tagLoving WivesA Fantasy Night Out

A Fantasy Night Out


Our love is deep and true; strong, and unbreakable. So many times our love has been challenged; but never has it been damaged; never has it been broken. Never will it be bent; never will it be broken. We may have begun as two individuals, but now we truly are one, inseparable, confident, comfortable, and safe in the knowledge that nothing has ever come between us (there was a LOT that could have done so on both our parts but did not), and nothing ever will.

Like every good life-long marriage, we have lived through exciting times, fun times, busy times, tough times, and boring times. Sometimes our lives, jobs, children, or parents have absorbed us; have left us with love but little or no passion. Sometimes, even our very bodies have interfered or our fears have inhibited us. It is time for us to restores our passions, to discard our inhibitions, to take chances and to reinvigorate our lives.

After two very long and challenging weeks apart, you come to your lover, determined to take the plunge. You have thought and fantasized about this weekend and your passion has been stirred.

For Saturday night, you have brought a beautiful silky top with a plunging V neckline and matching silky pants that move with your body. Hidden in your suitcase, you brought with you a beautiful white Bustier Corset, matching garter, and white stockings. You also have brought a colorful mask that will create intrigue while hiding your true identity. You vaginal mound has been trimmed and shaved in anticipation of your lover's undisclosed plan.

After supper, it is time to prepare. We shower. I help you dress, cinching the corset, but not so tight as to cause discomfort. The corset lifts up your breasts, leaving your nipples slightly exposed at the top edge, where the movement of the corset gently caresses them. I tweak your nipples lightly and playfully, then slip my fingers between the lips of your cunt, dipping into your heat and wet, gently rubbing your clit - but only for a moment.

Although you seldom wear makeup, you lightly make yourself up and then, put on you silk top and matching pants over your bustier. You ask me again "Where are we going? What is your plan." But I refuse to answer. I say only that you are beautiful and very sexy. You can tell that I am excited, but are unsure why.

We arrive at a club I have chosen. I tell you to put on your mask. I pay our cover charge and enter. The club is moderately crowded with a mix of people. The atmosphere is that of a party with people ranging from their twenties to our age, talking, drinking, and dancing. We find a table at a booth and slide inside. I order you a Margarita and myself a Singapore Sling. As we sit at our table sipping our drinks, we watch the people dance, touching, caressing, and teasing one another somewhat to your surprise. Your hand is on my thigh and mine on yours, each gently caressing the other.

I know you want to dance, so I ask you to dance. We dance a couple fast ones, and finally they play a slow dance. I embrace you as we dance, kissing your neck and nibbling your ear. I allow my hand to stroke your ass and then move my hand to your back where I feel your corset.

We return to our table and order another drink. As you sip your drink, I allow my hand and fingers to roam over your body, hidden by the table. As I more insistently stroke your pussy through your silky pants, your excitement quickly climbs and you are on the verge of cumming. You half-heartedly push my hand away, but I am insistent. Finally, you abandon yourself, and your head lolls back against the booth as the orgasm hits you. You bite your lip, your muscles tighten, and your breathing quickens. Anyone who cares to look can see that you are cumming, although they cannot see how or why.

I watch to see that your tension has passed. You are relaxed from the Margaritas you have had. While excited by what has just happened, you wonder what is next. I grab your hand and suggest we walk around to check out the rest of the club. As you always do, you start conversations with people at every stop, exerting your boldness and self-confidence. I watch you and am proud that you are my beautiful wife and that you are here with me and for me.

A handsome man walks up to you. He is 6' 2", has closely cut brown hair, green eyes, a closely trimmed beard, and looks to be about 50. It is obvious he is interested in you. You flirt with him, even though I am at your side, but I smile and wink at you when you glance my way to gauge my reaction. The stranger introduces himself as Nic. You ask him about himself and learn that he recently retired from the Army and now works as a Construction Manager. He asks whether we have ever been here before, and of course we have not. He asks if we would like a guided tour, and you give him an enthusiastic yes. As we roam about the club, Nic uses his arm about your waist to steer you. Occasionally his hand brushes you below the bottom of your corset. He knows you are wearing a corset and is intrigued, wanting more than just the brief contact. You allow your imagination to consider the possibilities. Everything to this point has stimulated and enticed you to cross your long-raised barriers.

We arrive at a door leading to another part of the club. As we enter, we see a sign that says "Street Clothes, phones, and cameras are banned beyond this point." Nic shows us to a locker room and tells us to leave our things in a locker and take the key.

You hesitate, and offer a demure refusal. You tell Nic and I that your were not prepared for this. Nic reaches out and caresses your face, tells you that you are beautiful, and that nothing you do not want to happen here will happen here. He reassures you that the rules are stringently enforced and that you are in charge at all times beyond this point. I step up beside you and wrap my arms around you. I tell you how much I love you and ensure you I will be with you at all times - No one will force you to do anything you do not want.

With Nic and I urging you, you give in. We enter the locker room where we leave our street cloths. Now you are dressed provocatively, sensually, and sexily - your bustier wraps your middle and presses your breasts upward, continuing to caress your nipples and keep them slightly hidden but erect. Your mask covers your face, your stockings and garter accentuate your long legs.

Nic takes your hand and leads you and I about this part of the club. There are multiple rooms, every one with a different theme: a Japanese room, a Medieval Dungeon, an Arabian castle. Each room is obviously outfitted to stimulate sensuality and facilitate fantasy game play.

One room has a massage table. Scented oils and perfumes are available. Nic suggests that we give you a massage, We help you onto the table, laying you on your stomach and begin to sensuously rub and massage your feet and legs, Nic on one side and I on the other. I place a blindfold over your eyes to heighten your anticipation. As we reach the clips of your garter, we unsnap each clip and then roll your stockings down and remove them from your feet. We now take the warm oil in our hands and begin to rub it into your legs and buttocks, sometimes grazing your hidden places, but never dwelling there. When we reach your bustier, we begin to loosen and untie the strings, finally removing the corset so we may continue our massage.

After we have reached your neck and shoulders, we turn you over on the table. You lie naked on the table as we begin to massage your fingers, hands, and arms. When we reach your breasts, we rub the scented oils into your breasts, and stomach, quickly grabbing a nipple into our mouths. We move back to your feet and slowly work our way upward until we have reached your vulva. As our hands and fingers rub and play gently, you moan and slowly spread your legs wider, giving us deep access to your pussy. Four hands and two mouths kiss, lick, nip, and probe your body, watching as your breath quickens and your anticipation increases steadily.

As we rub and penetrate your body, we refuse to allow you an orgasm, even as you strain against our hands to achieve release. Finally, you cannot take any more and you whisper just loud enough for us to hear, "Fuck Me. Fuck me now!"

We lead you to a chair that is obviously meant for sex. Nic and I continue to stimulate your body, bring you back to the edge. Again you tell us "Fuck me. Do it Now!" Nic places his nicely sized cock at your cunt and enters you. You are dripping wet and there is little friction and no resistance. I hold you, stroking and kissing your breasts, your belly, and kissing your lips as Nic begins with slow strokes, all the way in, then all the way out. I place one finger on your clit and gently rub it in time to Nic's strokes. Soon we can see that your tension is about to explode. You tell Nic "Fuck me harder," and he begins to pound you as I rub your clit. As your orgasm explodes, you cry out "Oh My God" as a very powerful orgasm wracks your entire body from head to toe.

After a brief pause to relax, you ask me to get you another drink. I find out what Nic is drinking and I leave to go to the bar. When I return from the bar with drinks for the three of us, I see you standing in a room watching a young woman ride a Sybian as her partner holds and manipulates the control. I hand you your drink and you thirstily drink down almost the entire thing as once. The woman on the Sybian looks as though she is having one long and continuous orgasm, a look of ecstasy on her face, whimpers escaping from her lips. A nice looking guy whispers in her ear and she nods as she say "Yes." The guy places his erect cock close to her mouth and she sucks it until he cums, his fluid leaking from the corners of her mouth, her boyfriend increasing the speed and intensity of the Sybian as the other guy cums so that she cums seconds later. Her boyfriend leans forward and kisses her deeply, taking into his own mouth the cum she has yet to swallow.

As the woman's boyfriend helps her up from the Sybian, Nic and I simultaneously whisper to you that you are next. After the machine has been cleaned and a new head placed on it, Nic and I almost lift you onto the machine. You are on your knees and the head has entered your pussy. I take the controls and begin to vary the speed and strength of the machine, watching so as to bring you slowly to your first orgasm. I keep you on the edge of cumming until the time is right, then put on the power, bringing you to a continuous orgasm that lasts until you cry out for me to stop.

You tell us that you have had enough for tonight and you want to just sit and have a drink. We find a place to sit where we can watch what is going on around us, like a circus show. Although you have now had several margaritas, you do not feel drunk, only relaxed. The physical activity and excitement has burned off the alcohol quickly and you feel good. Nic says, "I know you are tired, but there is one more thing I want to show you before the night is over. You finish your drink and Nic leads us to a room in which there is a platform in the middle, topped by a round bed. Plugged into the wall around the bed are a variety of vibrators. Numerous dildos of varying sizes and shapes lay about. Nic gently urges you to the bed atop the platform and helps you lie back. He gestures for me to come over. I am overcome with excitement. I lie between your knees and begin to eat your pussy and clit with enthusiasm. The fact that Nic has come inside you does not bother me, but excites me further.

Nic kneels by your head and you suck his cock into your mouth, licking and stroking it with abandon as I watch from between your legs as I lick and suck on your clit. I can feel your tension as it increases. I stop and tell you to get on top of me in a 69 position where I can access your clit and then I tell Nic to fuck you one last time. As Nic fucks you from above, I lick and suck your clit, sucking the little nub-end of your clit into my mouth with considerable pressure and flicking it hard with my tongue. Every so often, Nic's cock slips from you cunt and literally falls into my mouth where I lick and suck until he pulls from my mouth and pushes into your pussy again. I suck and flick your clit in time to his motion and soon you are cumming intensely.

As Nic gets up, finished, and you roll onto your back, other bodies climb onto the bed and I hear men whisper into your ear "May I join you." You answer with near total abandon, throwing off inhibition. "Yes" you say to several men around you, rejecting only a few who do not appeal to you. Many mouths suck and lick your face, neck, breasts, legs, and pussy. Many hands rub, caress, and lightly pinch. As a man with a large and very hard cock fucks you hard, you suck another's cock and stroke other cocks with your hands. You lose all sense of time and are lost in a stream of orgasms and pleasure unlike anything you have every experienced. I kiss your mouth when it is empty and tell you how much I love you and how happy I am to finally see you abandon your fears and inhibitions for the sake of both of our pleasure and enjoyment.

Exhausted as we are from our fantasy Saturday night, we sleep in late Sunday morning. I arise before you out of habit and begin to prepare our breakfast of sausage and eggs. How many years have I done this? I cannot recall, but I know I do it out of the deepest love for my wife, partner, and lover. As I do every morning we are together, I have your coffee ready and have turned the pot on as soon as I heard you begin to rouse from sleep.

I do not want the fantasy to end. If it's even possible, I love you even more this morning than I did yesterday. Watching you, being with you, and loving you last night was beautiful and perfect. You were so beautiful and sexy. My feelings for you were intensified and magnified by your pleasure and your love for me. You are my very appealing, extremely sexy, confidant, and assertive wife. You took a step outside your comfort zone yesterday, trusting me to protect you and to look out for your happiness and I met your expectations.

We had incredible fun and you experienced a great deal of pleasure; but I know you are a bit confused and do not know what to feel. Was it the right thing to do, or was it not? Was that family counselor so many years ago right or was she wrong. I know your looks and your unspoken feelings.

I take you in my arms, hold you, caress you, kiss you. I sit you down and explain my feelings to you. So long as we are open and honest with one another, nothing ever can get in our way. Nothing can hurt us except dishonesty, apathy, or boredom. Was she right back then? Perhaps. We lacked the commitment and the comfort with one another we have today. Our love today is strong beyond belief compared to what it was then.

Today, after 40 years, I am completely confident in your love and you in mine. For me, you were my love at first sight. That love never has flagged, but has grown year after year as we have grown closer with every challenge we have faced. Even in our darkest times, my love for you grew only greater. Our love was fated like the loves of all those fated lovers throughout history and literature. Our finding one another was inevitable, preordained, a force of nature.

You look at me with a question in your eyes - and I know what you are feeling. Shouldn't I, as your husband, be jealous? After all, isn't that what you were taught and what you learned when you were growing up? Sure I have been jealous at times. Back in 2007, when I thought you were having an affair, I was jealous; but I also was happy for you as long as it did not come between us. I was more jealous because I thought you were afraid to share your happiness with me than because I thought you were having an affair. We had been through hard times, I knew how depressed you were, and I was far away. You deserved some fun and happiness.

I tell you that this fantasy is not in spite of my love for you, it is because of it. I want to give you all of the pleasure in the world you can stand. There is too much pain, depression, and boredom in the world and I want to give you more than that.

Also, I want to watch your sensuality, see your raw sexuality, experience with you, your pleasure, and experience through you the pleasure you experience. Although I am limited now in what I can do sexually, I still can be a part of giving that to you. Still I can give you what you need and perhaps even, now and then, crave. Still, I can live it with you and experience it at your side, holding you, caressing you, stimulating you with my hands, mouth, and tongue. I can sip your sweet nectar - the nectar of the gods that I so crave.

In the end, I gain more from our play and our pleasure than you. Jealousy is not an expression of love, it is a statement that one lacks confidence. We are unshakable, inseparable, and forever. There is no longer need of jealousy on my part and no reason on yours. I want no one but you.

Sex is not a consumable thing that once used is gone and never can be used again. In truth, sensuality and sexuality create in us the desire and the need for more. They build excitement and anticipation for our next experience, the following adventure. Could I ever sit alone at home while you dated? No. I don't feel that is something I ever would do. But so long as we are together, partners in all we do, I crave adventure in a way similar to my desire to drive over the next hill to see what is there, or land on the next island to explore its unknown sights,

Saying this, I find myself terribly aroused. I take you into my arms and kiss you deeply, allowing my hands to feel your warmth, to caress your curves, and to absorb your taste and scent. Nothing and no one in my life ever has aroused me like you. I gently remove your robe and we press our bodies together. While last night was sex, this morning is lovemaking, and we gently make love to one another with our hands, mouths, and tongues. Sated from the night before, we revel in the touch and feel, the intimate embrace, the loving kisses, in no rush to reach some destination or climax. As we make love to one another, I feel that I never want this to end - that I could live for eternity on nothing more than our love.

With luck we have many years to enjoy one another and our fantasies. I for one am looking forward to it.

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