A Fantasy


I want somebody to worship me, maybe with love or lust. I mainly want the lust right now. This person would wanna kiss me from head to toe and want to please me over and over again. The person would want to savor me; taste me in their mouth for day's to come. I want them to want me so badly they would do just about anything for me to be satisfied.

I'd call them up and we'd set up a date. I would meet them at the movie theater to go see a movie we both have been dying to see. As soon as we'd get our tickets, we would get our popcorn, snacks, and drinks. They would joke about how I have to have some fried, fatty food along with the large bucket of popcorn. Then we would race to our seats.

While watching the movie, we would hold hands and kiss passionately. The kiss would get us riled all riled up and we would start groping each other, rubbing each other's genitals through each other's pants. I would put my hand in my underwear to grab some of the wetness that was my forming at my man hole's entrance, and then I'd force my fingers in my partner's mouth.

I'd start teasing their nipples with my other hand, pushing my under hand in their underwear while I rub their genitals more furiously. I'd whisper "you're gonna cum for me, right here, right now." My other hand that was just touching their sensitive nipples would cover their mouth as they'd cum with such force. They'd sigh quietly as we finished the rest of the movie and got into the car on the way back to my place. We would tease each other on the way home, rubbing each other's excited crotches and stealing kisses from each other at red lights.

As soon as we were at my place, they would start with kissing me, slow and sensual. Grabbing at each other's bodies, sighing with anticipation. Running hands through each other's hair, slowly pushing each other's tongues into one another's mouths. Grinding against each other as our tongues intertwine and try to become one. Then they would kiss down my chin, start kissing and nipping on my ear as they tease my little dick through my pants. Going lower past my neck and biting it hard.

They would take off my shirt, kissing my shoulders and slowly going down my chest. Leaving marks that only they can see and only myself, making me look at the mirror to see my body decorated. Licking my nipples when they get to my pecs, sucking on them a bit rapidly, getting me to bite my lip and moan a little. Moving down towards my stomach, licking and biting it while I feel their hot breath against my skin. Kissing down past my pubic mound, while parting my legs and nipping my thighs.

They would get to my outer folds, licking them up and down, teasing my little t-boy cock while I whisper please cause' I've been such a good boy. They would put their fingers in me as they start sucking on my cock, I would whimper and finally let out a full moan. I would push their head a bit closer to me, as they finger me more furiously and run their tongue over my cock.

They'd take their fingers out and taste them, and then get back to work on my throbbing dick. Making me gasp and cry out, getting used to the sensation again. I'd start bucking my hips as I start to wet their face with my man juices. I'd say God's name over and over again and tell them to not stop.

They'd suck and lick with such passion, I couldn't help but start to feel my whole lower half get hot, knowing there was a huge build up and explosion about to happen. I'd fuck their face and push their head into me, as I squirt my warm cunt juices down their throat and in their eyes.

My body would go crazy as I'd scream out a loud 'fuck.' I would thank them for making me cum so hard and tell them how good their head game is. I'd calm down and pull their head up from between my legs, while I kiss them sweetly so I can taste how good my cum is. We'd kiss like that for a while and eventually fall asleep. We'd dream of the encounter and think up new ways for me to be worshipped.

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by Anonymous

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by beastboy4212/23/17

I would happily worship!

As someone who considers themselves "Gay" but sexually bi.. It is so very rare and so amazing to see, not just a Transmale story here. but a "Dominant" one as well! Finding a dominant transmale I thinkmore...

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