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A Fantasy


My boyfriend has a fantasy, of me and him partaking in a threesome, with another man. He likes the thought of me, a petite, innocent looking female, being extremely dirty and raunchy. So here is a story I wrote especially for him.

My boyfriend, Tim, and I had decided to get away from the hustle and bustle and stress of daily life and were taking a holiday on a remote island of Scotland - the Isle of Skye. We'd spent our days exploring the beautiful countryside, and our evenings involved romantic meals and intimacy. The area was very quiet, very remote, apart from a nearby farm.

One afternoon, I decided we should take a walk over to the farm, to see what animals, and even people, were there. Out came the wellies, as it was a rainy dull day.

Arriving at the farm, we went to the cottage attached, and knocked at the door.

"Just a minute!" Came the response, a man.

The door opened and there stood a beautiful creature... A gorgeous, tall, dark and handsome man! To my surprise I felt myself tingling all over, amd it only intensified as he looked at me with gorgeous green eyes.

"How may I help you both?" He said.

"Hello, my names Tim, and this is my girlfriend, Rachel", Tim said, as I suddenly felt unable to speak.

"My names Jack, nice to meet you Tim and Rachel" He shook both of our hands in turn.

I managed to find my voice to ask: "I was wondering if it was possible to have a look around your farm at the animals?"

"Yes of course! Come on inside for a minute while I make a cup of tea, then I will give you a tour, would you like some tea?"

"I'll have a tea" said Tim, "Rachel will just have a water...White with 2 sugars please".

"No problem"

We sat down at his beautiful kitchen, complete with a traditional Aga cooking range, and he got us our drinks plus a couple of biscuits.

"So, are you staying in the holiday cottage down the lane? How long are you here for?" Asked Jack.

"Just one week", I said. "We wanted to escape a busy city and relax in beautiful Scotland. Is it just you here? Or do you have family?"

"Its just me who lives here, but I do have kids, my wife and I divorced two years ago, and we have a 5 year old and a 7 year old, boy and girl, they come to stay sometimes. My family live on the mainland, in a small village called Glenelg, not far from where the ferry drops off. I have staff to help me out with the farm tasks, but they've all gone home now, it's early starts working on a farm!"

"I can certainly imagine its tough work. So how about this tour then?" I said, eager to see the animals.

"Sure, follow me." He took us through his lovely cottage, out the back door and proceeded to show us around.

He showed us the pigs, the cows, the sheep and lambs. He showed us the milking parlour, which I found fascinating. But even more fascinating was this man himself. Olive skinned, well built, with muscles through his shirt, he was definitely a looker. I caught Tims eye, and nodded towards Jack and smiled. Tim raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner, and I nodded again. This was the man. Tim smiled back.

Later on after the tour, we offered Jack to come to where we were staying for dinner.

"That would be lovely, but I must shower first and spruce myself up. How about I head over for around 7pm?"

"Perfect" Said Tim.

Back in our cottage, I decided to have a shower too. I turned the water on and let it warm up while I undressed. Tim opened the door and came in.

"So, what do you think of Jack then baby?" He asked. "Is he going to be the one we entice into joining us for some sexual pleasure?!"

"I certainly think so, I find myself quite attracted to him. I'm just trying to think of a plan of how to suggest it to him, without scaring him off."

"Well, we have alcohol... That's always a good start!" Tim said.

By this time I was completely naked and ready to get into the shower. I stepped in and let the hot water pour over my body. I lathered up with soap and let the foam slide over my breasts. Then the shower door opened and Tim popped his head round.

"Mind if I join?"

"Not at all!" I said.

He stepped in and we cuddled, with the hot water streaming over both of us. I looked up at him, and he leaned down, and tenderly kissed my lips, while stroking my cheek with one hand. I pressed my body up against his, and I could feel him getting hard against my tummy, as we carried on sensually kissing. He stroked his fingers down my body, over my nipples, making them stand up, erect, and sending shivers coursing through my body. I moaned, "Mmm that feels so good." He carried on tracing his fingers down my body, until he reached my clitoris. He gently parted the lips, and slowly ran his finger along the length of my clitoris. I moaned and shivered again. He then inserted a finger into my now wet pussy, and slid it in and out, gently at first, then picking up the pace. I started shaking and moaning... Then all of a sudden he stopped. "Better save that for later!"

"No, really?! You're going to tease me like that until I'm almost on the edge of orgasm, then just stop??" I exclaimed. My pussy was extremely wet and swollen with pleasure.

"Yep, for now, but we will try and have some amazing fun later on."

I finished showering and got dressed, putting on sexy underwear, a push up bra and a revealing top that quite obviously showed off my assets, in the hope that Jack wouldn't be able to resist. I then started cooking some dinner. Honey glazed pork with roasted vegetables.

7pm arrived, and sure enough there was a knock at the door. I put out wine glasses and left the dinner cooking in the oven, and went to greet Jack at the door. As I opened it, I saw him glance at my chest, and immediately he seemed flustered.

"Come on in Jack, the dinners just cooking, would you like a glass of wine, or maybe a beer?"

"Umm, hello, yes, I'll have some beer please... No wait I'll have some wine, please."

I smiled to myself, and poured him a glass of red wine, I also fetched Tim a beer and poured myself some white wine.

I handed him his glass, and made sure my fingers connected with his.

"Thank you," Said Jack, "The dinner smells lovely."

"Thanks Jack, it shouldn't be too much longer now."

As we had brought our Playstation 3 with us, Tim suggested they play a game. Battlefield was the choice! I prepared the dinner to the sounds of shooting and yelling.

After we'd eaten the delicious dinner, we all three settled in the living room, with more wine and beer. We chatted for quite a while, getting to know each other. We found out he was 32 years old, 8 years older than both Tim and I. He also informed us he was doing a college course online, a basic animal course and hoping to go into Veterinary doctoring. I was very interested, as this is something I'm wanting to do as well.

After an hour or so of chatting and drinking, we decided to watch a film. A scary one!

We all were sat on the sofa, with me in between the two boys. I turned the lights out for added effect for the horror film, and prepared myself to be terrified. I was feeling the effects of the wine, and was a little dizzy. I cuddled up to Tim and laid my head on his shoulder.

About quarter of the way through, after a few jumps, Tims hands started wandering. He softly started stroking my right leg. I was wearing a skirt, not too short, but I hadn't put any knickers on, for the occasion. Tim didn't know this yet.

His hand started creeping slowly up my thigh, and he was moving in little circles. It was tickling ever so slightly. He reached the top of my right thigh, and then proceeded to stroke inwards towards my trimmed pussy. I opened my legs slightly to give him better access and to show I was liking it. He was moving his fingers closer and closer until the tips of his fingers touched the lips of my wet pussy. He gasped a little and looked at me eyes wide, obviously realising I'd not had any knickers on the whole evening. I just smiled at him mischievously. I glanced down and saw he was hard through his trousers. I glanced at Jack on the other side of me, who was concentrating intently on the film, as if he was trying hard not to look at us.

Tim was parting my lips and gently swirling around my clitoris. I slowly and gently pushed my hips up to meet his hand. He kept swirling and stroking my clitoris, making it swell with pleasure. I could feel myself getting wetter, and he dipped his fingers into the entrance to my vagina to make them wet, then returned to stroking my clitoris. I could feel myself starting to shake, and an orgasm was building. I was trying my hardest to be discreet, but I was breathing heavy too. Tim didn't stop, he carried on stroking with his fingers, by now I was soaking wet, I could feel my wetness on my thighs and soaking his hand. I gripped his arm with my hands and buried my head into his shoulder as I came in an explosion of pure pleasure. I couldn't help but whimper slightly, which made Jack look over from the film. He saw me panting, and looked down to where Tims hand was under my skirt. His eyes widened and I could just about see him flush red. He looked away again, back to the film. I decided I was going to take a chance. I leaned over to him, put my right hand on his cheek and gently brought his face towards mine. He didn't resist, and my lips touched his. We kissed, and our tongues flicked together, slowly and softly. Tim still had his hand under my skirt on my pussy. jack and I carried on kissing for a while longer, then I pulled away and kissed Tim in the same way. Both men were amazing kissers, and I was getting more tingles and shivers all over my body. I caught Tims eye, and he nodded.

I placed my hand on Jacks right leg, and I started gently stroking it. I stroked all the way up to the top of his thigh, then over his chest. I reached the top of his shirt, and started unbuttoning it. I undid all the buttons then eased him out of it. His chest was stunning. Amazing muscles. I got up and straddled him, leaning down to kiss him again, stroking my tongue against his, while Tim looked on.

Jack tugged at my top, trying to pull it off. He managed it then he reached around to undo my bra. That came off too. He then started stroking my nipples, pinching them gently between his thumb and forefinger. I let out a moan, as my nipples stood out, again erect. I glanced over at Tim from my position of straddling Jack on his lap. He was watching me intently, and he had his hand over his cock through his jeans. I leaned forward and kissed jack, making sure our tongues touched obviously, so Tim could see, my hard nipples brushing against Jacks chest. I reached down over his jeans and felt his hardness. I slowly started kissing down his muscled chest, until I reached his belt and zip. I paused to undo them both, and then I got Jack to stand up so he could take his trousers down. I swapped positions quickly, so I was sat on the edge of the sofa, and Jack was standing in front of me, his big hard cock throbbing in front of my face. I looked at Tim, he now had his hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. I shook my head at him, and he gave me a begging look. "Wait until its your turn" I said to Tim.

I focused my attention on Jack, I leant forward and flicked my tongue over the swollen head, licking up drops of pre-cum. I held it with my hand, and I run my tongue down the length of his shaft, all the way down the underneath, and reaching his balls, I take both in my mouth one by one, gently licking and sucking on them, as I slowly stroke the head with my hand.

Jack lets out a moan, and tangles his hands up in my hair, gently coaxing me to suck on his big dick. I open my mouth and take him in, deep. Tim stands up at this point, he comes over and stands nearby us, in front of me. I carry on stroking and sucking Jacks cock, and at the same time I reach for Tims. Tim gasps as my hand touches his throbbing cock. I squeeze the head, and pre-cum drips out onto my fingers. I pull Jacks cock out of my mouth and pause to lick Tims pre-cum off my fingers seductively, both men looking down at me, topless with just a skirt on. Both start breathing heavier as I tease them by licking the pre-cum off my fingers. I smile, and then I lean towards Tim. I hold his dick with my right hand, and slowly stroke it up and down, twisting gently and squeezing the head. Tim is gasping a bit now, and with my left hand I grip hold of Jacks cock. I am on my knees now. I lean forward and take all of Tims cock in my mouth in one go, and slowly suck hard on the way back out. Tim moans and closes his eyes. I then do the same with Jack. I swirl my tongue around the tip and he moans louder, holding my head and pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I suck hard and lick with my tongue. Then I pull away and focus on Tim again. I tease him by licking right down the shaft as I did with Jack, and taking his balls in my mouth one by one, using my tongue to tease and flick gently. Tim is now dripping a lot of pre-cum, and I swirl my tongue around the head, lapping it all up into my mouth. Both men are moaning, watching me do such dirty things to them both.

Then, I lean back on the sofa, and I bring my legs up, so my pussy is showing under my skirt. Jack immediately gets on his knees, and starts kissing my thighs, soft flutters that give my goose pimples along my skin. Tim sits down next to me on the sofa, and starts kissing me erotically, probing his tongue into my mouth.

Jack is still teasing me, blowing gently on my clitoris. I am dripping wet and pushing my hips up, almost begging him to give in and lick me. At last he finally flicks my clit with the very tip of his tongue, so gently I can hardly feel it, but it arouses and stimulates every pleasure nerve in that area, and radiates through my body, causing me to arch my back in pleasure. He keeps going, just gentle flicks with his tongue. He then strokes his fingers up my thighs, slowly and gently, and on reaching my pussy, he slowly slowly teases a finger inside me. At first he just enters the tip of his finger, gently teasing and poking it in and out. I am going wild, thrusting my hips up and gasping, I am so very close to erupting in a rocking orgasm that will blast through my body... But then he stops. I nearly cry with the frustration of it. But then Tim takes over. he goes straight for it, fingers deep inside me, tongue lapping at my clitoris. As I start getting closer and closer, he slows down and teases. I'm moaning so loud now and I can hardly control myself. Then an orgasm rips through my body and I cry out as Jack puts his lips over mine. I thrust my hips up as Tim keeps pumping his fingers inside me, my vagina contracts and squeezes his fingers with the orgasm, and my pussy is now even wetter.

I lay back collapsed, worn out from the sheer pleasure of that one big orgasm. I then catch my breath again, and get Jack to lay down on the floor, with Tim next to him. I get on top of Jack in a 69 position, my head by his cock and my pussy by his mouth, and I take him into my mouth again, as he licks my pussy again, licking along the slit and my swollen lips. He uses his fingers and I can feel another orgasm building. I moan on his cock in my mouth and pump harder and faster, taking him in deeper and gripping with my hand. Then, suddenly, Tim picks me off Jack and turns me around mid-air. He pulls me against him and I wrap my legs around him, and he lowers us both to the floor, my legs still around him. He gently unwraps them and pushes them up and back, grips hold of his cock and places it at the entrance to my tight wet vagina. I move my hips up, trying to get him inside me, but he just teases me, stroking the head on my clitoris.

Jack comes over to my head and I take his cock in my mouth once again. Tim then touches the entrance to my vagina, and slowly enters me. He slides in, both of us moaning as he goes the whole way inside me, deep. He then picks up a rhythm of sliding in and out. Jack is still by my head, with me sucking and licking his cock, and moaning onto it as Tim fucks me. Tim pushes my legs up higher and enters me deeper. I reach down and stroke my clitoris with my fingers, it's so slippery and wet, I use the wetness to glide my fingers across my clit, and within moments I cum closing my legs tight around Tim, moaning and almost screaming so loud, my back arched and my whole body shaking, my pussy contracting inside and gripping Tims cock. Tim is getting harder and faster, slamming his body against mine, his balls slapping against my ass.

Jack is gasping now, his cock in my mouth, and I suddenly pull him out and say "Stop!" Both men stop, and look at me. "Switch please!" And with that, Tim pulls his cock out of my throbbing vagina, and Jack takes his place. I'm so wet he just slides straight inside me. Tim comes up to my head, and I take his hard cock in my mouth once more. I lick up all his pre-cum and grip it with my left hand. With my right hand I reach down where Jack is sliding in and out of my extremely wet and tight pussy, and I stroke my clit again, wrapping my legs around Jack. I cum again, and again, each time still strong, and Jack can feel my pussy clenching and squeezing his cock as I cum. He can't take anymore as his breathing gets faster and faster, his moans are less discreet, and he slams into me, roughly moving my body up the bed, pushing my mouth onto Tims cock deeper. I can tell Jack is about to cum, I push him out of me and he grips his cock and he jerks it as torrents of cum spray out, hitting me in the face, in the mouth, down my breasts and on my stomach. He keeps pumping his fist and squeezing and more and more keeps shooting out all over my body. He's moaning so loud and can't catch his breath. Slowly it stops and he calms down. I lick up the last bit of his cum from his cock, savouring it.

I then look at Tim, who looks almost desperate to finish, his rock hard cock is literally throbbing. I lay down on my front, and motion to him to get behind me, he does so, and leans down over my back, and kisses my neck and cheek, brushing my hair out of the way. He enters me from behind, me still lying flat down. I squeeze my legs together, and Tim gasps. He starts thrusting faster and faster, going deeper each time, my round ass wobbling as he slams into it. I'm crying out, and Jack comes over and starts kissing me, and then he got me to lean up slightly so he could take my nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently and flicked with his tongue. Tim was getting really close now. He slowed down so as to hold it in. I pull him out and turn myself around, and he jacks his cock, gripping it tightly until he spews his hot cum, again hitting me and covering my body. He can hardly hold himself up with the pleasure of it, he's moaning loud, very loud, and more and more cum is shooting out, I sit up and take the rest of it in my mouth, sucking hard and squeezing every last drop. Then we are done. I lay back, spent. Covered in two hot men's cum. We all look at each other and smile. It was definitely an amazing time, fulfilled some fantasies and had an amazing time. We will definitely be staying in touch with Jack, just in case we wanted to enjoy some more fun sex with an extra person. We made the most of it on the rest of our holiday too!

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