tagIncest/TabooA Family's Sexual Hypnosis

A Family's Sexual Hypnosis


Debbie sighed, it was almost quitting time on a Friday afternoon. She would do the same thing she did every weeknight. I'm in such a rut. She'd drive home from work, cook dinner, engage in lame conversation with her husband Jim over dinner, clean the kitchen, and putter around the house until Jim said he was going to bed. Then as his dutiful wife she would go to the bedroom to strip and get under the sheets to wait for her husband. He would do what he did every night. Climb into bed and start fucking her in the missionary position. He wouldn't last long either. He would shoot his sperm into her pussy and then roll off of her and go to sleep.

Debbie's husband was a devout Jehovah's Witness and would not entertain any change to their sex life. Debbie knew that oral sex was out of the question, but there were other things that could be done to add variety, spice to their sex life. Then finally, she could have an orgasm. Debbie was disillusioned with the Jehovah's Witness life style. She definitely needed something to change in her life. Debbie did not get any satisfaction from either her job or her home life. She went and showered off all signs of another night with Jim. Debbie got on her nightie and went to bed. She soon fell into a troubled sleep.

The next morning was just like any other Saturday, Jim left early to get some golf in at the country club, in the afternoon he would go door to door spreading the faith. Debbie just sat at the kitchen table, drinking her coffee and reading the paper. She was turning the pages listlessly, seeing the same old advertisements, when something caught her eye. The ad practically jumped off the page, 'IS YOUR LIFE A MESS? IS STRESS MAKING YOU TIRED AND GRUMPY? Find happiness through Hypnotherapy. Call Dr. Claiborne today and find peace.' There was a phone number and address. This may be my answer. I'll call right now. Debbie called the number and managed to slip into a canceled appointment for that afternoon. I am nervous, but excited. Could this be the answer to all my problems?

Debbie looked at herself in the full length mirror. She was wearing a sensible, but attractive pants suit. It complimented her fit, sexy body. She was 42 years old, but looked 30. Her shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes, that suited her so well, were a family trait. Debbie appeared demure, but wanted to be wild. She just didn't know if she could. She got in her car to drive to her appointment. As soon as she was out of sight of the house, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She rolled down all of the power windows to let the smoke out, because Jehovah's Witnesses were not permitted to smoke tobacco.

Debbie pulled into a parking space right on Hylan Boulevard in Annadale, Staten Island near the address in the paper. She didn't see a sign advertising the place, so she got out of the car and walked looking for Dr. Claiborne's office. At the address, she found a small sign pointing up a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs was a door with a sign, "Dr. Cynthia Claiborne -- Hypnotherapies", then a smaller sign, "Please enter". Debbie entered a normal looking waiting room, pleased, expecting to find a dark, closet-like chamber.

The inner door opened and a woman wearing a lab coat entered the waiting room. She looked very professional and very lovely too. "Hello, I'm Dr. Claiborne. You must be Debbie, please come in." Debbie walked in ahead of the doctor and sat in one of the three plush chairs in the office. Dr. Claiborne took a seat opposite her. She was wearing a pretty blouse under her lab coat. Debbie couldn't see her skirt, but she could see the dark hose that covered her slim legs. She had a pretty, trustful face framed by her dark tresses.

"Tell me why you came here, Debbie." Dr. Claiborne said in a tender tone.

Debbie shifted uncomfortably in her chair. "Doctor, I don't know exactly, but I am not happy. I find myself bored with everything. I used to enjoy the challenge of work, but now I feel it's just drudgery. This is confidential, right. I mean you're not a Jehovah's Witness are you?"

Dr. Claiborne just smiled and said, "No and yes, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and everything we do here is confidential. What about your home life? Do you have an active sex life?" Debbie blushed as Dr. Claiborne asked her about her sex life. Suddenly she broke down and sobbing, told the doctor everything. Dr. Claiborne moved closer and let Debbie cry on her shoulder. This went on for quite some time; Dr. Claiborne kept passing her tissues.

Debbie finally stopped crying and Dr. Claiborne returned to her seat. "I think you would be a good subject for hypnotherapy. I can help you to be happy, content with your life." Dr. Claiborne looked at her watch. "We have time for a session now. Do you want to start?"

Debbie brightened as the doctor said she could help her. "Oh yes, please. I can't bear to go on another day." It would be wonderful if she could help me.

"Lean back in your chair and relax Debbie." Once Debbie was comfortable, Dr. Claiborne held a small circular disk (about the size of a half dollar coin) in front of her and pushed a button on the back. A sequential sequence of lights began blinking on and off in front off Debbie. Dr. Claiborne began talking in a low, steady voice, "We used to use a spinning coin or a candle to put the subject to sleep. Now we use this special light source. The subjects go to sleep and into a hypnotic trance much quicker." Debbie was already in her trance with her eyes closed. "Much, much quicker" Dr. Claiborne whispered as she turned the disk off and put it in her coat pocket.

"Very good Debbie, tell me what you really want, why you have come to me. Tell me what is missing in your life." Dr. Claiborne crossed her long legs and the lab coat rode up showing more of her beautiful, hose covered legs.

Debbie answered, not moving or opening her eyes, "I want my life to be more exciting. I want to have an orgasm, many orgasms. I want to be free of the restrictions placed upon me by being married to a devout Jehovah's Witness." Debbie's voice was frank and to the point.

Dr. Claiborne thought for a moment and then smiled. "I can make that happen for you Debbie. All you have to do is to trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you. Now, rise and take off all your clothes. It's rather hot in here, don't you think so?" Cynthia watched as Debbie rose and started undressing. The coat went first, then the simple cotton blouse. Debbie then reached behind her to unsnap the push-up black satin bra that she wore. Her bare shoulders shone seductively in the light, beads of sweat beginning to form on her skin.

As Debbie continues undressing Cynthia stands up and takes off her lab coat and blouse. She is wearing only a black corset, garter belt and silk stockings, no panties. Debbie didn't notice this; she just unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were magnificent, with little sagging evident. Her nipples areoles were large, a seductive light brown and her nipples were fully erect. Her skin was smooth and unblemished.

"You're doing well Debbie, please continue." Debbie removed her skirt next exposing high-cut black lace panties and nude pull up hose. "You may leave the stockings and the heels on Debbie." Debbie pulled down her panties and stepped out of them, showing just a hint of brown trimmed pubic hair. Cynthia was happy to see that she trimmed her pussy hair. It made it better for her to gaze at Debbie's sex.

"Sit down Debbie and spread your legs wide so that I may look upon your charms to make sure that your problem does not lie there. That's it; now hook your legs over the arms of the chair." Cynthia gave Debbie instructions until, she was sitting, her pussy open and exposed, just like Cynthia wanted. Cynthia sat down and moved her right hand to her own womanly folds. Her hand lazily stroking her stimulated folds.

"Now, we need to take care of your needs. I want you to play with yourself until you get close to climaxing, and then tell me so I can observe. While you are playing tell me about your immediate family, especially any young men in your family." Debbie took her right breast in her right hand and used her left hand to stimulate her pussy. Cynthia saw this and smiled, she knew that Debbie knew where to touch herself.

"I have two sisters, Robyn and Sandie. They are married and each have two boys under 15. Sandie also has an 18 year old daughter named Kristyn." Cynthia took note of the ladies mentioned. " I also have a cousin named Michael. He is 26 years old and not married. My husband..."

Cynthia interrupted, "I do not need to hear any more about husbands. How are you doing? Do you feel the pleasure from touching your own body sexually?" Debbie just nodded, her left hand a blur in her lap and her right hand pinching & twisting her hard nipples. Cynthia's hand was also moving fast stroking her own wet cunt. This is so incredible, if only I can get all three sisters and the daughter.

Debbie shouted, "I think I'm gonna cum. Its close I can feel it." Debbie pulled hard on her nipples and then moved to right hand to her swollen and distended clitoris. Her left hand was finger-fucking her sopping pussy. Cynthia was watching Debbie's masturbation closely, turned on by Debbie's relentless quest for self-pleasure. Debbie was moaning loudly now and Cynthia knew that she was close, oh so close.

Debbie came in a screaming climax! She was long over due for an orgasm and it showed in the tremors that engulfed her body and the amount of her love-juice that flooded from her cunt. Her legs were still spread over the arms of the chair, which was good considering the size of the pool of her sweet nectar that pooled in the seat of her chair. Cynthia saw that pool of Debbie's cum and gasped.

Cynthia slipped out of her plush leather chair and crawled across the floor. Debbie just sat there with her pussy opened and exposed. Cynthia could see right inside her vagina to her womb. Cynthia continued to finger herself as she crawled across the floor. When she reached Debbie's chair she got on her knees and began lapping her sweet nectar up, tasting and swallowing Debbie's love juice.

Half way through drinking Debbie's cream, Cynthia experienced her own climax. Her body spasmed out of control as she experienced multiple orgasms. She came to her senses after a few minutes and finished lapping up what was left of Debbie's organic gift. She moved her face close to Debbie's and ordered her to lick her own juices from Cynthia's face. Debbie did just that while Cynthia moaned.

Cynthia returned to her seat and told Debbie to sit back in her chair. Debbie follows Cynthia's instructions. She is still firmly under my control, good. "You will masturbate whenever you feel stressed out. Close the door to your office or go into the bathroom. Do not feel as if you have to control your moans or screams. You need to let it all out, it's important to your well-being. You are a very beautiful woman, act that way."

Cynthia continued, "You in return must do me a favor. You must convince your sisters and your niece to come to me for help. This is important to your continued happiness. You must return in two weeks for another session. I know you have always been attracted to your cousin Michael. The next time you hear his voice; you will go to him and be his sex slave. You will turn into his slut and please him without a thought to consequences. If either of your sisters or niece is there you will share Michael with them. Get dressed now. You will forget all the events that happened since you were hypnotized and wake up rested and refreshed. Do you understand all of my instructions to you?"

"Yes doctor, I understand." Debbie said as she got dressed. While Debbie got dressed, Dr. Claiborne put her lab coat back on. Soon Debbie was fully dressed, sitting in the chair with a smile on her face. Dr. Claiborne smiled to herself; the session had gone better than expected. Dr. Claiborne felt that her underlying plans were going well. All women are meant to be sluts and if I can help more to their destiny, I will be happy.

"I'm going to count down from five and then you will wake-up. Five... four... three... two... one... wake-up Debbie." Debbie clinked and stretched. Dr. Claiborne was impressed; Debbie was very sexy even with her clothes on.

"I feel great doctor, thank you. I will definitely recommend your treatment. My life makes a lot more sense now." Dr. Claiborne led Debbie out of her office, wishing her well and watching her sexy strut down the stairs. It's begun; my service to womankind.

Chapter 2

Dr. Claiborne sat in her examination room and mused. She knew herself to be a beautiful woman with high full breasts, long legs and a voluptuous body. Cynthia shook her shoulder length mane of blonde hair in a moment of remorse. She could have had any man she wanted, pleasing him as she knew would have been her role. However, she was called to a higher purpose. Something that she knew was more important than her being a sex toy for her man.

Dr. Claiborne had realized early in her adult life the truth that all women were supposed to be whores for their men, for men in general. Keeping men sexually satisfied was a woman's true calling. To help women to realize this fact, she became a hypnotherapist. She would only take women as clients. Then would then proclaim the truth to them and teach them how they really should act. Cynthia knew that she could not change the entire world, but it was her duty to try.

Her latest patient, Debbie, was a different situation. Cynthia could not direct her passion, her servitude towards her husband. He was a devout Jehovah's Witness and he would not accept, but would spurn her new-found sexuality and willingness to please. Instead, Cynthia had found a cousin of hers that would do nicely. She thought that he would be surprised when he received his gift, his gift of a cousin turned sex slave.

It was a pity that Debbie didn't have any daughters, Cynthia also taught mothers how their daughters should be brought up. What values the young girls should have. Cynthia went over those truths in her mind. Satan was truly inside of this woman. They should be taught not to wait for the right man, a good boy. They should be taught to flock to the bad boys, the tough lads. And if they want the girls to give them sexual favors, the girls should. How else are they going to learn the proper way to give blow-jobs? They should also learn to love their Mothers. Not just emotionally, but physically as well. That way they can be taught the proper ways to please. For that is their purpose in life, so they should embrace it as soon as they can.

A ringing phone interrupted Cynthia's thoughts. She answered the phone, "Dr. Claiborne speaking, may I help you?" She quickly looked in her appointment book. "Yes, next Thursday would be fine, I'll see you at 10:00 sharp. Thank you very much, please give my thanks to Debbie. Bye." Already my plan brings fruit. I am going to be able to help all of them.

Chapter Three

Michael awoke slowly and stretched, his arms and legs reaching their limits, before they reached the limits of the king size bed. He kicked off his sheet and swung his feet to the floor. His morning piss hard-on followed his movements, stopping and slapping against his thigh. The slap rang loudly throughout the empty apartment. Michael grimaced as he walked to the bathroom. He loved waking up with a hard dick, but he did not relish the full bladder he had to relieve.

Michael looked down at his large, fat cock and willed it to shrink enough to urinate. His mind went though the times tables, trying to overcome his memories of the porn DVD he had watched late last night. Michael was a 26 year old man who was connoisseur of porn, magazines, internet, videos, it didn't matter what media it was as long as it was explicit and graphic. He was really into incest, but had never done it himself. Not that he was adverse to incest; he had never had the opportunity.

Feeling his 10 inch long dick start to wilt, Michael sighed, finally able to drain his insistent bladder. He felt much better after that. Today was Saturday, so Michael didn't have to be anywhere. He decided to have a relaxing, yet stimulating morning. After that he would go see if his favorite waitress who was working at the Dakota Diner and have brunch.

Michael booted up his laptop. On the screen were images of his female cousins. He kept those up while he opened some cousin-cousin incest stories on Literotica. After stimulating his mind, and loins, with lurid incest stories while fantasizing about his cousins, he hopped in the shower for some release. Those shower massagers were wonderful things. Michael cleaned up and drove towards the Dakota. His favorite waitress was working, so he got to flirt with her.

He got a date arranged with the girl for that evening. This was their second date and he hoped to get laid. He was hoping she wouldn't be put off by his thick dick, 4 inches around, curving upward, with a big swollen mushroom head ready to pop. Most girls could handle the length or the width, but not both at the same time. With her it would certainly be at its longest and thickest. Michael's biggest problem is that he cannot find many girls who are interested or attracted to him, but yet, they did not know the size of his member, neither did the women in his family for that matter. He hasn't told this young waitress, but she looked like his younger cousin Kristyn, close enough to get Michael very, very excited.

Chapter Four

It was almost 10:00. Dr. Claiborne licked her full lips in anticipation. Robyn, one of Debbie's sister's, was due to arrive shortly. Soon after that she would be naked and playing with her hot little cunt, Dr. Claiborne was sure of that. Isn't life good? I get to help womankind and get off at the same time.

Robyn arrived promptly on time. Dr. Claiborne met her in the waiting room a few minutes after she sat down. No sense scaring the poor girl her first time. "Hi, I'm Dr. Claiborne; I believe that Debbie referred you," Cynthia said as she shook her hand and led this 36 year old 4'2 beauty to the plush examination room. She indicated an overstuffed chair for Robyn and sat opposite her. "Please tell me what I can do for you." Cynthia asked the beautiful women with raven tresses.

Robyn shifted uneasily in her chair. "Well, you know that my sister sent me. She told me that her life made sense now and that she was very happy." Robyn's voice was very soft-spoken, matching her friendly open face. She paused a moment gathering her thoughts. "I want to find the same happiness that you gave to her." Dr. Claiborne smiled to herself; it was going much easier that she had thought it would. "What do I need to do different in my life?"

Cynthia took a long piercing look at the woman in front of her. She could see the family resemblance, but Robyn was smaller than Debbie. They both have beautiful bodies, which Cynthia likes, but is unnecessary for her plan. Cynthia already knew a lot about Robyn from her sister Debbie, but she asked her about her life anyway. Once Robyn had bared her soul to the doctor, she was put into a deep hypnotic trance.

The rest went the same way as had Debbie's session. Robyn was soon naked and studiously masturbating. Her 36 year old tits quivered as she rhythmically diddled her moist pussy. She was trying too hard to get-off, Cynthia realized. Cynthia attributed this to the fact that Robyn's sex life was practically non-existent. Her husband didn't want any more children and he didn't believe in recreational sex. She needed to relax more. It took some gentle instruction and a helpful hand, before Robyn achieved orgasm. Cynthia had Robyn bring herself to orgasm once more, just to make sure that Robyn could easily bring herself to a climax without any help. Her final climax resulted in a gushing stream of juice which shot out of her pussy, four feet in the air and six feet across the room, landing on top of cynthia's head.

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