tagGroup SexA Follow-Up to My Date with Dan

A Follow-Up to My Date with Dan


The four of us had been out a few times since our little soiree some months back. Over the past two months Dan and I had gotten to know Sandra and Tom quite well. They had kids as well so they understood completely the need not only for discretion but the fact that we were not available one a moments notice. Each time the four of us had gone out we tried to make it a late night event. If we had baby sitters might as well make use of them. But nothing happened between the four of us as it had the first time we met. At least the first time I met them; I found out Dan had met them a few times before, to screen them and to make sure they were a good fit.

Sandra was an accountant somewhere downtown and Tom worked one building over. They had met years ago by chance at a party and they kept running into each other on their lunch breaks. But that was neither here nor there. The restaurant this evening was a small place, seating maybe 30 people in the upper west side of town. Most people would never have heard of this place, I certainly hadn't but Tom and Sandra said it came highly recommend from a friend so we decided to make reservations. Looking around I could see why it was highly recommended; the décor was exquisite and the food thus far was mouth watering delicious. Soup, Salad and main course down all that we were waiting on was desert, Tiramisu all around.

"Truth or dare?"

I looked at Sandra who just had a grin on her like a little school girl who had just heard the word penis for the first time. Dan and Tom kept their eyes on me waiting for an answer.


She looked at Dan and Tom, probably for suggestions, but neither of them offered any. "What is the one thing you want to try most?"

I blushed deeply a crimson red. "Ok dare."

None replied. I knew I was trapped.

"Fine, try most, I don't know really. Just no regrets."

I looked at Tom "Truth or Dare?"

He gave me a cocky grin "Dare."

"I dare you to remove Sandra's panties."

Sandra laughed and took me by the hand. I was sure I went too far and blushed. She guided my hand onto her lap and slowly up her inner thigh till I felt just a trickle of wetness. "Not wearing any" she replied with a laugh. I blushed more at this. Sandra stood up, adjusted her skirt and excused herself and proceeded to the washroom. I followed as was customary with women. Sure the men imagined the two of us would have a sexual fuck fest and grinned wickedly as I left a few feet behind her.

Even the washrooms were breathtaking with marble walls and a roman Greco design. Sandra powdered her nose a bit and re-applied her make up. Part of me was disappointed, some part of me had hoped the men would be right but at the same time I knew how unrealistic the scenario was and so I just smile and applied my own lipstick. A dark Gothic red. Sandra kissed my cheek and proceeded to the exit. "Leave your panties" She said over her shoulder as the door closed behind her.

By the time I got back to the table the three of them had already begun to eat their desert. Obviously the waiter had passed by while Sandra and I were away and our absence did not dissuade Tom or Dan from starting the chocolate cake. I sat down in my seat next to Dan and Sandra, across from Tom, and I tasted the Tiramisu. It was spectacular and left me wanting more.

"Sorry." Tom leaned down to the floor and picked up his fork. Dan shook his head. I parted my legs slightly. If Tom looked across he'd have a nice view, but I didn't say a word. He came back to view without saying a word but produced his fork as if he had just found the greatest of treasures. "It would seem the Sandra has a bad influence on you."

Dan looked at me slightly bemused and then over to Sandra. Apparently she hadn't told them, or at least not Dan. We paid, left and proceeded to our next destination. A club down the street, fifteen minute walk and then who knows how long of a wait in line. Dan knew the owner, or rather a friend of his knew the owner so we had been put on the V.I.P list but we still expected a wait. I loved this part of the city with its old architecture and cobblestone roads. Houses made of real stone and not brick or whatever else they use now a day.

We followed Sandra who appeared to know where she was going as she turned down the mazelike series of streets that made up the neighborhood. After about seven minutes she stopped and took Dan by the hand leading him off around the corner into an alleyway. Tom and I turned the corner just in time to see Sandra drop to her knees in front of Dan and begin to unzip his pants. Part of me wanted to object but at the same time I wanted her to go on with this. To see just how far she and he would take it. She looked over at me almost asking permission and I just smiled all the while finding my hands moving behind and start to stroke Tom's hardening cock through his pants. I couldn't help but admire how easily she took Dan into her mouth letting the head of his shaft go all the way to the back of her throat as if she had no gag reflex at all. Her tongue flicked across his balls as she bobbed her head up and down descending and ascending his manhood. It didn't take long for him to climax as after a few minutes at most I saw his head arch back as he shot his load into her mouth.

She stood back up licking her lips and walked over to me kissing me deeply. His cum still in her mouth she let it slide into mine making me taste it. I greedily took his cum from her mouth and backed away a second. Part of me felt slutty, like something was wrong. But I knew we were all consenting and no one was being forced. I reached back and no longer felt Tom behind me; he had moved away a few steps. I motioned for him to come closer but he just shook his head. I look disappointed and Sandra walked up to me.

"Don't worry about him, he's just saving himself for later." She laughed and looked back at him sticking out her tongue. He responded by sticking his out in turn letting me know that everything was ok. It took only another minute or so to reach the club and surprisingly we were let right in. Apparently Dan's friend had considerable pull as we were escorted up a flight of stairs to a private balcony room overlooking the main dance floor. Couches, a few tables, wide screen T.V and a bottle of Grey Goose chilled in ice awaited us. Dan was never much of a dancer but after quite a few wrestles he had given in and agreed to come here since I really wanted to. Go wild. Have fun. Only a few minutes passed before the four of us headed downstairs and began to dance with the masses in a near carnal ritual movement guided by overly loud music blaring through the hundreds of speakers all around. Brittney Spear's Toxic really got everyone riled as everywhere I looked people grinded with each other. All the women were dressed in outfits that hid less flesh than it showed and the men loved it. More than once I had caught Dan staring at another woman's chest or butt over my shoulder just to look at me innocently.

Someone tapped my shoulder and when I turned a girl kissed me full on. I had no idea where that came from but the warmth of her lips was very welcome. I returned the kiss and then she parted just as suddenly as she came not saying a word to me. She turned and screamed "Told you I had the guts" and all I could see was a group of girls, presumably her friends, all raise their arms and woo at her in approval. I turned back to dance with Dan only to see him grinning from ear to ear and couldn't help but laugh myself when he burst out. Sandra and Tom, dancing a few feet away, laughed as well. I kissed Dan on the cheek and told him I would be back in a few minutes just going to get a drink. He nodded and I walked into the crowd. Five minutes later I returned and he gave me a puzzled look.

"Where's your drink?" He asked motioning to my empty hand.

I took out my cell phone and handed it to him. It was already opened on the gallery and just the look on his face the moment he realized what it contained was priceless. He scrolled through the images of me licking a woman's pussy and then even watched the short video of it all at the end.

"I told her she kissed my lips now I get to kiss her. Took her to the washroom and asked her to take the pictures and video. I just thought you'd like to see it all since you couldn't be there."

He kissed me and grabbed my ass hard. I moaned. I was very horny now and the small stream of liquid running down my leg didn't help to hide the fact. Sandra cut in at that moment, right as it was becoming too unbearable and called for a switch. Man that woman certainly knew how to drive you crazy and leave you wanting more. Tom danced well, quite well and soon enough I found myself grinding both against Tom and Sandra who had positioned herself and Dan behind me. Well over a thousand people were dancing everyone lost in their own world. Tom lifted my leg and brought it to his side. I felt something rub against me and quickly knew what it was. Sandra grinded closer, using her body and Dan's to create a small wall, just large enough to block the view of Tom sliding his cock into me. I moaned but the noise was drowned out by the music. Over and over he moved in and out of me wetting my cunt completely and taking me right here. I wanted Sandra to kiss me so bad in that moment but she understood doing so would draw a lot of attention and would ruin what was happening. My legs quivered slightly as Tom continued to take deep thrusts into my slit, his manhood filling me entirely. He felt so good right now and the enjoyment was only enhanced by the sheer knowledge of where we were and how easily almost certainly we could get caught. I screamed loudly as I came but even that only turned a few heads. Tom grunted hard and thrust a few last times with all his might. I knew he had finished deep inside of me. I knew my cunt was probably filled right now and no one around us had a clue.

We left the club eventually but certainly not in a rush. It was nearing midnight at this point and Tom whispered something to his wife. She nodded and kissed him passionately on the lips.

"Tom's going home to watch the kids. Babysitter's time is almost up. I'm still yours if you'd like."

Dan nodded and proceeded to escort us to our hotel. Sometimes it was a great thing to have family live close by. You always had a babysitter on hand and one you did not have to worry about relieving early. We had rented the same suite as last time. We debated changing rooms but thought the nostalgia of where I lost my monogamy cherry would help enhance the evening.

Sandra didn't say a word as she removed her clothes and helped me out of mine. She led me to the bed and asked me to lie down spread eagle. I wasn't sure what she meant and my awkward placement told her as much as she helped me in the proper position. She kissed my lips, my chin, and slowly made her way down my body making sure to kiss ever inch of my cream colored flesh. My nipples perked and begged for her lips to cover. She obliged and placed her mouth atop one nipple and areola flicking her tongue over the little nipple and suckling it like a pro. I pleased for more and could tell she had no intention of slowing down. I cooed as she handled me like an expert and more than once found myself trying to grab her. Every time she playfully knocked my hands aside and shook her finger at me. Her hands grabbed my breasts squeezing them at the same time that her mouth claimed my nubbins. I looked down and saw just a tuft of hair as the body it belonged to was too busy devouring my flesh and satiating its own carnal lust.

I screamed and dug my nails into the bed as her tongue flicked my slit for the first time. Just the memories of what she had done to me last time sent me over the edge as my back arched and my body spasmed. I screamed over and over as she licked me like a hungry slut and the sounds she made with slurping lips drove me insane. I reached for Dan and grabbed him by the belt pulling him closer. He didn't object. I wouldn't have cared if he did. I ripped off his belt and pulled his pants down moving my body a bit so I could take his hard shaft, hard from watching us, deep into my mouth.

I lost myself in the moment sucking this hard cock as a woman ate my pussy with such hunger that I couldn't believe it. My body rocked as wave after wave of joy overtook me. My screams of ecstasy were muffled by the hard cock deep down my throat and the balls on my lips. I begged for more, for both of them to continue, for Sandra to eat me out the way she was and for Dan to fuck my face, my mouth; to use my hole for his pleasure. I didn't care about myself at the moment; I just wanted them to enjoy my flesh for their own purposes.

Dan pulled out and lay on his back and looked at my. "I had your ass last time, your cunt this time" I got on top of him and loved how Sandra took the initiative and guided his shaft into me. I rode him hard knowing that she was just behind me watching us with envy. Watching his shaft go in and out of my pussy and wishing it was her instead. His hands held my hips as he thrust into me in rhythm with my movements. He felt so good inside of me I moved faster.

I moaned and groaned, pleased and whimpered. I begged for more and to be used. I screamed as I came over and over again on his manhood. Sandra kissed my ass trying her best as I kept grinding my hips and riding Dan's hard cock. She kissed it more and spat in the crack. Bringing a finger to lube my hole. Since that night in the hotel, this very room, Dan and I had had anal sex many more times so I was much more used to it. Still it felt strange at first. But I was so horny I didn't care. She slid a finger in and I knew she was easing me into it. Oh god I wanted this. Wanted him in me.

I smiled "Going to fuck my ass now huh. Going to use this bitch and all her holes?"

He looked at me with the widest grin. "No, your cunt is mine. Your ass is hers."

I don't know what surprised me more, or excited me more, his words or the sudden feeling of a strap on claiming my asshole. An orgasm overtook me that instant as for the first time ever I had both my holes filled. I cursed that Tom wasn't there. I wanted a cock in my mouth so bad. I couldn't even begin to explain just what was going through my mind in that moment but I wanted to be used completely in that moment so much I craved it. I felt her thrusting hard in my ass at the same time Dan pounded my pussy. She wouldn't cum, I knew that but she was certainly on her way to making me cum. She and Dan filled me completely. I leaned down my breasts smacking Dan's face, giving them both deeper access to my holes screaming in pleasure the entire time. So many times Dan and I had watched pornos before and I asked myself if it was really enjoying getting DP'ed as they called it. I knew now just how wonderful it felt. They say two heads are better than one. And one in each hole is even better than just two. I rode Dan harder and harder as Sandra thrust in and out of me like she wanted to cum herself. I reached back and felt part of the strap on in her. I realized it was double sided and she was fucking her own cunt as she fucked my ass. I screamed and heard her moan as well. More than once I felt her shiver and knew she was cumming just as hard as I was.

I moaned and groaned. I felt Dan's body go rigid undoubtedly filling me with his cum. Only now did I truly remember not to long ago Tom had filled me and I hadn't gone to the washroom yet. I came hard at the thought that right now I was filled with two guys cum. I came loud, hard. I came again this time driven simply by the anal pounding I was getting from Sandra. I collapsed onto Dan's chest breathing heavy and welcomed Sandra to lie on top of me.

The three of us touched each other so much more that night. Only in the morning when we checked out did I ask what was last night all about.

Sandra smiled and looked at me. "Last night I was your slut. Next month, you belong to Tom and me."

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