tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA First Night Pt. 02

A First Night Pt. 02


It had been an amazing day, she hadn't wanted it to end, but at the same time, she was glad it did. A date that lasted all day was definitely tiring. She gladly fell asleep with his arms around her, too tired to even tease him a little, or respond to his cock pushing against her arse. Even if it did turn her on.

He pulled her close, breathing gently on the back of her neck, her breast cupped in his hand, slightly more than filling it. She was wearing her favourite purple cami, soft satin, with a slight lace trim, and of course, the sexiest panties she owned. Her plans had been for the fun to continue into the night, but she couldn't keep her eyes open.

She woke suddenly, the room was pitch black, darker than it should have been. Groggy from sleep, the lack of light was strange, but what woke her up a little quicker was the smell. It was the sickly sweet smell of incense in a closed room, it wasn't burning now, but had been recently.

She started to realise why it was so dark, there was something over her eyes. She tried to move, discovering that her wrists and ankles had been tied to something. There was a little give, she could move them closer and further from her body...only just, but it was like they were locked against a bar, keeping them the same distance apart.

She felt someone run their fingertips down the side of her face and neck, slowly caressing down her body. They stopped at her breasts, squeezing and then the fingers moved in to her nipples. The skin of whoever's hands these were was rough, but soft at the same time. The fingers ran over her nipples again, arousing them before pinching and twisting them until she gasped.

Someone put their head close to hers, biting her ear, she pulled away as much as she could. Receiving a slap that made her ears ring for her effort. She tasted blood in her mouth. It was only just now that she realised she was completely naked. The rough hands started touching her again, not as gently this time.

He was groping down her body, she was sure it was a he, it smelled like a man. He was biting around her breasts before taking her small pink nipples between his teeth and worrying at them painfully. She was scared he'd tear them off. As painful as this was, she was starting to enjoy it, but couldn't let whoever this was know.

The hands were moving over her hourglass figure, stopping and resting on her hips. Then the feeling was gone. She felt something touching her lips, it had a slightly slimy feeling coating on it. Knowing it was a dick, she reluctantly opened her mouth for it, tasting the precum as it was pushed down to her throat, choking her and making her gag.

He held her head up by her hair, forcing his cock deeper down her throat, she was sure she'd be sick if he didn't pull it out soon.

Holding her head, he continued to fuck her mouth, making her gag with every thrust. She was salivating heavily, drool running from the corners of her mouth, while he grunted like an animal. Suddenly he pulled out of her, as she gasped for breath, she felt his seed spilling over her face and into her mouth. Unable to help herself, she licked what she could into her mouth, the taste making her wetter than she thought possible. If how wet her throbbing cunt was hadn't given away her pleasure at being used like this, her hunger for his cum definitely would.

He started working his mouth down her body again, stopping at her tits again before continuing down. He got to her dripping cunt and started to play with it, running his hand over it, sliding it through her slick gash. He slapped her pussy hard, it hurt so much, but felt good at the same time. She felt 2 fingers slip inside her, and started to moan when his tongue brushed over her clit. He was licking around the fingers that were inside her, moving back and forth around her sex. She felt her clit being sucked, and then there were teeth pulling at it, and dragging back over it. She shuddered in pleasure at the feeling.

Unable to control herself any longer, she moaned and writhed as he used his fingers and mouth on her, slipping more fingers in until she was no longer sure if she was moaning in pleasure or pain. Finally she came, it was unbelievably intense, she discovered that she'd always wanted to be used like this. Even if she'd never realised it before.

Her bindings were being moved, whoever this was, he must have done something like this before, he flipped her over without untying her. She was still unable to lift her upper body because of the restraints, but her legs were pushed up until her round, smooth arse was in the air. It was painful with her legs still spread, but it also held her open for whatever he wanted.

He slapped her pussy again, her juices splashing out against her thighs. She felt him move between her legs, with his left hand on her hip, he guided his member into her. She was expecting it, but still she gasped when it felt better than she had hoped. He thrust hard against her, she was surprised by how he rocked his hips with each movement, moving his member up and down as well as in and out.

Again and again he ground himself into her throbbing pussy, she was getting close to cumming again. She held it back as long as she could, not wanting it to end. With a scream of ecstasy, she could hold back her orgasm no longer, her pelvic muscles clenching again and again. She could feel herself squirting, drowning his balls in her wetness.

As she was feeling the intensity of it all, he unloaded into her. Sure he'd never cum so much in his life, he couldn't let this be the end, he still had so much he wanted to do to this hungry little slut. After finishing inside her, he pulled out and started to rub his dick between her arse cheeks, she could feel the mixture of them both lubricating her crack. It made her hungry for more, but with the intensity of the last time, she wasn't sure she could hold herself up any more.

After a short period of rubbing his dick between her cheeks and over her arsehole, she finally collapsed. This was exactly what he wanted. His dick was ready again.

Putting one leg on either side of her, he slapped her arse, leaving a gigantic welt the shape of his hand. Then guiding his member back slowly over her crack until he found her holy of holys, sliding first the head in and resting it just inside. Suddenly and unexpected for both of them, she pushed back, swallowing his cock with her arse.

With grunts and moans of pleasure, they writhed together. He slid one hand underneath her, cupping her breast with her nipple poking between his fingers where he could pinch at will, but only did so gently now. Pressing himself close, he started to kiss and bite her neck, enhancing her pleasure even more.

Like a flood, she finally peaked for the last time, her clenching muscles quickly bringing him to meet her arrival. He lay there on her back for a time, still inside her, any slight movement from either of them making his entire body tense and quiver. She loved the feeling of him being there, and was a little disappointed when he lifted himself off and out of her slowly.

Her bindings were undone, but still she lay there, expecting this unknown stranger to leave quietly. Instead he lay beside her, gently pushing her shoulder back so that she faced him. His hand ran slowly up the side of her face, pushing the covering from her eyes. She looked into his eyes, smiling, she suspected it was him, and was happier knowing it really was. Once again, they shared a passionate kiss before laying, face to face, in each other's arms.

One more time, they took each other, no mystery this time, just energy and lust for each other. A primordial hunger to please each other one more time, before falling into an exhausted sleep in each other's arms. Sleeping now like this, a smile on both faces, they knew something great was happening, and were excited to find out more about it.

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by Josie_0307/14/18

Keep going

I must say, I was a little consused with this one.
Only because its Pt.2, and mostly because I didn't expect this one to be from "her" point of view. If she fell asleep with him to her side, why wouldmore...

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