had become. After freshening up, she pulled on a silky gown and joined Mike in the kitchen as they rustled up some pasta and salad.

As they moved around the compact kitchen, they barely spoke, both of them all too aware of the other. Even as they ate, they were largely silent, asking only about each others day, neither of them referring to how it had started. When Sammi suggested they have a quiet evening in, and watch a DVD, Mike was all too happy to agree. He found a bottle of wine, and poured them each a glass.

They settled down their film, Mike lying on the settee with his legs stretched out in front of him, and Sammi curled up in a chair off to one side of her brother. As the film went on, Sammi spent more and more time looking at Mike, knowing that he couldn't see her as she was slightly behind his line of vision.

The more she looked at him, and the more wine she drank, the more her nipples tightened and tingled, the more her pussy throbbed. She squeezed her thighs together, stifling a moan as she gently caressed her breast through her gown, enjoying the feel of the silky, smooth material moving over her skin as she gazed at her brother.

For as long as she could remember, she had felt this way about Mike. At first, she couldn't understand her feelings, understand her desire. When Mike went away, firstly to University and then to work, she thought the feelings, her desires, would go away, that they had all been part of growing up and nothing else. And she thought they had gone away – until she knew that she would see him again, and then they had exploded again, setting her body alight like nothing before, like no one else had ever done.

"I'm off to bed," she told Mike abruptly, her body on fire with desire for him.

Mike looked at her as she dashed out of the room, his eyes locked on her ass, on the way her silky robe clung to her soft curves, leaving so little to his imagination. He wriggled uncomfortably as his cock stirred, his mind suddenly full of visions of what had happened that morning.

In her room, Sammi threw herself on to the bed, pulling her gown open as she laid back, her legs akimbo, her breasts heaving. She moaned softly as she caressed her breasts, rubbing her hard nipples, tugging on them as ripples of pleasure ran through her body, joining her hands to her nipples to her breasts to her pussy.

She squeezed her thighs tightly together, her ass wriggling on the bed as she pressed her breasts to her body, her nipples hard against the palms of her hands. She closed her eyes, visions of Mike's strong, muscular body dancing through her mind, his cock growing as she watched, straightening, hardening, rising for her.

Slowly her hands strayed down her body, first one and then the other. They moved slowly across her flat belly, the first hand finding her clit, already hard and crying out for attention. She rubbed herself slowly, sensually, enjoying the build up of pleasure. Her second hand joined the first, but then strayed lower, her finger tips sliding easily between her pussy lips and into her wetness. She bit her lip to try and stifle her moans as she plunged two fingers deep inside her pussy, her other hand tracing ever faster circles around her clit.

The film finished only a few minutes after Sammi had gone to bed, so it wasn't long before Mike was heading in the same direction. After using the bathroom, he stepped across the small hallway towards his own room. His hand was resting on the door handle when he heard it – a stifled groan. Puzzled, he walked towards where the noise had come from, towards Sammi's room, to make sure that she was alright.

Her door was already ajar, but swung open a bit more as he stepped into the doorway. Mike gasped as he saw his sister, lying on her bed, her legs spread eagled, her fingers plunging into her pussy, toying with her clit. She might as well have been naked, because her gown hid nothing. Her head was thrown back, her back arched, her breasts thrust upwards. Her eyes were closed, but her generous mouth hung open, her face flushed. Mike stood staring, only his cock reacting to his sister.

"Don't just stand there, help me, suck my nipples," she moaned, looking at Mike through half closed eyes, her fingers never stopping.

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