A Few Simple Words

byL.A. Wicker©

“Come on, he’s always been crazy about you.” Brandy pleaded with her friend knowing Tim would love to see her tiny body and most of all her tight, little ass. “If I can be this sweet to him, at least you can make his day complete and show him your body.” Brandy laughed, but deep down she wanted Tim to see Casey and would do anything to make it happen.

Casey couldn’t believe her friend was talking like this. “What’s come over you?” she asked as she sat down on a recliner. “Yesterday you wanted to kill him for walking in on you masturbating and today you act like he’s your best friend.” Casey said seeing Tim coming outside with a stereo and some beer.

He handed each girl a cold beer and plugged up the stereo, hoping the music would take control of Casey like it had his sister. He sat next to Brandy, putting his arm around her waist he asked, “Did you talk this beautiful girl into swimming with us or do I need to throw her in?” he laughed taking a drink of the beer.

“Don’t you dare! This is a silk blouse and that water will fuck it up.” Casey said in a stern voice and added, “I’ll get in, but don’t blame me if you get all hard looking at us. If you do, make Brandy fix you up!” Casey laughed looking at her friend.

Brandy smiled and replied, “He’s been trying to fuck me all morning. I was about to let him when you came.” Brandy smiled at her friend and saw a shocked look on her face. “Don’t be shocked, you should see his cock and how long it is, you’ll shit!” Brandy reached between his legs and pulled away the towel, “See, the fucker is a good ten inches long,” she laughed out when Casey choked on her beer.

“Holly shit! I wish my little brother was hung like that, I’d fuck him to death.” Casey laughed and gave Tim a big smile thinking of having something like that inside her body. The music filled her ears and she began to think that she would love him in her body and she would do anything to please him. She slowly stood, pulling off her blouse and tight jeans, leaving her in a powder blue bra and panty set.

Tim reached out to the petite girl and pulled her trembling body to his. “I love these, I can’t wait to see them wet,” he said running his fingers over the front of her panties.

“I’ll just take them off if you want.” Casey replied as she pulled the tiny bra over her head and threw it to the ground. “Is that better?” She asked hoping it pleased Tim that her breasts were bare.

“Can I take my top off Tim, I want you to see me too.” Brandy begged her brother and moved to sit on the ground next to him.

Tim had a wonderful idea, “Casey, undress her for me, it would make me happy if you did,” he said as he ran his fingers through her short brown hair and watched her reach to Brandy. He watched as the beautiful girl began to undress his sister and one more idea came to him, “Casey, Brandy it would make me very, very happy to watch two beautiful girls make it with each other,” he added hoping they would do as he asked of them.

Both girls looked at each other, giggled and began to kiss. Not a little kiss, we’re talking a deep throat kiss that lasted ten minutes before they came up for air. “How was that brother?” Brandy asked as she moved in front of him. “I think she should suck you, you always said she looked like her lips were made to be wrapped around a hard cock.” Brandy added as she pulled Casey down to the ground next to her. “Suck him, you’ll love it!” she moaned to Casey, pushing her head to Tim’s cock.

Tim watched the beautiful girl sucking his cock and handed Brandy her beer, “Drink this and find a nice place to put the empty bottle,” he said looking between her legs and he began caressing the sides of Casey’s face as she sucked his cock. “You’re so good! Your mouth is the best I’ve ever been in,” he moaned watching Brandy finish her beer and spread her legs. “Oh that’s my girl! See how far it will go in your hot pussy hole.”

“Yes! Anything for you!” Brandy moaned out as she moved the bottle between her legs and began to ease it into her wet pussy. Slowly she twisted and pushed it in her body until the fat part of it was against her. “It’s starting to hurt, Tim. Can I stop now?” she asked as she tried pushing more inside her tiny pussy.

“Casey, help her. Push it until it’s all up her cunt.” Tim said pushing the girl to his sister. “I want it all in her!” he added as he watched Casey take hold of the bottle and pushed it up his sister pussy hole.

Brandy cried out in pain as the fat part of the bottle crept deep in her stretched pussy. “Oh it hurts!” she cried out watching Casey pushing it deeper up her sore pussy. “Please Tim!” she begged but Casey only wanted to please Tim and pushed the bottle harder.

“Relax, I’ll make it up to you later when I fuck you and claim you as my whore!” he said, caressing her face, watching Casey push the bottle deeper in Brandy. “Push it all in her or I won’t fuck you,” he said to Casey wondering what it was going to be like getting her cherry.

Brandy saw the pleasure on Tim’s face and didn’t care if she was in pain. “Go! Shove it up my cunt!” She squealed out spreading her legs wider. “Ram it in me!” she said as she bit down on her lip. It felt like her pussy had been torn it two as the bottle moved completely inside her pussy. “Oh my God, she did it! It’s all in my cunt.” Brandy said with pride in her voice knowing she pleased Tim.

“Close your legs, keep it in you until I fuck this fine piece of ass.” Tim said reaching to pull Casey on his lap. “You ready to please me now? I need to ram my hard cock up this hot little cunt of yours,” he added watching Casey move over his cock. He reached to place his swollen cock to her opening. “Now, sit down as hard as you can and ram it as deep as it will go!” he ordered Casey and she did as she was ordered.

“Oh shit! Oh it hurts! It hurts!” Casey screamed as Tim’s cock tore into her tiny, virgin pussy. “Oh Tim, it hurts!” she cried out more as her body spasmed around his thick cock shaft.

Tim held her tight, enjoying the feel of being inside a beautiful girl for the first time. Her body squeezed him harder than his hand could have ever done and it felt great. “Oh shit, you feel so good!” he moaned holding Casey against his chest. “Look Brandy, I’m in her, I’m going to fuck my first pretty girl,” he said with joy looking to his sister, seeing her eyes watching his cock in Casey’s body.

Brandy only smiled; wishing it had been her that made him a man. Why did she resist him? She should have him inside her body, not Casey. All she had was a cold bottle rammed in her when it should have been his long, hard cock. “Casey, you better fuck him good because it should have been me that made him a man!” Brandy said and began to cry as she watched Tim lie her down and use her pussy.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Casey yelled out watching Tim’s cock move in and out of her tiny pussy. “Fuck me like a whore!” she yelled again feeling her pussy squeezing him harder and she knew she was about to have her first orgasm with a cock in her pussy.

Tim slammed his cock in Casey’s body as hard and fast as he could. He could do anything to these two beauties and they’d love it. “Move your hips, bitch! Hump my cock as I fuck your cunt!” he ordered Casey as he gave her tight ass a good, firm slap. “Hump it cunt! Fuck my cock!” he yelled at her giving her another very hard slap.

Brandy had sat up to watch this wild fuck Tim was giving her best friend and hoped he’d fuck her pussy the same way. “Fuck that cunt! Make her your whore Tim!” Brandy said as she began to pinch her hard nipples. “Fuck her whore cunt!” she added reaching to fuck herself with the bottle that was still deep in her pussy. “Fuck her hard!” Brandy squealed as a powerful orgasm rushed through her body.

“Tim, I’m cuming! I’m cuming around your big cock!” Casey screamed out as her body locked on his pounding cock. “Fuck me, make me your whore!” she screamed, locking her legs around his waist, driving his cock deep in her body. “Oh yes!” she cried out as the orgasm took control over every inch of her body.

Tim watched Brandy and Casey as they were in a state of bliss. He knew he would be making more CD’s to give out to every girl in town. He enjoyed watching Casey cum but he held back his own, he wanted to cum in Brandy and no one else.

Later that night while Tim was taking a shower, Brandy knew she couldn’t wait any longer. “Hi, would you like some company?” Brandy asked as she slowly opened the shower door and stepped inside wearing only a small pair of bikini panties. “Oh, you started without me!” she teased moving in front of Tim and took over the job of stroking his long cock. “God Tim, this is so hot! You fucking my hand like this,” she smiled holding her hand around his cock, letting him use her hand just as if he were fucking it.

Tim moved against her body, holding her in his arms. “You feel so good!” Tim moaned out as she stroked him faster and let his cock head push between her legs to her excited pussy lips. “Let me inside you,” he begged her, wanting to be inside her very beautiful young body. He didn’t care if she was his sister; he wanted her so bad he hurt.

“I want you Brandy!” Tim moaned as her hand moved quickly up and down his long cock shaft. “I want to fuck you so bad. Don’t you want to make me happy?” he asked leaning to suck one of her nipples into his mouth and could feel his cock ready to blow a massive load of hot cum out.
Brandy loved her nipples being sucked and knew

Tim had control of her. She would do anything that he wanted. “Anything you want!” she replied with lust in her soft voice and spread her legs for him. “Go on, fuck me! I love you so much I don’t care. Put your long cock up my cunt.”

“I want you in your bed, fucking yourself with your toy, I’ll be watching you, you’ll see me and tell me to come fuck you.” Tim said pulling her into his arms. “I’ll throw the toy and fuck you like you need,” he added reaching to open the shower doors.

Brandy gasped at his words and replied, “I wanted to so bad the other night. My poor pussy cried for you all fucking night. You’ll never know how bad I wanted to come into your room and fuck you.” Brandy smiled as the two left the bathroom and went into her room. “Can we do that next time; I need you in me now!” Brandy moaned moving her hand between her legs, squeezing her pussy.

Tim bent his knees, placed his cock to her pussy, and stood up. “Oh my God!” he cried out as he sank deep into his big sisters’ pussy. She locked around him as he began to give her the hard fucking she needed. “Is this better that your toy?” he asked as his hard cock slid in and out of her wet pussy hole.

The two fell on her bed and Tim began fucking her hard and deep. “Oh yes! Your cock will be the only thing inside me now,” she moaned out as his cock filled her tiny pussy like nothing had ever done before. “Fuck me hard, like you did Casey. Ram it up my hot cunt!” she screamed pulling her legs to her bouncing breasts and spread them wide.

“You like it hard, bitch?” He asked as his cock hammered her hard. “Want me to make you my whore just like I did that cunt? She’s my cunt whore until the day she dies.” Tim said as he watched Brandy’s fat tits bouncing around as his cock slammed in her body. He knew she would be because he gave her three of his ‘special’ CD’s to take home with her.

“Yes!” She screamed enjoying the feel of his long cock pounding in her burning pussy. She was on fire for her baby brother and needed him to make her cum. She knew no one else would ever make her feel this way ever again, except Tim. “Oh mother fucker!” Brandy screamed out as loud as she could. “I’m cuming!” her legs wrapped around him and her hips thrust up to ram his cock deeper up her cunt. Driving him to her very soul!

“Brandy!” Tim yelled as his cock started shooting cum deep into her orgasming body. “Oh I love you!” He yelled again as he fell on her making sure he kept pumping her pussy.

“Oh baby! I love you, too!” Brandy moaned enjoying his cum shooting so deep in her and she knew he would be giving her a child. “Your cum is so hot, I love it!” She said as his last shot went in her body. “You know I’m not on the pill?” She added, caressing his face. “I think you’ll make a great Daddy and if it’s a girl I’ll even let you fuck her!”

Thank you.

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by Turtle195211/17/17

Very sexy

A part two would be good to tie up the loose ends, like babies, Casey and a baby and maybe Mom when she gets home too.

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