A Freak Like Me Ch. 02


"It's ok Jen... Tell me the rest." Mom said.

"Well, we cleaned up... We thought you wouldn't know... But then at dinner he was touching me under the table... And he started talking about Brad, and I thought he'd tell you! So I rubbed him to keep him from saying anything." Jenny continued.

"You got him horny?" Mom asked.

"Yeah... He got horny... And when you went for a bath... He pushed me onto the worktop... And he didn't rape me... I liked it... But then he got horrible... He pushed me down and made me suck him... He wouldn't take it out of my mouth. He made me throw up, Mom!" Jenny replied, and started sobbing wildly into her Mom's shoulder.

"It's ok Jen. Everything's going to be ok. I want you to listen to me carefully now. I'm going to see your Father in the morning. I want you out of the house Jen, do you understand? And then I want you to come home at lunch time and the three of us will sit down and talk about this." Mom explained. Jenny nodded but kept sobbing. Eventually, she cried herself to sleep.


That morning, Jenny woke early and dressed quickly in a light pink tracksuit. Jenny heard her Mom and Dad getting dressed as she left the house.

Jenny walked aimlessly around the neighbourhood. She wondered what her Mom and Dad were talking about, and praying that when she got home, things would start going back to normal. She spent most of the morning sitting on the swings in the park. She watched as couples brought their kids to play, and remembered the first time her Mom and Dad had brought her here, and how solid and in love they seemed.

Jenny left the park and started walking home. It was only a five-minute walk, but it seemed like an eternity as images and questions floated through her mind. When Jenny got to her front door, she stopped. She heard her Dad shouting.

"You useless fucking tramp! Why the fuck do you think I had sex with my own daughter?! You think you please me? You think you ever fucking pleased me?!" Dad shouted. Jenny heard something break, and she rushed through the front door and into the living room. Her Mom was lying naked on the floor, crying, and with bruises all over her body. Dad was naked too, and it was obvious what he had done.

"You bastard! You fucking bastard!" Jenny shouted at him, and she rushed over to her Mom. Jenny held her Mom's hand, and started crying. She felt hands on her waist, as her Dad pulled her away and dragged her over to the sofa. He pushed her onto the cushions so she was on all fours, and he pulled her tracksuit bottoms down, and then her panties.

"You ever head your daughter have an orgasm, Paula? You ever seen a cock fucking your daughter's pussy?" Dad shouted. He pushed his cock inside Jenny's pussy and started fucking her.

"Daddy no! NO! Get off me!" Jenny screamed, but then she felt a painful, stinging sensation on her cheek, and she realised her Dad had hit her.

"Shut up!" He shouted. He looked over at Jenny's Mom, who had turned away. "Fucking look at her or I swear I'll do more than hit the little bitch! Come on Paula, you've told me for years you wanted to watch me fuck another woman, well here you go! LOOK AT HER!" Jenny's Mom turned to look. Jenny was in terrific pain as her Dad fucked her harder than she ever imagined she could. Mom watched her daughter grimace in agony as her husband fucked her like a wild animal.

"Leave her alone Steve!" Mom shouted at him.

"Fuck off! Oh baby girl you're so fucking good! Christ you're tight... You're going to make me cum Jenny, and when your Mom leaves us alone, I'll make you cum like this every night!" Dad shouted. Jenny screamed, and then she heard a loud smash above her. She looked up to see her Mom standing over them, with a horrified look on her face. Jenny realised that her Dad had stopped thrusting, and she pushed him away from her with her feet, and scrambled off the couch. Jenny looked at her Dad. His head was bleeding, and he didn't seem to be moving. Jenny looked around the sofa to see the shattered remains of a very heavy vase that used to be on the coffee table. Jenny hugged her Mom tightly as she dialled for an ambulance.

* * * * *

Vamp looked over at Angel, who had started sobbing. He held her tightly, trying to comfort her. He never thought her secret would be anything like this.

"What happened to your Dad?" Vamp asked. Angel looked up at him with teary eyes.

"They took him in the ambulance, and when he was in hospital he had checks done. He had some sort of disorder. When there was a big event in his life, something scary or something he didn't expect, he'd flip out and become violent. Mom told me that he'd raped her the night she said she was pregnant with me. He died a few years ago in an institute." Angel replied, as she started crying again. Vamp held her tightly and stroked her hair.

"You're still an Angel to me, if you can forgive me for what I did to you." Vamp told her. Angel looked up at him and smiled, and he knew then that she was his, and she would forgive him anything.

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