tagLoving WivesA Fishing Story

A Fishing Story


The clock read 4:15 when I tried to shake my wife Lee awake.

She groaned and rolled over, having none of it.

"Wake up!" I told her, "Let's go fishing!" Lee let out the little whimper she gives when I want to do something and she doesn't..

"Darn!" I thought. Here I was wide awake, and I already had a Banana and some juice. I was trying to think of what I wanted to do, and I picked up the Morning paper and read a report that said "Record Run of Salmon!" in the headlines.

That was it! Except the wife was not co-operating. I went out to the garage and opened the big overhead doors, here sat my little 16' aluminum skiff looking a bit neglected.

I greased the wheels, chopped back some stringy Blackberry vines that were trying to take over, checked everything, hooked up the hose and started the engine. She popped off and purred like a hot engine.

I got the old truck out and hooked up, then dug around in my tacklebox for some brass #4 Bear Valley spinners. I use only that lure, my Grandpa ran a general store down on the coast and had total faith in them, so he stocked the brass blades by the case.

He taught my Dad how to dye chicken feathers in red and yellow to hide the big treble hooks, and my Dad taught me. The big heavy blades flutter just right, the modern stuff is lighter and spins like crazy. My Dad told me no fish in it's right mind would bite those, so the big heavy blades were all we ever used.

Ready to go, I went back inside and tried to wake Lee, no luck. She will roll up in a ball and pull the covers over her head, and when she does that even our Pit Bull Terrier won't go near her!

So I sat down in my chair and pouted, I knew I didn't dare go by myself, especially considering the events of the last few months. Hell, I am supposed to be dead!

Then it hit me, my neighbor, Skip! I don't see much of him, since he and his wife broke up he is gone a lot, sometimes for days on end. But I picked up the phone and called.

"Sure!, he replied to my request for a fishing buddy. Perfect, Skip was aware of my illness, so if I got in trouble, he would know what to do. Besides, he was a volunteer for the local Fire Department, and had some EMT training.

I wrote Lee a note, feeling guilty for a second, then off we went.

It is only a mile to the boat ramp, and another mile to the main river, so we had lines in the water in 60 minutes.

Skip had on a tiny little silver spinner, and I was using my big old Bear valley. He looked at what I was hooking up and told me it was too big, I just ignored him and dropped it over the side.

We sat there in the cold morning air waiting...and waiting...

Finally it was getting later and warmer, I began to doze between the sessions of rocking wildly as one of the big pleasure boats cruised by.

By about 2 PM it was hot, and I woke up just as I heard Skip say, "It ain't looking too good!"

I glanced at my rod tip, just sitting there. Suddenly it dove towards the water!

"All right!" I thought, and I grabbed the pole and leaned back, coming up solid against what felt like a huge rock. But this rock was moving!

All hell broke loose then as the thing headed for the Ocean at full speed. I set down on the drag as far as I dared and it kept right on going. It must have taken 150 yards on the first run, this was a strong fish.

Just as I was about to tell Skip to trip the anquor and start the engine to give chase, the fish settled in sideways and sulked. I began to gain line.

Almost an hour later, the net flashed, the big Chinook slammed his tail down on the water in one final gasp, and he was ours!

Skip and I stared at the thing in the bottom of the net, a female, it was huge! He watched as I as I kneeled down to try and untangle the net, carefully leaving the fish in the water.

"Ted!!" Skip exclaimed, realizing what I was going to do as I reached for the pliers to remove the hooks. I grinned at him, he just shrugged.

I slipped the hooks loose. Then I set the net deeper in the water, watching as this beautiful creature looked directly at me, beaten and gasping for breath.

I waited, then the breathing steadied, the big fish rolled upright, wary now. I dropped the net down, she lay there for a second, then in a monstrous slash of her tail, she drenched us both and was gone!

A few seconds later, the water exploded as she came completely clear 50 feet away, writhing in the air in her enjoyment of freedom.

"Damn!" Skip said, exaggerating. "You just turned loose a 50 pounder!"

"Well, 45 anyway!" I thought, feeling quite pleased with myself. There was no way I could kill a creature like that. A couple of years earlier, yes, but not now, since I know how precious life is!

We dropped our lines in again, and another hour passed.

Just then Skip let out a "whoop!" and we were off again. In short order, he had a nice 18 pounder laying on the floor. It looked like a minnow compared to the one I had caught, but the clipped fin told the story, hatchery fish, not a wild one like the one I had landed.

That was dinner!

That was enough for us, it was obvious I was tiring so we headed back to the dock.

We unloaded and put away our gear, I rested while Skip cut up the meat. Just then Lee walked in, she had been out on the deck. She looked me over with some concern, I looked her over with some myself.

She had on a tiny yellow thong style bottom with a top that was just two little triangles, not exactly the type of outfit one runs around in front of neighbors in. I knew the outfit very well, the bottom triangle stopped right at the sensitive spot between her vagina and anus, the rest was just thin string.

I knew from experience that if she lay on her stomach and parted her legs, she would be completely exposed! Standing, she appeared to be nude from the rear. Nope, not exactly an outfit one runs around in front of neighbors in, but I didn't mind. Actually, I kind of liked it.

Besides, Skip's ex-wife, Shari, had been on my massage table several times and there were no secrets, even though I had never actually done more with her than a massage. Shari was a skinny, flat-chested little redhead. She had almost no breasts, but nipples the size of Silver dollars, and a thin strip of untrimmed pubic hair above her pussy. Freckles everywhere!

But Shari had met some young guy, gotten involved, and one day took off with him, leaving Skip to fend for himself. Skip had dated a bit after that, always the same type of woman, thin, small busted. The same type I like, actually, just like Lee.

Lee went into the kitchen to look at the catch, Skip saw her, looked her up and down and almost dropped his knife.

He politely went back to his work, as they chatted a bit, then Lee came back out to the living room.

"I had a nice day!" I told her, then my eyes closed and I dozed off.

It was dark when I woke, I looked around, no one in sight. I got up and went over to Lee's computor room, she was sitting there searching medical sites, it seems that is all she does now.

She smiled and said "Hi!", and got up to fix a small meal. Fresh Salmon, some Corn on the cob, steamed veggies and fruit. One thing Lee can do is cook!

I was curious, though. Just before I fell asleep, Lee was wearing that tiny little suit, the one that I happened to know barely covered her nipples, and the triangle of cloth for a bottom!

Oh all right! I wanted to know what Skip did, if anything!

Lee knew, she smiled at me and told me all he did was look a few times, trying hard not to. He had finished up the fish, left some for us, then he had gone in and checked my pulse and breathing.

Finding all normal, he had simply said goodnight and left.

I really wasn't sure if I was pleased or disappointed, after all, just a couple of days earlier I had spent a wild afternoon in a motel room with Penny, having just barely met her!

I had told Lee of course. She didn't mind, in fact seemed a little pleased. We laughed together about my escapade, amazing for an old coot.

I talked to Lee a bit about Skip, curious if she found him interesting. She admitted she did, but that he had never made a move of any kind, in fact, just the opposite!

I didn't tell her what I was thinking, Skip was a nice guy, hard worker, just a couple of years younger than Lee. He really looked to be about the same age, I guess I am the one who looks older, especially now.

So I told her that if she had an interest, to go for it! Lee just looked at me, her expression gave no clue to what she was thinking.

I went to bed, I slept and dreamed. I remember that one, rare for me. I was thinking that Lee had hooked up with Skip, me being long gone. I saw them together, I don't know quite how to explain it but it gave me a feeling of peace.

I knew Skip would never do anything to betray me, but I also knew he was a red blooded guy. He had gone through several girl friends since his wife took off, but none of them lasted more than a week or two. I was wondering if he had an interest in Lee, if it makes sense I would somehow feel better if I knew she was taken care of. I don't mean financially, I had that handled, I was more concerned about someone being there for her that wouldn't try to mess up her life.

I guess you could say what I was about to do was out of love. I know my time is shorter than most, my Doctor says maybe 3-4 years, I think 2 tops. I feel the time short in me, but all that means is I needed to hurry while I still had strength.

So I called Skip and asked him over to dinner. He was sitting there watching TV when I called, who knows? Maybe even expecting/hoping?

Skip and I have chatted quite a bit, he knows a lot about Lee and I, but he has just never been included in any of our activities.

I do know he was quick to say "Sure, thanks!"..

I had the barbeque fired up when Skip showed up in the late afternoon. A couple of big T-bones and spuds for them and some steamed veggies for me. A nice bottle of wine, to go with my distilled water.

Funny but I really don't miss the steaks and wine much, It has been a year of a diet of food designed to keep me strong, I am used to it.

Lee was leaned back on one of the deck chairs, she had on one of her little white tube tops and a pair of shorts that fit her like a 2nd skin. I happened to know she didn't have a stitch on underneath.

The looks of her gave me a nice little twinge, I know Skip had to feel that same way. There was a hesitation, some kind of mystery, in the air. Even conversation was stilted, where usually we just chatted away like gangbusters.

I figured he had to know what I was up to.

We retired out to the deck, the sun was dropping fast, which usually means the temperature, too. I can't do cold weather very well, I mentioned to Lee I had to go back inside. She glanced at me with a smile, and told me to go ahead, that she would stay out awhile.

I went inside, flipped on the TV to some drivel, and dozed off.

I guess it was an hour or so later when I woke, the house was quiet. I got up and went upstairs to the balcony that overlooks the front deck, no one was there.

Curious, I walked back to the other end of the house where my loft overlooks my massage room. I am proud of my house, it is completely unique, the big windows face out on a nice garden, I built a small waterfall that gurgles in the corner. It is light and airy, a fun place for me to work. I especially enjoy doing afternoon sessions, the sun filters in through the trees. The feeling is like being outdoors, even though one is inside and warm.

I stepped up to the edge of the loft, Skip was lying face down on my massage table, a towel over his behind, as Lee worked on his back and shoulders.

Skip seemed almost asleep from her efforts. I watched awhile, then wandered back downstairs to get a drink. I found some Tomato juice in the fridge, downed a couple of glasses, and took the stack of pills that Lee leaves out for me each evening.

Then I went back upstairs. Skip was now on his back, the towel was still in place, but the lump in the front of the towel told the story. It hit me then that Lee had changed, she now had on a loose pink halter top, and a little skirt that sat low on her hips, and on the short side. She was working on his right leg, her hands moving high with each stroke but stopping short of the towel by inches.

Lee spotted me out of the corner of her eye, glanced up and gave me a bright smile, I just grinned and gave a little wave. Then I went back to the TV. One thing about TV, I don't care how much money one spends on programming, it always seems there is nothing on worth watching.

I finally just ignored it, picked up a book and tried to kill some time. Finally I could stand it no longer, so I went back up to see what was going on.

I admit to a bit of surprise when I saw that Lee was now on the table! Skip was rubbing her fanny, the small towel was pushed up high enough that she wasn't covered at all. Skip was wearing just his trunks, I spotted Lee's top and skirt thrown carelessly on a nearby chair, and knew she was nude.

Lee lay there quietly as hs hands moved over her behind, then I saw his fingertips drift into the cleft between her cheeks. Lee did that little roll that women do when they signal willingness, and parted her legs a bit.

His fingers drifted a bit deeper, then his right hand went down to the back of her thigh, slipped inside and up. He must have come within an inch of her pussy. I watched as his hand swept up into the inside of her left fanny, and pulled gently. I saw him lean forwards at the same time, he was obviously taking a peek!

He repeated the motion several times, leaning in each time, then he stepped to the other side. I knew he could see me from there if he looked up, so I stepped back slightly. I run soft lights that mount on the bottom of the loft, so just a step back from the edge hides anyone up there from view.

I watched as he repeated the motions on the other side of Lee's body, he was certainly taking his time! Lee parted her legs a bit more, even from my poorer vantage point she was becoming exposed. Then he stepped to the foot of the table, ran both hands up the back of her legs, pressing her cheeks apart at the top of each stroke.

I had to stifle a chuckle, thinking of how many times I had used a similar motion on a client, with the soft lights deliberately placed to allow me a clear view.

Fun stuff, actually, yes I know. Men! They are all the same!

Just then he said something I didn't catch, Lee said something in return, and rolled over, laying the towel across her lower body. Her breasts were bare, she nestled back against the pillow and closed her eyes.

Skip looked her over carefully, he was pretty much hooked now, I doubt he would have spotted me if I had jumped up and down and yelled!

He went right to her upper body, no pretenses now, he was stroking and fondling. I watched as his hands drifted over her breasts, lingering each time.

Lee is blessed with extremely sensitive nipples, and uniquely, they get very long when she is arroused. They will extend out nearly a half inch, and she was extending nicely.

Skip soon moved to her lower legs, and spent just a short time there before his hands were up to the bottom of the towel. Each stroke moved the towel up, until finally his hand swept completely underneath and I knew he had let it drift across Lee's mound.

She showed no resistance, so emboldened, he did it again. Then again. Lee let her hips come up to meet his hand, then the drape was up and across her waist, Skip's hands were on her. Lee's legs opened to allow him access.

I watched, delighted, as he stroked up and across her lips. Lee opened her eyes, I saw her looking up to where I would be, the light blocking her view.

I think she knew I was there, she simply closed her eyes and went back to enjoying what Skip was doing.

In just moments, he leaned forwards, kissed her lightly, hesitated. Lee offered no resistance, so he leaned in and began to lick her in long sweeps.

Lee said something to him, he stepped back and dropped his trunks to the floor. He was fully erect, about the same size as me, not huge but larger than normal. He picked Lee up and moved her to the couch I keep over on the side. He lay her down, they snuggled, I watched as they joined, then turned and went downstairs, not wanting to watch for some reason.

I sat in the living room, it must have been an hour or so later when the sound of the shower woke me again. I opened my eyes, Skip was sitting in the chair opposite me. I noted the sheepish expression on his face. "It's all right." I said simply. "Just be sure to take care of her for me, no matter what!"

Skip just nodded.

Just then Lee came out, naked and damp from the shower, towelling off. She came and snuggled up beside me. We probably sat there for 30 minutes, no one said anything.

Finally, Skip excused himself and left. Lee cuddled with me for awhile, then giggling, said, "Come on!"

Grabbing my hand, we headed to the bedroom. In just a few short minutes, she had me ready to go! As she climbed on top, and I felt myself slide into her, her body shuddered.

"God I love you!" she said...

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a gift

Just found you. second story i've read. You have a gift to create sincere empathy. Those who criticize would probably enjoy drowning kittens and puppies.

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