tagLoving WivesA Fantasy of Black

A Fantasy of Black

byEnglish Bob©

At first I didn't mind Joanne's fantasies. After all, that's all they were, right?, just fantasies. Neither of us are prudes, in fact throughout our marriage we have enjoyed a good healthy life of sexual adventure. We've always liked to experiment. A little bondage; dressing up; anal and oral sex, nothing too heavy. And of course our fantasies. Telling each other our darkest thoughts as we fuck is always a great turn on for both of us.

I guess, like a lot of men, my fantasies tend to revolve around sexy lingerie; a little dominance; large, voluptuous breasts and pert, sexy butts - as I've said, nothing too extreme. Jo's fantasies, on the other hand, have always been similar to each other - actually, its probably best to be clear on this point - they are all IDENTICAL: Black men. Always black men and always with large, shiny, ebony dicks!

Slowly and over time, these fantasies became more of an obsession. Every black guy she saw on TV would be stared at intently; I could almost see her mind working as she mentally stripped away his clothes. And then there was the mall. Every black man that passed us - regardless of whether he was with his wife or girlfriend - would receive Jo's longing visual embrace. At times the situation became somewhat embarrassing and eventually I had to say something to her.

"What is it with you, Jo?" I asked when we had returned from a particularly embarrassing shopping trip one Saturday afternoon. "That last guy you were ogling started to get really annoyed! Sooner or later your going to get us both in deep shit!"

My wife stared at the floor remorsefully, tears beginning to form in the corners of her pretty eyes.

"I....I...I'm so sorry, John. It's getting worse. It's as if every time I see a guy - a black guy - I go straight on heat! I start burning up and the only thing I can think about is his sleek, dark body."

"So what is it then?" I enquired, preparing myself for a deep, soul-searching conversation. "Is it just the difference in colour? The texture? The ....."

"The size!" Jo countered, interrupting me immediately. "I want to know what a big, black penis is like!"

Now, I will be the first to admit my own endowment, at a little under six inches, is not what every girl dreams of, but I'd always hung on to the old saying about size not being that important and it depended on how it was used - It seemed that, in my wife's case, I was most definitely wrong. I found a response to Jo's statement difficult to word.

"I do love you John," she said quickly, seeing my difficulty, "you know that. But my feelings are so strong, so powerful. I'm scared that if I go on like this some guy in the street will simply smile at me and I'll just drop my panties for him without question!"

An image of Jo in the middle of the shopping mall with her panties around her ankles slowly filtered through my mind. I felt a stirring from my loins; it was not an unpleasant thought. I pulled her close and held her tightly. I had to make a marriage saving decision and I had to make it soon.

The next few days at work were not easy. My thoughts were filled with images of Jo, and of her with other men. These thoughts were not strangers to me; they had pervaded my mind on many previous occasions, but now, this time, they seemed more real, more desperate somehow.

I walked around in a daze for most of the day, accomplishing my mundane tasks as if by rote. Reports written; meetings attended; lunch in the canteen, all seemed to pass without me actually remembering anything about them afterwards.

"Hey! Careful, man!"

The voice jogged me out of my almost permanent reverie.

"Oh..er, sorry." I looked up from the lunch queue. "Sorry Lee, didn't see you there!"

For a moment my heart almost stopped beating. Lee Jackson. Missing Lee was not an easy thing to do; six foot two of lean, muscled body and as black as the night! His face beamed amiably down on me as he realised who it was that had bumped into him. We had known each other as co-workers for years

"You look like you're in another world, John." he laughed.

In an instant, the answer to my problem became transparent.

"Let's talk, Lee." I said as I led him to a quiet table and we sat.

"Sure, what's on you mind, John?"

I decided that there was little point in being evasive. This sort of question was never going to be easy to ask and, I thought, it was probably best to come straight out with it.

"You've seen my wife Joanne, right?"

Lee nodded as he began to eat.

"How would you like to sleep with her?"

Lee's fork stopped in mid air, poised in suspended animation an inch from his open mouth. His eyes seemed to search mine for any signs of practical joking. Finding none he continued to gape in astonishment.

I explained. I explained all about my marriage to Jo, I explained all about her - our - problem, I explained how uncertain I felt about a complete stranger "helping" us and how I - we - would much prefer it to be a friend. Lee listened as his untouched lunch cooled, his piercing eyes never leaving mine.

"So, that's about it," I said, summing up the abridged version of my married life, "what do you think? Are you interested in helping us?"

Lee took a sip of cold coffee and seemed to study me closely. I held my breath. It occurred to me that, laying my life open like this was a dangerous thing to do in the work place. If I had miscalculated Lee's personality, I would be the butt of all the office jokes for months. Slowly, very slowly, Lee's ebony face broke into a wide smile.

"Sure, man," he said simply, "sounds like a fun idea!"

I hadn't told Jo that I would be bringing a "friend" home with me that night, I wanted it to be a surprise. I saw her face flush red when we both walked in the door.

As usual, Jo had dressed simply. Not thinking that we would have company, she wore a light summer dress with a halter that allowed her small, braless breasts to dance under the fabric as she moved. Her long, slender legs were without stockings and she was barefoot. Several glances in Lee's direction told me that he was having trouble keeping his eyes off this thrity-something, white suburban housewife.

I followed Jo into the kitchen to help her with our drinks leaving Lee to relax on the lounge sofa.

"What the hell are you trying to do to me?" hissed Jo as soon as we were alone.

"What's the matter?" I smiled back, "you like Lee, don't you?"

"Of course I like him, you idiot! Look at me, though."

I looked. Jo's outstretched hands were trembling and I could see gooseflesh pimpling the skin of her arms and neck.

I laughed and said, "don't worry, hon, everything will be fine. You'll see!"

After about an hour of drinking and chatting it was obvious that Jo seemed more relaxed. I guess she had consumed nearly three quarters of a bottle of white wine - much more than is usual for her - and looked very mellow. Lee was sitting back on the sofa, his muscular, denim clad thighs open. I could see that he was already sporting a bulge in the front of his jeans. I took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"Lee, why don't you show Joanne that bulge in your pants? We're all adults here and I know she's always wanted to see a black penis."

Jo shot me an angry embarrassed look. "John! How could you!"

"Relax hon," I said calmly, I didn't want this situation to slip away from me now. "Just let him show you, okay?"

Jo didn't seem to know where to look for a moment, but as Lee slowly lowered his zipper and fished about inside his pants, her eyes quickly became rivetted to his crotch. I could see that she was becoming more and more animated and as, finally, Lee drew a long, black semi-erect cock from his open fly, it was clear that she couldn't tear her eyes away from it.

Lee glanced over to me and I nodded in silent assent.

"Come over here and touch it, baby." he drawled as his fingers circled his thick shaft.

For a second, Jo hesitated. She moved forward as if to stand. She stopped again. She looked at me and I smiled, this was all the permission she required. In a second she was beside Lee and had wrapped her long cool fingers around the base of his shaft. I twitched as I heard Lee moan and saw him slowly close his eyes in ecstasy. Was this jealousy I was feeling? From the hard, solid feeling that was building up in my underwear, I doubted it!

Jo leaned over Lee's prone figure and began to massage his growing tool. Her fingers gently teased and manipulated the sensitive, blood-engorged flesh until it expanded to such a degree that she was no longer able to encircle it with her delicate fingers. I looked over at them. I tried to mentally compare Lee's size with that of my own but soon realised that there was indeed no comparison - he was huge!

Slowly, Jo bent further over her lover's body so that her lips were a mere fraction away from his swollen cock head. I could hear her breathing hard and watched as Lee's hand loosened her halter and allowed her breasts to spring free. Jo's breasts heaved as her breath came in ragged gasps and the rosy nipples that capped them seemed to throb and pulsate with a life force all their own.

As I looked on, Jo's tongue darted out and licked the tip of the monstrous cock that twitched before her eyes. Lee's hand returned to the hem of her short skirt and pulled it up exposing white cotton panties. I was close enough to be able to see a dark, damp patch in the crotch of the flimsy garment.

"I think she's wet already!" I said. It was the first time anyone had spoken for several minutes.

As if wanting to test my theory, Lee slipped his hand inside my wife's panties. I could see the outline of his fingers as he toyed lovingly with her pussy lips and slipped a finger deep into her vagina. Jo gasped as she felt the intrusion and quickly lowered her head locking her lips firmly over Lee's glans.

Then there ensued a sort of tit-for-tat masturbation session. The more and the deeper Jo took Lee's tool into her mouth, the deeper and faster he thrust his wet fingers into her soaked snatch. Suck and probe, suck and probe. I squeezed the head of my own penis through my jeans as the display in front of me built towards a fever pitch.

I could still see most of Lee's rock-hard cock - it was just way too large for my wife to fit any more than three or four inches between her stretched lips - the dark, skin glistened luxuriantly with streaks of Jo's saliva that had managed to escape from the corners of her mouth. And then, with a deft movement of his hand, Lee managed to pull down the front of her panties. With three fingers buried deep inside her writhing body, he began to rotate his thumb slowly but firmly over her now visible clit. Her hips bounced off the sofa and Lee gently pushed down on the back of her head to keep his tool firmly between her sucking lips.

Jo's cries as she climaxed were muffled by the enormous organ that protruded obscenely from her mouth. It seemed she was becoming short of breath but with Lee's hand firmly on the back of her head she could do little to extricate herself even had she wanted to.

I continued to stare as Lee's face began to contort into a lustful grimace. His hand pushed down further on Jo's head and his hips rose and fell, at first slowly and then with an ever quickening pace, as he fucked his dick into her mouth.

And then with a grunt of satisfaction, Lee began to cum. At first it looked as if poor Jo would suffocate. Lee's cock head swelled in her mouth - I could clearly see the outline, his hips jerked once then twice as he let out a deep, guttural groan. I watched as Jo swallowed over and over again, as quickly and as deeply as she could. But she couldn't keep up with the density and speed of her lover's thick, creamy issue. She coughed, she choked as stream after stream belched with enormous force into her mouth and trickled from the corners of her lips to drip onto her upturned, hot and turgid nipples. She wriggled and writhed again on Lee's fingers as the onslaught tipped her once again over the edge of sanity and into a deep abyss of ecstasy.

There was little to discuss after that initial session with Lee. The two lovers cuddled up on the sofa touching and fondling each other between their legs until Lee, once again, began to harden before our eyes. What followed was a veritable orgy of lust. We didn't even get as far as the bedroom, but just stripped each others clothing off and threw the discarded items on the lounge floor.

On several occasions I joined the happy couple and was treated to a loving blow-job from Jo whilst she was fucked - properly, she said - from behind by her new lover's giant appendage. I didn't mind, though - how could I? Jo was at last completely happy and as long as Lee was around, she would stay that way!

Although Lee declined the offer to move into our home, we still see him. He visits regularly at least three times a week and fucks Jo with a passion that never seems to fade. They have also recently experimented with anal sex a little, but Jo is finding it difficult to accept Lee's huge tool into her tight back door and now wears a butt-plug for several hours a day so that she may become used to her nether hole being stretched.

For my part, I sometimes join in with them, but usually find it much more exciting just to watch. It is a strange sort of marriage now, I suppose, but at least we are all happy!

The End

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