tagIncest/TabooA Family's Secrets Ch. 01

A Family's Secrets Ch. 01


Brad, his wife Jana and their eighteen year old daughter, Lindsay moved in with Brad’s parents temporarily when their home was surprisingly sold prior to the completion of the house they were building.

As she stood in the hallway, Jana was startled by the scene she witnessed in the living room. Her father-in-laws’ brother, Ray stood behind her mother-in-law, Jane thrusting his hands in her blouse holding her and massaging her breast. Jane smiled as he rubbing his groin against her ass. He kissed her neck as he freed her beautiful big boobs. Her dark nipples hardened as he rubbed them between his fingers.

Jane reached back and grabbed Ray’s hard cock through his pants. They turned to each other kissing. Helping her out of her dress, Ray stepping back to view Jane’s 5’4”, plump but not fat body. Smiling she held her heaving full breast, offering them to her husband’s brother. Ray dropped his pants and pulled off his shirt. His thick cock bobbed as he reached forward and grabbed Jane’s tits… licking her erect nipples.

He knelt before her, pushing his facing into her full black-hairy pussy bush. Giving a soft groan, she grasped his head and pulled him deep between her legs. Falling back on the couch she spread her legs. Ray’s tongue slipped between her swollen labia lips…flicking her clit as he reached up and squeezed her nipples.

Jana became so excited watching her mother-in-law with Ray she began fingering her very wet pussy. Jane’s body stiffened as she wrapped her legs around Ray’s head…. Crying out..

“Oh Ray… I’m cumming…. I’m cumming… Ohhhh… yes…. Yes…. Ohhhh!”

Ray rose. His stiff shaft positioned in front of Jane’s mouth. She leaned forward flicking the knob of his cock with her tongue. Her lips engulfed his throbbing dick. Her head began to move back and forth… increasing in speed. Jane grabbed his cum filled balls squeezing and releasing as she continued to fuck him with her mouth. Holding her head against his groin her cried out..

“Oh sweet Jane… I’m cumming… I’m cumming…. I cumming …. in your mouth…”

With that statement Ray exploded.. Jane choked as she swallowed his love juice. He knelt to kiss the residue of his cum from her lips. Jana continued to stroke her soaking slit and rub her erect nipples as she watched the pair kissing and fondling each other on the sofa causing Ray’s rod to become rigid once again.

Jane rose and sat back slipping her cunt lips over his shaft. Ray reached around and played with her bouncing breasts as she rode up and down on his manhood. They fucked and fucked… crying out…. as first Jane then Ray climaxed.

The erotic view of Ray’s cock sliding in and out of her mother-in-laws cunt was too much for Jana who had to bit her lip to keep from crying out as she made herself cum. Afraid of being caught she rushed to her room.

The scene kept replaying in her head as she reached for the vibrator in her dresser drawer. Before she could turn it on to pleasure herself there was a brief knock on the door and it opened. It was her husband‘s younger sister, Hannah.

“What is that… a vibrator?” Hannah said with a smile.

Blushing, Jana held it out and began telling Hannah what she had just witnessed in the living room. Hannah was aroused… hearing about her mother fucking ‘Uncle’ Ray, as they called him. She turned on the vibrator and pulling up her skirt began rubbing it on her pussy.

Hannah began to tell Jana about fucking a man she works with at the toy factory. His name is Julio. “And he has a beautiful big brown cock.” She said with a laugh.

Jana asked if her husband, Greg knew. She also questioned her about an affair with a Latino. Hannah told her that keeping her Latin lover a secret from Greg made their forbidden sex even more exciting. She went on to tell that they would sneak off to a supply closet.

It began with her giving him a blowjob and his eating her pussy… then she just had to feel his big cock inside her. Soon they were fucking regularly. Standing at the edge of a table he would spread her legs and slam his prick deep into her tight pussy. Before cumming he would withdraw and she would take his fuck cream in her mouth consuming his sperm.

Hannah told Jana that her favorite position was when he bent her over the table and fuck her doggie style. Both women were obviously turned on by sharing their erotic experiences and stories. The 5’5’’ tall Hannah, with red hair and green eyes, pulled off her panties and top revealing her sexy full body. She inserted the vibrator up her cunt… Jana had completely disrobed. Her beautiful body exposed… 36 C breast which narrowed to her 28” waist and flowed to magnificent 38”hips. She laid her 5’8” body next to her sister-in-law rubbing her clit. Reached over to a bedside drawer she pulled out an 18 inch double headed dildo. The two women kissed before each inserted the head in their sopping pussies. Reaching multi orgasms they fucked back and forth taking in as much rubber cock as their cunts could hold.

Removing the fuck toy they each licked and sucked the end that was in the others pussy. Kissing again… Hannah kneeled over Jana kissing her slit as she lowered her cunt on to her sister-n-law’s lips. They licked and sucked each other.. Inserting tongues and fingering each others ass hole… making each other cum time and time again.

Jana’s husband Brad came home to what he thought was an empty house with his younger brother Andy, who asked to use the bathroom. As he walked down the hall he heard a noise and noticed the door to a bedroom ajar. It was Brad’s daughter Lindsay laying on the bed nude. She was moving her hands across her young supple body. Andy’s cock grew as he watched his niece’s fingers of her right hand glide through her fury mound and slide between her pink pussy lips. Her other hand danced across her breast lightly touching her puffy erect nipples.

Andy could not contain himself. He went in and locked the door behind him. Dropping his pants he kneeled between the girls legs tasting her sweet virgin pussy. Lindsay began to push him away then quickly held his head in place as he licked her clit causing her to call out. Andy quickly put his hand to her mouth muffling her cry. Brad thought he heard something over the TV but shrugged it off .

In the room Andy offered his throbbing cock to Brad’s sweet daughter’s lips. She kissed the head and Andy began to teach her how to suck cock.

“You start by licking and then sucking on the tip… men like it when you suck the head of their cock.. After that you lick the underside of the shaft from the tip down to my balls… that’s it go up and down .. Moving your tongue in nice slow and long strokes…Ohhh yes sweetheart… after that you lick all around my cock… Ohh yes… now lick my balls… Mmm take them in your mouth… I know their big… just one at a time…. Oh honey…you are a natural Lindsay…

Now it’s time to suck really.. really hard.. If your cheeks don’t cave in your not sucking hard enough… Ohh baby-girl.. That’s it…. That’s it…Now I’m about to cum… so seal your lips really tight around my cock… This is real important… so you can catch all my cum in that pretty little mouth of yours… Oh…Oh.. Sweet Lindsay.. I’m cumming…. I’m cumming baby…”

Lindsay coughed and choked as she gulped the thick white cream down her throat. Andy bent forward and kissed her tasting his on cum on her lips.

“Was I good Uncle Andy?” She asked looking up at him with her big dark eyes.

“Oh yes sweetie…. You were very good… you’re gona make a lot of boys… and men.. Maybe even your daddy very happy.”

Lindsay‘s pussy stirred as she thought of sucking her daddy. “Can we do it again… can we?…”

“Sure princess.. And I’ll teach you more… But we must keep this our little secret. I have to go…. Your daddy is going to wonder where I went.”

He returned to the TV room. “What took you so long?” Brad asked. Andy replied that he was reading a magazine article in the bathroom. Brad gave him a look of doubt. Lindsay entered the room in shorts and cotton top. She kissed her father on the forehead. Smiling she gave long hug and kiss on the cheek to Andy. Odd, Brad thought to himself.

That night Jana seemed more sensual than usual. As he was undressing she pulled his shorts down and began stroking his growing cock. They laid on the bed naked. Touching and playing with each others genitals …. Kissing and probing each other. Jana took his throbbing cock between her lips and sucked his shaft until he exploded in her mouth.

Catching his breath… Brad asked,

“Not that I didn’t enjoy it ….. But what’s gotten into you tonight?”

Going into great detail she told him of his sisters illicit affair with Julio at her work. She did not tell him about his mother and Ray. Stimulated by the sorted story, Brad pulled the sheet over his now stiff shaft not wanting his wife to know he was turned on hearing about his sister.

Before falling to sleep, Jana told her husband that she was going to visit his sister at her home the next evening. Hmm he thought… ‘is that where she is really going?’ Brad stroked his cock thinking about his sister’s sexual exploits…. And how he’d like to fuck her.

The next evening, Lindsay helped her grandmother, Jane clear the table after dinner. She asked her father when Uncle Andy was coming over again. Curious, he thought.. She has never been that interested in what Andy was doing before. Jana kissed her husband saying she was off to visit Hannah.

Brad sat in the living room reading. He is a 6’ man with an athletic build, a handsome man that woman noticed. Yet he was feeling uncomfortable with his wife’s story… he thought he would check up on her.

“Hello.” Hannah answered the phone. “Well.. Yes she is hear but just went out to buy some wine… er… I asked her to go because I can’t leave ……. the baby is sleeping. Yes I will have her call you when she returns…. Bye.”

Jana was sitting on the edge of the bed as naked as her lover, Leon who stood in front of her. She had just begun to suck his ten inch black cock when her cell phone rang. She listened as her sister-in-law told her of the phone call from Brad. Quickly she dialed her home. Leon began licking her pussy as she told her husband she was back at Hannah’s… She tried to push him away as her body quivered when he began sucking her clit…

“No…no… nothings wrong….. I’m.. I’m… okay..” Her voice rose in reaction to Leon’s tongue fucking…. “I’ve got to go she said quickly….“See you in an hour or so.”

Jana’s body quivered as she clamped her legs around the head of her husband’s friend… climaxing for a second time. Leon pushed her back on the bed and rubbed his big black cock against her swollen pussy lips.

“Now.. now..” She shouted.. “Put that magnificent meat in me…. Fuck me Leon.. Fuck me good… Ohhh. Fuck me Leon.. Make me your whore..” She responded as he slid the massive knob of his cock between her love lips.

“Ohhh you’re tight…” he said as he forced his shaft deeper and deeper into her. “Take my cock… take it all bitch… fuck my black cock.. Fuck my cock… be my white slut”

The two moved in unison .. His dark skin against her alabaster body… Leon’s cum filled ball sack slammed against her ass as he pounded her pussy with his battering ram. Jana’s body shook as she experienced one more orgasm… Then she felt her fucker’s rod jerk and expand still further…. He cried out as she felt his hot thick spunk filled her.

“What took you so long?” Brad asked as he greeted his wife at the door. “I called Hannah and she said you were on your way home.”

Jana told him it was such a nice night she decided to take a ride. Giving her a look of doubt, Brad took her hand and led her to their bedroom. Jana told him she was tired and did not feel like having sex. Seeing Brad was upset she decided to tell him about seeing his mother with his Uncle Ray. Brad became excited as she described every detail of his mother fucking her brother-in-law. Not wanting to let his wife know how turned on he was he turned off the light.

With his back to his wife he began to strike his stiff shaft as he visualized his mother’s lovemaking. ‘What’s going on?’ He thought to himself… first he thought of fucking his sister… and now his mother?

Brad had the next day off so by the time he woke up everyone had left for work or school, at least he thought. Deciding to take a shower he walked naked to the bathroom. As he opened the door he froze. His mother was standing there nude. As she dried her hair the towel covered her face so she did not see him. Brad could not control the erection that resulted from the sight before him.

Jane looked up.. Startled… “Oh son..” As her eyes focused on her sons full manhood she smiled. “Mom.. I’m sorry…” While his words were apologetic… his body moved toward the sensuous woman before him. Jane standing against the sink did not resist his advance, rather opened her arms to receive him. Their bodies pressed together. Brad felt his mother’s rigid nipples against his chest while she felt his hardness against her stomach.

Raising herself on the edge of the sink she positioned her son’s dick between her legs. Brad felt her curly black cunt hair rub against his cock as she closed her legs on his erection. They kissed as their bodies moved against each other. Jane dropped down from the sink forcing the head of her son’s shaft against her lips.

The couple swung around enabling Jane to lower her body against her son and sat on the toilet, her son standing before her. She reached forward with her mouth and engulfed his throbbing tool. Brad couldn’t believe what was happening. His mother’s lovely lips were wrapped around his dick. Feeling her tongue dance as she sucked, she stroked his balls.. Intermittently lifting them to her mouth.. Licking and sucking first one then the other.

Just when he felt he was ready to cum his mother stopped and held his shaft tightly in her hand. Without a word Jane stood and leaned forward on the sink. Brad now sat on the toilet and leaning forward spread the cheeks of his mother’s butt and began licking up and down her crack. Rising on her toes his tongue found her passion pit and he flicked her clit until she climaxed on his face.

“I want to feel you inside me son..” Jane said as she reached for her son’s rod and placed it at the entrance of her love cave. Brad pushed his prick into her inviting hole… feeling her wet warm flesh grasp his penis. As he drove it deeper a d deeper he reached around kneading and massaging her full soft breast.

Again, Brad got that pre cum feeling when his mother said, “Son, I want you to put it in here..” She said a she reached back guiding his cock to her anal aperture. “Fuck my ass Bradley… fuck your mommy’s …“ass

She handed her son a tube of lubricant which he applied to her butt hole and his throbbing tool. Pressing forward the head of his rod slid in her tight orifice. Jane pressed back consuming his entire shaft. Each thrust of her son was met with pleasure. As the pace quickened Brad again felt the surge and exploded filling his mother’s anal alley. Jane smiled as she felt the surge of her son’s hot sperm.

Smiling she said, “I guess I need another shower.” Stroking her son’s chest she added, “Join me?”

Brad and his mother soaped and washed each other.. Paying particular attention to those very special body parts. As they dried each other Brad told his mother what Jana had witnessed between her and Uncle Ray. He asked if his father, Ed knew. Jane smiled as she shared that in fact it was her husband’s idea. She went on to say that Ed encouraged her to have sex with other men and then describe it to him.

“He gets turned on hearing how other men fuck me.” She said with a laugh.

“Sometimes he watches and joins in …. I like that…”

Brad shared his suspicion that Jana was fucking his friend Leon. His mother smiled knowingly…

“Isn’t he the well endowed black fellow?”

Seeing her reaction, Brad wondered if his mother had experienced Leon’s notorious ten inch love tool as well. As they talked Jane expressed the idea that Ed might be helpful in keeping Jana satisfied at home. Brad’s face lit up as she smiled and said,

“You should talk to her about your concerns… It may not be as bad as you think.
You know your father and I have an understanding… but we are very discrete.”

“What do you mean mother?… like with Ray?…. go on ….what kind of arrangement do you two have?”

“Well your father and I were not doing very well in the sex department so to spice it up he encouraged me to sleep with other men….only those that were friends…. Or family. On the condition that I would tell him…” Putting her hand to her mouth she said, “Oh I shouldn’t be talking about this.”

“No.. no Mom… go on.” Brad encouraged.

“Well he wants me to describe every detail and that turns him on.. So our love making has improved substantially…. Some times he even watches and joins in… I really like when that happens.. Oh I’ve embarrassed you… but … Perhaps something similar would help you and Jana.”

Brad shook his head. “Does dad also… er… sleep with other women?”

“You know Ray’s wife?… your Aunt Ann?… she is one… and your Dad deflowered their daughter… your cousin Ellen when she was 18.… Oh I’ve said too much.”

Brad couldn’t believe it… his mother and father.. Swingers.. And she is encouraging him to do the same. He’d have to think about it.

That afternoon Lindsay left the house saying she was going to visit a friend from school. Her father was tempted to follow her but did not.

Her Uncle Andy picked her up around the corner and drove straight to the motel room he had rented. As soon as the door was locked behind them, Andy took her in his arms and they kissed.. Tongues dancing in each others mouth. Lindsay quickly undressed as did her older lover. He laid on the bed and instructed her to straddle him so he could taste her young pussy while she took his stiff staff in her mouth.

Andy was able to make his young charge cum several times.. He tried to hold himself off but her cock sucking was so good he couldn’t hold back… She looked so sweet., smiling at him with her big dark eyes and his love cream dripping from the corner of her mouth. Lindsay immediately began stroking his semi-hard cock…. Between the strokes and kisses he was hard again in no time.

Laying on his back he said, “Now since this is your first time we should take things slow. You will feel some pain so if you want to stop just tell me… Okay?” She nodded.

Andy instructed her to straddle him just above his cock, now standing at attention. He handed her some lotion and told her to rub it on and in her pussy and on his dick. She obediently followed his orders.

“Now lower yourself… hold my cock and ease it in between your lip…that’s it..”

Lindsay jumped as she felt the hard shaft into her tight virgin cunt..

“Are you okay?” he asked. She nodded and continued lowering herself on his post.

“Ohhh”… she cried as the head of his cock pierced her maidenhead.. A trickle of blood was visible. Andy repeated his concern for her comfort…. The young woman bit her lip and continued to slowly take more of her first cock deep into her being.

“That’s it baby.. Now begin to ride up and down.. Slowly… slowly….”

Lindsay.. Began to enjoy the feel of his large member as she increased her cadence. Andy rubbed her bouncing titties as the pace intensified….

“Ohhh… Ohhhh… Uncle Andy… Ohhhh!”

“You’re cumming sweetheart and so is Uncle Andy…” He said as he filled her with his sperm.

That night Brad expressed his concern about his brother screwing their daughter to Jana.

“Don’t be silly.. If Lindsay was fucking Andy I’m sure she would tell me… besides even if he is… she’s old enough to decide when she is ready… She can take care of herself.”

Brad considered telling his wife about fucking his mother that morning… but thought better of it. Fantasizing about his sister and mother, Brad fucked Jana furiously, cumming three times. They fell asleep in each others arms.

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