A Forever Love Ch. 04


Her hips were moving, especially when his thumb brushed against her clit. Her cries grew hoarse and he could feel her juices dripping against his hand. He pulled free, bringing his hand to his mouth to suck the sweetness of her secretions. He smiled down at her, watching her breasts heave. He grabbed her when she stood, but she shook her head. "No, wait," she promised with a smile. With a shrug of her beautiful shoulders, she let the chemise fall to the floor, then she caught his eyes, smiling as her fingers loosened the bow at the top of her pantalets. They fell to the floor and she was truly naked in front of him.

His eyes roamed with slow thoroughness over every curve, every dip and valley she possessed. He smiled when he saw the blush rise in her cheeks. Beckoning her closer, he put her back as she'd been on his lap, her legs straddling his. His fingers slid over her cheekbones. "Do you know how much I treasure these?"

"My cheeks?"

He laughed at her confusion. "No, my love. Your blushes. They are so infinitely human. I treasure each and every one." He kissed each cheek, laughing when the red in her cheeks grew even redder. His lips stilled her attempts to hide her face, kissing her gently. "I would never want to take those away from you, Kinlye. They make you special, unique. They make you something that I can never be again."

"I would gladly give them all up if I could be allowed to spend eternity in your arms." She kissed him again, before he had a chance to deny her. Her ploy worked and he drew her down, laying her on her back on the sofa, his body coming to cover hers.

A crashing of glass had him raising his head and a stark hissing noise came from his lips. "What are you doing here, dog?" The words were a command as well as a slur.

"I won't let you kill her." He held the crossbow in his big hands easily, the silver tipped bolt aimed at Christian's heart.

Kinlye grabbed the blanket that she'd been using earlier and held it up to her nude form. "He wasn't going to hurt me, Matthew. He would never hurt me." She moved quickly and pushed herself between the two. "I'm not going to let you hurt him." The bolt from Matthew's crossbow was not pushing against her skin under the blanket. He'd not doing anything I didn't beg him to do, Matthew."

"Y-you want that filthy blood drinker to touch you?" His face was twisted in a grimace of distaste. "How can you stand his touch?"

"Because he'd not filthy, he's sweet, and kind, and he loves me." She said the last slowly, gazing back at Christian who smiled and nodded.

"I do," he mouthed the words.

"And I love him, Matthew. If you hurt him, you're hurting me." She laid her hand on his that held the crossbow. "I appreciate your worry, Matthew. I do. But he isn't going to do anything to me that I don't want him to do."

"You're brainwashed," he said slowly. "He has you thinking things that you shouldn't think of. He's evil, Kinlye and he will end up killing you. You've got to come with me, now."

"I don't want to leave him." The words were decisive and she wrapped the blanket around her, tucking in the loose end and crossing her arms under her breasts. "I want to stay here with him."

"God, I'd hoped it wouldn't come down to this." He took aim over Kinlye's head and let the bolt fly, then he smashed the end of the crossbow down against her temple and caught her before she could hit the floor. The bloodsucker was down, blood flowing from his wound and Matthew could hear others coming. He had to leave. Carrying Kinlye like a sack of potatoes, he hurried out the door he'd broken open to run through the gardens and out through the back gate, the same gate that Christian had used earlier.

He had his Kinlye. He had plenty of time to woo her now and to teach her of the evil things that those people were capable of. He remembered the vampire lord he'd served and the depraved and disgusting things that would go on when Caprice was either with him or was in her room, sleeping. The sacrifices, the orgies, the waste of humanity just to entertain the bored lord had been extreme and more than what Matthew had been able to bear.

It had been evil, an evil that had been performed by ever traveling lord visiting his lord's grand palatial estate. He would have been happier burning it down around their heads once he'd gotten his Caprice out. But she'd seen only the good, only the things that he'd wanted her to see. So Matthew had walked away, Caprice on his arm, to hide out until they could leave London and make their way to the New World Matthew had heard so much about.

He glanced down at the woman he now held in his arms. He'd committed more than one unforgiveable crime today. If the vampires found him, his life would be forfeit in the most horrible of ways. So he had to be smart, he had to stay ahead of them. With that thought, he hailed a passing cab. "To the wharves." He told the man. Then he settled in with his stolen prize, holding her carefully to keep the jarring of the coach from jarring her head. She would be furious when she woke and he wanted to do everything in his power to have that happen when he had them hidden.

He sighed. Life was never easy.

* * * *

I hope you are still enjoying my story. I'm in a bit of dilemna. I could go one of two ways. Matthew could get the girl, taking her to the new world and finding their happiness there. Or Christian could save her, change her to one of his kind and they could do the happily ever after thing. Both endings are running through my head and I'm just not sure what I should do. Any thoughts?

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