A Fantasy Realized Ch. 02


It was only then that I noticed another black man watching us from a short distance away (close enough that I could see a big bulge in his pants). I don't know when or how he had gotten there, but it really turned me on that we were being watched. He also looked slightly familiar, but I was in my "orgasmic zone" so I didn't invest too much time thinking about it. Jerome had continued to fuck me hard during and after my orgasm. Between that incredible feeling, the feeling of my nipples lightly rubbing the warm cement and the excitement of being watched, I came again. I had never before cum two times that quickly (it was rare until a month ago that I came more than once in a lovemaking session).

Jerome pulled out of me and left me standing there for a moment with my arms hanging over the wall while I tried to catch my breath. Once I had recovered a bit, I turned around and stuck my tongue down his throat—I was hotter than I had ever been before. It also turned me on that he was now nude. He had taken his shirt off while he was fucking me, and he looked so fucking hot with the sweat glistening on his chest

I followed him back to the car. He opened the back passenger door, sat on the edge of the seat and told me that it was time for me to give him a blowjob. After cumming four times on his fingers and cock, I figured it was the least I could do. As I leaned over and started to work on his cock, I noticed that our visitor had moved to a point where he was only five or so feet behind me, and that gave him a clear view of my cunt and asshole. I really didn't care at that point, because the guy had watched me being fucked while completely nude, so there wasn't anything he hadn't already seen.

As I continued to give Jerome his blowjob (no deep throating—I'm not going to gag on a cock intentionally), I suddenly felt four very long fingers penetrating and widening my pussy and a thumb playing with my asshole. It felt good, but I wasn't expecting it and I didn't know the guy. I started to protest but Jerome pushed my head down on his cock so I couldn't say anything.

The finger action continued for several minutes and then stopped. A few seconds later, I felt the head of a very large cock at my pussy opening. Before I could protest (I wanted it but it would have been "proper" to protest a bit), the new guy started to steadily push his cock into my wet cunt. As hard as it was to believe, this guy's cock was actually fatter and much longer than Jerome's dick and it felt like I was being stabbed with a baseball bat. It hurt a lot at first, but my cunt slowly started to adjust and he began to fuck me faster. It was incredible! He had all of it inside me before I knew it and he fucked me by pulling all of the way out and plunging all of the way in with each stroke. The new guy had also lubricated his thumb with my juices and had pushed the entire thing into my asshole—it hurt but it did something to make me even hornier because I could feel his finger and cock rubbing against each other. I guess it was a mini-DP.

I was in ecstasy. I was completely naked, was getting fucked by a total stranger with an enormous pole, had my asshole plugged and was giving head to my lover with his large cock in a public parking garage. Several of my sexual fantasies were becoming reality at once.

My new fuck partner must have been very stimulated because it only took a few minutes before he shot a huge (huge barely describes it because jets of it seemed to hit my cervix forever) load of sperm into me. For the second time that evening, I came when a guy's hot cum flooded my cunt. Jerome finally let me pull my head off his cock so I could squeal as I came. My new lover continued to pump me for a while, and when he finally pulled out of me, I felt gallons of cum start to run out of my pussy. It was only then that Jerome introduced me to the stranger—his name was Robert, they were friends and he was the manager of the nightclub (that's why he looked familiar). He had agreed to give Jerome the key to the storeroom and a "special" table if he could fuck me. Jerome had agreed and had kept that as one of his "surprises" for the evening. Although I think even Jerome was surprised by the size of his cock. In a previous life, this quid pro quo would have made me furious, but the "new me" was very happy to oblige. It's not that I want to be pimped out on a regular basis, but it was worth it this time.

Jerome then sat up in the back seat (I noticed then that he had put several towels on the leather seat--good thinking). He told me that he wanted me to climb on him with my back against his chest to we could fuck in the reverse cowgirl position. I dutifully climbed on and his cock sank all of the way into me—it actually felt small after Robert had impaled me with his instrument but it still felt good. Robert's cum also squeezed out of me with each stroke--Jerome's balls were drenched again. He mauled my tits while twisting my hard nipples and pulled me back so we could kiss while I moved up and down on his cock. Robert climbed in and sat on the seat next to us, and I gave him a hand job until he grew hard again. It was then that I was able to confirm that his cock was enormous—probably 11 to 12 inches long and nearly twice the diameter of Jerome's large cock (I couldn't get my hand around it). His balls looked like tennis balls--no doubt he flooded me with cum. I still don't know how he got nearly 12 inches of cock in me. I have a dildo that long and wide and I have never been able to fit it all in my cunt, and I still wasn't able to when I tried it the next day. I had continued to ride Jerome while I was admiring Robert's tool. I was so sensitive throughout that I was nearly cumming continuously. However, I finally reached a point where I had an orgasm that was so overwhelming that I squeezed Robert's cock hard (sorry Robert) and I nearly passed out. Jerome bucked his hips and cock upwards into me sharply while I was cumming—the feeling was incredible.

Once I could breathe, Jerome told me to lie down on the seat so he could finish up in the missionary position—he wanted to cum again. Jerome pushed my legs up and started to fuck me while Robert stuck his cock (at least the tip of it) in my mouth. Jerome fucked me for 10 minutes more before he came to give me the third load of cum in my pussy for the night. Robert pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me that he was going to fuck me one more time. I was getting sore and tired, but I told him that I wanted it.

He walked around to the other side of the car and climbed in top of me (I was still on my back on the seat). This time, my pussy was stretched and more than ready to handle the size of his pole. He pushed my legs up by my head, shoved his entire "baseball bat" into me in one thrust and pounded me hard. I could see that entire shaft plunging into me at least once a second and it was driving me nuts (that position does that to me even with my husband's smaller dick). He leaned over me several times and we tongue wrestled and that made me even hotter. He kept up that pace for a long time (maybe 15 minutes) with me moaning loudly the whole time. He pulled out of me and I complained, because as sore as I was, I didn't want him to stop. He told me he had something better in mind. He turned me on my right side, lifted up my left leg and entered me from that angle. It actually felt like he was deeper inside me this time, because I could feel his pubic bone and his balls were slapping against my right leg. He lasted much longer than he had the first time and I lost track of the number of mini-orgasms I had. I finally had a massive orgasm and I'm pretty sure that I passed out for a moment. Not long after that, he started to cum.....and cum....and cum! He even pulled out of me toward the end and shot some of the leftovers on my chest.

We were all spent (especially me) and drenched with sweat at that point. It was nearly 2 am. I had been receiving some form of sexual stimulation for almost 5 hours, and I had been fucked for nearly two hours straight since we had left the nightclub. I had orgasmed at least seven times that I could remember (but probably much more because I felt like I was cumming continuously for the last hour)—once at a table in a nightclub. I had also taken four loads of cum in my pussy and more on my body. It had been an incredible night.

Robert, Jerome and I agreed that we needed to do this again before the vacation was over and our kids were back home (it would be hard to explain to our 13-year old son why mommy arrived home in slutty clothes, looked like a happy train wreck and smelled like a fish market). I really wanted my husband involved, so we decided to meet at my house two days later. I even hinted that I might go for anal sex and maybe even DP—there was something about that thumb in my ass that had really pushed me over the edge. Although given the size of both of these guys, it will probably be my husband that gets to take me in the ass (one of his fantasies)—at least at first.

Robert said goodnight and went back to close the bar. While Jerome got dressed, I walked over on very shaky legs and retrieved my dress. However, I didn't put it back on because I didn't want to—I liked the feeling of being nude. After Jerome put a towel on it, I climbed in the passenger seat naked, and I rode all of the way home that way. I only covered up briefly by putting a towel over my body as we were leaving the garage to avoid flashing the guy in the booth. Jerome didn't play with my pussy or tits on the drive home, because I think he realized that I didn't have the strength to cum again. I finally put my dress on just before arriving back in our subdivision. As I got out of the car (I had the wrap on my top again), I noticed that the towel he had put on the seat was completely soaked. I hoped that it hadn't soaked through.

He walked me to the door, went inside briefly where we kissed again and he left for home. I took a shower and slept until nearly noon. However, before sleeping, I did take the time to send my husband a text to let him know that I was home safely and that I had a lot to tell him that night when he got home. My pussy muscles were sore in the morning, but fortunately, all of the cum the guys had pumped into me kept me from drying out—so no chafing. In addition, I do Pilates workouts four days a week, so my legs were not sore. I will admit that the memory of the previous night led me to use my 12-inch dildo to masturbate a couple of times during the day.

It is clear to me that I have become a slut—maybe I always have been but had simply repressed it for cultural reasons or simply because I was a good girl. I am not ashamed of anything I have done. I'm very glad that my husband convinced me to meet Jerome at the hotel. I enjoy having sex in public and with multiple partners (even with strangers). I'm excited about the prospect of experiencing sex with more than the three guys I have had already. I like to give head and swallow cum. I enjoy wearing clothing that allows people to see most of my breasts and to "almost" see my nipples and pussy. It turns me on when I remember that several strangers saw my pussy at the hotel.

However, I have decided that my family is more important than my sexual cravings, so I will never go on a "date" like this in the future unless my husband is with me. I have never had a desire to cuckold my husband (contrary to what some might have thought after reading part one) and I will not allow that to happen. If I have to make a choice between my slut side and my husband and kids (and the PTA), my husband and kids will win. I'm just fortunate that I have not had to make that choice so far.

We have decided to carry out our mutual sexual fantasies as long as they will not put us in danger (Jerome had checked the parking garage the day before our date to confirm that there were no CCTV cameras—I hadn't thought of that), give us a disease (Jerome had vetted Robert before allowing him to fuck me bareback, but he really wasn't aware that Robert's cock was so big) or put our professional jobs in jeopardy. Since my husband's fantasies largely revolve around my getting pounded by guys with large cocks, that type of activity will likely be the focus of our sexual adventures in the future.

When my husband arrived home that evening, I told him the entire story in detail and we experienced one of the best lovemaking sessions we have ever had (I came three times but in fairness, he ate me to one of those orgasms). He agreed with our plan to meet at the house the next day—we can't wait. After that, I don't know where we're headed with my newly found sexual appetite. Maybe I'll get to have sex with another woman, or maybe I'll eventually agree to break my condition about the gang bang. We shall see.

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