tagMind ControlA Few Minor Adjustments Ch. 02

A Few Minor Adjustments Ch. 02


I noticed changes in Stephanie almost immediately. The next day was a Friday, and we both came home from work exhausted. She walked in from the gym with a bottle of diet soda in her hand. She seemed a little dreamy while she was watching television and I made dinner, and I think I noticed her rubbing her chest absently as she relaxed on the couch, but she didn't do anything incredibly different. We both turned in early, and when I grabbed the outside of her thigh and pulled it toward me when we kissed goodnight, she pulled it off and said, "Be a good boy."

Stephanie likes to wake up early on Saturday mornings and work in the garden. She lets me sleep in and puts on her gardening clothes as quietly as possible. I usually wake up when I hear her humming to herself while she's pulling weeds and spraying leaves.

That Saturday she was out in the garden by the time I woke up. I could hear her singing to herself through the window as I pulled on my bathrobe. I smelled the coffee as soon as I walked into the kitchen. When I sat down at the counter I saw why she'd woken up early: she had set out a chocolate croissant with a fresh pot of coffee and the sports page overlooking the garden. The chair was even pulled out to watch her working. But the curtain was drawn; the entire kitchen was bathed in morning sunlight except for my seat. Stephanie knew I liked to watch her work. I pulled back the curtain.

In a relationship that's more than a decade old, it is a rare sight that takes one's breath away. Stephanie doesn't tan, so she wears a sun hat when she works in the garden. She had pinned her hair under the crown of the hat with just a couple strands of her auburn hair framing her face. Her elbows were dirty with soil and in her hands she held a spade and water bottle in canvas gloves. She was wearing a tank top that was tight cross her chest and back, the black straps of her bra angled out over her shoulders. She was wearing denim shorts cut off so that the bottoms of the front pockets spilled out under the fraying hem. Her long legs looked longer still stemming from the high-heeled cork wedges shaping her calves, thighs, and ass. Her knees were dirty, too.

She was bending over a tomato plant with her feet spread wider than her shoulders and her ass sticking out above her head like a model on the cover of some auto parts calendar. She knew that I was coming downstairs and must have seen me sit down. Didn't look up, although I knew she was trying not to smile; the effort had pursed her lips into a pout.

Usually Stephanie gardens in long-legged overalls and one of my old college t-shirts. It would have been difficult to stand as I looked out the window, my cock was so hard from just looking at her. Then she started to put on a show for me.

She must have saved the hardest work until I was downstairs and watching through the window. She pulled weeds from the dark soil, flexing her thighs and calves in her high-heeled sandals. She squatted, spreading her knees wide and inspecting the leaves of the plants as she sprayed their roots. At the same time, I pulled my shaft from my boxers and started rubbing it where she could see through the window as I watched her. Sweat clarified her tank top and the fabric clung transparent to her stomach and waist. Her transparent undershirt and alabaster skin highlighted the lace ruffles of her black bra as well as the curves of her body.

Finally she knelt in front of a rose bush blooming pink, her knees sank into the dirt along with the tips of her toes. Her back was flat and tall and her face was pressed against a bloom. She looked the the window and held my eyes and she plucked a wilting petal and placed it on top of her tongue. She broke our shared stare when she closed her eyes to take in the texture and the fragrance of the blossom.

I stood up and walked to the back door, following my prick. I found it locked from the outside and a note taped to the window where I saw her again on her hands and knees rooting in the dirt, the skin of her back, shoulders, and neck shimmering in the morning light.

"DIRTY BOYS HAVE TO GET CLEAN," the note read. An arrow pointed back upstairs. She saw me reading the note and waved her finger at me and pursed her lips. She arched her back putting her arms behind her head to give me another pinup image to think about during what felt like a very long walk to the shower.

I was already on edge as the water poured over me. I hadn't calmed down a bit, although I didn't really want to, either. I turned the shower up as hot as I could stand and scrubbed my arms and legs with one hand while gently rubbing the shaft of my cock with the other. Stephanie had never before been an exhibitionist, and never given an erotic charge to any of the small daily activities of her life. She was always a girl who liked to keep our sex life confined to the bedroom. I knew that our sessions were having some effect on her, and I was really excited to see where they would go. I allowed my mind to wander--in a couple of weeks we were planning to go out of town to her parents' new house, where there was a hot tub and a whole separate guest house.

The smell of sweat and soil, and the touch of hands on my body, awoke me from my reverie. Stephanie had climbed into the shower behind me and was pressing her breasts into my back and kissing the tops of my shoulders.

"Why do you feel so tense, baby? You need to relax," she said. Her hands wandered down my arms and rubbed soap into my chest and stomach. Even under the hot water I felt her nipples hard against the flesh of my back. I reached behind me and grabbed her ass. It was taught from the effort of her standing on her tiptoes to press her lips to my neck and nibble on my ear.

She reached further down and grabbed my cock in both her hands. The water and soap made her palms and fingers slick as she rubbed down my shaft and cupped my balls. "Mmm... maybe you don't need to relax everything." I could feel the curve of her smile between my shoulder blades.

I pulled her around me so that I was behind her and the water sprayed over her face and down her breasts and thighs. She'd kept her hair pinned up and I scraped my teeth across her neck. Now that I knew what she liked I was going to take advantage.

"You're a little tease, aren't you? You like to be watched?" I growled into her ear. I pulled her body close against mine, and my prick settled into the cleft of her ass. She purred into the water and reached her hands up and wrapped them around my neck.

The soil from the garden rinsed off her elbows and knees down the shower's drain, but her neck and hair still smelled like turned earth and sweat. I grabbed her breasts and pressed them flat against my palms, grinding my cock into her. She arched her chest into my grip and her ass back into me, saying nothing. I reached across her chest and held her with one arm while the other reached down to her pussy. She was wet on the outside from the shower, but she spread her feet to her shoulders and allowed me access to her clit. When I rubbed over it with my fingers she let out a low moan. I could feel it through my chest, but it was drowned out by the water of our shower.

"Do you think that you can just tease me? That you can put yourself out there on display?"

She closed her eyes and lowered her head away from me while I worked her up. This pushed her ass even harder against my cock, and I pushed my hips back into her. I had always wanted to fuck her ass, but she had been insistent that it wasn't on the table. I adjusted myself so that my cock slid between her legs and she put her hands against the front wall of the shower, giving me better access to her. I put two fingers inside her and kept rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand.

"Oh, fuck--yes, just like that," she said loud enough to be heard over the streaming shower. She leaned into the ministrations of my hand as sheets of water poured over he back and down her ass and my dick lodged between it.

"You're a nasty little slut, aren't you? You like it when people watch you, watch your body. You like to get me hard and then send me away." I could feel her knees start to weaken. She must have really gotten herself worked up in the garden.

"I am a little slut," she moaned. "Please don't stop. I loved having you watch me. Ah ah ah." She ground her pussy into my hand. Her body started to tense up; her ass gripped the sides of my cock and I could feel her reaching for release.

I let her rest her weight against the front of the shower and put my other hand on her ass, pushing it even harder against my hand. I could feel the hard nub of her cervix against my fingers. I rubbed gently along the crack of her ass, letting the sensitive skin adjust to my touch.

"Please. Please. Oh, fuck. God, yes, please," she was close. I took the tip of my index finger and just pressed it against her asshole. I didn't put it in, just gave it a little pressure. I had tried to have a little ass play with Stephanie when she had drunk too much wine or was especially horny, but she'd never let me get this far.

"Ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, yes! Oh, shit! Baby, I'm coming!" Her entire body tensed with her orgasm. I couldn't have pulled my dick from between her legs if I'd tried. Her arms folded before her knees did, and I felt her knees finally give way with just enough time to catch her before she tumbled into the bath spigot. I pulled her back up against my body while she recovered. Her hair was soaked from water and sweat.

I finally kissed her mouth, which was warm and wet and slack as she came back around from her climax. I held her arms at her sides and kissed her as her feet found purchase on the floor of the shower. Her hands came up to my sides, and she pressed the palms of her hands against my face and leaned the front of her body back into me. I ran my hands over her breasts and down her ass, and she finally broke our kiss. She looked up at me and reached down to my cock in between us. With her other hand she pulled her hair out and it spilled over her shoulders and down her back. I turned us so the water from the shower poured down my back.

She kissed my neck, then my chest. The pinpricks of her nipples lead her mouth down my body. I rubbed the bottoms of her breast as they passed out of my reach, to instead rest on the tops of her shoulders. When she was on her knees she looked up at me again.

She gripped my cock with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. She rubbed down the shaft slowly, looking into my eyes. She pressed my head into the palm of her hand and rubbed around it. Her hands were warm and soft and gentle against me.

"You're not going to break it, Steph," I said. Grabbing her shoulders, I pulled her face toward my cock. For a second she turned her head, rubbing it on the side of her face, kissing the inside of my thighs. Then she turned back and started kissing along the base of my prick. Her kisses were deep, pressing her tongue along the sensitive skin and sucking lightly, and then rubbing her nose over the top. Even in the hot shower, I could feel her even hotter breath across my shaft.

"That's right, girl. Get to know it. That feels nice." This wasn't something that she had liked to do, but I wanted that to change. She held my gaze. "You're driving me crazy."

She kissed along the other side of my dick, looking up at me the entire time. I couldn't bear it any longer. "Take it, Steph." I grabbed her more roughly by the shoulders and slid my cock into her mouth.

She took it, finally grabbing around the base with both hands. She took the head first, running her tongue all around my head. A wave of pleasure surged through me, since I had been waiting so long to somehow get inside of her. I was afraid that I might come right then, but I pushed the urge back.

Stephanie must have felt me tense up, because she increased her rhythm. She took a little more each time, pausing to run her tongue along the bottom and jerk the base of my cock with her hands while her mouth adjusted to the size.

I knew that there was sometimes something missing from the head that my wife had given me in the past, and now I could put a name to it: enthusiasm. Now she wasn't lacking for it. Once she'd taken me halfway into her mouth, she pulled back and rubbed her hands down my shaft again. She turned up to face me.

"No, keep going," I told her, and grabbed her by the back of the head and put my cock back into her mouth. She moaned when I did it and I knew that she was trying to tease me again. This time she took me all the way down to the base. I could feel the head of my cock slipping past her soft pallette and into her throat. She'd never been able to take me this deep before, but maybe she'd also never wanted to.

I closed my eyes and just bathed in the pleasure of her work. I ran my fingers through her wet hair and felt the warm wetness of her mouth swallowing my cock over and over. I set the rhythm with my hips and let her meet me. I knew that I didn't have long before I was coming down her throat.

"That's right, baby, take it all in," I now knew that she loved when I talked to her, so I wasn't afraid to let her know how she was doing. "You want to swallow all my cum, don't you, you filthy slut?"

"Mm-hm..." she said. Her hands left my cock and one hand gripped the back of my ass to give her some support as I speared her mouth. I hunched over a little and grabbed one of her tits and turned it over in my hand. She moaned on my cock and I pinched her nipple lightly.

"You love this, don't you? Sucking my giant cock." She could only moan in reply and pick up her speed. I finally opened my eyes and looked back down at her. Even though she had come only moments before, her other hand was between her legs and buried in her pussy. I felt myself getting closer to coming. "You horny bitch, are you going to come again from sucking my dick? Look at me."

She looked up at me and her eyes were almost glazed over with lust and pleasure. It was the first time in a long time that it felt like we were both together and fucking instead of each reaching for our own climax. I grabbed her hair with both my hands and pulled her face all the way onto my prick. "Swallow it all, baby. Don't spill a drop of my cum." She mumbled into my cock as my ears filled with the rush of my own orgasm.

I hadn't come in two days, and I had been holding back my arousal for most of the morning. I came as much as I ever have. Stephanie did her best to take it all, but when I finally opened my eyes again, she still had the tip of my cock in her mouth but little droplets of cum were spilling out the corners. I thrust a couple of more times and then pulled out. She ran her hands along my softening shaft until she was satisfied she'd captured everything and give the tip one more lick. Then she stood up and kissed me.

Before, she never would have swallowed, and if she accidentally gotten some of my cum in her mouth, she would have run to the bathroom sink and washed her mouth out for two minutes. Now, she swallowed everything she could. Her mouth tasted warm and a little salty.

She broke our kiss eventually and gave my cock a final squeeze. "C'mon, honey," she said. "This little slut wants to go shopping for some lingerie."

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