tagMatureA Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 04

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 04


Elevator Dreams

I'm flattered by the many nice and inspiring responses of the stories I wrote so far. Many are from men, some of women. I've received one from a woman of my own age. She is, just like me, a fat black old woman. We've started a chat session and she told me about a young white man, who lives in the same apartment building. I encouraged her to write down her fantasy about him. She asked me if I could edit it for her and permitted me to submit it with my other stories. Here it is!

It's some time ago I'd visited your site and read the story about the fat black old woman with her young white lover. I read a lot and like stories; sometimes I search the Internet and download an Ebook. And by searching I ended at this site and my curiosity brought me by the story. Well, it took my breath; I've downloaded it, printed it, and read it many times. It awakened my deep hidden feelings and described my secret wish, completely surrender to that psychical pleasure with a man; it kept my mind busy. I also must admit, when I read the story, I was jealous of the woman and her young white lover.

After reading the story, and especially the advice in the end, I've observed men in my surrounding. Unfortunately no men gave me that eye which gave me hope to fulfill my needs. Finally I may have something interesting to tell. Live has his surprises and it didn't pass my door.

I'm also a fat black old woman, divorced and live for twenty years alone. My two children left home long ago to settle their own family and made me a grandmother of three. It's a pity they don't live near and my communication with them is mostly by phone or by Internet. I see them a few times a year when I visit them or they visit me. Sometimes I feel very lonely. Although at the age of sixty-three, my sexual feelings didn't fade over the years. In the first years after my divorce I had a lover now and then, but when I passed the age of 50, nobody seemed to find attraction in my fat black old body. In any case, I thought they weren't and in case they did, I didn't notify.

About six weeks ago I came home from my weekly grocery shopping; I do this every Thursday. I live in a big apartment on the seventh floor and have to take the elevator to get to my house, the first apartment on that floor. In my arms I held two paper grocery bags and had trouble pushing the button of the elevator. Some young white man stood next to me, I think he was in his mid thirty, and pushed the button of the elevator to get it up. He had a sign of authority I admire in men. I'm a very shy woman, a type that fits to authority.

We stepped in the elevator, he pushed the button of the third floor, and with some strain I pushed it of the seventh floor. Nothing was said between us; I only saw the young white man, staring at my voluptuous boobs. They looked even bigger because my coat was open and the two paper grocery bags seemed to push my voluptuous boobs more in front as they usably do. And I saw this young white man staring at them and then again in my eyes, somewhat imperative. And when they look that way, with some man I feel a powerful instigation to obey. I don't know what is, but I think it's in my nature to serve. And if it is, somehow I know what the man's wishes are without telling me. I think it's my urge to make him contented.

It's very long ago I had that feeling. I live alone for over twenty years now and from then I always made my own decisions. The last time I had that feeling was when I was married with my ex-husband. So it was a very strange feeling when I notified I had this with this young white man again. Somehow I could feel this young white man would like to lay his hands on my voluptuous boobs. He was staring at me intensely.

I'm a submissive woman and as I had to obey, I did one step forward to him so he could touch them. But he didn't respond. I was too shy to ask him if he wanted too; I was just waiting for him to act. But he didn't; he just kept staring.

I was a little confused and I stepped back again thinking I probably wrong in this, feeling inconvenient I estimated it wrong. I felt a kind of relief when the elevator stopped on the third floor and this young white man stepped out. When I arrived on the seventh floor I went into my house with a strange feeling that kept with me for the rest of the day.

That night I had my first weird dream:

I was standing in the elevator with both paper grocery bags in my arms; the young white man was also in the elevator. I remember the elevator did raze very slowly. The young white man smiled at me, I could see he had nice blue eyes. His friendly look changed suddenly; I saw signs of lust in his eyes. Suddenly he pushed the stop button of the elevator and stepped forwards to me. I took one step back and noticed I was trapped in the corner of the elevator. I was wearing an open coat with beneath it a blouse and a skirt. It was a bit of imminent but for some reason I had no control over me. The young white man stood in front of me and grabbed me by my voluptuous boobs. For some reason I was frozen; still holding the paper grocery bags in both arms. I think I was dazed for that moment.

It was just like a silent movie; no word was said. The young white man massaged my voluptuous boobs and I remembered it wasn't unpleasant. On the contrary, I notified my nipples became hard and I felt a tinseling in my body. Then the young white man unbuttoned my blouse. He pushed down the front side of my bra and my big black boobs popped out of it. With both hands he grabbed one of my big black boobs and with his thumb and forefinger he began to squeeze my big dark brown nipple for a while. After doing the same with my other boob the young white man began to suck them, bite them and then suck them again, one by one.

Still standing with the paper grocery bags in both arms, I was fascinated by the actions of this man. As if my groceries where more important that the chastity of my body, I let him do with me what he desired for that moment. It excited me and I was fixed on his movements. I have that touch of submissive, letting this young white man touching me this way. I even felt some wetness between my fat pussy lips come.

I could have let go of my groceries and punched him or put a powerful knee at his cross. But I didn't, that's not in my nature. On the contrary, deep inside I felt the instigation that he would go on. Still standing like a statue with the paper grocery bags, waiting what next would happen, I felt the arms of the young white man reach upon my waist.

Still fixed I notified that he unbuttoned my skirt, pulled the zipper of it down and then I felt this man pulling down my skirt until it felt upon my ankles. The next move he made was pulling my underpants down over my big black ass until it hangs upon my ankles. I stepped out of it. The next thing I felt was his feet against the inner side of my right feet. By pushing it, my legs were spread. I remembered holding my breath when this young white man touched my gray fizzy pubic hair and did slit a few fingers between my fat black pussy lips.

I was glad my pussy was already some juicy. As obviously, still holding those paper grocery bags in my arms, I automatically bend a little more my knees as if I would let the young white man had easier access between my pussy lips with his fingers. I don't exactly know how he did it, but I felt two or three fingers inside my pussy pumping and with his thumb and forefinger he massaged my swollen clit. It felt that good that I couldn't hold back a loud moan and some more of my juices began to flow.

It must been a bizarre sight; me, a fat black old woman of sixty three, there standing with her paper grocery bags still in both arms, being fingered by this white young man. And what was more bizarre, I enjoyed it! My moans became heftier and I felt a hot tinseling inside my fat pussy; my breathing became heavier and my tummy automatically followed the rhythm of his pumping fingers inside of me.

I remember I came with a loud groan; my body trembled as I ejaculated; I felt my juices flow and dripping from between my fat black pussy lips. I had my eyes closed and when I notified this white young man removed his fingers from my soaking pussy.

I opened my eyes and saw him smile at me. Slowly he brought his fingers to my mouth. I opened my mouth and one by one he putted them in it, licking them off one by one.

I was still staggered when this man pushed the button of the elevator; it stopped again and this white young man stepped out. I couldn't remember which floor it was. The doors closed again and went further up. I was still standing there as this man has left me until the elevator stopped at the seventh floor and the doors opened...

Then I wake up, it took me quite a while to recover. I realized it was just a dream, but sure an intense one. I notified by my surprise I had an orgasm during this dream, I felt wetness between my thighs and when I raised the quilt, a heavy smell of my juices raised upon it.

I slipped my hand inside my underpants en felt between my fat black pussy lips. Indeed it was wet! I took my hand back and smelled on it. Oh yes, it really had a strong smell. I still had that prodigious feeling. With years absent of fulfillment of passion with a man now and then I got an orgasm in a dream, but as heavy I got with this dream I never had.

My heart still was strong beating and I tried to breath deeply to calm down. When I got some more control, I went out of my bed, went to the bathroom to clean myself, and changed my smelly underpants. Then I went back to bed and tried to sleep again. But this weird dream kept me busy and kept repeating in my head.

In the morning I stood up and took my breakfast. During that morning the dream kept my mind busy and I took place behind my computer; started the word processor and wrote down this weird dream. After doing that I got some relief in my head.

It was about a week later when I came back from grocery shopping I got some other weird dream:

Again I was standing in the elevator again with two paper grocery bags in my arms. Though it was a warm day, I only wore a blouse and a skirt. Just before the elevator doors closed, the same young white man I dreamed before of, stepped in. Again he looked at me with a big smile and I nodded back. I was just staring at him.

I saw the man pushed the stop button of the elevator. As if I knew what would happen, I let this white young man unbutton my blouse. He putted his hands in my big bra and took my voluptuous black boobs out. A lust within me rose when he twiddled them and variable squeezing them. By the time he began to suck them, my big dark brown nipples felt rock hard and I notified the first drops of juices filling my underpants.

I had my eyes closed to concentrate on this marvelous feeling. I opened my eyes when this young white man stopped and grabbed me by the arm. With a little push of him I understand he wanted me down on my knees. I still had the paper grocery bags in my arms and he helped me to get down. When I sat on my knees, I got loose of the grocery paper bags and looked up against the young white man, waiting for his demand.

Sitting there in front of him on my knees it wasn't for me a guess what he wanted from me. Although very long ago, I've been in that position many times before, pleasing my husband in front of me that moment. Just like in the other dream I was obedient; willing to do whatever this young white man demands. To be honest, I experienced it as a very thrilling.

I waited in silence when this young man unzipped his pants, then exposing something I hadn't seen for many years. A proud huge white hard dick was just a few inches from my face and I really was impressed. By my surprise it was completely hairless, no pubic hair at all. Just the sight of his measure gave my fat black old body an immense tinseling and wetted my underpants even more.

Also in this dream, no word was said but I knew this young white man's desire. Fixed on this stunning hard piece of white meat, I reached out for it and touched it. I can't describe exactly what went through me, but you will assume I've got very exited. I hadn't touch such a firm dick for over more then fifteen years, so you may believe I was more then willing to fulfill this white young man's need.

Also it was for the first time I saw a white man's dick; my former lovers were black and I hadn't got the opportunity to observe a white dick until now. Although a dream, something in my sub consciousness did stir this heavily over weighted black old woman strongly. And sure, I wasn't disappointed. If this young white man's hard on was an average for white men, no woman would have any complain about its size. This one easily could compete with a black man's dick in any case; it turned me on a lot!

I clasped my right hand upon this delightful present and began softly to stroke it. I took my time, up... down, up... and down again. I cupped his balls, softly squeezing them. When I saw the first pre cum oozing out of the slid of his forehead, I bended forward and licked it off with the tip of my tongue.

With my two fingers around his big stick and still cupping his balls, this young white man almost impatient pressed his massive hard on against my mouth. I was still aware of his desire but wanted to take my time to get the maximum joy of this delightful peace of meat. For this moment my existence seemed to be based on pleasing this young white man. I was fixed on it and whatever his wishes were. I would obey and accomplish.

I began to lick the shaft of his hard on, sometimes softly bit on it. I cautiously observed the reactions of the young white man; my dedication was to give him total satisfaction of his needs. And be honest, what fat black old woman of sixty three would, sitting on her knees in an elevator, pleasure a white young man's full-size hard dick; maybe a few among the thousands of them on this earth.

And although it was a weird dream, I found great pleasure in it. I continued my licking and I did well as I noticed; with short intermissions I could hear this young white man's groans, which spurred me to do even better. I knew how to increase the lust of this man and I finally did what he desired most, putting his hard dick into my mouth.

I opened my mouth, wrapped his delightful large hard dick around my big lips, and slowly began to suck on it. First at the swollen head, then licking, and nibbling on it. Variable I deep throated this young white man's large hard dick. But it was that large that I could only swallow half of it; I'm a woman capable of putting a man's dick deep in the throat without puking, but the size of this one was too much for me.

In any case, by hearing the increase of this young white man's groans, he seemed very contented with my treatment. I wrapped my lips a bit firmer around his large hard dick, and made movements as giving him a hand job with my mouth! The reactions of this young white man exited me very and it pleased me a lot. As I paused for a second to get any breath, the man began to mouth fuck me. His fierce large dick began to expand even more that it already was and I notified the tense of it.

I knew by experience that it wouldn't be long he would inject his load into my mouth. I began zealous sucking the young man's large hard dick, as it was my mission to give him that desired relief. I stilled cupped his balls, and I could feel the stir of the need to release the cargo. Although I was prepared to receive this (and willing too) it's always an unexpectedly surprise when a woman's mouth becomes injected with a man's sperm.

This white young man had a lot in stock; still with my big mouth lips around his large spurting dick, my mouth was that filled with his semen that his sperm was gushing out of my mouth while his large hard dick kept filling it. It came down in torrents and I could feel it flow from my chin upon my massive black boobs.

It exited me; I felt a great orgasm myself. My underpants became really wet. I had done as this young white man desired from me. I had the consciousness that I had done my job very well. I felt glorious but also a bit humble that a fat black old woman like me had the opportunity to get this young white man his desired relief.

My chin and massive black boobs were overflowed with his thick sperm and I swallowed what's left in my mouth. I looked up against the young white man; I was still holding his now half erected, bald dick with my fingers. He nodded at me; I knew what my last assignment was. His large dick was covered with his seed and carefully I began to clean it with my tongue.

As done the young white man putted his dick back in his pants, pushed the button of the elevator and stepped out when it stopped. It was the third floor I notified in a flash. Before he left, he pushed the button again and the doors closed again. There I sat, a fat black old woman of sixty-three, with chin and her massive black boobs covered by the young white man's seed, on the floor of the elevator, still thrilled what just happened...

I wake up from this rare dream; again still heavy breathing and with a pounding heart. While lying in bed, I repeated this dream as it was a film I was watching. I was wondered by the question how this young white man knew at what floor I live. I remembered, when I sat alone on my knees in the elevator, it stopped on the seventh floor!

As by the other dream, I slid one hand in my underpants to notify again I had a huge orgasm during this exiting dream. When I was eased down a bit I went to the bathroom to clean my wet pussy.

In a spur of the moment I decided to get rid of my gray fizzy pubic hair and shaved my pussy bald. It felt very nice. After that I got me fresh underpants.

By experience I knew, when I would return to bed, I wouldn't get to sleep. I started the computer and wrote down this exceptional dream in the word processor. Although weird, again it was for me a very pleasant dream and an acceptable replacement of lack of real sexual experience. I think I should grocery shopping often than once a week!

Some days later I had my next weird dream:

I came back from grocery shopping and stepped in the elevator again with two grocery shopping bags in my arms. It was very warm that day, and again I was wearing a thin blouse and a thin skirt. I stepped at the back corner of the elevator and bended down to put down the grocery bags on the floor.

As I was doing so, I heard a quick step behind me. Someone who want get into the elevator before the doors closed, I guessed for that moment. I heard the doors closed. Just when I got loose of the two grocery paper bags, and prepared to get upward again, I felt a strong hand holding me down by my neck.

I became frightened to be robbed. I felt another hand on my huge ass and that hand was squeezing and massages them. Then I knew it was the young white man again.

My submissive state of mind immediately took possession of me, obliging again to co-operate with his desires. There was no other way for me, it gave me great satisfaction I was the one to fulfill it. The thought of it that I, a fat black old woman of sixty three, was chosen to satisfy this young white man's lust. It aroused me and was desirous waiting what he would do with me.

To make myself some comfortably. I leaned with both hands against the wall of the elevator, still bending forwards, looking at the floor. I knew he wanted me to stay in that position. The young white man notified I was co-operated and let loose of the hand in my neck.

Now with both hands he fondled my huge black ass and sometimes giving it small slaps. It was a stunning feeling; my bald fat pussy got moistens. Now the young white man lifted my skirt above my huge ass and began to pull down my underpants, until it was wrapped upon my ankles.

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