tagLoving WivesA Few Firsts Ch. 03

A Few Firsts Ch. 03


OK, so we got kicked out of a restaurant. I still say it was well worth it. This is turning out to be a great day. I can't believe what my wife and I just did. Getting a hand job under the table was, up to this point, one of the sexiest things I have ever done.

I look over at my beautiful wife and see that her top zipper is down below her breasts and the bottom zipper is only a few inches below her pussy.

"You better adjust the zippers or they might not let us into the movie theater. I do, however, reserve the right to adjust them myself when we get seated." I tell her.

She adjusts the zippers to be a little more conservative. "You can set them wherever you want after we get seated."

She then gives me a kiss.

We get to the movie theater. I move up to the counter to buy the tickets. She moves up close to me and starts to rub my ass while I deal with the cashier. I toss some bills and grab the tickets. We go inside hand in hand. She draws a some attention from the ticket collector. We can feel his eyes on her as we walk into the lobby. She has always found it to be a turn on when "Sweet young men check out my ass" as she puts it.

The theater is a stadium type with the "love seat" arrangements. This means that all of the arm rests can be moved back out of the way. We are early enough that there are no other people in the theater yet. We move up to the back row and move to the center two seats. As we get seated, she lifts the arm rests up from all of the seats near the ones we have selected.

I turn towards her and lightly touch her face with my hand. I move my have to the back of her head a pull her to me. I softly kiss her mouth. She runs her tongue over my lips. I suck her tongue into my mouth and I hear her mown softly. I move away and set back into my seat and look out at the theater.

The house lights are still up and some other people start finding seats.

I decide it is time to adjust her zippers. I lean over and pull the top one down to just a few inches above her belly button. I side my hands over each nipple in turn and give them a pinch. They both respond and get hard. She leans her head back and closes her eyes. I slide my hand under the dress and knead her bare breast. Her wets her lips with her tongue.

I remove my hand and move to the bottom zipper. The bottom one gets moved up to where I can almost see her pussy. I sit back and move her leg so it is draped over mine. I start to lightly run my hand over the inside of her thigh.

We watch some more people finding their eats. As the house lights dim there are about thirty people in the theater. No one chooses to set in the same row as us.

As the trailers start, I keep sliding my hand over her leg. I move my hand up to the top of one of her stockings. I roll it down and removed it. Even though I like the feel of the stocking, her leg is even better. She moves her other leg over so I can remove the stocking. I drop both on the floor.

We sit back again and she moves her legs so that one is draped over my leg I continue running my hand over her bare thigh. She starts is squirm a little as my hand gets closer to her pussy with every up stroke.

The trailers are over and the lights get dimmer. The move starts. I have to admit, I don't remember what the move was. I had more interesting things on my mind and in my hands.

I lean in and kiss her neck. She loves it when I kiss and lightly suck on her neck. I slide my hand into her dress again and begin playing with her nipple. She responds and her back arches slightly to push her tits forward. I pull me hand out and slide the zipper down further. It is now down to her naval. My cock is so hard it almost hurts.

I pull her dress apart so that both of her breasts are fully exposed. I can tell be her breathing that she is very, very turned on. Both of her nipple are rock hard. I move my head down and take one nipple into my mouth. I run my tongue over it and then suck on it. I release it and give her some light love bites all over her breast. I then take the nipple back into my mouth. I keep this up, moving between nipple and breast. Her hips are starting to move. I know she is getting very wet.

Of corse, I don't want to ignore the other tit, so I move my mouth over and give it a nice work out. She puts her hands on the back of my head and holds me to her chest. As I suck on one I move my hand to the other and pinch and pull on her nipple. This always drives her crazy.

She is starting to sort of pant. She says "I need you to eat my pussy right now"

I move my head away and check out the dark theater. It seems like no one is paying us ant attention.

She lays down across several seats with her right leg bent at the knee. Her left leg is hanging off of the seats with her foot on the floor. I lean over and adjust the zipper upwards so I can have complete access to her honey pot.

With the light from the movie screen I can see her laying there with all of her parts exposed. I am almost coming just looking at her. She is the sexiest women I have ever seen. This is the hottest day of my life.

I slide off the seat so that my knees are on the floor. I lean over and run my tongue up the inside of her thigh. I work my way up to her pussy. I lick all around her lips but don't touch her lips or her clit yet. I run my tongue on the insides of her thighs. She grabs my head and moves me to her pussy. I reach out with my tongue lick the outside folds of her lips. I slowly move towards her clit. I suck her clit into my mouth and treat it like she treats my dick. It is like I am giving her a blow job.

I slide a finger into her pussy and tickle her "G" spot with come hither motion. I know from past experience that will make her have an intense orgasm. At this point we both forgot where we are. I move another finger into her and really start to lap at all parts or her exposed pussy.

I take a breath and look up at her. Her eyes are shut and she is pulling at her nipples. I can hear her moans go back to work on her delicious pussy. I swear that I could live off of her honey tasting pussy.

She says"That's it babe, eat me until I cum. I need more fingers, fill me up"

I move two more fingers into her hole and begin to finger fuck her while I suck on her clit. She pushes her cunt up unto my face and starts to cum.

When she is done her orgasm she sits up. She has a hungry look on her face. She says "I need yo inside of me, right now"

She undoes my belt and zipper. She pulls down my pants to free my hard cock.

"Set back and enjoy the ride," She says

She moves over so that she is facing the movie screen and grabs my cock. She guilds me into her hot, wet pussy. I can see that maybe we might be drawing some attention, but I am beyond the point if caring.

The inside of her pussy is smooth soft and hot. She can control her muscles so that you slide in real nice and easy and when you pull out her pussy pulls on you. It fells like you are getting a blow job while you are getting fucked. I have never felt anyone else like her.

I am thrusting in and out of her sucking pussy. I encircle her with both of my arms so I can play with her tits while she is moving up and down on me. It is a good thing I already came before or else I would all ready be done. Up, down, in and out, suck, release, this is almost too much for me. Even if someone was standing right over us I don't think I could stop.

I tell her that I am about to cum and she need to cum with me.

I explode inside her and she tightens her pussy around my cock as she starts to cum.

"Yes, Yes, harder she calls out"

I do one lat thrust deep into her pussy and we both lean back into the seat. After she recovers a bit she slides off of me and returns to her seat.

We notice a few heads turns our way. We both adjust our cloths and decide we should exit before the move is done and the lights come back up

We exit hand in hand and with huge smiles on our faces.

I hope to try this again some day.

So, if you see us in the back of the movie theater, please don't sit too close. Oh yea, let me know if you find a couple of rolled up stockings.

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