A Fantasy


Hi baby,

You're sitting on a chair with no arms and you're naked. I walk over to you and I'm wearing 5" heels, red stockings and my red panties. You're not hard yet and when I sink to my knees between your legs I lightly kiss the inside of your left knee. My tongue glides up the inside of your leg and finally I get to the head of your cock. I use my tongue to lift your cock and it quickly slides into my mouth till my nose is buried in your pubic hair. My tongue massages your cock, up and down the shaft and around the head until you begin to swell and fill my throat.

I lift my mouth off your slippery penis and begin to stroke you while I lick and suck on your nipples. I experience you getting really excited and your hips begin to lift off the chair with each stroke of your hardness. I continue to milk your cock while I slide back down to my knees.

Staring at the head of your cock, I watch as your precum begins to build into a little pool at the slit. I lick my lips thinking about how good it would taste. I lean my head closer to your cock as the precum begins to slide down the head of your cock. I rub the tip of your penis across my lips, coating them with your slick, silky juices.

When I have completely covered my lips with your fluid, I stand up, move closer to you and sit on your lap. As I lean into you, I begin to grind my panty covered erection on your cock and your tongue slips out to meet my lips. You taste your fluids on my lips and my tongue meets yours to taste you together.

After kissing and grinding for a few minutes, you gently push me up from your lap to stand in front of you. You notice that our precum has soaked the front of my panties and you can't wait any longer. I notice the look in your eyes and turn to seductively walk over to the railing of the stairs. I want to live out my fantasy with you.

I get to the railing and lean over it slightly. I spread my legs and slowly rotate my hips in the hope of turning you on further. You walk over to me and I feel your hands on my hips. I turn to look over my shoulder at you and you move in closer to me.

I finally feel your cock as it slides up the silky material covering my ass. Finally! I'm living my fantasy and I push back against you. Your cock is sliding up and down my crack, your hands pulling me closer to you and I push and grind against your hard cock. But I want more.

I look back at you again and whisper to you, "I want you inside me."

Your penis leaves my ass and I feel your fingertips hook the waist band of my panties. My eyes close as you slowly peel them down over my hips and off my ass. As the panties slide off my cock, it pops up from the rigidness you've created there.

My panties are half way down my thighs and I'm open for you, completely exposed. I look down and see my panties stretched across my thighs, I'm ready to cum just seeing and knowing what's about to happen.

I feel you close in on me again and I know how badly you want this. Your cock rests on my ass and I feel as you begin to push it down between my cheeks. I've prepared for this and you feel the slippery lube that's waiting for you.

The head of your erection reaches my hole and you push further down and then lifting your cock back up to coat it completely with the lube. I quietly moan as I feel the head slide back against my waiting hole. Up to the top of my ass and then slowly back down.

Your cock head is at my hole. I feel as you rotate it at the opening. I push back against you slightly and I feel the head of your cock, bend slightly at the resistance. Then I feel as you begin to push inside.

My muscles stretch easily as I am so excited and ready for you. There's a little bit of pain as you push the head past my ring. But the pleasure quickly replaces the pain when the head passes and the thinner portion of your shaft enters me.

My hips rotate and I push back against you, my way of telling you that it doesn't hurt and to continue. I feel your balls as they rest against mine and I know you're all the way inside me. You hand slides around the front of my body and you grasp my penis. It's flaccid from the concentration of getting you inside me. The hardness quickly returns as your hand begins to massage me.

Your fingers slide under my balls and you get them slippery with the lube. Your hand wraps around my cock and you begin to stroke me. Your cock slowly slides in and out of me and your hand pumps me. I push against you in attempts to match your thrusts. You begin to move more quickly and forcefully. I look back at you again and smile as my eyes close and I moan.

Your thrusts come harder and more quickly and soon you are fucking me. I'm moaning and groaning, neither of us are saying anything at all for we are lost in the erotic pleasures we're both experiencing.

I feel your cock grow harder, I'm completely open to you and you are entering and pulling out of me with ease. Your balls are slapping against mine, your thighs against mine. All of the sounds and smells of our sex surround us and your cock feels like a pole inside me. I know you're close.

I stop moving my hips, giving in to you completely, your hand is pumping me harder and faster. You start moaning and within seconds, your cock explodes inside me. Feeling you exploding inside me, creates my own explosion in your hand.

You and I both experience a weakness in our knees. You pull out of me and we make our way to the bed and collapse.

Thanks for the fantasy.

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