A Fresh Start


I had just moved into a new apartment in a new city a few weeks ago. This is the farthest I've been away from family and friends, but a change I desperately needed. It was in a big complex and everyone minded their own business unlike the quaint, cozy neighborhood I grow up in where everyone knew everyone else. I could afford this because I had just started a new job. I hadn't met any of my neighbors yet, just occasional head nodding in passing. The people at my job also kept to themselves, kind of like the cliques in high school. I was feeling a bit lonely but I knew this wouldn't last long since I usually can make friends easily, I just had to find out where the single people gather. I wasn't seeing anyone and haven't for quite awhile.

My apartment consisted of a living area, small kitchen, decent sized bedroom, and a small bathroom. I haven't gotten around to decorating yet, but I have plenty of ideas going around in my head. Tonight was going to be just like every other one since I moved in. I was going grab a bite to eat, watch TV for a while then go to bed. After eating, I decided to shower first before turning on the TV. As I was going to turn on the shower water I realized how horny I was. So I changed my mind and went back into my bedroom. It was already getting slightly dark outside so I put on a lamp next to my bed. I undressed and sat my naked body down on the bed. What I needed first was a nice, slow masturbation session to take the edge off. I've had to do this a lot lately.
I decided to fantasize about my favorite soap opera star. I started playing with my breasts, kneading them and licking my soft nipples until they became hard and erect. How I wished my breasts were larger so I'd be able to also suck on my nipples. I slid my hand down my body to the top of my pubic hair. I played with the hair and ran my hand between my spread legs. Images of the soap star doing all of this to me started my loins tingling. I placed one foot on the bed as I slowly ran one finger between my lips and my labia, up one side, down the other. I inserted the finger into my already slightly wet hole, flicked it around inside and then brought it out and circled it around my anus. I brought my finger back to my wet hole, inserted it, then lightly rubbed my clit. I did this several times, alternating between one and two fingers inside me. My pussy was getting very wet by now. I knew it wouldn't take long for me to cum. I started flicking and rubbing my clit faster, building up the intensity, until my body went rigid as I finally orgasm. My cum running down my leg. I put my fingers to my mouth and sucked the juices off. By now my heart was beating fast and I was nice and sweaty. After a few moments I came down from the ecstasy. I was really getting tired of taking matters into my own hand.

I got up to go take my shower and realized I had my bedroom window wide open. Across the way, about thirty yards, were other apartments. I could see standing at one of the windows was a guy around my age. I could make him out fairly well because his silhouette was back lit. He had been watching me the whole time. He was naked and had his large cock in his hand beating off to what I was doing. I saw him cum all over his window. I must have turned a bright shade of red as he smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I moved to the window still naked and quickly closed the curtains. As I walked to the shower, I couldn't believe how turned on I was feeling knowing I had been watched. I knew I was going to end up getting myself off again in the shower.

I went into the bathroom and turned on the water. As I started to shower, I couldn't help wondering if I'd ever run into him, it was a big apartment complex, but knew I was going to try. With any luck soon I wouldn't have to resort to my own hand.

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