tagLetters & TranscriptsA Foreign Affair

A Foreign Affair


Sweetlilmons: Hello Jim is that really you?

Jim_Balloo: OMG! She really is real. I was beginning to think you were a figment of my imagination. LOL

We met online, in of all places a bulletin board on an erotic story site. An enquiring e-mail, an answer and soon we were sending intermittent e-mails. I much more than her, I e-mailed past stories for her enjoyment, one chapter at a time. Often I'd send several chapters before she replied. I put her on my IM list, but somehow we just never crossed. Once I signed on and saw she was online – but as I started to send a message, her name disappeared from the active list. Another time, I was in a hurry, wrote her an e-mail and sent it, but didn't sign on to the IM list - as she was never there anyway. The next time I returned, there it was - an e-mail that said "Are you online now? I just got an e-mail from you". Damn. So close, but always so far away.

Sweetlilmons: What time is it there? Why are you here now?

Jim_Balloo: Yeah, really me. 5:30 here. I got off work early today, so got home much earlier than normal. I was just getting ready to take a shower and decided to check my e-mail and the internet before I showered and started dinner. What time is it there, 9:30 "tomorrow"?

We were both Pacific coasters, only I was American west coast– she was Singapore, Asian east coast. That explained the never meeting – she was always half a day away, rising while I was at work, I was sleeping while she was at work. Really a third of a day behind – but with the date line it read two thirds of a day ahead. Confusing as can be; is she just getting up or just going to bed? Is she at work or is she ending a day off? My Saturday was her Sunday, her Friday night my Thursday morning.

Sweetlilmons: Yes, it's morning. My little girl's sick so I off work to take care of her. She came bed with me, and I just got up a little bit ago. She sleeping now.

Jim_Balloo: At last our paths cross – me soon getting into bed and you just getting out - LOL. Hey – it's tomorrow there already? Happy Valentines day.

She experimented with several nicknames, one of which was "Mysweet1". I asked her about it and if it meant anything; she said that she really wanted it to read "My Sweet Pussy" but she said she really didn't like the word "Pussy". I thought about it for a while and said how about "Mons" as in Mons Venus, a nicer name for a woman's pussy and nether regions. She liked it, and the next e-mail I got from Singapore was from "Sweetlilmons". Her English was excellent – with the exception of the occasional forgotten articles that all the oriental speaking people seem to have problems with.

Sweetlilmons: Happy Valentine you too. I'm think this year I will be alone today. So sad on a day of love.

Jim_Balloo: No one should ever have to be alone on Valentines day. At least we can "talk" here for a while.

Sweetlilmons: Thank you very much your e-mails. I appreciate all your e-mails and stories. Sorry you end up talking to yourself so much.

Jim_Balloo: Hey – I'm playing with myself – shouldn't I be talking to myself? LOL

Sweetlilmons: I like your stories – at times like now I can't help but touch myself when I read them.

Our online flirting and erotic mails had been passing back and forth for quite some time. I'd send her stories, she'd tell me how she liked them and how they made her ready so when she touched herself – well, you get the picture. Despite our lusty conversations, to this day we've still never met. We traded pics early on, she sent me several, so I had a pretty good idea of what she looked like. But we'd never physically met,at least not anywhere except cyberspace.

Jim_Balloo: Then that makes us a pair LOL – I can't help but touch myself, and imagine I'm touching you, when I write them. Is that why you're online now – looking for a good story?

Sweetlilmons: Yeah, sort of. I was just resting and began to dream in bed and I was going to take care of myself but realized my daughter was there. I can't be quiet at the "moment" and knew I'd wake her, so I came out here to be alone and relax – and maybe find a story that help.

Jim_Balloo: Translated: I'm horny and would like to have an "O" to start the day?

Sweetlilmons: LOL – you are reading my mind.

Jim_Balloo: Would you like me to help?

Sweetlilmons: Have you got a new story to send me?

Jim_Balloo: Not yet – I'm still working on it. I had something else in mind.

Sweetlilmons:??? You've got me curious.

Jim_Balloo: Good – you want to try?

Sweetlilmons: Sure.

Jim_Balloo: Ok, do this. Lean back in your chair, close your eyes, and concentrate on relaxing. Imagine that I'm there in the room with you, and that I walk up to you, and do something to help you relax. When you've totally relaxed, and it seems like I'm really there and you're imagining my hands on you (pant pant), come back and tell me what it is that I did. In the meantime, I'm going to sit here and imagine that I'm in your room with you and I'm going to do something to you, and let's see if they're even close. OK?

Sweetlilmons: That's it?

Jim_Balloo: That's it.

Sweetlilmons: OK.

Jim_Balloo: Just tell me when you're back, the computer will chirp when you type to me.

I'm not sure what I expected. I just closed my eyes and imagined Bridgette in her room. Bedroom? No, she'd left that, her daughter asleep, she probably has a den or office or something where the computer is. Probably an office type chair, something where one can sit at a desk and work. What's she wearing? Hmmm, just out of bed with her daughter – probably a nightgown, modest….. OK, in my mind, I saw her in a chair, facing the computer but leaning back. What would I do, kiss her? Stroke her hair? I'd suck her nipples but she's wearing the nightgown. Maybe I'll just rub her shoulders…. In my mind I walked up behind her, put my hands on her shoulders and began to rub. I imagined the tenseness massaging away. I moved to the back of her neck, up to her temples and scalp and back to her neck. She was much more relaxed when I heard the computer chime and opened my own eyes.

Sweetlilmons: I'm back. Are you there?

Jim_Balloo: I'm still here. Well, how was it?

Sweetlilmons: I'm not sure. I leaned back and almost fell asleep before my imagination took over.

Jim_Balloo: I imagined that you were in a chair sitting in front of a desk with a computer on it leaning back. I walked up behind you and massaged your shoulders and neck. After a while I rubbed your temples and the back of your head where it attaches to your neck.

Sweetlilmons: Oh my god – you're kidding? That's exactly what I was dreaming of.

Jim_Balloo: LOL – see – you've been dreaming of me. What did you imagine?

Sweetlilmons: I was trying to imagine what you would do when I realized my shoulders were tense. I tried to relax and thought maybe you would rub them. I imagined you give me back rub and it was like you were actually there.

Jim_Balloo: What was I wearing?

Sweetlilmons: I don't know – I didn't look.

Jim_Balloo: LOL – that's good, because I'm naked.

Sweetlilmons: Ummm – LOL – I SHOULD have looked.

Jim_Balloo: What are you wearing? I imagined you were wearing a full nightgown. Just a deduction, you said you'd just gotten out bed and your daughter was with you – and I presumed you hadn't gotten dressed as you were going to pleasure yourself.

Sweetlilmons: Close. I've got a mu-mu on.

Jim_Balloo: Will you change and put something sexy on?

Sweetlilmons: Why?

Jim_Balloo: For me? I want to imagine you sexy and know you're dressed like that at the moment.

Sweetlilmons: Let me check on my daughter. I'll be back.

I drifted around for about 5 minutes on the internet when she popped back up.

Sweetlilmons: I'm back.

Jim_Balloo: How is she?

Sweetlilmons: Asleep

Jim_Balloo: Did you change?

Sweetlilmons: Yes.

Jim_Balloo: Well come on – spill the beans! What did you put on.

Sweetlilmons: Practically nothing - LOL

Jim_Balloo: Now it's my turn to say UMMMMM… Is it see through?

Sweetlilmons: Yes.

Jim_Balloo: Um, my favorite. What color is it?

Sweetlilmons: Pink. It's a little two piece nothing. The top is like a veil that covers just below my breasts and it have a thong to go with it. I feel naked and really really naughty when I wear it.

Jim_Balloo: Oh my god – I'm hard as a rock.

Sweetlilmons: LOL – just the way I want you to be.

Jim_Balloo: Are you ready to touch yourself?

Sweetlilmons: Almost. I can tell I'm wet but I don't want to touch myself just yet.

Jim_Balloo: I want to touch you – but not with my hands.

Sweetlilmons: I wish you were here – I could use that today.

Jim_Balloo: I wish I were there too. Let's try the imagination routine again, K?

Sweetlilmons: OK.

Jim_Balloo: I'll beep you this time.

Sweetlilmons: OK.

I closed my eyes, and it was much easier to imagine the room again now, I'd already put it in my imagination. I again walked up behind Bridgette, and this time her naked shoulders were there to be seen. I rubbed her shoulders and neck then bent down and kissed her neck and ran my hands onto her arms. Looking down I could see her dark erect nipples, appearing almost black in the dim light through the pink of her nightie. I nuzzled her hair, sucked her earlobe into my mouth and sliding my hands down under the top, cupped her firm breasts. Lifting slightly, feeling their wonderful mass, I rubbed my thumbs gently across her nipples. I heard her gasp, then moan in pleasure. Her nipples had already been hard, but they hardened even more to my touch. I shifted my hands further forward, rolling them each between a thumb and forefinger, then stroked the flesh behind, feeling the silky smoothness of her breasts. I shifted my head around to the other side of hers, nuzzling her neck, smelling her hair, kissing her earlobe. "Don't open your eyes, keep them closed." I whispered.

"K" she replied, barely audible.

I took hold of her top, lifting it from her shoulders. She raised her hands, and taking it from me, finished removing it and dropped it in a pile beside the chair. I took a small scarf and fitted it across her eyes. She didn't say anything until I was done, then said "What's that for?"

"So you can't open your eyes and try and cheat."


I turned the chair so she was facing me. Leaning forward, I kissed her nose, her cheeks. She raised her head, and I continued downward, kissing her chin and neck and finally leaning in I stuck my tongue out and twirled it slowly around first one nipple, then the other. She moaned softly and raising her arms from the chair reached for me. Her hands explored my chest, running down my sides until they cupped my ass and she pulled me closer.

"Umm" she purred – "you really are naked." Her hands pulled around my hips until they landed on my erection, which she carefully explored two handed. She pulled me closer, I stood straighter, relinquishing my lip lock on her nipples and she pulled my cock toward her mouth. I leaned against the chair to support myself, and she began to rub my cock against her face. Across her nose, up and down her cheeks, across her lips, in under her chin and back to her mouth. Her tongue extended and ran around the head, then sucking gently she took the head only in her mouth, her tongue continuing its explorations. She caught her teeth just over the rim, and loosened up and pulled back, her lips slowly sliding off until I was out of her mouth.

I took my cock and began to stroke her with it, first her face like she'd done, then moved around so I began to stroke her entire body; her face and arms and chest and nipples. When I got to her belly button she cooed, "Not there – I need you in me." I leaned in and sucked her nipples again, then lifting her legs over my shoulders, opening her pussy directly toward me, I bent at the hips and slid in. When my cock contacted her silky wetness, there was no resistance, seamlessly penetrating her to the core. From her guttural moan of pleasure as I completely filled her, I knew she could feel me.

I fucked Bridgette slowly like this for several minutes, me standing, her legs over my shoulders. Then withdrawing, I had her stand and swapped places, me sitting in the chair. As I pulled her to me, I realized that the office chair had become a hard backed chair so that she could easily straddle me, which she readily did, impaling herself on my cock as I held it upright for her. Bridgette's pussy milking my cock, her nipples once again in my mouth – I felt myself rising to orgasm even as I heard her breathing become ragged, her movements less controlled until she quivered and tensed up, her pussy clamping down hard on my cock. She cried out in pleasure as we reached orgasm together.

Suddenly my dream was broken, I found myself sitting in front of my computer, eyes once again open, and my naked delectable lover had become my own hand. Semen spilled all over my belly, I had no doubt that I'd made myself cum, but still – I could feel her touch, her kiss, smell her hair – the delectable odor of her pussy wafting through my nostrils….. It had all seemed so real.

Jim_Balloo: You there?

A pause.

Jim_Balloo: Bridge?

Sweetlilmons: Yes.

Jim_Balloo: What happened.

Sweetlilmons: It was so real.

Jim_Balloo: Oh my god - you can say that again. I swear I could taste you and smell you, and feel you.

Sweetlilmons: What did we do?

Jim_Balloo: I stroked your hair and told you to keep your eyes shut and I kissed your neck and ears and you felt my ass and pulled me to you. You sucked my cock – just the head and first I fucked you with your legs over my shoulders then we changed places and you sat on me until we came together. What about you?

Sweetlilmons: Almost the same – except for one thing.

Jim_Balloo: And?? What's that.

Sweetlilmons: Did you blindfold me in your fantasy?

Jim_Balloo: Oh yeah, just after I told you to keep your eyes shut.

Sweetlilmons: Did you take it off?

Jim_Balloo: No, I just suddenly realized I was back here.

Sweetlilmons: Where did you get the scarf?

Jim_Balloo: I don't know – it was just sort of there, so I used it.

Sweetlilmons: When the computer told me you'd sent another IM, I opened my eyes and found myself still blindfolded.

Jim_Balloo: Blindfolded? Did you really put a scarf on?

Sweetlilmons: No.

Jim_Balloo: You didn't?

Sweetlilmons: No, you did.

Jim_Balloo: I did? Only in my imagination.

Sweetlilmons: At first that's what I thought too – but I don't own a scarf.

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