tagGroup SexA Foursome with My Mate

A Foursome with My Mate


I have to say that when it comes to sex I am a bit shy, I'm definitely a lights off girl. So I had never, ever imagined that I would take part in a foursome with my best friend, Denise, her fiancé Phil and his best mate Dave, not in a million years could I have seen myself doing that, but it happened!

We used to all go down the pub regular and have a drink, the four of us. Denise is the opposite of me, very forthcoming about sex, dressing sexy and flirting and saying the most dreadful things that make me blush all of the time. The subject of threesomes came up, probably instigated by Denise, I don't remember exactly and the guys were saying that it was of course every mans ultimate fantasy to be in bed with two girls at the same time, everyone knows that. Denise asked the lads if either of them had ever done it. I suppose she knew that Phil hadn't, Dave said he hadn't either. They both grinned and said that they would jump at the chance if it ever came up for real, no hesitation -- hypothetically speaking added Phil seeing as Denise was his fiancée! I just sat there and giggled as Denise teased them, I had been asked too, but of course my answer was a definitive no as I went red at the very thought.

Denise kept pushing Phil and Dave, she has a wicked tongue on her. She slyly said:

'Yeah, but if you really got the chance you'd bottle it, the both of you.'

'No way Denise, we'd be in there like a shot, for definite, no guy would turn it down unless he was gay! Get real!' said Dave, and Phil nodded enthusiastic agreement too.

Denise gave them both a hard look and she seemed to be considering something. I liked seeing her make them both squirm, I liked them both - but they could be quite chauvinistic, especially out together with a few drinks in them as now. Denise could shoot them both down most times with ease. She leaned forward and said in a slightly lowered voice.

'How's this for real boys? Why don't we all go back to my flat and find out?'

The guys were shocked! You should have seen their faces, their eyes nearly popped out! They never saw that one coming. Of course Denise was just pulling their legs, wasn't she? I sat there and enjoyed their discomfort, not for a moment thinking that I was in any sort of trouble here through Denise's rude proposal.

'Yeah, right.' Said Phil with a sarcastic grin, and Dave nodded.

'No, I'm serious, the four of us go back to mine and we'll have a little orgy of our own. Even better than a threesome, eh boys? Fun all round.' Said Denise, smiling wickedly and sipping her drink.

She gave me a knowing wink, but whether it was to show she was kidding and having them on, or if was conspirital, I wasn't really sure.

Phil and Dave were still laughing it off, as if Denise was trying to get them to fall for something. Dave looked at the two of us and said.

'You two would never go through with it, it's just a wind-up girls, nice idea though, appreciate the thought.' And he sat back lifting his pint.

'Oh yes we would, wouldn't we Alison?' Said Denise, smiling at me.

Getting into the spirit of it I said to Denise.

'Well, maybe we would and maybe we wouldn't, but it doesn't look like these two will ever find out, they aren't very keen are they?'

'No, exactly! Just like I said, all mouth and no trousers when it comes to it, eh boys?' laughed Denise.

'Alright, alright' said Phil, 'When we get back to yours later we'll see.'

But he didn't sound very sure of himself. I was still hoping that this was all a wind-up by Denise, or that if it really did come down to it later nothing would happen or the guys would back off. After all this sounded more like a porn film script than real life, well my real life anyway. The evening continued with Denise continuing to tease the boys every now and then, she was being very flirty and saucy, even for her. I must admit that her mood was making me feel a little randy myself.

Earlier than usual Denise suggested that we make a move from the pub, saying that she didn't want the guys to drink too much and not be able to perform later on, another little dig by her. On these nights out we would usually go back to Denise's flat anyway, it was quite near, Phil's was nearer, but he still lived at home so it was better going to Denise's place.

We got a couple of bottles of wine and some beers from the late night corner shop on the walk back. I was crapping myself wondering and worrying about what might happen when we got there. Maybe in my mind I still figured it was all bluff and nothing would happen, on the other hand I was scared if it did. I wondered why I didn't just make an excuse and bail out on the way? Maybe secretly I was turned on by what might happen, by the sort of situation that I had never found myself in before. I was definitely feeling more than a bit horny by the time we arrived.

Denise let us into her flat, which is a nice place and we piled into the living room taking off our coats. While we got settled Denise dashed into the kitchen and returned with some glasses and a bottle opener. She gave Phil a bottle of wine to open while she went and put some cool music on. Dave had cracked open a can of beer and was pouring it out into his glass as he sat next to Phil on one sofa.

Denise danced over to Phil who handed her two glasses of wine that he had poured out and then she danced over to me, sitting on the other two person sofa, swaying her hips sexily. She handed me my glass and I took a sip from it while she stood in front of me still moving to the music as she drank some of hers. Denise is a good looking girl in her mid twenties like me. She has shoulder length brown hair with a straight fringe, he body is nice and curvy (I'm more of a slimmer, flatter build), her hips and bum are nice and plump and her breasts are full but not big, and of course she has an outgoing character. I'm a bit more reserved, I have straight long blonde hair, my boobs are what I guess you'd call perky, not totally flat, but not as big as I'd like them to be. My figure is slim, I hardly curve at all, I'm a bit shy and not so confident as Denise but we seem to always get on well.

Denise is still dancing in front of me. She leans forward and puts her glass down on the floor and takes mine from me too.

'Come on Alison, let's see if we can get this orgy started.' She says laughing, taking my hand and pulling me up to join her.

We dance for a while, holding both hands as we face each other. Denise is moving in a very sensual way, gyrating her hips and pouting at me with a big smile. I join in as best I can, I haven't got the curves to pull it off like her. Denise works us over towards the sofa where the guys are sitting, they are watching us, still unsure of what is going on, as am I, but what the heck.

Now we are right in front of them and Denise lets go of my hands. She moves in front of me and sways facing the guys, running her hands up and down her thighs, over her bum and cupping her full breasts, through her hair making it tumble over her face. She is being very sexy, even I find it hot. Dave and Phil are now grinning at her.

Denise moves back to where I am dancing more sedately behind her, her bum pushes into my front. She reaches back and finds my hands, holds them out to the side as she grinds her bum against me. Phil has a big grin now, his eyebrows raise and he lifts his glass in a cheers. Now Denise wraps my arms around her front, she holds me at the wrists and begins to move my hands all over her body, and I mean all over as she dances, pressing her bum back into my crotch.

Now I have never had sex with another woman, never even touched one in any way sexual at all. I've never given it much thought to be honest, but now I was quite enjoying running my hands over Denise's body. She was being very sensual and sexy, I can appreciate that in another woman without being gay can't I? She ran them up and down her thighs, and then up to her breasts, making me cup and weight them. Now we really had the guy's attention! Then Denise pushed one hand down low and I was shocked to suddenly find myself stroking her crotch through her dress, I didn't let go though, I let her make me do it.

'Ooops!' she said, and laughed wildly!

She moved my hand back up to her breasts with the other and then let them go as she ran her fingers through her hair again, leaned her head back against my cheek, I felt her soft hair against my face, smelt her perfume. I squeezed and needed her breasts, felt their plumpness, they were nice, it felt nice to do it too. Denise turned to face me and took me in her arms and the next thing I knew we were kissing! Suddenly her lips were on mine and we kissed, just like that, quite passionately too. As I closed my eyes and returned the kiss I was acutely aware of her body pressed against me, her breasts pushing into mine, her hands stroking my body, feeling my bum through my jeans -- this was new, I bet the guys were enjoying this, certainly not what I had expected to be doing this evening.

Denise pushed her thigh between my legs, I felt it against my crotch and I swear that my pussy zinged like an electric shock and I felt very wet down there almost immediately, or maybe it was only then that I noticed it. Denise turned sideways a little and began to grind her crotch up and down my thigh which I held stiff as she worked herself against me. She looked over at Phil and Dave as she did this, who I suppose just couldn't believe their luck at this little show that Denise and I were putting on for them.

'Like it lads?' she asked.

'Very nice!' said Dave with a wide grin and Phil was equally happy by the look as they both sat back in the sofa watching us getting it on, their attention riveted now. I must admit that I liked the feeling of power that I was getting from teasing them, it made me feel very sexy, I liked that.

Denise kissed me quickly and broke away.

'Back in a moment.' She said and darted off.

I felt a little self conscious standing there so I went and got my drink as Dave and Phil whispered to each other. Denise came back with some stuff in her hands, Oh my Goodness! It was some sex toys! Vibrators, at least three, and a plastic bottle of something and also a large blue towel.

Denise plonked the lot down on the other sofa and picked up one of the vibrators, a long chrome one and waved it around.

'Girls' best friend, eh? Alison?' She giggled.

I must admit mine got a fair bit of usage, Denise seemed to have a job lot though!

Throwing the vibe down with the rest, Denise danced over to me and said.

'Now, where were we?'

Soon we were dancing together again, facing each other, kissing and running our hands over each others breasts, putting on a nice little show for the guys who just stared with these silly grins. Denise started to undo the buttons of my blouse, she pulled it off down my arms and then she turned and moved her shoulders up close, I took the hint and pulled the zip down. I pushed her dress down her body as she swayed gently to the music. Denise was now standing in just her bra and knickers, a nice matching black lacy set, she looked very sexy, nice curves that girl has.

I still had a T-shirt (that I had on under my blouse) and my jeans. Denise danced around behind me and I felt her arms come around me and cup my breasts, she squeezed my nipples with a little pinch and I couldn't help closing my eyes and shuddering at the feeling. Denise reached down and pulled the T-shirt up and over my head. Luckily I had on a nice bra! A white one that lifted and made the most of what little I had. Then Denise undid the button on my jeans and slipped them down too, pushing them down my legs from behind as she crouched to the carpet. I stepped out of them and Denise threw them with a whoop at the two guys sitting on the sofa watching us, I swear they hadn't moved an inch for ages but you could see them both sweating!

'What do you think then boys? Getting warmed up now, or thinking of making a run for it?' Denise teased.

'Very nice!' Said Dave.

'Yeah, very sexy girls, very sexy indeed!' Agreed Phil.

'Good' said Denise, 'I would want to think that we're not being appreciated for our efforts here now boys.'

'Certainly not.' They replied.

'Good, well, I think that before we go any further I think that Alison and I should see a bit of that appreciation, don't you Alison?'

'Definitely.' I giggled, enjoying seeing the focus shifted.

'Okay, you know that you make me hard Denise, so what do you want?' Said Phil, smiling at her.

'I want some proof of course, lets see those cocks boys! I want to see if Alison and I are making them nice and hard yet.' Said Denise, lasciviously as she pulled me to her and gave my bum a spank.

'Come on boys, let see those cocks now, we want to see some cock don't we Alison?'

'Only seems fair, a little bit of encouragement might go a long way, eh?' I replied.

Dave looked at Phil and Phil shrugged and then began to unbutton and unzip his jeans. Dave followed his lead. They both pushed their jeans down and kicked them off sitting back on the sofa. I was giggling, kind of nervous I suppose - but I couldn't stop looking. Both of their cocks were rigid to attention, it was nice to see, very sexy to see two hard cocks at once! I've always quite liked Dave, he's very fair and quite nice looking with a quiet boyish charm, but a bit hopeless sometimes which is why I never made a move on him before. Right now though I was looking at his cock which was every bit as nice as I had imagined it might be. It looked to be about 8'' long, quite thick and with a little curve in it they often have? I fancied some of that. Phil's was nice too, shorter but thick -- I already knew that from Denise though.

'That's better, we like that don't we Alison?' said Denise approvingly, I agreed.

Denise went over to the pile of things and picked up the towel and bottle, which I could see now was baby oil. She spread the towel on the carpet.

'Come on Alison, lets have some fun with this, lets get nice and slippery!'

I don't know about her, but I was already feeling plenty slippery - between my legs! I was wondering if it showed through my white knickers, but didn't dare to look.

I stood on the towel with Denise facing me. She handed me the bottle and then reached around her back to undo her bra which she threw on the seat. She cupped her full breasts and said.

'Pour some of that on me will you?'

I popped the lid on the bottle and Denise stood close to me leaning back a little as I upended the bottle and squeezed out some of the viscous clear liquid over her tits. I watched her push her breasts together to catch it as I recapped the bottle. Denise began to massage it in to her tits, it made them glisten in the low light.

'Give me a hand.' Laughed Denise at her own pun.

I reached out and smoothed the silky oil all over her lovely full breasts, feeling her up good and proper, pinching her nips and squeezing those fleshy mounds, I bet it felt nice, she looked like she was enjoying it smiling at me as I did it. She bent and grabbed up the bottle.

'Bra off Alison and I'll do yours too.' She said and I reached around and undid the clasp exposing my small tits to all and sundry. I didn't even think or hesitate, the whole thing had an unreal feel about it to me, dream like -- a nice randy dream.

Denise poured baby oil over my little titties and began to rub it in all over them, squeezing and caressing them in such a nice way, it felt good and I was doing the same to her. Then she pushed her chest against mine and I felt her oily tits slipping all over mine, felt her nipples, all nice and hard push into me and brush against mine -- hey! maybe there is something to this girl-girl stuff after all, this certainly felt very nice indeed!

Denise pulled me down to the floor on the towel to save the carpet, I lay back as she knelt between my legs and poured more of the oil over my tummy.

'Come on boys, let's have a hand here.' She said and Phil and Dave edged over from the sofa.

Denise leaned forwards and began to smooth the oil all over my tummy, pushing up to my tits, fondling them and then back down perilously close to my knickers, by passing them to run down my thighs pushing them wide open in a very slutty way. Phil knelt beside Denise and she gave him the bottle of oil. He poured some more on me and then put some over Denise' back as she rocked backwards and forwards massaging it into my body. Dave knelt down beside me and began to touch my oiled up tits with his hands, sliding them over them and cupping them completely in his hands, Denise' hands joined his now and then.

Meanwhile Phil was rubbing oil in the hollow of Denise' arched back and then dfown towards her round bum. He wasted no time and grabbed her knickers and pulled them down, I felt Denise shift to let him slip them off of her. Denise, still stroking me kissed him while he felt her bum, rubbing baby oil into it. I found the bottle and squeezed a pool of it into my heand and then reached out and smeared over Dave's lovely erect cock bobbing away as he knelt near to my head. It felt lovely and hard as my hand slipped over it.

'Mmm...that's nice.' He said.

I watched his cock as I slowly wanked it, felt Denise shift and then heard a familiar buzzing as she switched on that nice chrome vibrator. I took my eyes off of Dave's cock to see what she was doing. Denise ran the tip over her nipples as she smiled at me, raised and eyebrow and then turned the buzzing device on me. Phil had one hand on Denise breast and the other at her bum, probably rubbing or maybe even inside her pussy, she certain looked like she was getting very hot now.

Denise pushed my thighs apart and then gently ran the tip of the vibe along the crease of my mound through the material of my knickers, the feather light vibrations felt so nice. She teased me, lightly brushing it over my mound circling it and then up and down over my slit, I felt soaking down there, it felt good, I wanted more, pushed my hips up but Denise teased and pulled back to. Both of the boys were watching her do it.

I began to make little sounds of desperation and encouragement and Denise got the hint or took mercy. She hooked her fingers in the band of my knickers and pulled them off of me. I lifted my legs up as she slid them off of my legs and then let them fall back down wide open, feeling very slutty. My mound is trimmed close down below and short on top, my lips felt all puffy and wet, I bet that they were sticking out of my slit like they do when I'm really turned on.

Denise shifted and handed the vibe to me as she grabbed another from the chair switching that on the too, the room sounded like a wasps nest now! Denise interlaced her legs with mine so that were both facing each other propped up on our elbows legs wide apart. Dave moved around behind me and cupped my breasts as Phil did the same to Denise. I couldn't help swallowing hard and looking down between Denise' legs at her fanny. It was smooth and bare down below with a small, neat, dark landing strip above, very porn star! Her fanny was all puffy and gaping, her inner lips all pink and crinkly, she was leaking juices from inside, I knew how she felt!

I watched as Denise began to use the vibrator she had on herself, running it up between those engorged lips, circling around her clit which looked quite big compared to mine. Fascinated I watched as she spread herself open and pushed it in with a grunt of pleasure. I decided to join it, my fanny was crying out for some attention too. I ran the buzzing tip of the vibe up and down my slit, dipped a finger into myself and smeared juice over my clitty, that felt so nice. I circled the tip of the vibe around my lubricated hood, oh God! Those vibrations! We watched each other toy our horny little pussies, I could feel Dave's hard cock sticking in my back, I think that he was wanking it watching us doing ourselves, I was hoping it didn't go off too soon!

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