tagGay MaleA Fantasy Comes True

A Fantasy Comes True


Disclaimer: The story contains themes of homosexuality. Please do not read it if this offends you.

This story describes how my house mate Tom helped me become a cock sucker and a cuckold.


I have lived in a house share with Tom for a few months now and we knew each other well even before. He lives downstairs in a room on the ground floor, while I live on the second floor in an attic room. One evening, we went out for a few drinks. I probably had a few too many and I felt quite dizzy by the time we got back home. We sat down in his room and started chatting about things like girlfriends and sex. Tom handed me another drink and asked me about my naughtiest sexual fantasy. I didn't really want to tell him. So I said I would only tell him mine if I hear his first. Tom had no inhibitions and said that his naughtiest fantasy is to have sex with another man's girlfriend. He confessed that he particularly likes the idea that her boyfriend knows about it. He told me that in his fantasy he would find ways to make her boyfriend very submissive and obedient, so that he even voluntarily offers his wife to be used.

After he told me his fantasy, Tom insisted that I tell him mine. I was very embarrassed about it but being slightly drunk gave me courage. I kind of wanted him to know because I thought it would be liberating. I had kept my secret fantasy hidden for so long. I told Tom that my naughtiest fantasy was to suck on another man's cock! I was surprised about my own honesty. I thought Tom would laugh at me but he was very calm. I told him that I had never actually tried it. After all, it was just a silly fantasy. I told him that I was also worried that my girlfriend would find out. Tom suggested that he would let me try it on his cock and that it would stay our little secret. He would do it as a favour to a good friend, he said. I just started laughing and tried to dismiss it but Tom didn't give up that easily. He told me that he didn't expect a wimp like me to have the courage to live out his sexual fantasies anyway. I protested and insisted that I just haven't really had the chance yet.

He now had me where he wanted. He suddenly opened his trousers, pulled out his cock and said that he would bet 50 pounds that I wouldn't dare to even take a cock into my mouth! I couldn't let this sit on me so I took the bet. I kneeled down between his legs and carefully took his cock into my mouth. His cock had a very manly smell. I was already a bit drunk and the smell made me even dizzier. Tom's cock seemed enormous although it wasn't even fully erect. My guess was that his fully erect cock must be 12 inches or so. Tom asked me how it felt with a cock in my mouth. I was surprised that I had actually tried it but it felt fine. It felt quite natural and not as odd as I thought. Tom suggested that I should go all the way and make my sexual fantasy come true of sucking another man's cock. Go on and suck it for real, he cheered me on. I know you want to. You are half way there.

I kind of saw the logic in what he was saying. I began to move my lips up and down his shaft, which continued growing in my mouth. It was exactly how I had imagined it in my fantasies. I couldn't hold back any longer. I started to get into it. I even closed my eyes and felt like a real cocksucker - just like in my fantasy. I was so into it that I didn't even notice that Tom was taking photos while I was between his legs sucking on his cock. Back then, I was too naive to realize that this had been his plan all along.

While I was enjoying myself on his cock, he asked me if I would enjoy it as part of my fantasy to be called names as encouragement. I was in such frenzy that I simply nodded. So, he encouraged me to continue sucking him by saying 'you are such a good cocksucker' or 'aren't you a good fag boy', 'what a sissy cocksucker you are' and so on. I felt humiliated but it somehow encouraged me even more and I could feel his cock swelling and getting close to coming. He told me to get ready to swallow his load. I was now completely in my own fantasy world. I continued sucking until my mouth was full of his thick cum. Tom smiled at me and told me to go on and swallow it like a good little cocksucker. So I did.

I had mixed feelings when I left his room afterwards. I felt quite ashamed but also good and relieved at the same time. On my way out, Tom gave me an understanding grin and assured me that it's our little secret and I have nothing to worry about. When I went to bed, I was so horny that I came several times by jacking myself off.

The next day, when I came home after work, Tom asked me into his room. He showed me a photo slideshow on his computer of last night's cocksucking action. I was quite upset that he had taken photos but I was also strangely turned on. Tom assured me that he didn't intend to show the photos to anyone. He had just taken them for his own curiosity but, seeing that he was so nice to help me with my fantasy, it is only fair if I also help him realise his. His logic kind of made sense but I wasn't sure how I could help him. Tom explained to me that he had been looking for a couple where the boyfriend would let him have fun with his girlfriend. Nothing too serious, just a bit of innocent sexual play. However, he didn't know how to find such a couple and how to explain his fantasy to them without making a fool of himself. I already knew about his fantasy and he knew about mine, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about. All I would need to do is simply let my girlfriend have a bit of fun with him to make his fantasy finally come true.

I was quite upset about his suggestion at first but I remembered that he had also helped me with my fantasy. Besides, I didn't want to upset him and risk him showing the photos to my girlfriend. I agreed to help him as best I can but I told him that I couldn't promise anything. He seemed more than happy with my response. He smiled at me and said that, in return, he would let me suck him again whenever I feel the urge. I blushed because I was embarrassed, but secretly, I already wanted to take him up on his offer. All day, I kept thinking about what happened the night before and I couldn't get it out of my head. All I could think about was cock! I thanked Tom for his help and for being such an understanding friend. He told me that if I want to come and suck on his cock, I should have a plan ready of how to help him realise his fantasy.

When I was back in my room, I couldn't help playing with myself. All of this made me so horny because it was so naughty. And I couldn't help thinking of Tom's cock. While I was playing with myself, it occurred to me that my girlfriend was naturally quite promiscuous. She even sometimes mentioned to me that she would be curious to have sex with other men as a quick way to make some money. I thought that this might be a way to convince her to have sex with Tom. I could tell her that he would pay her. She would definitely agree. I was quite excited by this idea and I went downstairs to Tom's room to tell him.

When he opened his door, he was wearing a bath robe which he usually does after a shower. I came in and told him that I had a plan. He told me that it is only fair that I get my reward immediately for being so proactive about this and that I tell him about the plan while sucking on his cock. He didn't wait for my response but simply opened his bath robe. At the sight of his cock, I remembered what I had been thinking about all day. I couldn't believe how glad I was to see his cock again. I followed his suggestion, kneeled down and took his cock into my mouth. It felt good. I began sucking on it like I had the night before. It was not easy to speak with his cock in my mouth but I managed.

I told him that my girlfriend mentioned to me to be curious about having sex for money with other men. I could tell her that I found 'a client' for her. This was just to get over the initial hurdle. He agreed that this was a good idea. He told me that I deserved my reward of sucking his cock and getting his cum in my mouth. It was what I had been thinking about all day and I enjoyed it even more than the night before. I even enjoyed swallowing and the taste of his cum which was a surprise to me. When I was finished sucking him off, Tom told me that I could come back for more but only if I had arranged something for him to realise his fantasy.

When I was back in my room, I was still so horny that I already thought about the next time. I didn't know that cocksucking could be so addictive. I was still so horny that I immediately called my girlfriend Caroline and told her that I found 'a client' for her. I was kind of saying it as a joke and that she should think about it. However, when we met the next day, she had thought about it and was really up for it. I told her that the client was Tom. She was OK with it, told me to arrange for tomorrow evening and that she would want to charge £80 per hour. She was surprised about me encouraging it but also seemed to find it very arousing. She was even so aroused that she had me suck her pussy to several orgasms.

I went to see Tom that same evening. I told him all the details and he suggested to meet the next evening. The only thing Tom wasn't pleased with was the price. He was OK with paying for it but suggested that, in this case, it is only fair if I also have to pay for my fantasy of sucking his cock. He insisted that I also had to pay him £ 80 if I wanted to suck his cock. I became a bit nervous and told him that I didn't know how else to sell it to Caroline. I first pretended not to be interested but when he opened the bath robe he was wearing, my defences slipped away. I grudgingly pulled out £ 80 out of my wallet and handed them to him. That's it, he said. He said that it is OK being a cock addict and that my secret was safe with him. I didn't really hear what he said. I was concentrating on having his cock in my mouth again. I felt strangely relieved when I was kneeling between his legs and was sucking his cock. While I was sucking, he was counting the £ 80 I gave him. He told me that he was glad that he could help me and that I was enjoying my cock sucking fantasy that much. He assured me that he would continue to help me feed my addictions and fantasies as long as I am willing to help him too. I should be very open with him. I nodded and continued sucking on his big throbbing delicious cock.

The next evening, Caroline came over into my room where she prepared herself for 'her client'. She was wearing suspenders and a very sexy corset and was lying in my bed. When she was ready, she told me to let Tom know. I went downstairs to get him and led him to my room, where Caroline waited for him. He told me that I could wait outside for him until he was finished. He would tell me afterwards how it went. Tom went into my room and I could see how he greeted her and handed her the £ 80 I gave him earlier. I then heard from outside the room how they were making out. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot more than I had imagined. It didn't sound like it was only business for her. I must admit I was a bit jealous but I tried to distract my thoughts. The only thing I could think of was again Tom's cock. It was strange but it was the first thing that came to my mind. Hearing Tom with my girlfriend in my room and thinking about his cock somehow made me very horny. I started to play with my cock outside while Tom was having fun with Caroline in my room. In a very strange way, it was turning me on and I was starting to enjoy this new arrangement. I guess it awakened feelings in me that I have tried to hide for a long time. Tom helped me to finally bring them out.


Please let me know your thoughts and comments.

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Mmmm...Sweet cocksucking and cum-swallowing...just what I LOVE! Being a wanton cocksucker is the most wonderful thing! Having your girlfriend or wife fuck other men to keep me supplied with cocks and cummore...

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