tagBDSMA First Time Dominant

A First Time Dominant


It was Friday morning, and I rushed downstairs to see if the post had been delivered before you awoke, YES! It had come, a small red package, and I knew exactly what was in it, and I hid it inside my t shirt as I went back upstairs. I went straight into the bathroom and hid it in the bathroom cupboard; I didn't want you seeing it as it was going to be a surprise for tonight. You had a meeting tonight with some clients and you requested that I be there and to wear something sexy, so what I had ordered should be just fine, shame that you would be he only one to see it though.

You got up and had some breakfast then went and got showered, when you came back in to the bedroom dripping wet I couldn't help but drop to my knees and take your soft cock in my mouth, I started to suck on you as you protested because you had to get ready for work, I held your arse and kept you from moving, then the protesting stopped and you looked down at me with a big smile.

I concentrated on taking you the whole way down the back of my throat, gently scarping my nails along your balls as I did so, I knew it wouldn't be too long before you emptied your load into me, I don't know why, but I'm always horny in the mornings and I love nothing better to start the day with your cock in my mouth, I sucked harder and harder until I felt your balls tighten and a load of hot creamy cum splashed into my mouth.

"Thanks babe" you said as you bent down to kiss the top of my head, and then went back to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. You left for work and I immediately got out the package that I had hidden in the cupboard. I opened it carefully and already I was excited, you had once said to me ages ago how much you liked outfits like this, so I thought as a treat, I would buy one. I spread the items out on the bed and gazed at them, I had not worn anything quite like this before, I had lots of fun clothes and toys but this is the first leather item I had brought, it looked like something out of a bondage film and wasn't sure that you would like it.

I slipped out of my t shirt and went to the bedroom cupboard to get the thigh high leather boots you had brought me for Christmas, these boots where my favourites and I would often wear them with a skirt if we went out, it certainly got the blokes attention and I know you liked it when I wore them for you. I went back over to the bed and picked up my new item, it was a leather body suit with a thong back; there was hardly any material to the back of it, or the front either! The front was cut in a very low v that would show a lot of cleavage! Perfect! I thought to myself. My breasts were large and pert and would sit perfectly in place in this.

I slipped into it and pulled it up my body, there were chains going across the middle of the garment, it felt good on my skin as I pulled them into place, I pulled on the boots and zipped them up, and the elbow high leather gloves that came with the body, I felt incredibly turned on wearing all of this stuff, and felt a wetness between my legs start to stir. I walked over to the mirror and looked back at the reflection, I was surprised by what I saw, I actually looked good in all of this, my body was an hourglass shape and the leather was stretched tight across my breasts, the chains across the middle looped slightly and made small clink noises when I moved.

The gloves were tight on my hands, they fit perfectly, everything looked very sexy, I started posing in front of the mirror, thinking to myself about this evening, and how I was going to go about everything, I know you would be shocked by it, but turned on also, I have never really had a passion about leather before, the most I have worn before is a rubber body that you brought me from Ann summers one year. I felt incredibly dominant in my new stuff, and very turned on, so turned on that I had to slip a finger inside the thong and start to slowly rub myself.

I laid back on the bed, still in all my stuff, and spread my legs, I couldn't believe how wet I was just from what I was wearing, I pulled the leather to one side and started to slide two fingers in and out of my moist hole while rubbing on my clit with the other hand. I looked at myself in the mirror from across the room, I looked sexy lying on the bed covered in leather and chains, fingering myself, and I knew if you where there, you would be wanking off while watching me.

The waves of orgasm started to build inside me, and I pushed my fingers deeper inside me as I came, the juice dribbled out of my hole and onto my fingers, I lay there for a while recovering from my orgasm then decided I had better get dressed into something more suitable, until tonight!

"Come on darling we are going to be late" I rushed into the bathroom to check my makeup and hair then headed downstairs, I had my outfit on underneath my clothes and I'm sure he could hear the small chains rattling as I ran down the stairs, I had his favourite boots on too, so that when we got back all I needed to do was to quickly out the gloves on to complete the outfit!. We headed outside and to the car, and already I was so excited about what I was going to do with later!

The dinner was boring as usual, the same faces, the same suggestive comments, the same answers to those comments, it was about 10pm by the time we were eating dessert and I was gagging to get you home, just before we had the coffee everyone left to use the toilets or to go and have a smoke, as this was a no smoking restaurant they had to go outside, we were on our own, and I slid across to the seat next to you and kissed you gently on your earlobe, your hand slide round my waist and went round to my front, Oh my god the chains! I thought, just as your hand found small tiny snake like things covering the front of my body.

You looked at me with surprise and lent in and whispered in my ear "what is that? Or am I going to find out later?" I promised you'd find out as soon as you got me home and that I had been planning tonight all week, this seemed to excite you and your cheeks flushed a little, by that time most people were coming back in for coffee, so I moved back into my chair opposite you, while we finished up the coffee and waited for the bill, I noticed you could hardly look at me, I knew it was because you couldn't wait to get your cock inside me, and the looks I was giving you, was not helping you to concentrate on coffee!

The meal ended and everyone left, as we walked to where the car was parked you didn't say a word to me, just held me around my waist, the drive home was 10 minutes away and I was driving as you had been drinking, we drove out of town and on towards home, as we stopped at a set of traffic lights I felt your hand slide up beneath my skirt, up to the top of the boots and onto my skin, your hands stroked me slowly and lightly and I had to really concentrate on driving you were turning me on so much!

Your hand moved ever so slowly upwards and came in contact with the leather thong that was barely covering my smooth pussy lips, I know I was wet, I had been all evening. You made a mmm sounds as your hands felt the leather that was preventing you access to my wetness, "what have we here" was all you said, I smiled wickedly, but kept my eyes on the road, trying not to crash the car!

You managed to slip a finger inside my thong and I gasped as you expertly slid it all the way into me, you found the sensitive spot right at the top and started to slowly stroke it, I was glad we were nearly home, as I knew if you kept that up for much longer I would be coming hard, and when driving, multiple orgasms are not recommended! We pulled into the drive and you slipped your finger out of me, I sat there for a few seconds trying to regain composure.

As we entered the house I dashed upstairs to the bathroom where I had hidden the other part to complete my outfit for the night, I waited until I heard you jump into bed before stripping off my clothes to reveal my sexy get up, I pulled on the gloves, let down my hair, and put on some lipstick, but this time it was bright red. I touched up my eyeliner, so it was very dark and made me look dominant.

I strolled into the bedroom where I found you laying on your back with your big hard cock in your hand, you were stroking up and down, and pulling the foreskin right back each time. You looked up, a little surprised and gasped out loud when you saw my raunchy outfit, you immediately jumped p from the bed and came across the room towards me, I slowly turned round so you could see the whole outfit, and you whistled in approval.

Your hands quickly found there way to my large breasts that where straining under the leather and slipped a hand inside to pinch at my left nipple, the sensation on the pain sent shivers down my spine and deep into my pussy which was now throbbing in excitement, I told you to go lay on the bad as I had a surprise for you, you did as you were told for once and I went to the top drawer of the chest and pulled out the handcuffs that where in there.

You chuckled at me when I walked over to you "so you want to be tied up huh?" you said as I approached you "no! your going to be tied up tonight!" was my reply, I could sense you where a little nervous, you had never wanted to be tied up before, it was something that I had always wanted to do to you, but you had never agreed, I didn't wait for an answer, I slipped the handcuffs onto your wrists and behind the headboard in one swift move!

My pussy was so wet, and ached for some attention, but tonight was all about teasing you, being dominant, and getting you off. You protested a little when the cuffs where fastened to the headboard, but I think you secretly wanted it, and the protesting stopped as soon as I climbed on top of you and covered your hot mouth with mine, our tongues darted into each others mouths and I nibbled on your lips gently while you explored the inside of my mouth.

I moved my way down slightly so that the tip of your cock was resting right by my pussy, you tried to buck your hips so that you could get a touch, but every time, I just moved forwards slightly, I could see you were getting frustrated so I started to caress your body, moving my hands over your firm chest, gently tugging the hairs there, I took your nipple in my mouth and started to flick my tongue over the hard nub, you were moaning and while my nails were running over the front of your body you were whispering in my ear "fuck me baby, you know you want to sink that sweet little pussy down onto my huge hard cock" I told you to be quiet or you'd get nothing!

The look on your face was absolute surprise, I had never been one for being dominating, I like to be dominated, and I think I shocked you. You went quiet apart from the moans as my hands travelled down towards where your cock was standing straight up demanding attention. I brushed my hand over your cock and you thrust upwards, "be still or you will get nothing!" I repeated.

My hands moved down your things, with my tongue tracing circles on your stomach, I really wanted to sink my pussy down onto you and ride you hard, but I had not teased you enough yet, I had much more in store! I made my way down to your cock and slowly started licking up the shaft, small light licks that made your cock jerk with each contact, your eyes were closed and small moans escaped you each time I made contact with you. Finally I made my way to the top if your cock and sank my mouth down onto you, your hips moved up, forcing your cock all the way down my throat, I held you there in my mouth, with ought movement for some time, I warned you again not to move, or you would get nothing!

You lay still and when I finally moved my mouth up on you gasped out loud, I used my free hand to caress your balls and arse, I sucked you hard and felt your balls begin to tighten; I withdrew my mouth from your cock and went back to kissing your stomach. "Bloody hell" you muttered "I was nearly there" I replied in a bitchy tone "I know lover, and that is why I stopped"

I got up off the bed and went back over to my drawer and took out my favourite vibrator, the one you brought me for my birthday. I slowly moved back onto the bed and straddled you across your chest, my pussy was inches away from your face and I'm sure you could smell how wet I was, I pulled the thong to one side and started playing with my pussy, right in front of your face, your eyes widened with lust as you saw two of my small fingers slide into my sopping wet hole, I moaned and started telling you how good it felt, how warm and wet it was, with my other hand I started to rub myself, it felt good, I took my fingers out of my pussy they were dripping with juices and I offered them to your mouth, just as you were about to take them in your mouth I pulled away! "what do you say first?" you replied quickly"Please Please Please" I moved my hand so you could suck the wetness off of my fingers.

While you were licking, I turned around and switched the vibrator on, I started by running it over your stomach and down your legs, but never touching your cock or balls with it, you shuddered each time it ran past your cock, each stroke getting closer and closer until I ran it across the tip of your fat cock, you shrieked with pleasure and begged for more, I help a finger up to your lips to silence your begging.

I worked the buzzing around your balls and across your arse, I could see your cock was rock hard and red, and longing to be touched, I quickly ran the plastic toy across your cock and held it there, my other hand was rubbing my clit, right in front of your face, and every now and again id dip my finger in my wetness and let you suck it off. You started to thrust your hips up and down against the vibrations of my toy and I could see it wouldn't be long before you came, I took the vibrator away from your cock and help it above your face, I lent down to give you a kiss and I could taste my juice on your lips.

I started running the toy all around my lips. I lent back slightly so you could get a better view and my long hair fell around your cock, it must have felt nice, as the moan you let out was one of pure pleasure, I slowly eased the toy into my wet pussy and pushed slowly until most of it was inside me, your eyes were fixed on what was happening in between my legs, I knew I would come soon, I was so turned on by the whole being in charge thing, my pussy throbbed and my nipples ached, I reached up and started to pull on my right nipple.

I bent forward so that my firm tits were about an inch from your face, you opened your mouth to receive my nipple and sucked on it hard, I shuddered as the sensations hit me right through my body, I pulled the toy out from my sticky hole and sat up, I licked the juice off of it and then gave you a long deep kiss. I reached back and gave your cock a quick rub, just to keep you hot.

Sitting up, I moved my pussy so it was right over your mouth, resting my hands on the headboard, I gently lowered my hot wet sex onto your mouth, your moans muffled by my juices as you darted your tongue into me fast and hard, I was so hot that I ground down on your face forcing you to lick me deeper and deeper, I rubbed my clit as you tongued my hole and felt my orgasm very very near, I told you to lick harder and faster, you obeyed me, and within seconds I was coming hard all over your face, wave after wave of orgasm hit me and I thought I would never stop coming, you sucked and licked and made sure none of the juice was wasted.

After a few moments, I pulled away from you and you had the biggest smile on your face, I was still shaking from the multiple orgasm you had just given me when you said "now its my turn, let me go if you know what is good for you!" well I couldn't resist you, and I knew that you were gagging to come, I unlocked the handcuffs and as soon as you where free you threw me onto my front, spread my legs wide open and rammed your hot cock into me, you were the biggest I had ever felt you and you stretched me wide.

Your hands were on my arse roughly kneading them, as you fucked me hard and fast, you grabbed round my waist to be able to pull me deeper into you, your cock banged into me time and time again and I could feel another orgasm on its way. You kept saying things like "I will teach you to try to be dominant" "thought you'd get the better of me did you!" You pushed your cock into me faster and faster, you were like a wild animal, but I love it hard and fast, and I knew I was coming again, just as the first tingle of orgasm hit me, you rammed your cock into me as deep as you could and screamed in pleasure as you filled me with your hot come, I could feel my pussy clenching around your throbbing cock and I yelled out in pleasure.

As we lay there recovering from the nights actions, you brushed my hair back from my face and said that you really liked the outfit and the way I had teased you and tied you up, I smiled back up at you, I was so pleased you enjoyed it, I know I did!

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