tagBDSMA Favor for Rochelle

A Favor for Rochelle


Copyright 1999 Christopher D.B.


Jake had been playing guitar with local bands for years. Although he had a good job, playing in a bar on weekends was always good for extra money and meeting women. This particular weekend his band was playing at one of the classier nightspots in town. Only the best dance bands played here, and the energy was kept going with a deejay and light show between sets. Like most dance clubs, there were plenty of babes to choose from and it was one of Jake's favorite gigs.

During a break he was standing at the bar waiting to order a drink. A woman who was sitting at the bar beside him was placing her order. She turned to Jake and asked,

"What will you have?" This caught him off guard since he didn't realize she had even noticed him, but he asked for their top shelf scotch on the rocks. Some women were impressed by his taste in liquor, but she just ordered as if it were nothing special.

"You're Jake, aren't you?" she asked. It wasn't surprising that she knew his name since the band was well known and had a good following, but he had never seen her before. She looked a little older than most women at the club, but she was pretty and nicely proportioned. Her hair was long and dark, and she wore a gray skirt suit and black shoes with low heels. It was the type of outfit you might see a businesswoman wear to the office, and a little plain compared to most women who came here dressed to kill. She introduced herself as Raven and said that he knew a girlfriend of hers, Rochelle.

"She said you were awesome." Raven commented.

It was a few months ago when he met Rochelle at another bar. They had gone back to his place where they had sex until dawn.

"Oh, yes. I remember her," he said and gave a sly grin. Although Raven seemed interested in him, it wasn't the typical infatuation that he'd seen with groupies. She asked him some questions about himself and the band. As soon as he answered one question she would quickly ask another. He found it annoying. It was like the interrogation a police officer might give you when they pulled you over.

Jake was finally able to get away when it was time to start the next set. During that next set, he looked out into the room to see if Raven was still there, or perhaps even Rochelle, but couldn't spot either one of them. He did notice a few other girls that he'd laid in the past and was pretty sure he could work something up with one of them on his next break.

On his next break he saw Renee' on the dance floor, wearing a short vinyl mini skirt and high heels. She was well known as a slut and had slept with Jake before, as well as every other member of the band. Jake was sure he could have her again tonight. He moved out on the dance floor and joined Renee' and her girlfriends. Renee' gave him a big kiss while lightly brushing a hand against his crotch. He was sure that she would be leaving with him that night.

At the end of the night he was putting away his guitar and glancing around for Renee', but she was nowhere to be found. Out of nowhere, Raven walked up to him.

"I think your little girlfriend had to leave early. Perhaps you'd care to join me? I have some fine scotch at home." Although Raven didn't turn him on as much as Renee', the club was nearly empty by now and he didn't think he could find anyone else, so he agreed.

He followed Raven's car to a townhouse style condo, located in one of the nicer sections of town. As they walked up to her door he slid his hand around her waist.

"Don't be in such a hurry," she said. "Don't you want to play around a little first?"

"Oh, I love to play around," Jake said. Raven just gave a devious smile.

The interior of Raven's house was nicely done, although some touches were a little feminine for Jake's taste. She explained that the scotch was in the bar downstairs and he followed her to the finished basement. There was a large room at the bottom of the stairs with comfortable furniture, a pool table, and a small bar. It was the sort of room that Jake would like to have in his own house.

"Very nice," he said as he looked around. Raven didn't answer, but went over to the bar and started fixing their drinks. He sat on one of the barstools and noted that the scotch she was pouring was better than most clubs in town would stock. She slid his drink across the bar on a small coaster and joined him on the other stool. They were talking briefly when Raven turned on her stool and accidentally knocked her coaster on the floor.

"I'll get that," Jake said, and bent over to pick it up off the rug. He was barely aware that Raven got off her stool and swooped down. There was a flash and clicking of metal, and he found himself with one wrist handcuffed to the brass foot rail at the base of the bar. She stood back from him.

"Hey, what the..." he started

"What's wrong," she asked. "I thought you said you liked to play around. Not into bondage?"

"Well, I haven't done a lot."

"Tell me what you have done." It was more of an order than a question.

"Some past girlfriends have let me tie them up, and then I teased them and eventually had sex with them. It was a real turn on for me and they seemed to like it a lot. I've never been tied up, although I'm willing to give it a try.

"That's a good attitude," she said and pulled another set of handcuffs from the pocket of her suit jacket. He allowed her to cuff both of his wrists together, while the other pair kept him fastened to the brass rail.

"We'll get along fine as long as you cooperate with me. I think you'll be more comfortable if I take some of your clothes off."

Without waiting for Jake to answer, Raven pulled off his shoes, socks, and pants. She unbuttoned his shirt and slid it up around his shackled wrists. He was now lying on his back on the thick carpet, wearing only his red thong underwear. Jake was very aroused and his swollen rod was straining against the material. Raven looked disapprovingly at his crotch and pulled down the front of his underwear.

"Rochelle said you were hung like a horse," she said, looking down here nose at his erection. "I was expecting it to be larger than that." Jake was startled by her rude comment and she let go of his underwear so the elastic snapped it back against his penis, leaving the tip exposed. Despite the insult and the painful snap of the elastic, his cock remained at attention.

Raven stood up and walked out of sight behind the bar where he heard her open a drawer. She returned with his drink and a straw, and she placed these on the floor beside his head.

"I'm going to slip into something more comfortable," Raven said. "You can finish your drink if you like." Without waiting for an answer from Jake, she walked around the side of the bar again and he heard her go up the stairs.

Jake took the time to think about his situation. Although he had gone home with a lot of women and even been involved in some kinky situations, this was a first for him. Here he was, almost naked and chained up in a strange woman's house. Since it was very early in the morning and he was in the basement, he doubted that anyone in the townhouse next door could hear him if he called out for help. For a moment he almost panicked, but then relaxed since Raven had just said she wanted to play around a little.

There was nothing to do but wait, so he rolled over onto his knees to finish his drink. Raven hadn't placed the straw in the glass, but off to the side instead. He had to pick the straw up with his teeth and position it in the glass so he could sip his drink.

Jake noticed that the foot rail he was handcuffed to had a lot of small scratches in it and he realized that he was probably not the first person to be secured to it. The brass foot rail was firmly bolted to the sturdy wooden bar, and he knew that it would be impossible to try and break it loose. After what seemed like a long time, he heard footsteps upstairs and knew that Raven was coming back.

Jake heard the distinctive click of high heels descending the finished wood steps. She came down slowly, possibly because of walking down the stairs in heels, but it also built Jake's anticipation. He envisioned her wearing some lingerie with her heels, decked out like a centerfold model. His cock, which had relaxed, became erect again. When she walked around the corner of the bar he was totally shocked.

Raven was wearing a black leather mini skirt, which probably would have shown off a great set of legs. However, her legs were covered by black leather spike heeled boots, which rose halfway up her thighs. She also wore a form fitting black leather vest, which laced up in front, and large heavy chrome bracelets on both arms. Her hair was pulled back which gave her an even more severe look, and she carried a large black leather bag which had been packed full of something. The only way that Jake could think of to describe her was that she looked like some kind of warrior princess or lion tamer.

"Are you scared, Jake?" she asked as she casually leaned on the bar and rested one of her spike heeled boots on his stomach.

"Ah... A little," he admitted.

"Well you said that you liked to play around, and since this is my house you will play the way I want to. Now as I understand it, you've been a bad little boy, and bad little boys need to be punished."

"How have I been bad? I haven't done a thing to you," Jake protested.

"It's not about, me," Raven said. "It's about my friend, Rochelle. Did you like having sex with her?" She ground her spike heel lightly into Jake's belly.

"Yes, of course," he said, squirming under her foot.

"She's a pretty girl, don't you think?" She prodded him with her heel once more.

"Yeah, yeah. Stop that. Please." Raven eased up on her heel, but kept her boot firmly on his chest.

"Do you think she's good in bed?"

"Yes. We did it all night."

"She gave you her phone number when she left your house. Do you still have it?"

"Yes!" he answered quickly, hoping that she wouldn't prod him with her spike heel again.

"Where is it?" Raven demanded as she started pressing her heel slowly into his flesh.

"It's, it's on the kitchen counter, by the phone. Stop that. Please!" Raven lifted her foot off his chest and sat on a barstool, towering over him.

"You never did call her, did you? You never returned her calls either, did you?"

"No. I didn't," Jake admitted.

"Well," Raven said looking scornfully at him. "I don't know why some playboy like you would turn down another opportunity to go to bed with a beautiful woman like Rochelle. She was very upset and didn't know what to do. She and I have been friends for a long time. As a favor, I told her I would see that you were punished. I'm not going to injure you, but I promise that it will be painful. I suggest that you take it like a man, because if you are going to scream like a little girl I'll stuff that silly underwear of yours in your mouth."

Jake was shocked. He had many one night stands but would rarely get together with a girl for a second or third time. That was too much like a relationship and he enjoyed his freedom. Some girls had gotten upset with his attitude, but that's the way it goes. Now, the girlfriend of one of his conquests was intent on punishing him. Although he was scared, he knew there was nothing he could do to escape.

Jake decided that it would be best to take it like a man, as she suggested. Already, Raven was pulling things out of her bag and arranging them on the bar up out of his sight.

There was the click of a lighter and then he saw that Raven had lighted a tall red candle. She sat on her stool while holding it above his chest. Then she tilted the candle slightly so that the hot wax dripped onto his chest. The pain was more intense than the spike heel of her boot, but was soon gone as the wax cooled almost instantly. He was glad that she was sitting up on the high stool, giving the wax some time to cool as it fell.

"Does it hurt?" she asked mockingly.

"Yes," he replied, flinching as another drop landed on him.

"Good," she said with a satisfied tone. Raven tipped the candle even more so that the wax dripped faster onto him. She kept moving it around so that the wax drippings would land on his bare skin, although a few landed on dried wax, which blocked the heat and was a relief to Jake. He would tense up every time he saw a drop falling towards him. Although the experience was a little painful he found it strangely arousing to be chained up at her feet.

When his chest was nearly covered with wax she blew out the candle and set it on the bar. Jake was relieved.

"You handled that pretty well," Raven told him. "But don't think you are going to get off that easy." She got off her stool, holding what looked like a set of leather handcuffs. She kneeled beside him and used them to buckle his ankles together.

"Bad boys get spankings," she said as she took a paddle off the bar. It was a long black paddle with metal studs on it, perhaps made of leather or a heavy rubber. Although it looked intimidating in her hand, Jake thought the idea of getting paddled was rather silly since he hadn't had a spanking since he was very young.

"On your knees," Raven commanded. Jake rolled over so that he was on all fours, holding onto the brass rail. He felt the dried wax crumble as he moved and some pieces fell to the floor. She firmly pushed his head down near the floor. "I want your butt up in the air where I can smack it," she explained. She then grabbed the back of his thong and pulled on it so that it was wedged firmly between his butt cheeks, leaving them fully exposed.

The paddle cracked loudly on his buttocks. Her strokes were evenly spaced and landed squarely each time. Although the paddle made a loud noise, it was not very painful. In fact, Jake found it much easier to deal with than the hot candle wax.

Raven then quickened her pace, which gave Jake's buttocks little time to recover from the sting of each previous stroke. He tightened his grip on the rail and felt himself now flinching with each whack of the paddle. The pain was now almost too much to bear and he couldn't help groaning with each blow of the paddle. Eventually he begged for her to stop. Raven paused and asked mockingly,

"Oh, does that hurt?"

"Yes. I've had enough. Please," Jake pleaded. Raven gave him one last stroke with the paddle and he jumped. He was surprised that she then set the paddle on the bar, and got herself a cool drink of ice water. Jake breathed heavily and relaxed a little, although he was reasonably sure that his punishment was not over and she was just taking a break. His rod was harder than ever and starting to ooze at the tip. The spanking had been painful but he was very aroused to be helpless against this woman.

She kneeled beside him again and he saw she was holding what looked like two metal clothespins. Jake gasped as Raven clamped one on each of his nipples.

"If you stay still and don't shake them around they won't hurt as bad," she told him. The pain subsided a little as Raven stood up and began sorting through other items on the bar. She showed him a riding crop, the kind of short whip that a jockey would use.

"How many strokes do you think you can take with this?" she asked.

"Oh, please," Jake pleaded. "The paddle was one thing, but..."

"I'm going to give you ten," she said as she walked behind him. "I want you to be good and count each stroke out loud." With that, there was a swish of the crop and a loud crack as it landed, not on his sore buttocks, but the back of his left thigh. Jake jumped, painfully shaking the clamps on his nipples.

"One," he said meekly. Raven could have hit him harder with the crop, but she was satisfied with inflicting just enough pain to make him twitch. She waited a little while between each stroke to build up Jake's anticipation and then she would strike him on the back of one thigh and then the other. At last, Jake counted the tenth stroke. He was not sure she was done until she set the crop on the bar and began removing the clamps from his nipples.

"On your back," she ordered. Jake could not imagine what she had in mind now, but as he rolled over and looked up, he saw that she was removing her leather skirt. She kneeled down and straddled his chest. "Rochelle told me that you knew how to please a woman. I'm a difficult woman to please, but if you do well then I won't punish you any more."

She slid forward and lowered her dark patch of pubic hair to his mouth. Jake obeyed and licked her gently. Raven was already moist, greatly aroused from being in control over this helpless stud.

He was even more talented than Rochelle had been able to describe. Despite having gone through the punishment, Jake took his time to slowly build her arousal and then bring her to an intense climax. She reached up and held onto the edge of the bar as she trembled with ecstasy. For a moment afterwards she sat back on his chest, breathing heavily.

"I think you've learned your lesson," she said as she stood up and pulled on her skirt. Jake was glad to hear this but was not at ease until she started removing his bonds. Although he still had a throbbing erection and was desperate for relief he didn't dare ask for it.

"Get dressed and get out of here," Raven ordered. She struck a commanding pose, holding her crop as he got dressed.

"Do you want me to call Rochelle?" he asked, on his way out the front door.

"She may call you if she's still interested. Otherwise, you'd be smart not to bother either of us. I let you off pretty easy this time."

The red marks and few bruises on Jake's body faded after a few days and Rochelle hadn't called him. His band would be playing out again this weekend. Normally he would be looking forward to the opportunity to bring home another hot groupie, but the idea was not so appealing now since he didn't know how many friends Raven might have.

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