tagIncest/TabooA Family Reunion

A Family Reunion


It had been quit a few years since the innocent seductions of two youths had happened in a quiet corner where we wouldn't be discovered. But, the moment I saw her again, I felt a familiar feeling coming back to me, and I knew at that instant I couldn't ignore what was happening to my body, just from seeing her again.

Family reunions can quite often be a dreadful experience, however, as I was working on the family tree, it was necessary to get all this information, and I felt this was the best way to do it. So, here I am coming into a room full of relatives, most of which I haven't seen in many years. My arms are full of papers and such that one has when putting together the family tree.

I quickly found an empty table where I could drop everything, and begin organizing it all. Luckily we had rented the firefighters union hall, so they had plenty of space to use for everything. I could tell this was going to be a long day so I quickly fetched a drink and got as comfortable as possible to make all of this go smoothly.

There were about 30 family members there so far, mostly cousins, aunts, and such. As I was considered the "black sheep" throughout most of my family, I think a lot of them were surprised to see me as the one who organized this all. I knew it would be an interesting day nonetheless.

As they saw me laying things out, people began to wander over and say hi, ask how things were going, and partake in the usual small talk that accompanies these events. As I half-heartedly continued conversations with others, I noticed a familiar voice.

"Hey there stranger", she said.

I paused for a moment losing all track of what I was doing, and slowly lifted my head to meet her eyes. I couldn't believe how she had changed since our adolescence. She was still much shorter than I, not more than 5'2" to my 6'5". Nevertheless, she has certainly filled out, and carries herself very well.

She stood with confidence before me, wearing a tight black dress that did a magnificent job of showing off her beautifully rounded tits. My how she had grown.

"I'm doing well, thank you. And you?" I asked.

"I'm doing pretty good."

She stood there with a smile on her face that was very warm and bright. We both just stared at one another not really sure what to say or do at that point. The silence was killing me.

‘So how's the tree coming?" she asked, finally breaking the quiet discomfort.

"It's coming along well. I'm finally getting things together and getting a good amount of information."

She took one of the information cards I had made up and began to fill it out. As she leaned forward I could see more of the fullness of her tits, as her cleavage pressed together. At this point there was no way to hold back against the throbbing I had felt from the moment I saw her. I tried desperately to hide the erection that had formed by sitting down, waiting for her to finish the card.

As she handed it to me, our hands met and instinctively slipped into a grasp of one another, neither one of us wanted to end. I pulled her to my side of the long table and wrapped my arms around her. Everything about her seemed perfect. She wrapped her arms around me and held me close and tight to her. I could smell her perfume and it was as if everything around us began to quietly slip away.

As we slowly let go of one another, our eyes again met in anticipation and it was very easy to tell that we both wanted to fall into a deep and passionate kiss, as we've not done for so many years. I quickly grabbed my drink, and swallowed it down, and in an attempt to break the awkward moment, asked if she could get another for me. Without a moment's hesitation, she took my glass and quickly hurried to the bar.

I sat back down and began to straighten things on the table, making conversation with the other relatives that stopped by the table. As she returned she sat next to me, and began to help with the trivial work of gathering information from others. We sat and caught up on what each other had been doing for the last few years. After about an hour of conversation, and chatting with others, I excused myself to use the restroom, and she agreed to as well. I asked my mom to watch over the table for a while, while her and I went off.

We found ourselves alone in the back hallway leading back to the restrooms, and without a second thought, I pushed her against the wall as we began to kiss one another ever so deep. I felt her nipples begin to press against me as I pulled her closer. We ignored the signs on the door indicating our individual bathrooms, and slipped into a large storage area on the back of the hall.

The moment we were alone she took her hand and began to feel my cock that had been throbbing for so long now.

"I've wanted this in my mouth since the moment I saw you walk in the door." she said as her breathing increased. Without having a moment to respond to her, she dropped to her knees and virtually inhaled my cock. As she continued to fervently suck, we stripped our clothes off as fast as humanly possible.

Just as soon as our clothes were spread across the floor, we hurried to find a comfortable area in which we could both explore one another's matured bodies. As we slipped further back into the garage, we both stared in awe at what sat before us. There sat a 1921 LaFrance antique fire engine, completely restored to its original condition.

We hastily moved to the full leather bench seat on the front of the truck. I laid her down and spread her legs wide as my tongue began to explore her entire body. Her nipples stood erect and begged for attention. As I began to take her nipple into my mouth, I lightly slid my finger over her throbbing clit and massaged it.

As her body began to squirm from my touch, her hand found its way to my cock and she started stroking me, wishing for the thrusting motion that she felt in her mouth before. I moved my cock to her lips, as I turned my body and placed my tongue between her legs.

It wasn't long before I began to smell the aroma of her soft pussy. Just as my tongue found its way between her swollen lips, the warmth of her mouth encompassed my throbbing cock. Her throat eagerly closed around the head of my cock as her hands started massaging my balls. Instinctively, I began to lightly thrust my cock deeper into her throat as my tongue found it's way deeper into her now soaking wet pussy.

Her hips started moving to make my tongue her own personal toy. As she clinched her legs tight around my head, her mouth went further down my cock showing me how she had mastered the art of deep throating. My tongue was buried deep inside her as her pussy started to clinch tight, and I could tell she needed release. I began to rub her clit faster, increasing the pressure, and before long my cock found it's way free of her throat as her moans echoed through the garage.

Suddenly, in a wave of erotic rapture, her pussy exploded on my tongue and face. Her cum began squirting out of her pussy, filling my mouth with the sweetness so divine. The muscles of my throat were contracting quickly to swallow every drop she offered. As her pussy stopped it's geyser like eruption, my tongue found every missed drop and quickly licked it up from between her legs.

I moved my body up and took her in my arms holding her close to me as she still shuddered from the waves of cum. I passionately kissed her and shared the wondrous taste of her pussy. We lay there for a moment and I started lightly massaging her tits. She lightly moaned from the sensations of my stimulating her very sensitive nipples.

She could feel my still hard cock throbbing more against her leg, and knew it needed attention. She laid me down on the bench and propped one leg up, spreading her legs wide, and slowly began to lower her pussy around the head of my cock. She kept it there teasing me knowing that my cock was begging to slide deeper into her tight pussy.

I started to thrust my hips up, to move deeper into her and she just moved around so that I couldn't, until I grabbed her hips and pulled down hard on me. Her head fell back and she let out a moan of deep pleasure. Her hips moved forward and she began to grind deeply on my cock. I ran my hands up her soft skin, and started pinching one of her nipples, while my other hand found its way to her clit and began rubbing it while she continued her pound her pussy on me.

The harder I pinched her nipples, the more she began to buck her head back, and her moans became increasingly loud. I pulled My cock out of her, and moved her to bend her over the back of the leather bench. I took my fingernails and scratched up her back and grabbed a handful of hair. Pulling hard on her thick red hair, I thrust my cock deep in her pussy from behind and began to pound in and out of her.

Her tits were bouncing back and fourth as I fucked her pussy deeper. She could tell that her pussy was going to be filled with my hot cum. She begged me to fuck her harder and let her swallow every drop of it. Without a moments hesitation I slammed my cock deeper and faster into her begging pussy until we were both moaning from the pleasure of her tight hole.

I felt my cock begin to grow even harder, and the ever familiar swelling in my balls, and knew that before long I would be spraying my cum deep inside her. She continued to beg me to let her swallow it, as she knew I was getting closer. I just kept on fucking that hole hard and fast, and as soon as I felt my own cum streaming through the swollen veins of my cock, I quickly pulled it out shot my load all over her pussy and ass.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards my throbbing cock. I took that which was covered in her cum and mine, and slid it deep in her throat, so she could taste our love combined. She sucked it anxiously, not to miss a drop, and cleaned my cock with the expertise of an accomplished slut. As she finished I pulled her head up to mine, as we both kneeled there on the bench.

"I want you to keep my cum on your pussy and ass for the rest of the day, so that you can feel me with you."

"Most defiantly!" she replied in a soft and pleased moan.

We kissed one another deep and passionate for a few moments before we gathered our clothes and redressed ourselves. As she reached for her soft silk panties, I took them from her and lightly polished the bell on the fire engine, as it was smudged from our skin.

I handed them back to her and smiled sheepishly. She looked at me and paused for just a moment.

"Keep them." she said, as she slid her dress on over her soft and pleasing figure. I neatly folded them and slid them in the pocket of my pants.

We walked back in the other room, and it's as if no one had noticed we were gone. I had thanked mom for watching the table and sat down, as if nothing had happened. I started organizing the information that had come in while we were gone, and she just stared at me with a soft and warm gaze. I returned the smile anxiously.

After some time had passed, it was time for her to leave, and as she left, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "The fire's not out yet." hugged me, and then walked out the door.

Note from author: Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me and vote on this story.

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