tagLesbian SexA Flight of Fancy

A Flight of Fancy


My phone alerted me to his final message while boarding.

"Safe flight Sarah, I still can't believe they stuffed up our bookings and I don't get to sit next to you on our flight, I was so looking forward to playing with you under the covers in the middle of the night, fuck, it's all I have been thinking of since we made the booking and the fun we will have when we land."

It was such a fucking shame. My mind wandered to thoughts of what might have happened during the flight if he was in the seat next to me. Would we really fool around under the blankets at 30,000 feet on a crowded flight, could I really climax with all these people around me unaware of what we were doing? Could I get his cock out and feel it, while he was fucking me with his fingers.

I imagined his hand running up my leg gently stroking my skin as he sought a path inside my pants. I imagined his fingers tracing the lips of my pussy through the front of my jeans trying to gauge my arousal to his exploration. I thought of how he would unbutton me and slowly pull down my zip as I would wriggle my hips a little to make it easy for him. I tried to feel his hand on the front of my underwear, held softly and loving on my lace looking for tell-tale signs of my response, how wet was I, did I like what he was doing, was I turned on by him, by what he wanted to do.

I could almost feel his fingers start to explore a way inside me, did he go from the top or through the side, his earnest desire to touch my pussy, to sink his finger inside me, run it up and down my wet slit.

It was while I was lost in these horny thoughts that I realised someone had sat down and settled into the seat next to me. We made eye contact and exchanged a brief hello. Wow, she was beautiful, a little older than me, taller with large breasts and long blonde hair. Her body looked very athletic like she must have really been into fitness or something.

She wore a very elegant summer dress, just above the knee in a classic floral pattern. The top part wrapped around her large boobs and was very tight leaving little to the imagination. Maybe this flight was going to be good after all, hope I got the chance to get to know my new neighbour!

We exchanged some small talk during the dinner service and found out she was indeed a personal trainer at a local gym and was currently single. We shared some other information about ourselves and settled in to watch a movie.

The lights in the cabin had grown very dim so travellers had the chance to get some rest, this always made me very sleepy and I started to drift away but with a new fantasy filling my mind. I looked over at the beautiful woman next to me and could see clearly inside the top part of her dress, her large brown nipples were clear to see at the angle I was sitting as she had twisted a little in her seat and the wrap of her dress was bagging outwards enough to allow me a clear view inside.

I loved the sight of a woman's breasts, so arousing, and I often fantasied about the feel of them. I stared at them contemplating how they would feel as I imagined my hands on them squeezing them, rubbing and pulling on her nipples.

My mind returned to a familiar place, to a reoccurring fantasy of being with a woman, seducing, making love, fucking. I could feel myself touching her, the feel of her skin, and the feel of her breasts, her nipples, and her cunt.

My mind was running through what felt like a movie script of scenes. I was wearing a strapless double dildo sliding into her over and over, imagining fucking her hard and deep, making her orgasm over and over while I rode her on top, completely filled with this large fake cock our cunts rubbing together, my throbbing clit hitting hers with every rocking movement of my hips, grabbing her heavy tits and squeezing them as I flooded her with my cum.

My next scene has her on top of me, her hands are all over me exploring every part of my body. She has her fingers inside me, I'm so wet, her fingers are working my cunt so well rubbing the upper front lining of my pussy wall on my little magic button, my G spot, bringing me wave after wave of pleasure. She knells down in front of me, smiling all over her face and licks her lips, she is pushing my legs open wide and staring with desire and longing at my dripping wet cunt eager to go down on me and taste my cum. She starts kissing and licking the lips of my pussy, I'm on fire as her tongue sinks slowly into me further and further and then she moves it in and out of me like she is actually fucking me with it.

It's while I am half sleeping lost in my fantasy that I am aware of something which I'm unsure is really part of my dream or reality. I feel there is a hand really on my leg just above my knee on the inside of my thigh, is this real or make-believe am I imagining this. The feeling is amazing, I don't want to move or make any sign because if I am dreaming it feels so real and I don't want it to end.

I try and hold my current state and just enjoy the feelings. The hand is stroking me softly and moving little by little higher and higher up my jeans. My jeans! so this can't be a fantasy I am never clothed in my dreams with other women, always completely naked. I can feel her hand on my jeans moving up towards my crotch.

I don't make any sign, just stay pretending to be asleep as her hand moves under the blanket. It finds my pussy, shit my legs are closed. The hand lingers around, a finger running as far between my legs as my awkward siting position will allow.

Fuck I want to open my legs and let her in. So I decide to fake a little sleepy readjustment to my position, I move a little pretending to get more comfortable and at the same time part my legs a much as possible. My neighbour takes some time for fear I may have felt her hand on my body and was possibly moving to let her know to back off.

After what feels like several minutes the hand returns to my crotch now open and waiting for her touch. She traces the outline, the lips of my labia through my tight jeans, no doubt becoming aware I have opened my legs for this very purpose.

It doesn't take her long to become bold enough to pop open my button and slowly pull down the zip, as she does allowing a finger to trail down my soaking slit. It is like electricity ragging through me, is this really happening, I must be dreaming still. Her finger strokes up and down my swollen vulva playing with my labia and clit so expertly, I'm so turned on, so wet, I can't believe my dream to be with another woman finally is being fulfilled on a long distance flight to LA, what the fuck!!

When she first inserts her finger into me I involuntarily let out a moan that makes her stop, forgetting I am faking sleep my eyes open and I lock eyes with her, she is staring straight into my face, her finger buried in my cunt locking eyes with me full of lust and desire. I stare deeply into her eyes as she finger fucks me with long and slow strokes. I have to bite my lip to stop shouting out how good this feels and moaning with the pleasure.

I can't take my eyes away from her we are so connected right now with this moment which is pure bliss. As I stare into her eyes she starts to mouth words to me.

" I want your finger in my cunt."

"I want you to play with my pussy."

"I want you to fuck me with your fingers as I fuck you."

"Please play with my wet cunt, I need you inside me."

"Please, please fuck me."

I can't wait to fulfil her request for my attention, she is giving me so much pleasure how could I refuse.

I have always wanted to touch another woman's pussy, see how it feels compared to mine, see if I can make another woman cum as easily as I make myself climax, now is my chance which I thought would just remain fantasy never hoping to actually make it happen. My hand slips under her blanket to find her dress already up high and her own hand already inside her underwear. She grabs my hand and pushes it inside her as she pulls her gusset to the side allowing me perfect access to her cunt. I can't believe how wet she is, I thought it was only me who gets so wet, her pussy is shaved and I'm amazed by how easily I slip, not just one, but two fingers inside her, her lips are so big, her pussy feels so much bigger than mine, her hand forces me deep into her holding my fingers inside as she gently rocks back and forth.

I decide to mirror her moves grabbing her own hand and holding it to do the same. We are perfectly in sync fingers deep in each other's cunts riding them like we are filled with cock.

We are staring into each other's eyes like we are one sexual super being reaching some ultimate plane of erotic pleasure together. She starts to mouth more words to me that drive me to the very edge of wanton lust.

"Im going to cum."

"Cum with me, please fuck me till I cum and cum at the same time."

"I want to cum all over your fingers."

"I want to taste your cum on me."

"Cum now, please cum."

We both throw our heads back in simultaneous climax the words doing all they were intended, driving us both over the edge. Her cum is literally flooding out of her, spurt after powerful spurt I can feel running onto my hand.

My own orgasm is one of the most powerful I have every experienced I feel contraction after contraction, my legs shake uncontrollably with my own release. We just lay there for several minutes our hands soaked in each other's juices, she slowly takes out her hand and begins to clean each finger as she looks into my eyes, I'm embarrassed but can't look away as she seems to savour and enjoy the taste of me so much.

Lost in ecstasy and exhaustion I close my eyes and slowly drift away again into sleep. Did it really happen, was it all a just a dream an incredible fantasy, I don't ever want to wake up and find it wasn't real, the most real dream I could ever have fulfilled.

What a story I have to tell Tony when we land.

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by Anonymous

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by nickey4005/14/18

Please give us more

I would love to hear if you meet up u got off the plane. Without your partner. And no dreaming off her

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by gotrane05/12/18

To Be, Or, Not To Be!

Whether fantasy, or real, it doesn't matter. Great writing is great writing, regardless. Can't wait to read your other stuff.

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by JoyJoy4Me05/12/18

Mmm. I hope it was real. Sexy as all hell.

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by Anonymous05/12/18


What a taste treat!

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by Anonymous05/12/18


I found this story very erotic and VERY pleasurable Men don't understand or know what makes a woman so sensual. Another woman's touch is soft, gentle and loving. A woman will go out of her way to makemore...

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