A Family Trip to a Family Reunion


"Well, you've become much more mature, graceful, self-confident, and, well, womanly." I chose my words carefully, and I thought it sounded a lot better than telling her that she was nothing short of every man's sexual desire.

"You don't think I'm ugly?"

"Hell..., I mean heck no! Why would you think that? Especially with all the attention that you obviously get! Trust me Sara, you are anything but ugly!"

"Well, I guess I just feel so plain around the other girls at school. They're always wearing these cute little outfits and acting all special, and sometimes I just sit and cry when I'm getting dressed in the morning! It's just not fair!" Sara punched her fist down on the bed and her chest taunted me while it jiggled in response.

"Is that all? Well we still have a whole day together tomorrow. How about I take you to the mall and we get you all fixed up with some things that are a little more appropriate for a sexy little coed like yourself!"

"Thanks, Daddy! I love you!" Sara threw herself on top of me and gave me a tight hug through the thickness of the comforter. Then, after a quick kiss on my cheek, she jumped up and disappeared into her room. I could barely make out her ass through the darkness, but I saw it perfectly when I closed my eyes, which only added to my inability to fall asleep. After a fair amount of tossing and turning I reached down and grabbed my cock, guiltily finding some fast relief while I thought about my daughter's uninhibited display. I fell asleep soon after, and I didn't wake up until the sunlight began to stream in through the small opening between the shades.

I got up, emptied my bladder, and put on a pair of sweats before going to check on my daughter. I wandered into her room to see that her curtains were already open, the tank top she was wearing last night was lying crumpled on her bed, and there was a thin strip of light coming out from her partially opened bathroom door. I walked over and knocked to let her know I was there and I waited for her response.

"Good morning, Daddy! You can come in if you want!"

I pushed open the door and saw Sara sitting in the same kind of tub that I had in my room. It was full of bubbles, and the jets were whirring as they continuously stirred up the hot water she was soaking in. She smiled, grabbed up a hand full of bubbles, then threw them toward, and hitting me right on the front of my sweatpants.

"Ha-ha! It looks like you had a little accident, pops! "

"I'll show you a little accident!" I reached down through the bubbles and into the water to splash some up at her face, but in doing so my hand grazed over her chest. I could feel my fingers lightly run over her breast and then flick across her stiff nipple. I immediately realized my mistake and I jumped back completely embarrassed. "I am so sorry, Sara! I didn't mean to do that!"

"It's O.K. Dad. No biggy, really. I promise I won't tell Mom that you felt me up!" Her shitty little grin let me know that she now had one over me. "So, are we still going shopping today?"

"Yes, just as soon as you are ready, so probably sometime this afternoon! I think I'll go downstairs and grab some muffins and juice while you finish in here, since I can be ready and out the door in a matter of minutes!" She gave me a thumbs-up and I excused myself, leaving the door cracked open just like I found it. I stopped to look in the vanity mirror that was just outside the bathroom, and I could see Sara in the tub through the reflection. She sat up to put her back against one of the jets, and the top of her chest rose out of the water leaving a fluffy mound of bubbles spilling down slowly into her cleavage. I decided to leave her room before I saw too much, and I made sure to change out of my wet sweats before going to get us some breakfast.

I returned from the hotel lobby with a disappointing assortment of muffins and juice boxes, and I set them on the small corner table by the window before alerting Sara that I was back.

"Honey! Breakfast! Get it while it's..., well, come and get it!"

Sara immediately walked through the partition doorway to see what I brought for us to eat. Her hair was already dry and her makeup was complete, but the robe she was wearing suggested she was still struggling with deciding what to wear. Her robe had short sleeves and a short hem, and the loops that were meant to hold the belt around her waist were empty and unused. She relied on her hand to keep her robe closed, but her carelessness kept her anything but covered up. With one hand holding a muffin and the other grasping a carton of orange juice her robe fell open, and it was now the responsibility of her ample cleavage to keep the sides from opening even further and exposing her entire chest. Though her tits remained covered, she was exposed from her belly button down, and I could make out the faint appearance of tan lines surrounding her pussy, that she must have got while lying out when we first arrived.

"Thanks Daddy! I promise I'll be ready by the time you are! I was just trying to find something to wear that would be easy to change in and out of."

"And you decided on your robe? Well, I guess that would work, but mall security might stop us before we make it into any of the stores! At least now I know what to wear so we can match!"

"You just keep cracking yourself up Dad... But seriously, I am thinking I might not wear a bra because I really don't want to keep bothering with it all day."

"Well if you're not going to wear one, than neither am I! May I ask if we are still wearing underwear?"

"I know I am, you weirdo! But I have no idea about you!" Half annoyed, Sara bounced back to her room and left me so I could go take a shower.

The hot, pulsing water felt very relaxing, and I tried to think about my wife as I soaped up my body. Sara kept coming into my mind instead, and while I stroked my cock I imagined her robe sliding down off her shoulders, leaving her standing completely naked in front of me. In no time at all I was shooting my load onto the shower wall, and I was still breathing heavy when I finally turned off the water. When I stepped out of the tub I realized that I had left the bathroom door cracked open just like Sara's was, and I prayed that she didn't sneak a peek at me like her perverted father did to her.

I was quickly dressed and I walked in on Sara just as she was pulling on a pair of light cotton pants. I caught a glimpse of her small lacey panties before she stood up to zip them closed. Her top had a high neckline and was held up by two thin straps over her shoulders. It expanded out over her chest, and then tightened back up just under her ribcage, leaving her flat, tan stomach exposed. Being that she said she would be braless, it seemed like the perfect shirt to wear for our shopping trip. I was excited to spend the day walking around the mall with my sexy little girl, and I knew I was going to enjoy the envious looks from all the men who happened to cross our path while we were there.

We got to the mall just after it opened, and for a weekday morning it was already surprisingly busy. We decided start at Macy's before hitting up the smaller, louder, trendier stores. Sara made a bee-line to the young miss department, and she was carrying an armful of dresses in a matter of minutes. We found the changing rooms, and she told me not to move while she was trying them all on. She came out into the store every few minutes to let me get a look at the ones she deemed suitable, and would spin around to model them before going back to try on the next. She decided to get only one, and Sara was unwilling to model the dress for me that had really caught my eye, telling me that her robe covered up more than that "trashy little thing" did. Although I was denied, I still had my imagination, and there was an unexplained grin on my face when I paid for her dress and we continued back out into the mall.

Despite being land-locked for miles and miles in every direction, we managed to stumble upon a surf type clothing store, and Sara pulled me away from the men's side so I could escort her through the women's half. I followed my daughter while carrying her Macy's bag, and she walked around scooping up an assortment of summer type outfits. Not a moment too soon we made it to the back of the store where we finally ended up in front of the dressing rooms. There were no separate fitting rooms for the guys and girls, and the small cubicles were covered by loose, sliding curtains that ended about two feet above the floor. The attendant was more concerned with his texting than his customer service, and after finally realizing that we were there he showed Sara to the first, and most visible, fitting room. He pulled the curtain closed, and I was left to watch the lower half of her legs as she moved around behind it.

She turned around a couple of times before I saw her pants slide to the floor, standing still for a moment before lifting her feet to pull on a pair of shorts. She came out looking like a model in her matching top and shorts, and I knew my credit card was in trouble when she nodded at me in approval after already deciding to buy the very first thing she tried on.

She continued her fashion show, and she made more than one girl mad when their boyfriends were distracted by her posing and modeling. There was a three-way mirror standing just outside the changing rooms, and she took her time looking at herself from every angle before moving to the next outfit. With one more shirt to try on, Sara didn't quite close the curtain all the way shut, and I could see her backside through the thin opening as she removed her clothes, put them back on their hangers, and then slip the last garment on over her head. Instead of putting her pants back on she peeked at me from inside the room, boldly came out wearing just the shirt and her small panties, and then teasingly cocked her hip before jumping back behind the curtain. I looked around but couldn't tell if anyone had caught a glimpse of her daring little exhibition. When she finally came out of the fitting room her arms were full of 'keepers', and she batted her eyes at me while she waited for an answer.

"Just get what you want!" I said, not even vaguely aware of what the damage might be.

She then looked down at the bundle in her arms and pulled out a pair of shorts. "These made my butt look fat!" and she set them aside before ushering me to the cashier. I pulled out my credit card and without looking at the total I scribbled my name on the receipt. Sara handed me the overstuffed bag and I followed her back into the mall.

The next store was much like the last except that it was strictly for women, and there was an entire wall filled with nothing but swimsuits. Sara rushed over, pulled off a matching top and bottom, and was already in the dressing rooms before I was able to catch up. She came out wearing a white, barely there bikini, and it was decorated with some sort of indiscernible lettering across the front.

"I saw this in a magazine and it is totally hot! Can I please, please, pretty please get it?"

"Are you actually gonna wear it?" I asked, alluding to the lack of tan lines on her sun darkened body.

"Of course I'll wear it! I'll even wear it this afternoon at the pool, I promise!"

"O.K. ", is what I said out loud, but "Only if no one else is around" is what I was really thinking. After failing to convince the clerk that the bikini was off the clearance rack, I crammed another charge receipt into my wallet and we continued on our way.

A few stores down Sara found a Victoria's Secret, and she walked in without any kind of warning ahead of time. I kept my eyes on the floor as I followed her around, not noticing what items she had picked out before heading off to try them on. I stood there alone and uncomfortable before being approached by one of the young, attractive clerks.

"Are you Bill?" she asked, already certain that I was. "Sara asked if you could go to her room so she can show you something. Please follow me."

I walked down the row of dressing rooms, and the clerk pointed out Sara's before turning to leave. I waited until she was out of my sight to knock on the door, and then Sara peeked out to make sure I was alone before opening it further. She stood there in a white, totally sheer bra, with matching underwear pulled up over her own. Her nipples were completely visible through the fabric, and they were held flat against her breasts even though they were both rock hard. She raised her arms to lift up her long, dark hair with both hands, and then tilted her head while flashing me her brilliant smile.

"It's a set, and it's pretty expensive, but I really don't have any nice underwear. I promise I'll do anything you want if I can get these!" Her sparkling smile then turned into a wicked grin.

I didn't know what she had in mind, but it didn't really matter anyway. "Get two sets", I offered. "One to show and one to go is what I always say!"

She gave me a hug and kiss right there, but I couldn't enjoy it wondering if anyone was watching our less than acceptable spectacle. I left the dressing rooms and took my place back in the store, but I didn't feel at ease until Sara returned to join me. I was determined not to make eye contact with the staff while we checked out, and I felt like I successfully avoided embarrassment when we finally left the store. As we made our way back through the mall, I was relieved to hear Sara suggest that we cut our shopping trip short and go swim for a couple of hours while the sun was still shining over the pool. After a short walk to the car, I stuffed the shopping bags into the small trunk and we hurried back to the hotel.

Sara rushed into her room and quickly stripped down to her panties before realizing that I was still carrying the bags. When I walked in I found her standing with her hands covering over her bare chest, and she was sporting a look of foolishness on her face.

"O.K., hand 'em over!" she demanded without lowering her arms.

"So you're gonna wear your new suit right now?"

"I told you I would! Now could you please leave so I can get dressed? I'm a little shy, you know." she said with a cute smile.

"Sorry, dear. I forgot." There are a lot of things we pass on to our kids, and I was happy to see that I passed along my humor.

I was just pulling up my trunks when Sara walked through the door, and she unconsciously watched me while I loosely tied the laces at the waistband. She walked around my room proudly and seemed to enjoy displaying herself, feeling very confident in her stylish new purchase. I had to bite my tongue, and I didn't say one concerned, fatherly word when we left our rooms and headed for the pool.

The patio was un-shaded and the cement deck was already hot. Sara said she was going to lay out for a while, but that she first needed to cool off with a quick dip. She slipped into the water then stepped right back out, and except for the small letters scattered across the front, the white bikini had become almost completely transparent against her flawless skin. She seemed to be unaware of this slight defect in her suit, and I didn't mention it not wanting to sound like an over-protective parent. While it was wet the bikini left every bit of her body totally visible, right down to the defined folds of her hairless mound. As I looked her over I was left once again fighting to control my impending erection.

"I'll be right back, honey. I'm gonna go get my laptop so I can do some work while we're down here."

She looked up at me and nodded, and I made a fast retreat to the solitude of my room. I walked in and immediately stripped off my shorts, then fell across the bed and started stroking my already stiff cock. Sara was driving me nuts, but I controlled my urges and paced myself as my brain slowly crafted a detailed, incestuous fantasy.

I imagined standing in the shower, and being suddenly surprised by my naked daughter when she walks in unannounced to join me. I began to think about freely exploring her amazing body, first with my touch, then with my mouth, and all the while enjoying the feeling of her firm, soapy grip around my unyielding erection. My thoughts took a dangerous turn when I fantasized about her turning around and pressing her firm ass against me, and then bending her over to allow the tip of my cock to slide along her bare, slick pussy. That was all it took to send me over the edge, and I slowly returned to reality as my body released yet another full load. Remembering that I was only supposed to be gone long enough to retrieve my laptop, I quickly went into the bathroom to clean myself up. Still naked, I walked back out into the room, and was startled to see Sara standing quietly next to my bed. I cupped my hands over my now soft cock, and she stood there facing me seemingly un-phased by the sight of her naked father in front of her.

"Umm... You caught me!" I said while grasping for an explanation. "I was just changing my shorts. Why did you come back up?"

"Well, right after you left this guy came over and was just standing over me acting a little weird and asking me a bunch of questions, like who was I here with, what room was I in, if I wanted to go have some drinks with him, crap like that. He just kept staring down at me and it made me feel sort of nervous and uncomfortable, so I decided to just come back up."

"I'm glad you did. I'm sorry if he scared you. I shouldn't have left you alone." My hands were still covering my nakedness, and I was wondering if Sara was going to say anything about it.

"Don't worry dad, it's not your fault. Some guys are just creeps like that. And by the way, I was thinking that maybe tonight we could go and get some take out, and eat dinner here and watch a movie or something. We've been out all day, and it sounds kinda nice to not have to worry about getting all dressed up and be able to just lie around for a while. That is unless you already had other plans?" Sara continued to look at me as she spoke, and I continued to cover myself up.

"That actually sounds really nice honey."

"Cool! And now, since you're obviously not going to thrill me with an accidental hand slip or anything, I guess I'll put something on so we can go get our dinner. But before I go to my room, even though I'm your daughter, let me just say that you have a really nice body! And judging by the reflection in the vanity mirror behind you, my daddy has a totally hot butt!" She was already blushing when she turned and ran into her room, and I just stood there for a moment grinning from her unexpected comment.

Sara stayed by herself in her room while she doddled around getting dressed. It was about 45 minutes before she came to get me, and she looked so good it was a shame that we were just going for take-out. Her outfit was one we had just bought, and it was still covered with creases from being folded up on the store shelves.

"I didn't see an iron anywhere, I hope I look O.K."

"Picture perfect, sweetheart, are you ready to go?"

"Yep, and I'm sorry about what I said before, you know, about your body and stuff..."

"You are? Well I'm sorry to hear that. It's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time!" I was relieved that some of the inappropriate attention had gone the other way, and I could easily sympathize with her embarrassment.

"I guess I mean that I'm sorry in the sense that I was embarrassed that I said it, and not in the sense that I didn't mean it. Does that make sense?"

"Uh... sure Sara, and thanks for clarifying that for me... I think..." There was so much more I wanted to say, but I decided to just let it drop instead. It wasn't until we were in the car that she finally began to feel relaxed again.

We found a chain-type Chinese place not far from the hotel, and we were loaded up with plenty of food and drinks when we got back to the room. We shared our meals while we ate, and I let Sara have a beer that she had no trouble finishing by the end of dinner. While we repackaged our leftovers, Sara changed our small talk to something a little more deliberate.

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