tagGroup SexA Friend Called Ruth

A Friend Called Ruth


When Ania and I went camping she had an experience that has stayed with her. Ania is 26 with a lovely pair of 34C tits just right for sucking and a lovely arse that needs to be smacked when fucking her doggy style.

The story starts when we were camping in Denmark, I had to go into town to do some business early one morning and I wasn't going to be back until lunch time. I left Ania in her sleeping bag dozing. I had already had breakfast and she didn't want any. She told me about 7.30 she got up went to the toilets and had a wash. While she was there she spoke to a German girl. She was about 20 years old, very beautiful with short blond hair. She spoke to Ania telling saying her name was Ruth and that she was travelling through Denmark with her friends. Ania told her that my name was Robert, we were also travelling around Denmark and I was out for a while. Ruth suggested Ania joined them for a coffee. Ania said it was OK as she had some things to do before I got back. Ruth said that it was a shame, as she spoke she stroked Ania's hair. Then she told Ania how pretty she was and that her friends would like her as well. Ania didn't take any notice, said goodbye and walked back to our chalet that we had hired.

After a while Ania went off to buy some food as she was there she met Ruth again. Ruth said it must be fate that they met again so soon. Ruth chatted to her and insisted they went for a coffee. Ania agreed. Ruth told her about her home, boyfriends, college, everything. Ania sat and listened. When they had finished their coffee Ania said she had to get back. Ruth said she would walk back with her as it was close to her tent. Ruth walked close and was touching her hair, and had her arm around her shoulder. Ania wasn't worried about this as she had girl friends and she enjoyed sucking a little pussy herself. Ania open the door and was about to say goodbye when Ruth walked in and commented on the size. Sat down on the bed and patted it for Ania to sit down as well.

Ania offered her a drink, made one, handed it to Ruth. Ruth held her had as she handed it too her. Ruth stood up and kissed her fully on the lips, letting her tongue softly part her lips and enter her mouth. Ruth parted took the drinks and put them on the table, walked back over and kissed her again. They cuddled each other and Ania joined in with such gusto. They sat on the bed and Ruth started to take her clothes off. Ania only had Shorts, panties, and a tee shirt. Ruth had a wrap around skirt and tee shirt on. Within a few minutes they were both naked. With Ania laying down and Ruth sucking her nipples. Ania had her eyes closed as this was going on enjoying the sensation.

After a short while Ania realised someone else had joined them and was watching. Ania struggled to get up but Ruth pinned her shoulders down. Don't worry this is Shane and John. Shane was a tall black guy while John was white and average height. Shane said that they had come to have some fun as well, Ruth had told them that Ania had a lovely body with firm arse and tits. She had seen her while Ania was washing. Shane bent down to kiss Ania but she pulled away. Shane held her face and told her it could be easy or good fun for them. Ania told them to get out and leave her alone. John opened a bag he bought with him and produced some rope. First the gagged Ania with her panties and tossed 2 pieces of rope over a roof beam tied one end to Ania's legs and proceeded to lift her into the air legs upside down. Ania was thrashing around hitting anyone in the way. Ruth slapped her arse and the with a lot of force slapped her between her legs. Ania shuddered with the pain and stopped moving. When she was off the ground the rope was tied off to the bed, making sure her legs was wide apart. Nice they said, very nice.

Ruth started to suck her cunt from the back, which was now at eye level while John sucked her clit from the front. Shane removed the gag, undid John's trousers got his cock out and fed it into her mouth. Ruth stopped her head going back forcing her to take the full length down her throat. Shane was taking pictures and had set a video camera up as well. Shane joined them and took his clothes off. Ruth was now sticking her tongue into her arse, making Ania move her arse to get more of her tongue in. They stopped for a minute to talk together and decided it was too easy and wanted the film to be more dramatic. Shane stepped forward and started to slap her arse, inner thigh and cunt. While Ruth bit on her nipples, she got them nice and long and then notice some nipple clamps that we use. She secured the clamps in place and flicked them. She then took her face in her hands and squatted down on it forcing Ania's mouth over her cunt. Ania was now getting red all over her thighs and arse. Her cunt was swelling with the punishment. John got a butt plug out of the bag, smeared cream on it and pushed it into her arse. It crudely forced her cheeks apart and all could be seen was a wide base.

A dildo was next to be pushed in and out of her cunt, once again it stretched it to its limit. This went on for ages, finally Ruth let go of her head and her face was covered with her cum. The decided to release her letting her flop onto the bed. The butt plug and dildo was roughly removed leaving her holes gapping open. John lay on the bed and Ania was forced to squat over him, she was going to put it in her cunt when John forced it into her arse making her scream. Ruth held the nipple clamps, twisted them and push her back so she was laying down. Ruth then sat on her face making her eat her cunt and clit. Ania felt as though she was drowning. She then felt her legs being lifted and realised that Shane was going to fuck her as well, he rammed is large black cock in to her cunt in one movement and started to fuck her hard. They all got into a rhythm to fuck her as hard as possible. Shane slapped her thighs and arse while Ruth twisted the nipple clamps. Little trickles of blood was running down her heaving tits, this excited Ruth and made her do it more roughly, while she was grinding her cunt, clit and arse hole onto her mouth. Shouting suck it bitch. Shane pulled out and came over her belly; Ruth smeared her cum over her face that dripped down to her tits. John pulled out to and came over her back after pushing her off him. Before Ania could struggle they tied her hands to the rope and lifted her off of the ground the other end was tied to her knees and she was left swinging in mid air. Cum dripping from her. The butt plug was given to her as a present and forced back into her arse, the nipple clamps had congealed blood around them. They packed their things way and left. They said that I would be good to see her again another time and be ready to play.

When I got back I found this strange sight as I entered the chalet. I was about to cut her down when Ania asked me to fuck her hard like this as she really needs to cum. I obliged her and fucked her as hard as possible, she was swinging around but once I got a grip of her hips I found I could withdraw, move her away and then pull her back hard and thrust forward and drive my cock in. She screamed all of the time. As she was about to come I drove in hard and held her there and at the right moment we came together, I pulled the butt plug out fast making her scream. I cut her down she lay on the bed for a while got up and had a shower. Ania is such a slut.

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