tagFirst TimeA First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 01

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 01


Everyone has a story about his or her first time. Some are good, some are bad, and some are really embarrassing. Some are actually just humdrum and ordinary. My own story is probably one of the ordinary ones. Nothing embarrassing happened. It was enjoyable and fun, but I'm sure I wasn't all that great. In fact, the details are probably too boring to even bother elaborating about.

Jeanie Delvecchio, on the other hand, now she has a great story about her first time. And I'm not just saying that because I was involved. Well, more than involved -- I was the one. Still, biased though I may be, it's a great story. And it begins the same way a lot of first time stories begin: long before the actual act.

Jeanie and I grew up in a relatively small town. It wasn't a truly tiny place like in the Midwest, but it was a quaint little town on the East Coast, within driving distance of a few big cities. A nice place to raise a family in the heart of suburbia.

Growing up there had given us both the values and morals of the good, hard-working American tradition, as well as a rather acute sense of wanderlust and a hunger for adventure. But it was a happy upbringing and we were healthy, good-natured, middle-class American kids.

My best friend was Tony Delvecchio, Jeanie's older brother. Tony and I were a year older than Jeanie and a year ahead of her in school. I also had a younger sister, Jocelyn, who was the same age as Jeanie. Our sisters were friendly with one another, but not as close as Tony and I. We were inseparable.

We met on the first day of 6th grade. The Delvecchios had just moved in down the street from us less than a month before. Jocelyn and I had noticed that two new kids moved in on our street, but we didn't have time to play with them right away because we took a family vacation and were out of town during the weeks right before school started. Consequently I met Tony while waiting for the bus on the first day of school. Jocelyn and Jeanie met each other later on the bus to elementary school, but Tony and I had to leave for school earlier because we were big, bad 6th-graders.

Our friendship began the second we started talking. Tony and I were pretty much of one mind, and that mind mainly revolved around two things: sports and mischief. We weren't malicious kids, just your average punk-ass pre-teens, thinking we were a lot cooler than we actually were.

In detentions and on sports teams our friendship grew through the years. The names Jim Stillman and Tony Delvecchio became synonymous, and they always meant hijinks. And all the while Jeanie was there, tagging along with us whenever she could, bearing the brunt of our immature antics. Tony was the typical older brother, taunting and teasing Jeanie in sometimes amusing, yet sometimes cruel, ways. I'm sure I was probably the same way with Jocelyn at times, but most of the time I was pretty nice to Joss. I never saw the fun in picking on my little sister. But Tony tended to be a big pain in Jeanie's ass. I never understood why; I think it was just a deep competitive drive that lurked inside Tony. He always wanted to win, and he always had to try to be the best. I think that attitude carried over to his sister.

So he would pick on her relentlessly. But don't get me wrong, he loved her dearly. It was ok for him to tease her, but if anyone else dared cross her, he'd be on your ass in a heartbeat. He had a fiery temper that could be intimidating at times, but since he and I were so close I never really worried about it myself. And, of course, I never crossed Jeanie. Sometimes I'd pick on her in a good-natured, not-too-mean kind of way. But I was never insulting or disrespectful.

I think it was this quality in me that originally made Jeanie take a shine to me. We were in our early teens, just beginning to notice members of the opposite sex. At that age, a single year made a huge difference in the way you looked at the opposite gender. For Tony and I, younger girls were essentially invisible. For a girl like Jeanie though, her older brother's friend was probably pretty appealing. So over time it became kind of an ill-disguised secret that Jeanie had a crush on me.

Her crush really came as no surprise, especially with the way Tony picked on her. I was constantly defending her and taking her side to protect her from his ribbing; it was only natural that she would start to like me. In opposition to Tony's tormenting ways, I became somewhat of a hero figure.

Jeanie was a bit of an awkward girl in her early teens. She wore big, plastic glasses, and she hadn't quite had her growth spurt yet. So she remained shorter than most girls, and a bit flat-chested. Plus, her hair had a natural curl to it that was always difficult to tame. Tony pointed these so-called "faults" out to her on a regular basis, and I'm sure it wreaked havoc on her self-confidence.

To her credit though, Jeanie would fight back. She'd throw barbs at Tony, and occasionally a punch or two. She was a tough kid with a lot of fire in her, and it made her very likable and a blast to be around. For my part, I really did genuinely like Jeanie, but, as I said before, younger girls were essentially invisible in a romantic kind of way.

But the kid had fire, and it made her appealing, there was no denying that. She needed that fire for so many reasons. She had an older brother who took satisfaction in messing with her, and she had the unfortunate curse of having a unique name. For a kid in your early teens, nothing is worse than having a name like no one else's. Other kids will pick on you and think of the most ridiculous jokes.

Jeanie's full name was Francesca Giana Delvecchio. It was a family name from way back and her parents had bestowed that tradition on her. Early on though, she viewed that tradition as a burden. She had abandoned even trying to get any normalcy out of the Francesca name and instead decided to go by a nickname for her middle name. After some time, the Jeanie nickname stuck and it was only on occasion someone would use her full name to poke fun at her. Except her brother, who would constantly call her Frannie, Frankie or any other variation of the formal name she grew to hate.

Which was a shame because I always thought it was beautiful. In her adult life she has come to accept her full name, and even embrace it. But back then she saw it as a curse. No matter how hard I tried to convince her otherwise, she insisted she hated the name and never wanted to hear it. Except, of course, from me. Because I had told her how nice I thought it was, even from the first time I'd heard it, she would let me call her Giana. Or sometimes even Francesca as long as no one else was around to hear.

And so it remained as we made our way through the years of school, up into high school. Tony's rivalry with his sister remained into our high school years, pathetic as it was. And I was always there to defend her. Her crush on me seemed to subside a bit as we grew older. She still always smiled when I was around, but she didn't always fawn on me with her doe eyes like she did when she was younger. As we matured we just became good friends.

Unfortunately, that was all we could ever be. Even if I had started to like Jeanie, there was no way I could ever have dated her. Tony was absolutely against anything and everything about Jeanie having a romantic life. All the boys she dated had to hide. They could never come over to the Delvecchio house when Tony was around for fear of having their asses kicked. For all the tormenting of his younger sister he did, Tony was fiercely protective of her.

His job of fending off boys became increasingly difficult as the years went by. Jeanie matured slowly but surely. By her junior year of high school, she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She had grown a bit and now stood about five feet, five inches, an average height. She wasn't a particularly tall girl, but she could no longer be called "shortie" by her brother, especially since he was only three or four inches taller than her.

She had filled out as well. Her breasts and hips now had curves, and the back of her jeans stuck out in a particularly appealing way. Not that I ever looked, heaven forbid. I knew Tony would kill me if he ever caught me checking her out. Plus, I saw myself as kind of an older brother for her too so I made sure to squash those thoughts as soon as they crossed my mind.

It wasn't easy though; Jeanie had become quite gorgeous. Besides her body maturing she also ditched the big glasses for contacts and had settled on a shoulder-length hairstyle that did justice to her cute, round face. And her eyes could absolutely melt you. She had deep brown eyes that sparkled with richness. They had a fiery flare whenever she laughed or got angry. On several occasions during our conversations, I would find myself becoming hypnotized when I looked into them, and had to snap out of my reverie. Any time I ever had a romantic thought about Jeanie, I would mentally chastise myself.

"She's off-limits, stupid. Wake up and stop fantasizing. She's Tony's sister, and he'd kill you. Besides, she's practically your sister, dumbass!" This thought process soon became a recurring theme in my head.

I kept myself in check pretty well throughout high school. I never so much as placed a finger on her, or made a single romantically-inclined remark. Besides, Jeanie got plenty of attention from the boys so I was certainly the least of anything her brother had to worry about.

Jeanie was quite popular in high school, in fact. Probably more popular than even Tony and I were, and that fact drove him insane. Not me. I had long since resigned myself to the fact that both my younger sister and his were pretty much way cooler than we were. I never saw that as a threat or a problem. Good for them, I figured. And it wasn't like Tony and I weren't having fun. Sure, maybe we didn't run with the cool, popular crowd, but we had our share of friends. And we sure as hell had our share of fun. I'd had a couple of girlfriends and I was beginning to search that new realm of discovery. So I never saw the point of messing with Joss or with Jeanie. On the contrary, I was always friendly when I saw them.

Practically every day at lunch I would swing by Jeanie's table and whisper, "Hey Francesca," as I dropped a soda or a candy bar on the table in front of her. "Hey James," she would whisper back, knowing full well no one ever called me by my proper name either. It was our little game, and it made our friendship special. Like we had a secret only the two of us shared.

Plus, I had my hands full with keeping an eye out for my own sister. She too had blossomed into a gorgeous young woman, and she drew the attention of all sorts of guys. I never really picked on Jocelyn, but I definitely let her know when I didn't approve of a guy she was hanging around with.

Soon though, Tony and I were seniors and graduation was upon us. I couldn't believe how our high school years had flown by, but the next thing I knew I was applying for colleges. In the spring of my senior year I opted to attend a state school in the fall about an hour and a half away from our hometown. Tony, however, opted to start working right away. He had spent his summers working at a landscaping company. Not only did he really like the work, he was really good at it. So good, in fact, that he would be made manager of the company just a few years after graduation. He was a hard worker with a smart business mind; the decision was easy for him.

He wished me well when I left for college, and of course he visited me often. College girls definitely liked the fact that he actually had money. Most of the guys they met, like me, were pretty much flat broke all of the time. Tony could afford to take girls out to eat for a real meal, and we took full advantage of this fact. Mostly he'd pick up the check and I'd scrape a few bucks together and throw them Tony's way when I could. But it worked. We were always able to find girls willing to double-date with us.

Our arrangement was that he was the money, and I was the wit. I would charm the girls, and he'd get the check. That deal was fine with both of us. Tony was always just a bit awkward with the ladies. Having me there to break the ice initially and to keep the conversation flowing smoothly throughout was worth the money, he said. We made a good team.

Soon though, my freshman year of college came to an end and I moved back home for the summer. It was mid-May, and I immediately applied to get my old high school job back. I was a waiter at a local Italian restaurant. The family that owned the restaurant was good friends with the Delvecchios and it was Tony's father who'd first gotten me the job. In the beginning, both Tony and I had started out as bus boys when we were 16. Tony got the job with the landscaping company for better money and left soon after, but I stayed and eventually went from bussing to waiting on tables. It was decent money and it did the trick.

But soon an adventure was to come my way that I had no way to see coming. When I returned from college it was mid-May and Jeanie and Jocelyn were nearing the end of their high school careers. They had both recently turned 18, and could truly be called women now. Having been away for a year I marveled at how beautiful, smart, and mature they now were. I had to shake my head when I hung out with them, hearing how grown up they had become. Gone were the kid sisters I once knew.

I had just eaten dinner with the Delvecchio family one night, when Jeanie approached me out of the blue. I'd only been home a couple of days and Tony and I were planning on going out for the evening. He was upstairs cleaning up before we left when Jeanie popped into the living room where I was lounging on the couch waiting.

"Hey James," she teased as she ran into the room and jumped on the couch next to me. She was wearing a pair of tight, black Capri pants that hugged the generous curves of her hips and behind, and a loose-fitting shirt that revealed an almost immodest amount of cleavage as she curled her feet under her and leaned toward me. Her perfume was sweet and delicate in the air.The fleeting thought swept through my mind that this was no little girl anymore, but I pushed it aside. I couldn't let my mind wander like that.

"Hey Giana," I teased back, echoing our old joke.

"So... um, I've been wanting to ask you something for a while, but I... uhh, don't really know how to." She seemed very ill at ease and she kept biting her lower lip as she talked. I didn't really know what was going on, but she looked so impossibly cute, even in her discomfort, that I had to try to calm her.

"What's up, Jeanie? You know you can talk to me about anything." I tried to give my voice a soothing, comforting quality. It was rare to see her uncomfortable about anything, so I wasn't sure what was going on. I put my hand on her forearm to reassure her. Her olive skin was warm and soft to the touch, and I felt a little tremor pass through me when I caressed her.

She smiled down at my hand on her arm and seemed to relax a bit. "Well," she said, still smiling, "I'm just going to come right out and say it." She took a deep breath to gather herself. "My senior prom is next Friday, and I would very much like it if you would do me the honor of escorting me."

The last part of her question came out rushed and a bit awkwardly and she exhaled sharply after saying it. My jaw dropped open when she said it, but she quickly regained her composure. "What I mean is," she continued, gathering herself, "would you please go with me to my prom?" She smiled hopefully as she asked, shrugging her shoulders slightly in anticipation, and it made my heart melt. Her big brown eyes gazed into mine expectantly, waiting eagerly for my reply.

"Oh Giana," I said, somewhat taken aback. I squeezed her arm with my hand. "You know I would love to go with you, I mean, I would be like the luckiest guy in the world." She gave me a huge, wide smile when I said this.

"Really?" she asked, her smile beaming. She was an absolute vision to behold as she smiled, as though this moment had been building in her head for quite some time, and she got the answer she'd been longing to hear.

"Absolutely. I would be very honored and very lucky. Except..." I let that word hang in the air for a moment, and she gave me a puzzled, expecting look. "Well, I'm not sure your brother would approve."

"Oh... right. That." She said it slowly as though she was expecting me to say it, and possibly feared I'd say it too. "What if I told you to just leave the brother thing up to me?"

"Well, I guess..." I paused for a moment, thinking. "Hey, what about Jeremy?" I asked, suddenly remembering that the last time I saw her, over Easter, she was still dating Jeremy Gund, a guy in her grade that she had dated for nearly a year.

"Yeah, he and I broke up," she said flatly, no emotion whatsoever in her voice. It was clear that that subject matter was closed.

"Oh I see. Well, in that case..." I stopped to think for a moment. Somehow I feared this might cause some sort of friction between Tony and I. But the sweet look of anticipation on Jeanie's lovely face warmed my heart, and I put any fears aside. I took both her hands in mine. Something told me that given the past we shared, Jeanie had probably very much been looking forward to this moment. How could I possibly let her down?

"I would love to go with you, Giana," I said softly.

"Oh my God, are you serious?" she asked sweetly.

"Yes, of course." I knew the prom was a very big deal to most girls, and if I could somehow make the evening special and memorable for Jeanie, then I felt I had to do it. I owed her that.

At my reply she squealed delightedly and pounced on me, throwing her arms around me and hugging me tightly. I put my arms around her and held her close.

"Thank you so much, Jim," she whispered in my ear, "this means a lot to me, it really does." Her breath was warm and soft in my ear, tickling me and sending little waves of arousal through my body. I suddenly became very aware of the sexuality of the creature I held in my arms. For the first time ever, the thoughts I kept censored in my head came crashing forward uncontrollably. Her body was warm pressed against mine, her breasts soft and yielding against my chest. Her hair smelled sweet, and I could sense the warmth of the soft skin on her neck just inches below my lips. I ran my hands down to the small of her back, to where I could already feel the gentle rise of her rounded bottom, and I felt her fingernails dig gently into my own back.

Suddenly I was struck by a thought. She wants this. I knew I wasn't imagining things as I felt her exhale a long, warm breath into my neck, sighing contentedly as she did so. Her nails were in my back holding me close to her, and I realized in a heartbeat that I had to stop this. It would be far too easy to let this get out of control and her brother or parents could walk into the living room at any moment. Even just holding Jeanie in this close, tight embrace was more than I should do; it wasn't right. And the temptation to touch her, to feel her soft, supple young body, was becoming more than I could control. I longed to let my hands drop down onto her behind, to squeeze her softness under those skin-tight pants. To let my lips caress her smooth neck, and make a trail of gentle kisses slowly down to her rounded cleavage.

But I took control of myself. I ran my hands to her sides and pushed her gently away, regaining my composure. I looked her in the eyes. "You do realize Tony is going to be a real pain in the ass about this, right? I'm worried you'll get your hopes up, just to have him crush them."

She ran her hand along my cheek. "Listen, James," she said calmly, "you just let me deal with the pain in the ass Anthony Delvecchio. You made me very happy with what you just said, so my hopes are going to be way up no matter what." After saying this she gave me a wide smile, and leaned in quickly to kiss my cheek. The actual kiss though, was not quick. She placed her lips fully on my cheek and gave it a long, slow kiss, sensual and alluring. Then she pulled back, looked me in the eyes, and whispered simply, "Thank you."

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