A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 04


"So, the next time we hang out, assuming you want to see me again after tonight..." I said, awaiting her reply.

"Keep up the good behavior and stop asking about boobs and we'll see," she replied saucily.

I smiled. "Right, well, assuming there is a next time. I plan on coming to your house. I want to ring the doorbell. I will come in and I will face your parents like a man. I'll answer whatever questions they have and assure them that I am a stand-up guy. And I'll look your father in the eye when I tell him that. I don't want to sneak around after tonight, and I don't want to keep you hidden. I think you're great, Jeanie. I will do what it takes to make this right."

She smiled at me. "Thank you, Jim. That's exactly what I wanted to hear you say. You don't know how much that means to me."

"I'm glad. And that goes for my family too. I wonder how Jocelyn will feel. I know you guys are friends too."

"We are. But Jocelyn has always been nothing but cool with me, even if we're not like the closest of friends. I think she'll be ok with it."

"I know, I think so too. But it could be weird for her. So I'm not going to sneak around. I'm going to be honest with her the next time I see her."

"I like that idea," she said. "I'm beginning to think you're a pretty ok guy," she joked.

"Pretty ok?" I asked, teasing her back.

"Yeah, pretty," she laughed. After a few moments, she leaned in towards the table and tilted her neck slightly, indicating that I should lean in too. I did and she whispered, "Wanna know a secret?"

I had a funny feeling I knew where this might be going. "Yes, please," I whispered back.

"They're black and lacy," she whispered slowly, pronouncing every syllable seductively.

I leaned back and took a deep breath, my eyes locked with hers. "You're killing me, Francesca," I whispered, exasperated. Hearing her say that sent a little volt of electricity surging down my chest into my crotch. I felt my cock spring to life in my pants imagining those little lacy panties covering her sweet womanhood. She grinned wickedly across the table at me.

Just at that moment our waiter brought our dinners over to us. I was actually glad for the distraction and used the opportunity to try to push the images of Jeanie and her underwear out of my head. But it wouldn't be easy. She sat there across from me looking adorable and gorgeous, and my cock had come alive between my legs. I couldn't just tell it to go back to sleep. I'd have to live with the vaguely pleasant discomfort of a hard-on twitching in my pants.

Our meal was as delicious as we'd both anticipated, and I was able to calm down a bit as we ate and conversed. I'd never eaten food this rich before, and I was amazed at how incredibly good it was. The conversation between us was pleasant and stimulating. Jeanie was one of the smartest people in her class and she was always engaging to talk to. In truth, I felt as if I was the one who couldn't keep up with her brilliant mind, and that I should be the one with the hopeless crush on her. And every minute I spent talking to her, I came closer to that being the case.

For as long as I could remember Jeanie had wanted to be a doctor. A pediatrician, to be specific, since she really liked kids. And now she was setting out to make that dream happen. She had applied to several schools, all with good pre-med programs. Most were in the northeast, relatively close to where we grew up, but one was Northwestern University, a great school with an outstanding medical program. She said she was waiting to hear from all of them before she made her decision, but I couldn't help thinking to myself how badly it would suck if she did choose to go to Northwestern.

The school was in Chicago, a long way from where we lived. The rest of the schools she applied to were within a couple hours' drive time of my college and our hometown. But Northwestern? Chicago was a long drive away; it would feel like she was practically in another world. I shook that thought out of my head though, and didn't say anything to Jeanie. She had to do what was best for her. Besides, I was getting ahead of myself. This was our first date, no sense in trying to make the situation any bigger than it was.

I had to admit though, just the fact that she had me thinking that way made me realize how much I really did like her. We laughed and talked throughout dinner, and we ordered a dessert to share. We both dug our forks into it, smiling and joking with one another as we finished our meal happily. When the check came she protested, insisting she wanted to pitch in to help with the cost. I refused though.

"Hey, I asked you here because I knew you liked it and I wanted you to have a good time," I said.

"I know, Jim, but it's so much; let me give a little, like even the tip?" she insisted.

"No," I said, "this one is all me because I wanted to see you smile again. I think I'm getting addicted to that smile." As I said this she smiled again for me and her eyes shone brightly. "Tell you what," I went on, "you can treat on our next date."

At this her eyes lit up and she beamed a wide smile. "Really," she asked, "so there's going to be a next date?"

"Yeah," I said, "provided I don't screw this one up in the meantime."

She laughed a little. "Well, let's just say so far, so good, Stillman," she stated simply.

"All right, I'll take that," I said. I gave our waiter money for the bill and tip and we left a few minutes later. Once in the car I suggested to Jeanie that we go down and take a walk by the river. There was a little nature trail next to the river that ran through our town and there was just enough daylight left to enjoy a nice, private walk. She agreed and I drove us down there. I parked in a little, secluded public lot and we made our way to the trail.

We held hands as we walked and continued our talk about life and everything. After a few minutes I attempted to broach a subject I had been wondering about. "So Jeanie, there's something I've been wanting to ask, but I'm not sure how," I began.

"I've been waiting for this," she smiled.

"What? What do you think I'm going to ask?"

"Well, ask it first and I'll let you know if I was right," she said.

"Ok," I replied, but paused thinking of the right way to phrase the question. "Don't take offense to this, but I just have to wonder. The pill?"

She laughed. "I knew it! I knew your curiosity would win in the end. I've been waiting for that question."

"Well," I stammered, a bit embarrassed, "I really am curious."

"It's ok, I understand. It's not a really crazy story at all. A few months ago my mother and I were shopping and we had a talk. She said I'm 18 and beautiful and that she understood that I was going to want to have that part of my life. She told me how she remembered what it was like being 18 and she actually suggested it."

"Wait, seriously, your mom suggested it?"

"Yeah she did. Not as a license to do whatever I wanted, but trusting me to still make the right decisions. But she said it would be a good way to ensure I didn't complicate my future."

"Wow," I said, "that was pretty cool of your mother."

"Yeah," she replied, "it really was. My mom is really great sometimes. But, of course, it's a secret between just her and me. My father doesn't know; he would flip."

"No shit, yeah he would," I admitted. I couldn't imagine her father or Tony knowing she was on the pill. They simply would not approve of that.

"So is my secret safe with you, Jim?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied, "you know it is."

"Good," she said, wrapping her arm around my waist as we walked. I wrapped my arm over her shoulder and held her closer to me. After a few moments she said, "So go ahead and ask the other question you're dying to ask."

I looked down at her and raised one eyebrow inquisitively. "What other question?" I asked. In truth, I did have a number of questions, but none seemed appropriate and I was content to learn more about her gradually.

She looked up at me with an accepting smile. "Jim, you're a guy," she said, "and I know how you think. You are dying to know how much of last night was a first for me." Her features were soft as she said this, but I knew I was on dangerous ground here. It would not be right to come off as jealous in this moment.

Truthfully though, she was right; I did want to know that. Our lovemaking had been so passionate, and she had been so good at it, that I did wonder how much experience she had before me. But I really didn't seriously consider asking her. It wasn't my place and I figured I'd learn enough in time. Plus, I was pretty sure it didn't matter to me. Now that she'd brought it up though, I didn't know how to handle it.

"No," I began, "I mean, yes. Yes. You're right, Jeanie. That guy part of me is dying to know that stuff. But I wouldn't ask. And it doesn't matter. I mean, I'm curious but I don't need to know and it wouldn't make any difference to me if I did."

"Well, I'm glad to hear you say that. But when I told you that you were my first I meant it. I mean, I've kissed guys before, obviously."

"Yeah, obviously," I interrupted, "in fact I've had to bear witness to that stuff before." I gave her a somewhat sarcastic grin to let her know I was kidding, but in truth I did have to break her up from kissing her boyfriends in the hallways at school before so that her brother wouldn't catch her. It wouldn't take much to set Tony off and it was easier for me to just walk by and say, "Hey, knock that crap off," rather than have him go into a fit.

"Mm hmm," she grinned back, "yes, I suppose you know that all too well. But seriously, I've made out with boys. And I let one go inside my shirt before, but not down my pants. And, well..."

She trailed off, as though she didn't want to continue. "What?" I needled her.

"Sure you'll understand if I tell you?" she asked.

"Pretty sure I'm sure," I said smiling, not knowing what she was about to tell me.

"Ok. Well, I, actually... did go down on one guy."

I laughed almost immediately. Not in a derisive way, but just a relieved and a tension-breaking way. But Jeanie was confused.

"What? Jim? Why are you laughing?"

"Francesca, it's not a crime. You're acting like you did something horrible; like you're confessing to me. I mean, I understand. You were with someone you cared about and you did something for him. Believe me, I'm sure I know how he felt. You guys were probably fooling around and you got him all crazy worked up so he needed it to relieve the built-up tension."

"Yeah, that was pretty much exactly it," she said.

"Right, yeah, I know exactly how he felt."

"So you don't, like, think less of me?" she asked.

"No, of course not," I replied.

"And you don't think I'm like a slut?"

At this I snorted. "No, sweetie, listen," I said, "I absolutely do not think that. It's ok that you shared whatever you shared with your former boyfriends."

"It was mostly with Jeremy," she interrupted. "I didn't really do all that much other than kissing with the other guys." Jeremy was her last boyfriend that she had broken up with a few months earlier.

"Right, with Jeremy then. You guys dated for a long time so of course you were intimate."

"I know, but thank you for saying it. It's just important to me that you know that you were my first. That's how I see you, Jim. You're my first for everything. The way you touched me, the way you made love to me, it was unlike anything I've ever felt or ever known. It was so amazing, Jim, and it only could have been you."

I pulled her closer to me as we walked. "Thank you, Jeanie. I'm glad I was your first. It was amazing; it really was."

We walked in a hug for a little while longer, until I realized the light was fading quickly. I stopped us and took her by the hands, looking into her soft, brown eyes. "Well, it's going to be dark soon," I said. "I should probably be getting you back to the car."

She held my gaze for a moment, a little smile curling her lips upward slightly. "Ok," she said finally, her voice little more than a whisper. "But you are going to kiss me first, right?"

I stepped into her, and pulled her close to me. "Yes," I whispered gently, and leaned slowly into her, meeting her lips with mine. The kiss was soft and warm, each of us caressing the other's lips softly in our own. I ran my hands up her arms and pulled her closer to me. Her lips were so soft and tender, and the moment felt so perfect, so right. I held her bottom lip softly between mine, then slowly opened further and took her top lip. When we finally broke the kiss off after several moments, she smiled up at me.

"So awesome," she whispered. I laughed and pulled her into a hug.

"Yeah, it so is," I agreed. After holding her close to me for a moment, I took her hand in mine and we walked back to my car. We didn't say much on the walk back, but it felt incredibly good having her hand in mine. I was really losing myself in her; I knew it without a doubt.

When we arrived back at my car, I opened her door for her and helped her in. When I stepped into the driver's side, she was turned in her seat somewhat and watching me with a sly smile on her face. I pulled the door closed and gave her a puzzled look. "What?" I asked.

"Well, what now?" she asked me back.

"I guess I gotta take you home," I replied. "It's not like there's anywhere we can go; we both live with our parents."

"We're here though, aren't we?" she asked, her voice unwavering, never breaking eye contact with me. "And my curfew isn't for another hour."

"Uhhh, yeah, I guess that's a good point," I stammered. "Why, what were you th..." But before I could finish my question, Jeanie sprang across the seat into me. Her mouth pressed savagely into mine and before I knew it we were kissing passionately. This was not like our previous kiss on the walk; this was hard making out. Her tongue pressed almost immediately into my mouth, surprising me with her aggression. But in an instant I gathered myself and sucked it deeper into my mouth, holding her inside me and tasting her sweetness.

She groaned and swirled her tongue in my mouth, as I reached behind her and pulled her body into mine. It was somewhat awkward working our way around the console between the seats, and the invading plastic of the sealtbelt locks sticking up from our seats, but we quickly found that where there's a will, there's a way. We both wanted at each other so badly that we pawed one another from around the obstacles.

I let one hand slide forward from her back, under her arm to her chest. She inhaled deeply as I softly squeezed her breast, letting my thumb trace the skin along the edge of her dress. She grazed her fingernails down the length of my chest and tugged my shirt out of my pants so that she could slide her hand up under it. Her fingertips explored the skin on my belly, gently caressing me, before she slid them slowly up to my chest.

Her light touching was igniting a fire within me and I felt my cock stiffen in my pants once again. I was becoming turned on almost immediately. I ran the hand I still had on her back up into the back of her hair and gently pulled it downward. She arched her neck back, exposing her delicate throat to me. I broke our kiss and immediately traced a line of warm, wet kisses down her chin, onto her neck, and over her throat. I could feel the vibrations on my lips as she moaned her consent, and I proceeded to give her neck soft, little flicking licks to turn her on.

She giggled a little at my licks and moaned, "Mmmmmm, Jim." I knew she was as turned on and into the moment as I was so very slowly, and very tenderly, I let my thumb slip under her dress and into her bra, until I found the taut, little nipple within, and pressed into it gently but firmly. Her body stiffened as I pushed against her nipple and she sucked air in through her teeth. I simultaneously ran a lick from her throat, up the side of her neck to her earlobe and drew it into my mouth.

I nibbled her earlobe for a moment as Jeanie's breathing quickened. I could feel her nipple stiffening as I gently rubbed it in a circular motion with my thumb. Soon she could take no more and pushed back on me aggressively. I broke away from her ear and slipped my hand off her breast. She glared into my eyes for a split second, a lashing look of wanton desire, before pulling my shirt toward her and lunging into my neck, her kisses hot and wet with little nips and bites on my sensitive neck.

I gasped as Jeanie licked and bit every inch of my hyper-sensitive flesh, her fingertips grazing both of my nipples as she ran her hands brazenly over my chest. My cock raged in my pants, engorged and dying to feel Jeanie's touch in any way it could. I hissed through my teeth as Jeanie nibbled my throat, "God damn, sweetie, you are so fucking sexy," I whispered.

She ran a long, slow lick from my throat up my neck, over my chin and onto my mouth, ending with a hot, wet kiss. She broke the kiss after a moment and asked, "Am I really?"

Our faces were just inches from the other, our noses practically touching, so I could look her straight in both eyes. "Holy shit, yes, you're amazing," I told her.

"Good, because I'm just getting started," she said quickly, pressing her mouth back onto mine and squeezing both of my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, twisting them adamantly. I groaned and pushed my tongue into her mouth, enjoying every second of making out with Jeanie. "God, this girl is incredible," I thought to myself as we kissed.

After several minutes of hard kissing, Jeanie broke off suddenly and kissed her way down to my neck. As she did so, she ran her hands down my chest and pulled the bottoms of both my shirt and undershirt up under my chin. When she got them both hiked all the way up, she dropped her head down onto my bare chest, and ran a bold lick between both of my nipples. "Nnnnnn, god yes," I moaned as the electric sensations of her lick ran through my body.

She smiled up at me then fastened her mouth hard onto my left nipple, tugging and gently gnawing at my sensitive nub. I felt the blood rush into my engorged nipple as she chewed it, and I ran my hand onto the back of her head into her hair, holding her there. She held me flat between her teeth for a moment, then dislodged from my nipple with an audible smack and licked her way over to my right nipple, pulling that into her mouth just as savagely.

I squirmed in my seat at Jeanie's erotic ministrations, dying to press my cock into her and feel her softness. She sensed my need and felt how I was rocking and thrusting my hips, seeking some sort of attention for my throbbing, desperate manhood. As she sucked away at my nipple, she let her right hand slide down my chest onto my belly, where it lingered for a moment gently fingering the waist of my pants and my belt buckle.

She pressed her palm flatly against my belly as her thumb circled my navel and her fingertips worked their way just under my waistband. I rocked my hips upward, desperately craving her touch. She didn't disappoint me as she agonizingly slowly slipped her hand downward into my pants.

Her fingers deftly wrapped around my throbbing erection through my boxer briefs, gently tugging it, her thumb running little circles around the head. I groaned deep in my throat, finally feeling Jeanie's soft touch on my manhood. I'd been craving this all day, not sure if our previous night together would have been a one-time only occurrence, or whether Jeanie would want to wait a while before we shared each other again. But deep down inside I knew I was craving this. I wanted Jeanie again; I was craving her. Though I'd repressed the thoughts as best I could, all day long I had been longing to have her again. Now, feeling her hand caressing my rigid cock, I was in complete bliss.

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