tagGroup SexA Fantasy Comes True at Coogee Beach

A Fantasy Comes True at Coogee Beach


**I was contacted through my Literotica email to write a ghost story for someone who wanted to present his girlfriend with an erotic story based on their fantasies. I have never written from a male perspective before and really know nothing about this couple. I was given a few ideas and I just let my imagination run wild. I am pleased that they were not disappointed and they agreed to let me post it on here as their real names have not been used.**


The scent of the ocean breeze assaulted our nostrils as we drove to our rented townhouse in my sporty new Spyder Convertible. The sun makes your hair shimmer like diamonds and you look so sexy with your hair blowing in the wind, your full, soft lips curved in an upward smile with anticipation of our weekend at Coogee Beach.

I reach over and squeeze your hand lightly and you immediately place it on your creamy alabaster thigh. Your short jean shorts barely cover your heart-shaped ass and the coral colored tank top you have on stretches alluringly over your full, ample breasts. I cannot believe how much you turn me on every time I look at you. Already I can feel myself hardening and aching for your touch.

Almost breathlessly you speak, "Oh Michael, I can hardly wait, how much longer?"

"Won't be long lover, not long at all," I reply, sliding my hand toward your inner thigh and giving you a light squeeze.

Turning the corner, the scene is breathtakingly gorgeous, though it pales in comparison to your beauty. I hear your audible intake of breath as the full scene comes into view.

"It's perfect," you say.

"Just like you Clara," I reply with my whole heart just bursting with pride that you like what you see.

The sun is glinting brilliantly off the water and the beach is loaded with people. We can see the areas of the famous coast walk; the one that stretches from North Bondi south to Maroubra. You walk around the cliffs and past the beautiful beaches of Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly, Coogee and finally onto Maroubra. You ask about it.

"It takes about 2-3 hours to walk it honey, if you are up to it, we should do it when we wake on Sunday," I reply.

You nod and smile; still taking in all the beauty that surrounds us. I pull the Spyder into the driveway of the townhouse we will be staying in. It's beachfront property overlooking the walk. I kill the engine and you turn toward me, taking your sunglasses off. Without a word, our lips meet and our tongues find each other to dance the exciting slow dance that only we know the steps to.

It is almost impossible to pull ourselves apart to get out of the car, but we finally do and I grab our luggage and lead the way to the front door. I reach into my pocket for the key and can feel my raging hard-on stretching the material of my shorts. I fumble with the key in the lock, my only thoughts are of getting you alone and naked.

Entering the townhouse, I promptly dump our bags on the floor of the entryway and scoop you up into my arms. We don't really see anything about where we will be staying as I race you to the bedroom. I place you gently on the bed and in frenzy; we begin to undress one another. Clothes are flying to the floor as fast as we can get them peeled off. We are panting and moaning, our need and lust turning into animalistic passion.

Your perfectly pendulous globes of flesh are against my bare, muscular chest and your nipples are poking me as if to say "hey, we need some attention here!"

I bend my head to take turns with each hardened nipple. I lick, I suck, I tease, and I nibble. Your moans are music to my ears. I leave the softness of your breasts and my mouth moves lower to your belly button. I swirl my tongue around it as if it were your clit, lapping at it like it was your sweet pussy. My hands roam your sides and your thighs. You arch toward me as if begging me to move lower to your honey pot.

"Patience, my love, you must learn patience", I chide you.

Your only response is a pout on your lips and another low moan as my mouth moves to your inner thighs. My tongue slides up and down your creamy flesh and every once in a while my nose nuzzles your mons. I breathe your scent in deeply and soft moans escape my own lips, blowing puffs of warm air on your clit. You buck wildly toward me and I stiffen my tongue to slide it between your sweet, swollen pussy lips. I thrust it deep into you and suck your lips into my hot mouth.

You reach down and pull my head closer to you, my ministrations making you grind your pussy into my face before saturating my mouth and chin with your sweet nectar. You shudder around my tongue and I can feel your contractions. I want you to experience something new so without hesitation, I move to nestle between your legs and thrust my throbbing steel rod into your dripping hole. You gasp, your eyes widen...never before have I thrust into you during an orgasm like this. You climax again so ferociously that your whole body shakes with the aftershocks.

Your intense orgasms only spur me to having my own and I empty into you with rope after rope of hot cum. I feel the tightness leaving my balls as your cunt squeegees every last drop from my cock. I lean down to kiss you full on the lips and your arms wrap around my neck as we roll to our sides to regain a regular pattern of breathing.

I must have dozed off because I wake to find you gone. You left a note telling me you needed beach time. I jump up and quickly don a pair of trunks before racing to the beach that is just outside our front door. It doesn't take long for me to spot you, in your lime green bikini and talking to a group of men. I stay back to watch as you blatantly flirt with them. I feel a stirring between my legs as one of the blondes reaches out and runs a finger down your arm. I can see you enjoying it. Your smile is radiant and you keep tossing your hair about like you first did when you seduced me.

There must be ten men standing around you, admiring your sexy, voluptuous body and flirting openly with you as you devote special attention to each and every one of them. That's one thing I love about you, you know how to make a room full of people all feel individually special by just a look or a knowing glance.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a man approaching your group. Not just any man, mind you, a magnificent African-American god. He has got to be around 6'4" and no more than 195 pounds, but his arms and chest are magnificent! His white Speedo leaves nothing to the imagination, even from where I am standing. I see your eyes widen and your smile grow wider as he approaches you. I also watch as your eyes drop from his smile to his crotch. I know you are thinking how badly you want to be fucked by his huge black cock.

Again, I feel the jerking between my legs. An all too familiar twitch every time I see you speak with another man. Someday I hope to be able to watch you being fucked by someone else. But you are so sweet and that is just a part of your innocence you are not ready to explore at this point. So I try not to push. I just sit back and hope for the day that you decide to explore further.

Without warning, this Nubian Prince sweeps you off your feet into his strong arms and wades into the crystal blue water with you. Ensconced in his arms, he kisses you deeply and I watch as your arms circle his neck and pull him closer. I can't believe my eyes. My breath catches in my throat and I find myself being propelled forward on the beach, wanting to get a closer view of what is happening.

The other ten men soon follow his lead and are taking turns passing you around in the water, each one tasting your sweet lips and allowing their hands to roam your body. A slight twinge of jealousy coursed through my veins, but it didn't last long. This whole scene was making me much too horny.

The sun is setting and the beach is clearing out. It isn't long before there are only 13 of us left on this spot of the beach. The men lead you out of the water and over to your outspread towel in the sand. I am now close enough to watch and listen, but no one has paid any mind to me. Why would they though? No one in their right mind would take their attention off of you!

As I watched, the Nubian Prince knelt beside you and hooked his fingers in the side strings of your bikini panties. In one fluid movement, he stripped them from you. Without waiting another moment, his mouth was between your legs. Your gasps of surprise turned into contented moans and excited screams as his tongue brought you quickly to orgasm. Blondie was undoing the ties around your neck and back to get your bikini top off so he and another guy, we'll call him Blackie because of his black hair, each took a nipple into their mouths.

The other men had already pulled their trunks down and had their big pulsating cocks pointed at your mouth. And you wasted no time sucking each one of those 8 men into your greedy little mouth. One after another they spewed their loads into your mouth and you guzzled up each and every offering like a good little slut.

And as the Nubian Prince raised himself to a sitting position, the men scrambled one by one to taste of your sweetness. Your prince moved toward your head and pulled his monstrous cock free to plunge it into your hot, waiting mouth. I could hear you gag on it a few times as you tried to take more and more into your mouth. Each determined try got a little more to go in. All of his magnificence would not disappear into your mouth and he accepted that. He has to have been at least 11" if not more and I could tell that you had tears in your eyes from trying to push yourself too hard too fast.

Each beach bum had his turn with sampling your pussy and its sweet nectar offerings. And as a group, they all looked toward the Nubian Prince only to see him shake his head. They eased away from you and yet, still managed some type of bodily contact.

It was apparent to me that he wanted to fuck you first and he started to withdraw his bulging cock from your mouth. But you grasped his shaft and sucked harder and more ferociously until he threw his head back and let out a groan that was animal-like in sound and then he came in your mouth. Each spasm deposited more cum in your greedy mouth and I could see it oozing out the corners and dripping onto your tits. His large hands moved over your nipples and massaged his cum into your skin. His cock slid from your mouth with a pop and I could see just how rock hard he still was. He didn't waste any time plunging into your waiting pussy. Your scream echoed through the night and you were silenced by Blondie shoving his cock in between your lips. You had a cock in each hand too, different hands tweaking your nipples and the prince twisted you slightly to your side to allow Blackie to penetrate your tight little asshole. Again, your scream penetrates the night, but your whimpers and moans soon follow.

As the prince pounds your pussy and Blackie invades your virgin ass, I hear you start orgasm. Wave after wave of intense pleasure rockets through your body and you are panting and writhing all over the place. Your head is rolling from side to side and soon I can hear the men begin to cum. You have their hot sticky jism all over your body, and I can tell by your reactions that you are loving this! I feel a tightening in my balls and realize that I have been absentmindedly stroking my cock the whole time you have been gang banged and I can feel myself nearing the point of no return. I stroke longer and faster...my eyes never leaving the scene in front of me. Just then, you turn your head and the moonlight aided in you seeing me there. You smiled and winked and watched me as I stroked myself to orgasm. It was intense, powerful, and completely amazing.

The men lowered themselves to the ground, all spent and needing rest. But the Nubian Prince, well, I don't know how he did it but he was still solid. You spoke quietly to him and he looked in my direction. Then he nodded his head and you crooked your finger toward me, beckoning me to come to you. My heart leapt into my throat and I stood on shaky legs, stuffing my own cock back into my shorts. Your grin broadened as I got closer to the two of you and my pulse quickened. I wondered what you had in mind.

"Michael, this is Jake. He fucked me raw and it felt so good. Now we'd both like you to join us," you said as if this were something you did every day.

I was a little taken aback. But my recently soft cock now sprang to life and I felt a stirring of butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

"As you wish my dear, this is your weekend," I replied a bit shakily.

Without missing a beat, you flipped me over onto my back and tore at my swimming trunks. As soon as my cock sprang free, you slid onto it and began riding me. I could feel the juices of yours mingled with those of the other men dripping on to every part of me and it was such an incredible turn on. I felt myself grow harder inside your sweet cunt. Just as you started to cum, Jake bent you over so you were flat on my chest and eased his monstrosity into your ass. Your sharp intake of breath turned into a deep purr as you felt both of us in you at once. The thin membrane between your hot holes wasn't enough to keep me from feeling him inside you and I must admit the friction he caused was even more of a turn on than I ever thought possible. We fucked you hard and long until we could no longer breathe. All of us collapsed in a heap on the beach blanket.

The men eventually began to clear out of the area stopping by to kiss your cheek and thank you for their adventure. The only ones left were Jake, Blackie, Blondie and us. And again, my dear, you surprised me by speaking first.

"Tonight was so fucking hot; I would love to have a repeat with all of you having the chance to fuck me. Would you consider coming to our place over there for lunch tomorrow and you could all plan to spend the day?"

The men all accepted your invitation and I was speechless. They got up to leave and you turned to me with a fire still burning in your eyes. You leaned in close and kissed me deeply.

"I hope you don't mind me wanting more tomorrow baby," you purred.

"I am looking forward to it my love," I replied before taking you into my arms and rolling you over onto your back. I couldn't believe it myself, but I was horny again and intended to fuck you.

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