tagBDSMA Fantasy Two Far

A Fantasy Two Far


It was mid-December and Jane and her husband, Eric, were relaxing in front of the warm fireplace of their new home. Outside the air was harsh and unforgiving but indoors with her husband Jane felt safe and comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can get in her situation.

Eric and Jane had been experimenting with bondage and teasing for a few years now. Most of the time Jane was in charge. She would put her husband in some form of bondage and use him for her pleasure. This meant multiple orgasms for her and none for Eric. Sometimes, if he performed particularly well, she would reward him.

Today, Eric was in charge. While he relaxed on the couch in front of the fire, Jane stood on her toes with her wrists bound to the support beam overhead with soft white rope. Eric had made sure to pull her arms high enough so that only when balancing on her toes would Jane get some relief from the pulling on her arms. When she got too tired to continue standing on her toes, she would dangle helplessly. She could only hold this position for a few minutes before the strain on her arms became too much and she was forced to stand on her toes again. It became a delicate balancing act of trying to support herself enough so her arms didn't hurt but not so much that her legs strained.

This would have been hard enough on its own but Eric had other plans. After he tied her up, her husband grabbed a silk scarf from his night stand and covered her eyes. Tying it behind her head and completely blocking her vision. Eric pinched her left nipple and when she opened her mouth to let out a yelp, a ball gag was immediately stuffed in and strapped behind her head. The gag filled her mouth; stretching it open as far as it could go.

Despite the gag causing her to drool slightly and the blindfold blocking out her vision, there was something else that was distracting her. Eric had taken it upon himself to test out one of Jane's fantasies. She had always thought that double penetration would be wonderful to try. Something about being completely filled while receiving double the pleasure was very erotic to her. Jane had shared this fantasy with her husband but never had a chance to act upon it. Eric decided that he would help his wonderful wife take the next step and begin to bring this fantasy to life. While bound, gagged and blindfolded, Eric spread some lube on one of Jane's vibrators and slowly slid it into his wife.

She was naturally very tight and the large vibrator filled her nicely. About the size of her husband's cock, it reached deep inside her. This was her favorite vibrator. When it was inside her and set to its lowest setting, the vibrator would keep her unrelentingly aroused. Never bringing her quite to the edge. It was a common bedroom toy for the couple so she wasn't surprised when Eric brought it out.

Then came a sensation that she didn't expect. A cold slippery liquid was being rubbed on her tight virgin asshole. Until this point, no one had ever played with her forbidden hole although she often thought about it. And now here she was, tied and gagged, unable to control or even advise her husband for her first time. Jane felt powerless. Trapped as her husband pressed lightly against her hole and turned on the vibrator already deep inside her. The combined pleasure quickly began to make Jane drip. Slick juices ran down her leg.

"I'd hate to let this go to waste," Eric whispered into her ear as he slid his finger up her thigh and tapped lightly on the vibrator. Little lightning bolts of pleasure shot through her every time he touched the vibrator.

Taking his slick finger, wet from her own juices, Eric slowly penetrated her virgin hole. Jane tensed as the first knuckle began to enter her. Her tight hole stretched trying to envelop the finger. With a pop she managed to make it past the first knuckle. Jane tried to plead with her husband to stop but gagged, it sounded more like a muffled whimper than actual words. Despite her moans, Eric continued sliding his finger into her. Again Jane tensed slightly when his knuckle struggled to get inside but it was no use. His finger slid into her until it couldn't go any further.

"Relax and get use to it" he said, "I'm going to fuck this ass tonight."

Panic began to build up inside Jane at the sound of his words...fuck this ass tonight. I can barely take his one finger in this ass and his cock is huge in comparison. Jane squirmed and begged her husband not to but all the movement just caused the two intruders to move inside her. After giving her about a minute to become accustomed to his finger in her ass, Eric began to slide his finger back. Before Jane could feel the relief of him completely removing his finger, he changed directions. Pushing back in. Slowly Eric fingered her asshole.

The discomfort faded and was gradually replaced with pleasure. The feeling of the vibrator in her pussy and her husband fingering her ass was almost too much. All she wanted to do was bounce up and down on his finger until he brought her to orgasm but with her hands tied as they were, she could only dangle helplessly as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Each time she reached the brink of orgasm Eric would stop his movements. Slowly she would feel her climax creep away only for him to start back up bringing her back to the edge over and over.

On her way to her fifth or sixth edge, Eric leans in and whispers into Jane's ear, "If you want to orgasm, this is your chance. After this you won't have another opportunity for awhile."

"This is it," Jane thought, "Finally I will be able to quench this thirst for an orgasm."

Eric continued to thrust his finger faster and faster into his bound, blindfolded, and gagged wife's ass. The feeling of pleasure built inside her as she approached her final edge and anticipated the orgasm to come. Eric kept pumping in and out of her guiding her closer and closer to her ultimate pleasure. Together they reached the point where Eric had previously stopped but not this time. The continued assault and vibrations coming from her pussy brought Jane nearer to orgasm.

Suddenly the phone rang and there was a cold empty feeling inside Jane. Eric had removed his finger as he went to the other room to answer the phone. Being so close to the promised orgasm only to have it taken away almost brought Jane to tears. She was so immensely frustrated she couldn't take it anymore. All she could think about was how desperately she wanted to have her husband back inside her. It felt like a piece of her was missing.

After what seemed like hours but was probably less than a minute Eric returned without a word. Jane heard the cap on the bottle of lube pop open. Finally, she would get the orgasm she needed. As she heard her husband's footsteps draw nearer she felt the same nervous feeling in her stomach that she had felt years ago before their first kiss. When he finally reached her she knew this was it. She could feel the cold familiar feeling of lube being rubbed on her inviting hole but there was something slightly off. It didn't feel like Eric's finger being pressed into her. This felt thicker and as if it was made of rubber.

Eric could see her confused look and offered some clarification, "My grandmother needs me to give her a ride somewhere and I didn't want you to feel empty. What you are feeling is a butt plug."

"A butt plug!" Jane tried to scream through her gag. "Where did he get that?"

"I bet you are wondering where I got this from," he responded to her muffled scream. "I picked this up last week after work."

He continued to press the plug against her hole. It was bigger than his finger; maybe an inch and a half wide at its biggest point. Jane struggled to accommodate the much larger intrusion trying to enter her. Eventually the plug fell into place. It was shaped much like a spade you would see on a paying card. Once the largest part made its way inside, there is no way for the wearer to push it out without assistance. Just to insure that the plug and vibrator stayed in place Eric slipped a tight pair of panties onto Jane, forcing the vibrator and plug deeper into her.

"Now, I will be back in a few minutes. Be a good girl and don't go anywhere," he chuckled knowing full well that Jane was completely helpless.

And with that he was gone but not before giving Jane quick slap on her ass, knocking her off balance. As she twisted around trying to slow herself with her toes the realization of her situation swept over her. Alone in her house she stood gagged and blindfolded. The vibrator and butt plug filling her and keeping her in a perpetual state of arousal.

Without her husband around to torment her she began to take in all of the sensations. The air was cool and crisp. This caused her nipples to point out from her soft beautiful breasts. The fireplace behind her kept her warm enough that only her nipples were affected by the chill in the air. She knew that her panties had to be completely soaked. Her juices had been dripping down her legs before Eric put her panties on her and she suspected it would be long until she was dripping again. Her jaw ached and drool trickled down her chin.

After what seemed like forever, Jane felt a draft pass by her as she realized the front door had been opened.

"Finally!" she thought, "When Eric unties me I'm going to jump him and fuck his brains out."

Suddenly her heart sank as she heard two pairs of footsteps and two unfamiliar voices in her house.

People were in her house. She could hear the footsteps wandering around her home. One pair made its way to the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator while another made its way upstairs

"What were they doing here? Are they robbing the house? What if they find me and rape me? I'm tied up already and basically naked. They wouldn't need to do anything. They could use my body for their own pleasure and there is nothing I could do about it. They could touch anywhere they wanted and fuck any hole they wished." Jane began to imagine the men using her every which way. Involuntarily, she let out a small moan.

"Did you hear that?" whispered a voice from the other room as footsteps headed in her direction.

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Jane mentally yelled at herself. "How could I have gotten so turned on from the thought of getting raped by these assholes?

Suddenly there was a male voice in the room. "Well look what we have here. A nice little present waiting just for us." His voice was deep. Jane guessed he was probably in his 30s.

"No fucking way!" exclaimed another voice, not quite as deep but probably around the same age. "I never thought this would actually happen. We are going to have fun with her."

Jane screamed at them through her gag and swung her legs around violently trying to kick them. She wasn't about to go down without a fight.

"Whoa! Easy there princess," said one man grabbing her legs.

Jane continued shouting and struggling and barely hear what the man had said.

"It looks like you want to say something" the man reasoned with the struggling woman. "Let's take this gag out of your mouth so we can talk. But first you need to stop kicking."

While she didn't want to stop fighting, being able to communicate with her captors was probably a good idea. Reluctantly she relaxed her legs.

"Alright Kurt, why don't you undo that gag." the man with the deep voice ordered.

Jane felt Kurt's hands on the back of her head. He fumbled with the strap that held the gag in Jane's mouth. Even with the strap undone, the ball gag was too large for Jane to push out of her mouth.

"Let me help you with that" offered Kurt as he slid his hands along the strap to the ball itself. His fingers brushed her cheeks as he did so. A shiver went through Jane's body. She didn't know if this was from the anger she felt towards this man or the arousal she felt knowing he had complete control.

The ball popped out of her mouth. By this time drool had trickled down Jane's chin and dripped onto her chest. Her breasts glistened in the light of the fire. She tried to close her mouth and swallow but her jaw ached. After a few moments exercising her jaw, Jane is able to swallow and speak.

"My husband will be home any minute. You should just leave before this gets any worse," she pleaded.

"I don't think you're in any position to be giving orders," chuckled the man.

"Mike, what if she's telling the truth," questioned Kurt.

Mike pinched Jane's left nipple and gave it a sharp twist forcing her to let out a shout.

"You wouldn't lie to us now. Would you?" asked Mike, still viciously twisting.

"No!" pleaded Jane. "No! Please stop!"

As soon as Mike released Jane's poor tortured nipple, the house phone rang. Kurt ran into the other room to check the caller ID.

"It might be her husband," Kurt said looking at the name. "Let's see if he leaves a message."

Mike traced his finger down Jane's spine resting it on her perfectly round ass. This brought her attention back to the plug that sat firmly inside her and its counterpart buzzing away in front. Jane shuddered at the thought of this man, which she had not even seen, touching her in such an intimate way.

With a beep the caller began to leave their message. "Hey babe it's me. I know you are a little tied up right now so don't bother trying to get to the phone. I have to take Grandma to the airport so I won't be home for about an hour. See you later. Love you."

"You lying bitch!" Mike shouted, stuffing the gag back into Jane's mouth before she could argue. He didn't even bother to buckle it behind her head know its sheer size would keep it in place. "You're going to fucking pay for that!"

Faster than she could figure out what was happening, Mike untied Jane's hands from the beam, letting her crash onto the floor. Her legs were tired from trying to support herself all day and the earlier struggle.

"Get the fuck up!" Mike bellowed in a fit of rage. He grabbed Jane's arm and easily lifted her to her feet. He quickly dragged his prisoner to a large padded chair, throwing her over the back. Taking the rope that held her arms above her head, Mike tied Jane's already bound hands to the leg of the chair, forcing her to stay bent over.

Panicked and exposed, Jane struggled against her bindings until she felt a sharp slap on her ass. She screamed into her gag as the painful assault continued. Mike was obviously furious with her. With each slap, the plug inside her shifted, bringing her ever so slightly closer to orgasm. Quickly her ass turned from its usual pale pink to a bright burning red. The pain and heat radiating from her punished behind was intense.

Sliding the panties off her vulnerable ass, Mike chuckled, "Kurt look! She has been getting off this whole time. She is completely stuffed!"

Jane's face turned bright red. She wasn't sure why she chose this moment to become embarrassed. Maybe it was the way they were talking about her like she wasn't even there. Or maybe it was the fact that until this point, underneath her panties was the only place that these men had not seen. It was the only place that was still private. What Kurt said next quickly replaced Jane's embarrassment with fear.

"Eh, my dick could fill her up better than that."

With that Jane knew what was about to happen. She knew the plug filling her up would be removed and quickly replaced by the man's cock. Until today she didn't have any experience with anal and now she was about to get fucked in the ass by a stranger. She felt a tug and the slow slide of the only thing protecting her hole being removed. She felt cold and empty like a cave during the winter. It didn't last long as the tip of Kurt's cock pressed against her entrance. Consciously she prayed that he didn't have a big cock but deep down she had the need to be filled. The tormentor in her pussy kept her on edge; looking for every bit of pleasure she could get to push her over the edge. The spanking, while painful, greatly added to her need for orgasm.

Kurt continued to press his rock hard cock into Jane's ass and she could tell he was bigger than the butt plug and much bigger than the finger her husband had previously fucked her with. She tried to relax and let him penetrate her, knowing that tensing up would only make it worse.

Jane's ass stretched wider than she ever thought possible. It was like he was trying to cram the entire world into her. The gag still stuffed in her mouth muffled Jane's moan, half from pleasure and half from pain. She could feel every inch as it slid deeper into her. He definitely felt bigger than her husband.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Mike removed the gag from Jane's mouth and pressed his cock against her lips. Jane refused to open her mouth. No matter how desperately she wanted this deep down, on the surface she could not bring herself to go along with it. Mike didn't wait long before he took measures into his own hands. Grabbing both nipples in his fingers, he applied a vice grip, prompting a scream out of his uncooperative partner. Jane only got out half her scream before she was gagged by Mike's cock hitting the back of her throat. Very aggressively he thrust in and out of her mouth. His cock easily reached the back of her throat without being inserted completely. Jane had deep throated her husband before but never with a cock this big and never this violently. Aggressively fucked from both ends, she half expected their giant cocks to meet in the middle.

For 20 minutes she was in heaven. A weird twisted heaven but heaven none the less. Every hole filled by an instrument of pleasure. The vibrator in her pussy teased her with the possibility of orgasm but was never strong enough to allow her the satisfaction. She didn't want the pleasure to stop but she couldn't stand the denial of orgasm anymore. Deciding the best way for relief was to make the men finish, she began to tighten her lips around the man in her mouth. Her tongue stroked the underside of the massive cock, only stopping to circle the tip a few times. Jane used every trick she could think of but she could not make him finish.

Eventually the man pulled his cock from her mouth and replaced it with the ball gag. Never had Jane been so happy to be gagged. Her mouth was held open wide but at least there wasn't a cock sliding down the back of her throat.

"Let's string her back up where we found her and finish her off. Her husband should be home soon," said Mike untying her hands from the leg of the chair.

Removing his monster from her ass, Kurt helped her stand up. The new vertical position combined with her high state of arousal allowed the vibrator to fall from her pussy. It landed with a thud on the hard wood floor continuing to vibrate. Her juices flowed down her leg as for the first time in hours she truly felt relief.

The men dragged her back to where they had found her and retied her hands to the support beam. Relieved that it was almost over, Jane was shocked when she felt a cock poking at each of her holes. The man in front of her grabbed Jane's thighs and lifted her into the air. Her legs spread, inviting them into her holes. Slowly, almost gently, the hard cock slid into her dripping wet pussy. Instantly filling her and stretching her more than ever before. The cock in her ass was not so gentle. Already wide open from being previously fucked, the man's cock penetrated easily and began to thrust deep into her. As the man vigorously pounded her, he reached his strong rough hands around her grabbed at her breasts. The massaging of her soft breasts sent waves of pleasure though her body. Almost lulling her into a relaxed state of pleasure. Every time she would begin to fade out, he would pinch and twist her nipples and immediately pull her back to reality.

The cock in her pussy slid back and forth, each time going a little deeper and a little faster. Eventually he matched the pace of his partner and together they hammered into the helpless woman. The sensations of the giant objects fucking her in unison quickly brought Jane to the edge of orgasm. Her mind raced as she drifted off into a fantasy world that even the pinching of her nipples couldn't bring her back from. She imagined what the men looked like. She knew they were strong and well endowed but other than that she had no idea. She imagined tall handsome men with strong jaws and piercing eyes. She imagined being taken and used by her handsome captors as a slave. Her only concern being how to pleasure them. As she imagined a life of sexual pleasure and hard cocks, her orgasm built up inside her. Bubbling like a pot of water ready to boil over. She knew there was no stopping it now and why would she want to. She had been waiting all day for this moment.

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