tagLoving WivesA Fantasy Come True

A Fantasy Come True


Authors note: This is a story of loving wives, in other words married women having sex with other people. If you can't handle it or the explicit language I suggest you don't read it and certainly don't send me any nasty e-mails. Not only will you not get a reply, it won't even be read. If you do however which to send me positive critique, I'll be glad to read your personal comments.

My hubby and I have a jar for special occasions in our bedroom. In it are little envelops. They each contain a small piece of paper on which we write down our fantasies that we would like to see fulfilled. There are about 10 to 15 suggestions with my hubby's name on the envelop and around the same number of fantasies under my name. We both don't know what the other one wrote down and we promised each other only to open one at a time on a special occasion.

Last week Thursday it was Bart's turn to pick out a fantasy of mine. What was the occasion? I had my evaluation at work and I'm proud to say I got promoted to Senior systems engineer.

Anyway, I told Bart the good news on the phone as soon as I was done with my meeting. Of course I reminded him of the fact that he would be choosing one of my fantasies that night. He was already looking forward to that, normally my fantasies please Bart very much as well, as I'm sure you already know ...

I left work half an hour early that day, I was too excited to concentrate on what I was doing anyway.

I arrived home around 5:15 pm and heard my hubby pull up the drive way not 5 minutes after I arrived.

"You are home early" he told me.

"So are you" I replied.

"Yeah, I couldn't concentrate today, something about getting to know one of your dirty little fantasies I guess ..."

"Haha, I know what you mean" I replied him "that's exactly why I'm home already too".

Since we were celebrating my promotion he was going to fix dinner, he's quite a good cook too.

My hubby opened a drawer and took out a pan while he turned to me: "why don't you slip into something more comfortable and get us both a drink while I make us dinner".

I took of my shoes and went upstairs. I turned on the water of the shower and while waiting for the warm water, threw my clothes in the laundry basket. The warm water felt southing and my body let go of the stress of that day.

I didn't take a long shower, I just shaved and washed myself. Ten minutes later I was drying myself off and put on my pyjama and slippers. There is nothing sexual about them, but somehow Bart loved to see me in this pink and white striped, winter pyjama.

When I came back downstairs 20 minutes later I saw Bart was making tagliatelle with scampi's (my favorite), the whole kitchen and dining room was filled with it's gorgeous smell.

I set the table and poured 2 glasses of white wine. Some white stuff I like bitter, but my wine I like best sweet... ;) I took the 2 glasses in my hands and walked over to the kitchen. I handed my hubby his glass while I sipped from mine. We both just looked at each other without saying a word while enjoying the drink.

Another 10 or so later Bart was serving and I refilled our glasses.

We had a wonderful evening without TV or laptops, just sitting, talking with each other and playing a few games.

It was around 10 pm by the time we went upstairs. And although nothing sexual was said or done we were both horny as hell because we knew what was coming next. We both couldn't wait to make it to the bedroom...

Bart sat down on the bed as I was taking down our famous jar. I opened it and put in on the bed in between us.

My hubby had every little envelop with my name on it in his hands, holding it up, trying to look through the envelop, which he knew was a vain hope.

I was in the mean time just looking at the expressions on his face and admiring his body. I don't even know myself anymore all the fantasies I wrote down, so I wasn't hoping on a particular one.

While Bart was still making up his mind, deliberately building up the excitement even more, I undid the button on his hand, opened his fly and took his already hard cock in my hands.

I was stroking his shaft gently and slowly caressing his balls with my soft hands.

I saw precum starting to leak out the head of his penis and his eyes rolling in the back of his head. He started softly moaning.

He couldn't take my teasing any longer, he just ripped open the envelop he had in his hands and read the text out loud: "I stop on the side of the road pretending car failure. I'm on my way to a party, so I'm dressed provocatively. When a good looking man stops to help me, I suggest to just take me home and I'll pick up the car the day afterwards. You follow us to his place..."

I remembered writing that one "Oh yeah, I love this one, I think this could be so much fun. What do you think honey?"

"Hell yes" Bart said before he attacked me.

Bart forced his hand under my pyjama pants and while kissing me passionately he pulled them down and tossed them in the middle of the room.

I was laying flat on my back, eagerly accepting his tongue in my mouth, with my legs spread while Bart was fondling my hot pussy.

His fingers were slipping in and out of my love cave rapidly while he was gently rubbing my clit. He didn't stop his touch and kiss until I came on his skilled fingers, flooding his hand with my juices.

He sat up on his knees and pulled his shirt over his head before he quickly removed his pants and boxers. They wound up on the same pile on the floor were my pyjama pants were already laying.

He crawled between my legs on his knees with his rock hard cock sticking straight out in front of him, a lovely sight I must say. I raised my knees and feet in the air and rocked my hips upward, preparing myself to accept his body in mine.

After he slipped his dick in my wet soaked cunt I placed my heels on his calves and my hubby starting fucking me hard.

We were both so horny and full of lust that until we both came for a first time, it was pure animal-like fucking.

It only took a minute before my hubby and I were on the verve of cumming.

Bart started to cum when I was on the edge myself. Feeling his cock pulsate in my quivering cunt, his cum shooting deep inside on me, sent me over the top as well. An incredible intense orgasm raged through my body. I dug my heels into Bart's calves and raised my pelvis while he buried his magnificent cock as deep into my pussy as he could get it. Bart was screaming in pain and ecstasy, while I could feel his last spurts of cum entering my bald cunt.

When my orgasm subsided and I regained control over my body I apologized to him for practically standing on his legs, but he wouldn't have it.

"Don't ever apologize for that! I love how it feels. I love how intense your orgasms are" he told me.

After that, our fucking turned to love-making and we joined each other for another hour before falling asleep.

I got up early the next day. I climbed in the shower, put on some make-up and my clothes and made it to work at 8 am.

On my way to work, my mind kept fantasizing about our "little adventure" from the next day. I worked out a whole plan of how I would go about and what I wanted to accomplish. I thought of Bart's face and our love-making from the night before.

All the thoughts got me kind of excited again, but it was still way too early to get horny (I don't function before a cup of coffee).

Once at work, the day flew by. Slacking off the day before made it so that I had lots to catch up. Stress replaced my erotic feelings.

It was 5:30 pm when I left work and drove back home. Driving actually relaxes me and it wasn't too long before the stress was gone again.

A little over 6 pm I was back home to find Bart already almost done with dinner. The lights were dimmed and there was some music playing on the stereo.

When he heard me open the front door, he greeted me with a kiss.

We ate our dinner and afterwards cleared the table. It took us 20 minutes, because Bart's hands were all over me. I playfully batted them away every time. When he was across the room I would stick my ass out at him, or lick my lips sensually, or flash my titties at him, ... but I would let him only look, not touch.

After we were done clearing the table Bart went upstairs to take a shower and I laid myself down on the coach.

Normally on Friday we go out, but because it had been a busy day at work and because we had already something planned the next evening we decided to stay home and watch some TV.

Bart came downstairs in a boxer short and a robe on. He sat down next to me on my right side and let his robe fell open. His cock was already more then just semi.

He looked at me with his sexy bedroom eyes and I couldn't help but smile while I felt my heart melt for this lovely man of mine.

Bart leaned in for a kiss and while we were kissing his hands started roaming my body. First over my shirt and pants, then under it.

His hands were under my bra, rubbing my flesh and violating that little place between my legs. I responded after a minute or 2 by pulling his boxers down after enough so that his cock would spring loose. I slowly started stroking and playing with his balls.

When he was rock hard I leaned down and sucked his balls into my mouth while I gently ran my hands up and down over his shaft, he was enjoying my touch.

"Am I a bitch?" I asked him with my mouth full.

"Yes, you are!" he moaned at me "but I love you anyway..."

"Good, I love you too" I replied while I sat myself back upright in the sofa, batted his hand away and straightend my clothes back out.

He had a puzzled look on his face. He almost begged me: "What are you doing? Please continue, it felt so good!"

"Nope, not tonight" I replied him "you will have to wait until after my little fantasy tomorrow".

"You are such a bitch", he told me with a smile on his face.

He tried the while evening to get me to go further, because he knew I was also horny as hell too, but without success. The anticipation would make it double as fun, I reasoned. And as it turned out, I would be right...

That night, it was so hard not to let my hand slip between my legs under the covers, but I managed. And so did my hubby, unless he stroked while I was asleep, which I doubt (I got him trained pretty well ;))

We got up around 11 am on Saturday and after brunch I took a bath to get myself ready for what was to come later.

I soaked in a nice hot bath with a book for more than an hour before I started to wash myself. I put a new blade on my razor and shaved my pussy again so it was nice and smooth as well.

It was around 3 pm when I got out of the bathtub and started doing my nails, make-up and hair.

When I was done and walked into the bedroom I saw that Bart had already chosen my outfit of me. The theme of the night was "clubbing" and I guess he figured "easy access" as well. On the bed I found a white tank top with the writing "Don't look at my tits... touch em!" on it, a red leather mini-skirt and my favorite "laces up leg" shoes. There was no underwear whatsoever. I can't say that I was shocked, I love dressing like that and I know Bart likes to see me dressed like that as well.

I carefully pulled the tank top over my head and pulled it down, it came just to my belly button. Then I stepped into the mini-skirt before putting on my shoes. I wrapped the laces around my ankles and calves and knot them just below my knees.

I looked at myself in the mirror. The clothes fitted so tightly around my body, it looked as if they were painted on. I guess you could say it looked kind of slutty, but then again, in a club pretty much all women are dressed like that.

When I came downstairs Bart was also already ready to go and was playing some Xbox while waiting for me. He claimed it took his mind of me and our plans we had for the evening, he was already horny enough as it was.

While I was loading some of the stuff over from my regular purse into the little red purse, I told Bart how I wanted to do this.

"I'll stand on the side of the road with the hood of my car up. You'll have to disconnect something so it doesn't start up anymore. You can wait somewhere a hundred yards down the road or so. When somebody pulls over to help me I'll ask him to drive me home if I like the guy. If it's somebody I don't fancy, I'll just ask him to call you to come and get me, I'll say that I forgot my cell phone. Once I got a ride, I'll make him take me to his place before he brings me home..."

"Sounds good" said Bart.

We went out the door around 6:30 pm and found a good connection road with lots of parking and street lights half an hour later.

I was standing there not even 2 minutes before the first car pulled over to help me. I was still sitting in my car, pretending to try and start it. It was somebody who I didn't fancy, not something particular, just not my type. So I asked him to call my hubby and brushed him off.

The second guy that stopped was a lot more my taste, but unfortunately looked not to take very good care of himself, so I did the same drill.

I took about 5 or 6 cars to pull over to help me before I saw a guy I liked. By that time the car had already cooled way down and I was getting kind of cold, which showed by my nipples sticking straight out through my thin shirt.

The man, or should I say boy, that stopped could not have been much older than 20. But since he was driving a car, he must have been at least 18 (legal driving age over here). I have a thing for men younger than me, they have a great stamina.

The boy, Anthony, was really sweet. Not over confident, but also not shy.

"Hello, miss. Car problems? Can I help you?" he asked.

"Yes please!" I replied "my car just died on me and I can't get it started anymore"

"Can I try?" he asked me politely.

"Of course", I stepped out of my car to make way for the boy.

Nothing happened when he turned the key. He stepped out to look under the hood, but luckily he was no mechanic so he didn't see which cable Bart had unplugged.

"I'm sorry" he said "I don't know what the problem is. But I know somebody who does. Shall I call him?"

I didn't want to seem to eager to go with him, so I didn't immediately object: "how long does it take for him to get here?"

"Euh, I guess around 20 minutes or so", he answered me.

"Hmmmm, I don't know" I said "I was planning to go to a club, but I've been stuck here for half an hour already. I'm cold and I think I just want to go home..."

Anthony didn't know what to reply.

"Can't you just drive me home, I live 10 minutes from here" I asked the poor kid "I'll come tomorrow with my husband to pick up the car."

His face went immediately from worrying to excited: "Sure, hop in".

I got out of the car and close the hood. I locked my car and in the mean time looked back to where Bart was standing.

Anthony was already sitting in his car when I walked up to it. I saw in the corner of my eyes the headlights of Bart's car being turned on while I stepped into this young kids car.

"So you said you were married. How long?" asked Anthony went we pulled onto the road again.

"7 years"

Anthony looked shocked. "7 years already!" he exclaimed "Is he much older than you?"

I could tell that he actually wanted to know my age, but didn't dare to ask me.

"No, he is not, he is 31 years, just like me", I answered.

He was moving uncomfortably in his chair. "So where is your husband now, that he can't come and get you?" he asked me while I noticed that his eyes were glancing at my legs.

I had a devilish grin on my face when I replied to him "Why are you asking so many questions about my husband? Don't worry about him, he has to work till 11 pm tonight."

"Aren't you a bit more interested in me" I asked him with a sexy smile on my face while I ran my hands through my hair.

I turned half towards him in my seat and let my left leg rest against the center consol. He saw immediately I wasn't wearing anything under my skirt.

His eyes got big and he started to blush a bit. He didn't answer me, but I saw from the look on his face he was enjoying the sight.

I lifted my ass up from the seat and hiked my skirt up around my hips. I rubbed my middle finger over my sensitive clit and spread my lips apart. I dipped my finger in my wet cunt, to lube myself while I was teasing myself.

I had my eyes closed and was concentrating on the lovely feeling between my legs when I started feeling his hand on my body. He placed just above my knee and was letting it slowly slide upwards. By the time he reached the inside of my thighs I moved my hand away from my pussy to make way for his.

His hands were very strong, but still gentle. By the time he reached my pussy, I was so hot he only needed to touch my clit once and I came in his car.

"Thank you for helping a girl out", I told him after I came back down to earth.

His initial shock must have passed, because he answered me immediately and full of confidence "Anytime, baby"

I smiled at him and looked down over his body down to his crotch. He was wearing jeans, and although it didn't give much way to do lots of bulging I got tell his cock was definitely as hard as his jeans would allow him.

"You poor guy" I said teasingly while I undid his button and opened the zipper "all caught up in that uncomfortable jeans".

After I opened his jeans I pulled down his boxers a bit to free his erection and saw this monster cock spring free. It was I guess about another inch taller than my hubby's, and he pretty well hung with 8 inches, and nice and thick. It was curved slightly down and just lovely to look at.

I remember gasping for a second and just looking at it with my mouth open, which I'm sure was kind of embarrassing for poor Anthony. His face was blushed and he had that shy look on his face again.

"I'm sorry" I said quickly "It's just that you have such a magnificent cock, I don't often see one like it".

With that I slowly wrapped my fingers around his shaft and started stroking him.

I moved my hand to cup his balls and leaned my body over the center consul to reach his cock with my mouth. Later that night Bart would tell me he saw he leaning over to suck the guy while he was driving and knew that my (and his) little fantasy was being fulfilled.

I played with Anthony's cock for a minute or two, but more teasing than anything else because I didn't want him to cum already.

"Why don't he go to your place" I said in between licks on the shaft of his cock.

He had problems answering me: "I... ahhh, I..., we can't... I have a roommate... can't we go to your place... aahhhh"

"No, I'm sorry. My hubby isn't home, but we have very curious neighbours. They would see us and my husband would find out pretty quick" I lied to him "Don't you have separate bedrooms? That's all we'll need".

I was now sucking his cock into my throat and I knew he wouldn't decline: "Oohhh K...." he said while he was enjoying my mouth.

"HHmmmm, good" I replied while I let his cock slip from my mouth and sat myself back upright "why don't you decent up so your roommate doesn't find out".

He struggled for a good 5 minutes before he was able to put his cock back in his pants. I offered to help him, but somehow I only made things worse...

He got it just in time tough, not 2 minutes after he managed to put his wonderful cock back in his jeans, we arrived at his apartment. On the road, I periodically checked the mirror and saw that Bart was still following us. When we stopped he passed us to make a tour around the block.

I followed Anthony up the stairs to his apartment. When the door opened I expected a trashed out mess, but it was very well picked up, much more than you normally expect from 2 youngsters living alone.

"Hey Tom", said Anthony to the guy that was sitting on the ground playing some racing game on his PlayStation.

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