tagIncest/TabooA Frenchman's Sexual Journey 03

A Frenchman's Sexual Journey 03


A Visit From His Aunt And Cousin

Julian got word that his Aunt Amelie and her son Pierre would be visiting New York. He had not seen them since he lived in Paris and he was thrilled that they would be staying with him while they were in New York. Julian arranged for a limo to pick up his aunt and his cousin at JFK. Julian rode out with the limo driver and then met his aunt and cousin at the baggage claim. They hugged and gave each other the customary kisses on both cheeks. Julian and Pierre carried the bags to the car and then the three of them rode in the limo to Julian's apartment. Once they were in the apartment Amelie and Pierre unpacked as Julian poured the wine and then they sat around catching up on news.

Julian had prepared a meal in advance so after a couple glasses of wine he served dinner. After dinner Amelie and Pierre retired early as they were very tired from the trip. Amelie was given the guest bedroom and Pierre slept in Julian's room the first night. Pierre would have slept on the sofa bed but he retired so early that Julian gave up is bed for the first night. Julian later fell asleep on his sofa bed.

Julian was the first to arise the next morning and he put the coffee on while he waited for the others to wake up. Julian then heard his aunt call out to him and he went to the guest room to check on her. Julian entered the guest room quietly to check on his aunt and he found her totally naked checking out her body in the mirror.

"Oh Julian come in please. What do you think of your aunt at age 45?" she asked.

"You look wonderful Amelie," Julian gasped as he took in her 36-24-36 firm figure.

Amelie looked fantastic for any age and Julian felt his cock stir as he took in her beauty. Amelie smiled as she looked at Julian's sleep shorts poking away from his body. She walked toward him and let the back of her hand graze over his erection. Julian flinched and his cock twitched at the contact.

"I'm glad that you are happy to see me. Let's see what you have here," she said as she reached for his sleep shorts.

Amelie pulled her nephews cock through the opening in the shorts and gave her approval. "Very nice, you're bigger than your father and almost as big as Pierre," she said as she stroked his cock.

"Amelie, don't please," Julian whispered hurriedly.

"Why not, I like you and you like me so it's okay to have a little fun," she said softly as she continued to stroke him.

Amelie guided Julian over to the bed and had him sit down on the side of it. Then she pulled his shorts off and she giggled when his cock got caught in the fly of his shorts and sprang loose. Julian turned beet red as he sat on the bed naked with a raging hard on. Amelie then dropped to her knees and lowered her mouth on her nephews cock. Amelie turned out to be an accomplished cock sucker and she drove Julian wild with her technique. As she sucked his cock, Julian thought about what she said earlier when she compared his cock to his father's and her son's. Amelie must have had sex with Julian's father at one time but did she do her son too. Julian was thinking about his incestuous when Pierre entered the room.

Pierre was as naked as his mother and Julian when he entered the bedroom. Pierre smiled at the scene in front of him and stroked his cock to hardness as he watched his mother suck his cousin's cock. Then Pierre broke his silence.

"Well that didn't take you very long mother. I see that you have found your nephew's cock to your liking," Pierre announced.

Amelie never missed a beat as she continued to suck on Julian's cock. Julian looked at his cousin's cock as Pierre stroked it and he was impressed with its size. It was a little longer and a little thicker than Julian's cock. Pierre noticed that Julian was checking him out and then he wondered if Julian might be bisexual. Pierre decided to test the water with his cousin.

"Julian, I see that you like looking at my cock. Perhaps would like to hold it or maybe even take it in your mouth," Pierre said as he approached Julian.

Julian just nodded and when Pierre was close enough, Julian reached for his cousin's cock. Julian stroked the hard shaft and he liked the feel of it in his hand. Pierre moved closer and put his hand on Julian's head to guide his toward the stiff cock. Julian offered no resistance and he leaned over slightly and took Pierre's cock in his mouth. Pierre smiled as he was pleased that Julian liked cocks as well. Julian had become a talented cock sucker over the past several months that he had been visiting the bath house and he had Pierre moaning with desire.

Julian had momentarily forgotten about his own cock but then he felt his balls tighten signaling his impending release. Amelie sensed it as well and she fondled his balls and tickled his perineum as she bobbed her head up and down. Julian lost it and he ejaculated into his aunt's mouth. Six streams shot into her mouth filling it quickly but Amelie was up for the task and she swallowed every drop. She continued to suck Julian's cock to keep him hard so that he could fuck her next.

Julian had gasped aloud onto his cousin's cock when he ejaculated into his aunt's mouth but then he returned to sucking Pierre's cock. Pierre was turned on because of the incestuous coupling plus Julian was doing a wonderful job sucking. Pierre held Julian's head gently in his hands and then ejaculated into Julian's mouth. Pierre was pleased when Julian swallowed every drop as he surged into his mouth. Julian nibbled on the head of his cousin's cock sending chills through Pierre's body causing Pierre to move away from Julian.

Amelie then got on her back in the bed and opened her arms and legs to welcome Julian into her body. Julian still had on his tee shirt so they had not seen his breasts yet and when he removed his shirt both Amelie and Pierre were surprised to see such cute tits on him. Julian moved between his aunt's legs and eased his cock into her pussy. Amelie was soaking wet and Julian's cock went in easily. Pierre looked at Julian's bubble butt and then caressed his cousin's buttocks. Julian did not protest when Pierre played with his ass so Pierre decided to take it further.

Pierre left the room briefly and then returned with a tube of lubricant. Pierre used the lube on his mother all the time as she loved to be fucked in the ass. Pierre applied the lube to his fingers and then he began to finger Julian's ass hole. Julian's anus opened up to accept Pierre's finger and then a second finger. Pierre then knew that Julian had been butt fucked before and he moved onto the bed behind his cousin. Pierre liberally lubed his cock and then positioned it at the entrance to his cousin's ass. Pressing forward Pierre slid his cock into Julian's receptive ass and began fucking him. This was better than Pierre could have ever hoped for as he would have two asses to fuck and two mouths to suck his cock.

Julian was doing all the work as his body moved between his aunt and his cousin. As he thrust into Amelie's pussy, Pierre's cock would slide partway out and when he pulled out of his aunt's pussy he would impale his ass on Pierre's cock. Julian loved the simultaneous sensation of fucking and being fucked. The three of them established a smooth rhythm and the incestuous coupling seemed to be so natural for the three lovers. Amelie was the first to cum this time and she cried out as her orgasm rocked her body. Julian drove deep into her womb and held still as his aunt thrashed about underneath him. Pierre continued to fuck Julian and then he stiffened and shot several jets of cum into Julian's rectum.

The feeling of Pierre's cum shooting into Julian's ass set Julian off and he unloaded in his aunt's pussy. Julian went rigid as he ejaculated into Amelie and filled her womb with his seed. The three of them remained in the same position for several minutes and then Pierre pulled out of Julian's ass. Julian then moved away from his aunt letting his softening cock slip from her drenched cunt. Amelie's hands went to her pussy and she fingered herself feeling her nephew's cum in her vagina.

"Come and eat my pussy, Julian," Amelie whispered.

Julian didn't hesitate and he dropped his face onto his aunt's pussy and began to lap away. Pierre smiled at his mother and then he moved up on the bed and offered her his cock to suck on. Amelie gladly took her son's cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. Julian licked his aunt's pussy clean and he was undeterred by the taste of his own cum. Then Amelie announced that she wanted two cocks in her. Pierre got on his back and his mother mounted him lowering her pussy onto his stiffening cock. Julian looked at his aunt's hot shapely ass and then he lubricated her anus with the lube that Pierre had used earlier. Julian pushed his cock into his aunt's curvy ass and within minutes the three of them had established a rhythm once again. It took them quite awhile to cum this time which was fine with Amelie as she had a string of multiple orgasms before the boys ejaculated in her pussy and ass. Amelie loved the feeling of the youthful warm discharges filling her holes and she went wild. Then the three of them collapsed in the bed as they were sexually drained and sated.

Later they recovered, showered and put on robes supplied by Julian. Julian then heated dup the coffee and put out fruit, cheese and pasties for everyone. They sat around enjoying the continental style breakfast and chatted casually about sex. Pierre was curious as to how and when Julian became bisexual.

"Julian when did start sucking cock and taking it in the ass?" Pierre asked directly.

"Soon after a girl began sticking candles in my ass, I liked the penetration and I wanted to find out what it felt like to have a real dick in me. She seemed to like it when I came in her ass and it made me curious," Julian admitted.

"Did you go to a gay place then to hook up with someone?" Pierre asked pursuing the topic.

"Yes, first it was a gay video place and then I went to a gay bathhouse," Julian confessed.

"Wow you didn't waste anytime did you and by the way you took to my cock, you must have enjoyed it," Pierre responded.

"Yes I do like it and I loved having your cock in me. When did you start having sex with guys?" Julian questioned.

"It started when mother and I started having parties. Straights, bisexuals and gays attended our parties and I soon learned that getting a blow job and fucking an ass was not very different between girls and guys," Pierre confessed.

"Pierre loves to fuck shapely asses, boys or girls," Amelie chimed in and then asked, "Julian, tell me about your breasts, are you taking female hormones?"

"No I am not taking anything; they are natural but I don't know why I have them," Julian replied his face blushing.

"Oh don't be embarrassed. I like them. You should take some female hormones and they will develop even more be nice and firm," Amelie told him.

"I like them too Julian," Pierre added.

"And you, Amelie I heard you speak of my father's cock and Pierre's cock. Have you had them too," Julian quizzed his aunt.

"Oh yes, many times. I have been with both your mother and father over the years and then Pierre when he was old enough," Amelie admitted to the incestuous relationships.

"I think that I have heard enough for now," Julian snickered and then suggested, "Why don't we get dressed and go out and I'll show you around some of the city. We can check out the Village and then have dinner at a very quaint French restaurant there."

"Sounds good to me," Pierre approved.

The three of them got dressed and then Julian showed them around the Village. Amelie and Pierre loved seeing the street artists and specialty shops as it reminded them of Paris. They had a late dinner at the French restaurant and enjoyed themselves immensely. The staff at the restaurant all spoke French so Amelie and Pierre felt very much at home. When they returned to the apartment they were very tired from a full day of sex, sight seeing and dinner. They decided to turn in early and this time Julian shared the bed with his aunt at her request leaving Pierre to the guest room.

Julian and Amelie went to bed naked but that night they just cuddled together. "We will make love in the morning Julian," Amelie said and then she kissed him goodnight.


Pierre woke up the Sunday morning with his customary piss hard-on and he went into the other bedroom in search of his mother. Amelie had already been fucked into submission by Julian who was now in the bathroom taking his morning piss. Pierre looked over at Amelie lying on her back with an angelic smile on her face. Pierre eased his body over Amelie and slipped his morning erection into her sweet pussy. Amelie moaned softly and then she opened her eyes and smiled at her son Pierre. Amelie wrapped her arms and legs around Pierre's body and they began to fuck. Pierre had done this many times and he knew that he could fuck Amelie into submission without cumming himself.

Amelie didn't expect the ride that she was in for that morning. Pierre fucked her with long steady strokes keeping his cock in constant contact with her clit. Amelie went wild as she repeatedly orgasmed. Her orgasms seemed to be continuous and her body squirmed under Pierre as one after the other rocked her voluptuous body. Pierre stopped fucking her when she collapsed on the bed. Her arms and legs left Pierre's torso and flopped along side her body. Pierre eased his cock from Amelie's pussy; it was still hard and looked ominous as it glistened with her juices.

Julian had come out of the bathroom and he was standing in the bedroom watching as Pierre fucked his mother. Julian was stroking his own cock as he watched Pierre and Amelie. Pierre moved off the bed and Julian dropped to his knees and sucked Pierre's cock clean of Amelie's pussy juice. Pierre told Julian that he had to pee and that he would be back after he relieved himself. Pierre went into the bathroom took his morning piss and then returned to the bedroom. When Pierre returned to the bedroom, Julian was in bed on all fours and Amelie was lubricating his asshole.

"Julian wants you to fuck him again," Amelie said sexily.

Pierre climbed up on the bed and Amelie took his cock in her hand and applied the lube to it. Amelie had Pierre hard again in no time and then she guided Pierre's cock to Julian's ass. Pierre eased his cock into Julian's snug opening and Julian groaned as his asshole was stretched open again. Pierre fucked Julian slowly at first and then Pierre picked up the pace. Amelie had moved under Julian and she was sucking her nephew's cock as Pierre fucked him. Pierre felt his balls tighten and he knew that he was only seconds away from cumming in Julian's asshole. Then Pierre felt the surge of cum rifle through his cock and he flooded Julian's ass. Julian groaned aloud and announced that he could feel it.

"Oh yes, I feel it, shoot it into me," he called out and then, "Oh Amelie I'm cumming too."

Pierre felt Julian's body stiffen as Julian shot his wad into his aunt's mouth. Julian's asshole tightened around Pierre's cock and squeezed any remaining cum from Pierre's shaft. Julian fell forward on the bed and Pierre's dick slipped from Julian's asshole. Pierre looked at Julian and saw traces of cum seep from Julian's anus. Amelie smiled at Pierre and looked at his still hard cock. Then she got on all fours, tossed Pierre the lube and patted her ass in an invitation for Pierre to fuck it. Pierre was ecstatic with desire as he was really turned on that morning.

Pierre lubed Amelie's ass and he fingered her asshole and pussy at the same time. She cooed and told Pierre how much she liked his fingers in both her holes at the same time. Then Amelie begged Pierre to stop teasing her and put his cock in her ass. Pierre eased his cock into her and he was still amazed how the both of them were able to take his cock in the ass so easily. Pierre fucked Amelie for a long time working up to his second ejaculation. Julian had recovered and he moved under his aunt in a 69 position. Amelie took her nephew's cock in her mouth and he began to lick his aunt's pussy.

Julian also played with Pierre's balls as he licked his aunt's pussy. With Julian caressing Pierre's balls and tickling his perineum Pierre's ejaculation was accelerated. Pierre held to Amelie's shapely ass and drilled her as his cock fired a barrage of cum into her rectum. Amelie cried out that she was cumming too as she lifted her mouth off her nephew's cock. Her body shook with a violent orgasm dislodging Julian's mouth from her pussy and Pierre's cock from her ass. Amelie collapsed next to Julian and she was still quivering and gasping from the intensity of her orgasm. Julian was still hard and he reached down to jack himself off as Amelie was done for awhile. Pierre fondled Julian's tits as he watched Julian jerk off. Julian's balls tightened and he shot a stream of cum onto his abs. They were all done for the morning and it was time to clean up, dress and see the city.

After breakfast Julian showed his aunt and cousin more of the city. This time they started off with brunch at a French Bistro and then focused their sightseeing in the mid-town of Manhattan. That evening they had another late dinner this time at an excellent Italian restaurant. Back at the apartment that night Julian returned to his own bedroom since he needed a good night's sleep before returning to work on Monday. Pierre and Amelie shared the bed in the guest room. Before they retired Julian laid out the maps and plans for Pierre and Amelie to see more of the city on their own the next day.

The week seemed to fly by for Amelie and Pierre as each day of sightseeing was followed by an evening of incestuous sex. The sexual couplings and positions were always varied which made their encounters interesting but never routine or boring. Julian's favorite positions were with Pierre fucking him while he fucked his aunt or she sucked on his cock. There was something about having a real cock in his ass that was a turn on for Julian.

Amelie loved the double penetration particularly when Julian was fucking her pussy and their tits rubbed together. Amelie thought it was so hot that her nephew had tits. Pierre seemed content with any arrangement as he loved fucking his mother and his cousin. Pierre also liked the blowjobs that he received form them as well. The three of them seemed insatiable as they could not get enough of each other.


Amelie and Pierre were departing on Sunday and they had had enough sightseeing for the week. So on Saturday Amelie and Pierre decided to spend their last day with Julian having sex. It started in the morning with the three of them in bed. Julian was in the middle and he was fucking his aunt in the ass as Pierre fucked Julian in the ass. There was nothing more that Julian liked than having a real cock in his ass as he fucked another person. Pierre liked having Julian in the middle as he hardly had to move. Julian impaled himself on Pierre's cock as he thrust in and out of Amelie's ass. Pierre reached around and played with Julian's tits as they fucked.

Julian came quickly and ejaculated into his aunt's rectum filling in with a huge load. Pierre held off as long as he could as he tried not to cum too quickly and he was successful. Pierre pulled his stiff cock out of Julian's ass just in time. Pierre wanted to last as long as he could that morning and fuck both his cousin and his aunt senseless. Julian pulled his softening cock out of his aunt's ass and as he did a stream of semen ran out and trickled over Amelie's buttock.

Amelie sighed as she rolled over on her back and she was pleased to see that her son was still erect. Pierre eased his cock into his mother's pussy and began to fuck her slowly. Amelie was extremely turned on and she orgasmed almost as soon as her son's cock filled her pussy. Pierre ignored her first climax and continued to fuck her through a string of orgasms until she couldn't cum any more. Once again Pierre managed to control his own release and didn't cum in his mother's womb.

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