tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Final Violation

A Final Violation


Her mind raced over the events that had taken place. She had been violated not once but twice by her mystery man and then his woman. Now this woman sneaks into her home and takes her man. What should she do? She can't stop it and deep down doesn't want to either. If all feels so good.

Not just physically, but mentally too. Secrets and especially naughty ones made her tingle with excitement. Her sex grew moist just thinking about her husband's cock in a strange mouth and then her pussy. The kiss had been wonderful.

Warm soft lips and her man's cream, she would have liked to share his cock with this woman. Two hungry tongues and mouths bringing him pleasures unknown and enjoying the pleasure they gave to him. She would love to watch as her husband fucked her from behind and slapped her firm ass.

Mmmm, to play with her pussy while enjoying the sight of them would be the greatest. He would never consent, but she wanted it none the less. Her pussy was wet now and she needed some relief. Taking her toy out, she spread out on the bed and began teasing her clit and slowly sliding it inside.

Closing her eyes she could relive the night's events and add to them with her own fantasies. Her hand worked the toy so that it would hit all the most sensitive areas while her other hand massaged her breasts and pulled on her tender nipples. She began grinding her hips and soon was lost to the power of her orgasm.

Coming down she opens her eyes to find them watching her. Holding each other and staring at her. How did they get in? What if her husband came back? Oh this was too much, but before she could protest they stripped and joined her on the bed. His hard cock was before her face.

She began sucking it and teasingly licking around the head. Her pussy was greeted by a warm mouth and eager tongue. Mmmm the feelings were delicious. She nibbled up and down his shaft as her pussy was nibble and licked. She had a hard time concentrating with so much sensory input

His cock tasted sooo good and she could taste his woman's sex on it too. She worked his balls and teased his ass with her finger wetting it first to lube it up. He grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth. She relaxed and finally his cock was diving deeper and deeper into her throat

Her pussy was being filled with her toy and the tongue was like throwing gasoline on a raging fire. Soon she began bucking and twisting. Her lover only held her tighter and rode out the storm. She came in a fury and her pussy shot cum into her lover's mouth. At that moment she felt his cock tense and shoot down her stretched throat. She nearly passed out from the pleasure

The separated from her and the woman kissed her man deeply sharing your honey and then she bent and kisses you deep lapping up the tiny droplets that dribbled from your lips. You kiss her back and they become more passionate with each second. Soon you are working down her neck and teasing her breasts. Starting with the left breast you kiss down the valley and nibble the underside crease and then slowly spiraling up her breast.

Nipping at the edge of her areola you here purr and hiss with pleasure as she strokes you hair. He is watching and stroking his cock which is slowly coming back to life. You continue in ever smaller circles with your tongue until you hold her nipple in your mouth. Pulling and lashing it with your tongue as her moans and sighs grow louder and more passionate.

You move to her other breast and continue your oral assault. A hand slides down and you find her smooth sex wet with her juices. You begin to tease her clit and slide inside working her body to maximize the pleasure she is feeling. His cock is hard again and his watching you only makes you hotter.

You slowly work your way over her chiseled stomach and stop at her navel to send shivers up and down her body. You love looking at her face tense up from the sensations you are providing. The smell of her sex only makes you wilder and your fingers are slick with it.

Finding your toy you begin to fuck her slowly with it and soon your tongue slides down and begins licking and tracing over her clit. You trace letters of the cursive alphabet as her hips rock to each caress. He stands and moves beside her and begins sucking and licking her breast while staring at you.

He burns with lust, as you work her body into a frenzy of passion. She nearly sits upright and her thighs slam together trapping your head as she climaxes. You can feel the hot jets of her salty cum filling your mouth. You match each stroke of your tongue to the waves that crash over her body. She seems to cum continuously into your mouth.

He grabs your hair pulling you away and kisses you deeply. His tongue, angrily probing your mouth stealing back her cum. She recovers and joins in the kissing. You take turns kissing each other. He bends you over and moves behind you. His cock teasing your swollen pussy and then finally plunging deep inside.

She is at your side and begins working your clit as his thrust jar your whole body.

"Mmmm that's it fuck her tight wet pussy, Mmmm she is so hot and ready for you. Slap her ass, she likes it rough. She is ours to enjoy. Mmmm that's it baby work her real good."

His hand comes down hard and your skin burns white hot. This makes your pussy tighten down on his cock. He works you into a rhythm and your pussy milks his cock. Soon you can hear his primal grunts growing louder and louder as pounds your ass. His balls slapping your ass as he thrusts deeper and deeper into your depths as your body awakens and moves closer and closer to the abyss. Talented fingers work your clit as his cock finds hidden pleasures and soon your body tenses and then shudders violently. You breath is short and ragged as his assault continues.

One orgasm fades into the next and the room becomes a blur. She is under you now and eating you lapping up the nectar that flows from you. Her tongue is magical and you barely stay conscious from all the pleasure

He pulls out and moves around to her pussy. You watch as it slides in and out. She is licking you lightly allowing you to recover. You begin teasing her clit and then licking his balls as he grinds his hips into her. Soon the pace increases and you run your tongue along his shaft as he thrust deeply into her pussy. She is moaning and they grow louder and more passionate with each thrust and lick.

"Mmmm that's it eat my pussy while he fucks it. Feels sooo good. Doesn't his cock look sexy fucking my hot pussy? Mmmm that's it suck my clit."

The tempo increases to the music of lust and need until all reach a crescendo. He climaxes first and then she is right behind while you are still building. Her tongue soon brings you in and you shudder. You all separate and they tuck you in and each kisses you passionately.

"Have a great day," and they turn and leave you there, still quivering from the last orgasm.

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