tagErotic HorrorA Forced Response Ch. 02

A Forced Response Ch. 02


"Warning: If you are provoked by racial language, and / or very extreme violence in retribution please stop now. This is not a story for you to read."

Author's Note: Understand that if given the chance in society that most people would react in violence to the threat of violence.

They would do so if there was a threat to a family member from Rape or the threat of a Gang Rape from someone.

There is racial language and violence; you have been warned there is excessive degradation and violence in this story.

Please move on to another story by another author if that is the case.

Please note that everyone in the story is over 18 and there is no sex in this story.

* * * Please read Chapter 01, for this story to have any understanding. The first chapter can be found in the Loving Wives section. This second part is not a stand alone unit. * * *


"Do not worry about my son; he only wants to hurt someone special tonight."

With that being said, I spoke again, " Lets the games for tonight begin for one Jamal Walker... A soon to be former Black Bull."

I asked my son to come over away from the hushed crowd for a bit. I wanted to discuss some possible punishments before hearing of what Jamal may have done to these couples.

I wanted Jamal to pay.

I wanted Jamal Walker to pay dearly and to hurt him in an inch of him losing his life.

I did not think that what he could have done to my family was even close to ever being forgivable in my soul.

If the fucker could only understand force then, "Force," is what he will get fucked over with was my answer.

"James. Do you think that everyone that has arrived would get their shots in at Jamal before this evening is out?"

"I am almost sure about all but one couple. I think that they were into that sort of life and lucked out on Jamal finding them. The couple in question just acted too submissive for wanting action taken in degrading the shit head over there."

" Well do you think that they should leave before events get started?", I asked.

"No, they need to stay. They need to see when real life couples get fed up and had enough bull shit from someone trampling on their marriage vows. They need to understand what others will do and if given the first chance to get even with their tormentor. It is no telling how long some of these folks have been under in Jamal's control Dad. It could have been a long time for some of them. I think that his final punishments should last a lifetime and hurt like hell for the short time."

"Yes, I agree with you there James. Jamal needs punishment in some way and I think that I have an idea on going about that process. You go back and watch Jamal. Please let everyone know that I will be right back in five minutes or less and then we will really get this party started."

I wandered away from the group and toward the shed near the barn.

I wanted a series of tools to take back with me so I could work over Jamal. I wanted to take several tools that I might or might not use. I wanted to install a sort of fear in the mind set of that bastard.

I wanted him to start to think that I might actually use all of them on him before the evening was over.

The first tool I found to my satisfaction was long needle-nose pliers. I wanted to use that to handle Jamal's penis, since I did not have industrial grade rubber gloves here at home.

I believed that with the lifestyle that he led, Jamal might actually have a sort of disease attached to that object, even a possible deadly disease at that.

You could never take chances in today's time.

The second was the surgical shot needle that I doctored the cattle and horses. The needle was going to play a big part in Jamal's reproductive future, whether Jamal knew it or not.

I also selected two special glass tubes from the refrigerator shelf inside the door that would soon give Jamal his major punishments for the evening.

I would use the needle to inject what each of the tubes contained into Jamal's reproductive organs.

The third tool found was a filing knife. It had a wicked edge that I used to trim the horses hooves and looked horrible enough to give someone a fright when seen.

If people misunderstood what used for it, he or she would have believed that murdering someone would been possible with that knife.

In the right skilled hands, the knife just might have well been a great murder weapon.

I had to make sure and keep it away from James at all cost.

The fourth and last tool that I found was a soldering iron.

I used that often to solder electrical wires together out in the barn or shed. Tonight, the use of the iron would mark Jamal. All the innocent people would know what he could do and had done to others before.

Just like all cattle brands, the logo show who owns which animal on what ranch. Tonight, Jamal would have his trademarks. Jamal would know before the night was over how finally ownership by a person feels like. He would later become castrated and put out to paster before the night was over.

Just like he did to some daughter in this group that I would later learn shortly.

I would soon know that he had plans to do to my family late this afternoon.

I gathered up all the needed tools. I closed the door leading from the shed and walked toward the group standing together by the back patio.

Jamal, I noticed, was still shaky and not coherent of everyone around him. I wanted Jamal to understand what was going to happen to him shortly and the reason.

I walked toward the electrical outlet by the patio near the glass door. I plugged in the soldering iron so it would get hot very soon.

Seated in the front of the chair, I walked towards Jamal.

Slowly taking off my wide black belt, I watched Jamal try to regain his wits. I quickly swung my belt hard across the chest of Jamal.

This brought everyones attention toward the chair that Jamal was sitting in. From just my swing of the belt, hearing a very loud sound from the Clap of Belt on Skin everyone turned.

I screamed out, "Wake the fuck up and listen up Niger bastard. You are guilty and will now have punishment dished out to you for your attempted rape of my wife. You are also found guilty of trying to sabotage the marriage vows that I hold so dear. Are others here in this group that want to mention what Jamal has acted against them in the past. Please speak now before his formal punishment for tonight commences."

Mary Watterson spoke, "I had an affair with Jack Slatton from the office and Jamal found out. Jamal forced himself on me and told me to enjoy it or else he would tell my hubby. I did not know that Jamal had told my husband the day of him finding out the information. He threatened bodily harm to me and the kids if Mike did anything like confront me or divorce me.

Jamal told him to keep quiet or else the children might get hurt like their mother. I wanted the he police involved for his blackmail attempt and rape. Later he and all of his male black friends would later kidnapped me and rape me for several days in a row. This would happen again over several times this past year. Shame and the threat of violence to my children has kept me from going forward and trying to get him stopped. His threat of violence against my family by his friends kept my husband from stepping forward too."

With a sharp buildup of anger Mary spoke slowly, "I believe that what ever Jamal gets tonight will be too light in punishment. I want to see him dead!"

"Are there any more couples or individuals that want to tell their stories?", I had to ask.

Gus Smith stepped forward and spoke, "At work Jamal knows my wife, Billy Jean. She is a submissive person in life. He took full advantage of the sexual assault at her work and later in our home.

Jamal and his friends broke into my home seven months back, jumped me, and raped her in front of me for several hours.

Vengeance is everything to me. I want to reap it tonight against him and more. The more sinister the pain the better I will feel.

I would love the latitude in swinging a bat against his carcass. I want to cause him some pain like he caused me and my wife."

Many others said similar stories, but the worst heard that evening was from the Fullers. They mentioned that Jamal and his friends had raped the wife several times over the last year or so.

They had raped her over a period of many weeks sometimes. He and his friends beat and robbed the husband often. Jamal later dragged the Fullers' only child from her home after tieing the parents up with rope for the night.

All the men used her by treating her to a gang rape that evening. Afterward, Jamal took her to a late night tattoo shop. Jamal had tattooed above her pussy, "Young White Bitch that loves Big Black Cock," to humiliate her and her family.

The guys did not even give a shit about her. The guys returned her home in a cab nude after paying the driver a few extra hundred to drive around for an hour or so late the next morning. The cab driver then dropped her off at her home.

Their daughter could not go to school for three days due to the damage that the guys had inflicted on her body during her multiple rapes that night. She had damage caused from not only the black bastards, but also from the cab driver raping her later somewhere in the city. The cab driver did the act before bringing her back home and dumping her at her front door in a heap.

Stacy Fuller mentioned, "The Doctor said that it would cost about $3,000 dollars to remove that deeply placed tattoo. The correcting procedure would be over a minimum of three painful skin treatments over five months.

My daughter has been in hiding since that event. She has been with family out of state and I am actually hoping to see the bastard dead before the night is over. Please, will you give me my wish!

If you cannot kill him, at least let me have that blade. Just give me a moment or two alone with the ass hole. As long as he is loose in society, my daughter cannot mentally heal nor my family feel safe again."

"Jamal is there anything that you want to say in your defense? Is there anything needed said before I start on the punishment phase for you this evening?"

He replied, "Yea, these here white bitches loved every minute of it and that young daughter's pussy too of the Fuller's was especially tight and tasty.

I think that I might want to take her out on another date again and I ain't guilty of any of what shit was told so far. Now go fuck yourself you white prick!"

"Listen up Niger. You are on my land and were in my home. You do not know when to keep your fucking mouth closed. There is a big difference between you and the average African-American person. A Niger does not know when to keep his mouth closed and when to give respect to others when speaking.

An African-American always respects his own race and all the other races in this country. We could not find a dip shit like you in the African-American race even if your colored up like one.

Just because you want to start acting brave, you think that will get you out of this punishment. Well think again. From what I have heard so far, I think that you should receive more punishment than I thought so far."

I then grabbed the waist band of his pants. I picked up the filing knife and made a slice down the front of his pants and then toward the front of his left leg. I then pressed downward toward his left foot with the fabric quickly parting.

I wanted to remove his pants to start his punishment.

I then used the knife to slice down the front of the other pants leg before removing the rags of his former pants. I then sliced off his underwear in quick fashion.

I wanted to make sure that the blade of the knife came close to his deflated prick. I wanted him to think that I was taking off his so called prized cock.

The only clothing that remained now on him was his shirt.

With a quick flick with my hands, the buttons flew everywhere. I sliced away the shirt and removed it from his body with a quick tug.

Jamal now was before us, in the buff, hog-tied in his chair.

I stuck parts of his underwear into his mouth. I asked for my son to locate a piece of cloth or a dishtowel for covering his mouth to keep him from spiting that out.

The underwear looked a little dirty from use. Jamal might have even shit a little in his underwear while I was taking off his pants with my knife.

I reached for the needle-nosed pliers and grabbed his dick by the head. I forcefully pulled his dick outward, stretching it for all that it was worth from his body and reached for the soldering iron.

I wanted it still welcoming and toasty before I started my scribbling on Jamal's body. The tip and part of the bit of the iron was a deep-red colored with much heat radiating from it.

"Jamal. I will now mark you like you did the Fuller's daughter. The removal of the trademarks placed on your body will not and cannot occur. The imprint will give a record of your past deeds against the morals and laws of our society."

After saying that, I started my first stroke of the tempered tool with Jamal's needed Justice.

The stench of sizzling arid flesh floated in the air seconds after the soldering bit touched his skin., I wrote the following on top and bottom of his Penis. A single word that held many emotions to others both male and female in our society. "Rapist." The word was easy to see and not to mistake with any other word.

With this simple word, every female would soon know the sexual resume of Jamal Walker.

I asked James to bring me some, "Crisco," from the kitchen counter. I asked for him to bring a small butter knife to slather onto Jamal's burn.

I wanted Jamal receiving shoddy medical treatment from the start. From emergency medical text, you never place this substance on a major burn. This is an old folk lore that is not true. This treatment just makes it more painful and slower to heal.

Above his groin I wrote with the iron, "Member of a Rape Gang." I then seized his Penis again with the Pliers and stuck the tip of the hot iron into his pee-hole.

I could listen and witness the inside skin blister and start shrinking away from the red hot iron. There was a cloud of steam erupting and the aroma of arid flesh burning out of the front of his Penis.

Till that moment he had been taking the branding, now he was a blubbering, slobbering idiot asking for mercy.

There would be no clemency from me just yet!

I yanked him away from his chair then moved higher up his back. In the middle of his back, I scribbled, "CONVICTED OF MULTIPLE RAPES."

It was large enough, so that if he was not wearing a shirt out in public, all the people around him would see the logotype and know his sexual vita.

For his last imprint, I wrote in large letters across his forehead, "Niger Rapist." I again slapped on a layer of "Crisco" and moved on to punishment number two.

This second punishment, Jamal would enjoy from the start. It would then start to hurt for a bit. The punishment at the very last would turn extremely painful in the end.

I elected the use of a needle that I had used on my Cattle.

A very large, long diameter needle.

I slipped the needle into the stretched rubber covering of the glass tube and withdrew 8 cc. of clear, colorless liquid that had the similar smell of paint thinner when uncovered.

"Jamal. I can promise that you will not enjoy what I am injecting inside of you especially when it finishes. You are going to start paying for what you started to do to me today. You will pay for your actions against these other couples and their family members. When I finish, you will be praying to God that he takes you from this Earth at some point tonight!"

I shot him the first of two 4 cc. doses.

The first injection was into his right testicle. I slowly pushed the plunger down and watched the dose leave the shot and slip into the needle and seep deep within his testicle.

I only pulled out after 4 cc. of the liquid was placed inside his testicle. I again plunged the needle slowly into the other testicle and then quickly injected the remainder of 4 cc. liquid.

In dealing with Cattle, I usually mix my dosages with a mild sedative to numb the pain. As the liquid causes the testicle to slowly dissolved in the testicular sack, the pain would increase.

The chemical castration process normally occurs within an hour for Cattle. In a human, I did not know how quickly it would occur.

This is animal castration at its finest, only I had used the shot on Jamal.

I could tell that the liquid was having an effect on Jamal. From the tingle, it would cause an animal pleasure at first.

Jamal was starting to form an erection from all the stimulus being cause inside his testicles. With his erection starting, my third plan was now in motion.

With the other tube, I removed 10 cc. of a cloudy blue colored liquid. With this liquid injected, Jamal would never have another erection later. He would forever lose his ability after the liquid took its full affect in ten minutes.

This liquid would damage the nerve endings that would control blood flow into and out of his Penis.

The warning label stated on the container that once injected, damage would immediately start and it was irreversible for the animal.

Do not treat any male animal if using for a stud purposes. This chemical would slightly inhibit sexual reproduction if given in very small doses.

Well, my purpose was to drive Jamal up the wall by making him more of a male gelding.

The situation would be just like in the stories of past Middle Eastern culture where they castrate the human male slave.

The slave owners would inhibit the slave from being able to have sex pleasure with all the Virgin women around him with his impotent dick.

So I did all of us a favor, I injected him with ten times the needed dose for a given body weight for a young 400 pound Bull.

It would serve him right for all of the criminal actions of his involvement before this afternoon. I wanted to make sure it was overkill in this punishment.

With all the available women in the world, he would not able to have an errection with them.

I smiled at that thought before plunging the needle into the bottom of the underside of his Penis. The needle went in right at the base of the groin and at the shaft of his Penis.

I slowly released the fluid from the shot into the target area. I could see there was an immediate reaction from Jamal's body. His penis went from being a stiff hard rod to a very limp dick.

Jamal mumbled into the cloth of his former underwear. I did not want to hear him till both chemical procedures had finished so I left his mouth gagged. I stepped back from the chair and addressed the group.

"The chemical injection will sexually fix Jamal.

He will not sexually bother another woman with his equipment in his life. I now hope that women will somehow shun any interested in the prick for the future.

Jamal may want to have sex with a woman, but he will not be able. His equipment no longer will work. There is not a medical procedure yet that can correct what he just received tonight.

He is now a Black Steer in a sea of female cattle."

I continued, "Every hurt to others that he has caused has lead up to tonight's events. Everyone that sees him from now on in public will now know of his past.

Only he will know what a forced response that others took upon him for his past crimes."

"I know that the Fullers wanted him dead this evening for his crimes against them and their daughter, but I cannot condone that upon him. I just wish I had it in me to follow up with a proper death for him. I just know that what he received so far tonight will be for him be a fate worse than death itself.

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