tagBDSMA Friend In Need

A Friend In Need


"I can't let Bob know that I lost my job!"

She was Allison Greer and she was the wife of my best friend. She was in my office.

"I don't know how you can keep that secret or the reason."

Allison's office is not too far from my own. We work for different companies in the same building but when the stories of a secretary who had been caught publicly masturbating spread like wild fire through the building and Allison mentioning that she lost her job it was not hard to put two and two together.

"I had no idea that they had installed security cameras in the mail room. Bob has been under a great deal of stress lately so It was a while since ... and the mood just hit me There's ALWAYS someone in the ladies room."

"Allison," I said, "Even if we assume that is true you showed a severe lack of judgement and decorum. I don't know what you expect me to do about it?"

She bit her lip with hesitation and at last said, "Bob told me about that inheritance you received. I could borrow enough to cover my pay check for two months while I scare up another job. My employers promised to give me a good evaluation on the condition that I resign immediately. I'm a good secretary and I know spreadsheets inside and out it will be no problem for me to find other work."

"Two month's salary and what do you have as collateral and what happens if you can't get a job in two months? There HAS to be a contract with lawyers that I don't intend to pay for. That inheritance is going to fund a college education for my future children and a boat for myself."

"Rick, you're not even married right now."

"True but I am getting very serious about Marcella. She's not going to understand me giving money to you. I DON'T want to mess that relationship up!"

Allison looked at me and smoothed out her blouse. Allison is stacked. She is five foot five, she has long brown hair, fantastic legs and a butt that makes every head nod with appreciation when it walks past. She has clear even skin and crystal blue eyes. Because Bob is my best friend I had always put Allison on my verboten list. I believe in bro's before hos. BUT I was beginning to sense that I had a major opportunity here. A chance to sow some final wild oats before I settled down with Marcella.

Allison spoke again,"Marcella need never know. We could work out an arraignment that doesn't require lawyers, you know, just between the two of us."

"And what would I get in exchange?" I asked with a sly smile on my lips

Allison winked and said, "I could give you a blow job for each hundred dollars that I borrow and one for each day after the two months that I am late in returning your money. You can't lose."

I looked at Allison and realized that I had all the power in this exchange. I decided to exploit it.

"That's tempting Allison but its not enough. Marcella will be out of town for the next three days visiting an aunt who hates me. The aunt told Marcella that under no circumstances was she to bring me. I hate this aunt as much as she hates me but she practically raised Marcella. I opted out of the trip for the benefit of both of them. I had planned to spend those three days at the office but I have vacation time saved up. Tell ya' what Alison. How about you come up with some excuse to tell Bob, a family emergency say, or a sick non-existent friend anything to give you three days off. I would like to have a slave who is in total submission to me for those three days. If you are a completely compliant and totally submissive slave for those three days I will LOAN you the money. You can pay me a bit from your future pay checks until the debt is retired. How does that grab you?"

Allison looked stunned. She thought that she could slay me with the offer of bjs but why settle for that when you can have the entire enchilada? She started to laugh but stopped short when she read my expression.

"Oh my God, you're serious Rick."

"Serious as a heart attack Allison. Unless you can come up with the money some other way. Of course you could just tell Bob what you did. I'm sure he'll find it hilarious. I'm sure his short fuse won't go off and he will find it hysterical that you are out of work just after going to settlement on that new house. The house you can't afford on just his salary. I'm sure he will laugh his head off. Face it Allison my offer is the best chance you have but it won't exist ten minuets from now. You have those ten minutes to make up your mind. I am going to leave my office now and get a mug of coffee. With the greetings and chats on the way it takes me just about ten minutes there and back. Either you are gone from my office when I return or you are waiting here on your knees in supplication to me. You do not have a third option."

With that I grabbed my coffee mug and sauntered out of my office. It was a calculated risk but In reality I was Alison's only hope. I love Bob like a brother but he has the worst temper of any man I ever met. I can over look it but when he is pissed off he yells and blusters like a thundercloud. He gets abusive and becomes intolerable. Sometimes his snits last for days. It is a very good thing that he works with machinery all day and not people otherwise I don't think anyone would hire him. More than once I had to comfort Allison when Bob was on one of his anger jags. Bob is the kind of guy who, if he doesn't die of a massive coronary at 45, will live to be 100. When not angry he is the sweetest pussy cat on the planet. Too bad he has such a hair trigger. I imagine Allison's reason for termination will bring out the worst of the worst in Bob. I know that I would not want to be in her shoes.

I took a leisurely time getting my coffee, I chatted with Harry about the previous night's ball game and took a bit longer than usual. I imagined Allison in my office. And then I imagined Allison naked in my house fucking me silly. I was actually only a little surprised to find Allison still in my office. She was in the middle of the floor, kneeling in her nylons. I had opened the door in such a way as to hide her from prying eyes outside my office.

"I see that you have made your decision Allison. You won't regret it we will have lots of fun together. You can stand up now. Here are the rules. I expect you at my house at tomorrow at Noon sharp, dress in something that you ordinarily go to work in. You will obey my every command or you get NO money. If you utter the word 'no' or balk at any command, you get NO money and Bob finds out about your misadventure today. For the next three days you are a slave and you will be treated as such. Is that clear?

Allison's chin was pressed into her chest in humiliation. She was scarlet with anger but at last she choked out. "Yes Rick."

I told her to get her things from her office. She could store them in my office for the time being. That way Bob would not be wondering why she was bringing home a box of her stuff. She wept a little but finally stifled her tears and made her way back to her former place of employment. About an hour later she stashed three cardboard boxes and a large house plant in my office. They were stowed out of my way.

"Go home Allison, dream up some excuse and mentally prepare yourself for tomorrow. As far as sex is concerned EVERYTHING is on the table and EVERYTHING is an option for me. If you get cold feet. I know your office manager. I could make sure that Bob sees the tape of your "performance. One more thing take a cab to my place I don't want your car parked in front of my house for three days."

Allison stomped her way out of my office and vanished from the building. I left a little early to pick some things up from the store. I went home to Marcella. Marcella is quite the dish herself. A petite spitfire who stands just a hair over five feet, she has enchanting olive skin and, despite her Italian heritage, naturally blonde hair. Her tight compact body is pure Italian Goddess. While the sex between us was undeniably good, her conservative upbringing often puts her at odds with some of my desires. Three days with Alison would more than get those out of my system. So in a way, what I was about to do would benefit our relationship.

Dinner was fabulous. Marcella cooks like an Italian chef. To atone for my sins at the dinner table, I had to work out at the gym with a regularity I never had before. After dinner. I loaded the dishwasher and helped her pack. I would drop her off at the airport at seven A.M. and then. As far as she knew, I would go off to work. That night I fucked her twice, savoring her sweet moans. I was going to love having Marcella for a wife. My dreams were beautiful and I had an erection practically the entire night.

The next morning Marcella was off to Tucson without a hitch. She would call me on my cell phone when she arrived. I drove home and began the preparations for my guest. New sheets on the bed, plenty of food and booze in the fridge and the nice articles I had bought the day before and stowed in my car trunk.

Right on time at Noon a cab pulled up in front of my house and disgorged Allison. She had a small case in one hand. She was dressed as though she were just another day at the office. She wore black pumps, hose, a navy blue skirt that stopped at her knee and a pink blouse. I could only imagine what was under it. I went out to the cab and paid the driver. This time of day my street was deserted, the kids were at school and the parents were at work. It helped that I had a large hedge surrounding my property which also obstructed a view of my front door. I led Alison out of view and down my side walk. She was silent, with a sour expression on her face. I shut the door behind us.

"What's with the bag Allison?"

"I told Bob that I was going to see my sister for a few days. My cover story is that she and her husband had a big fight and she needs me to calm her down. That has happened before. I told my sister to cover for me. She doesn't know what I am up to. I had to bring a bag or Bob would ask questions. Bob is happy to have the house to himself for a few days. Of course he will turn it into one large cat box but THAT is not your problem."

I set Allison's bag on the floor and eyed her up and down.

"Rick, what do you expect of me? Remember that I am the wife of your best friend."

"Yes I am well aware of that Allison but you are a very alluring temptation. I can still respect Bob even after knowing his wife carnally. If it costs me your friendship that is a small price to pay. I'm Bob's friend not yours. As to what I expect from you I explained that in my office I don't like repeating myself. You are my property for the next three days. I will use you in any way I see fit. STRIP!"

"Rick! Isn't there some other way we can do this?"

"Yes, I replied, "I can send you home and call Bob to tell him about what I heard in our building yesterday. I could tell him that you wanted me to cover for you but that I valued his friendship too much to allow you to get away with it. Would you prefer I do that Allison?"

Allison got a pleading look on her face.

"I thought not SLAVE now take off your clothes ALL of them!"

With a resigned expression on her face Allison kicked off her shoes and said, "Oh Rick, I thought that you were one of the few truly nice guys."

She began unbuttoning her blouse. I could see her milky white orbs being restrained by her brassier . She unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it. She was wearing pantyhose with what looked like lavender panties underneath. She made her way to a chair and sat in it while she took off the hose. Her fantastic long legs came into view. She looked at me in her underwear.

"Continue." is all I said.

Choking back tears she stood and unclasped her bra. Her tits were among the best I had ever seen. Then she slid her pelvis out of her panties and I saw her delicious bush come into view. To the right of her neatly trimmed pussy she had a tattoo of a small lavender heart.

I ordered her to turn around a few times so that i could appreciate her from all angles. Her naked ass was every bit as enticing as I had imagined. Once I finished that delightful task I told her, "I'll take one of those blow jobs you offered me now."

Allison obeyed and a moment later she was knelling before me, my engorged penis in her bowed lips.

"Swallow every drop. After you are finished I will give you something to drink and I will outline my plans for the day and evening. I remembered what your favorite wine is. There is also some champagne. I'll order out for dinner around five."

Allison's blow job was very nice for someone whose heart wasn't into it. She looked up at me after I came. I saw her choke down my seed. She opened her mouth to prove that she had done her duty. I could not wait to try out her pussy and ass.

I had her stand and I brought her a big glass of wine.

"You may need a lot of liquid encouragement tonight Allison. In a little while I am going to give you a bath and then we will retire to my bedroom. I am going to be taking you up the ass tonight at least twice and I am going to see how many times I can fuck your sweet pussy tonight. We will break for dinner and then get right back at it. Tomorrow you will make me breakfast and serve it to me in bed. I'm also going to have this house looking spotless when Marcella gets back. You will be nude for all of your tasks over the next three days. I love your cute little tattoo and your nicely trimmed bush. Disobey me and I'll shave it off and YOU will have to explain to Bob why you are coming home hairless from your sister's place."

"Rick ... I'll do what you want," said Allison, "but please be gentle with me. I haven't done anal too often." She paused, looked at her wineglass and said, "I think I know how much I will have to drink tonight. Just enough to get tipsy. That tends to put me in the mood."

Allison drank some wine while I bathed her. Between sips of her glass I lathered her head to toe. I pondered her nakedness. Her only adornments were her earrings and her wedding band and engagement ring. I recalled that I had been with Bob when he picked those out. For a few seconds I ALMOST felt like a heel for doing what I planned to Alison, that's ALMOST! Midway through the bath Marcella rang my cell. I left the bathroom and sweet talked my love for a while. Then I explained that I had to get back to work.

Allison was just the right level of tipsy by the time I had finished bathing her. She laughed at my stupid attempts at humor and responded back when I kissed her. After drying her off I led her to my bedroom. It was beginning to take on, a bit, the personality of Marcella but for the most part it was still all mine. The bed was huge and the carpet was thick. I have the ego for a mirrored ceiling. One dresser was Marcella's and she had taken possession of most of the closet. I realized that after my bachelor days ended I would be living in Marcella's world. She had already made plans to redo my love nest. I told her she could do anything except take down the mirrored ceiling.

I had Allison turn down the sheets. I shed my clothes and slid into bed next to her. Allison looked up at her reflection and mine. "A penny for your thoughts?" I asked her. Allison sighed deeply and said, " I'm not surprised by the mirrors but you are more well hung than I expected. Before you do whatever you are going to do to me you should know that early in my marriage to Bob I had the worst crush on you. I've adapted, a teeny bit to Bob's rages but they still always leave me feeling drained and humiliated and an emotional basket case. There are days when I question why I stay with him. Sometimes when Bob was angry, in those early days, I would fantasize that you were coming home to me. You never lose your temper and I love that about you."

"Thank you Allison. I've always thought that you were beautiful and I've always felt bad about the way Bob treats you but lets not get maudlin."

I kissed Allison deeply, and she kissed me back. I gently kissed my way down her body to her snatch. After circling the tattoo heart a few times I sank my tongue into the valley of her sex. In a short time Allison's juices were staining the sheets. She came and then I decided to fuck her. Allison's snatch is mighty tight. I had her put the condom on before I started. Bob had shared with me what goes on in his bedroom so I already knew that Allison came very quickly. He described her orgasms as 'sweet' but that could mean anything. But seeing it first hand, sweet is just the right word. She pants like a train building up steam then lets out a loud torrent of air when she reaches climax. I'd never seen or heard anything like it.

Allison really turned me on I was ready to go in no time. I took her from behind, next, doggie style so that I could stare at her lovely ass and back. A half hour later I had condomed up again and I was liberally lubricating her asshole. Gently and slowly I entered her. The tightness was otherworldly. Marcella had ruled out even discussing anal sex. I realized that the memory of this one back door encounter with Alison would get me through years of marriage to her and the other times that I would do Allison this way would last me a lifetime.

"Thank you for being gentle with me Rick, or would you prefer Master"

Instantly I thought of " dream of Jeanie" The thought of a hot woman calling me master had an undeniable allure.

"Hmmm,"I said, lets try out Master for a while. I like the sound of it."

Allison turned to face me and said, "OK Master, how about I give you another blow job?"

I took a quick shower to wash my dick off thoroughly and then returned to the bedroom. Allison knelt on the floor next to the bed and sucked me off. I didn't even have to tell her to swallow .

"How was that Master?" She asked.

"Wonderful slave, but look at the time. Lets order dinner."

It was Chinese and It came a half hour later. I used that half hour to fuck Alison again. The doorbell rang and I put on my robe and grabbed my wallet to pay the delivery boy. I had Allison sit on my naked lap and I fed her. I'm quite adept with chopsticks.

"Master," asked Allison after we had finished eating,"What will my most difficult duty be?"

"Good question slave. "I have some vibrating sex toys. I am planning on putting one in your pussy and asshole and seeing how many times I can make you come in an hour. I would like to photograph you but I can't risk Marcella finding the images OR her telling Bob what she found so you are safe from that horror. I'd really like to shave you, but again that would be hard to explain to Bob. What are you afraid that I will do?"

"I was afraid you would bring in a bunch of other guys for me to do."

"THAT would most assuredly get back to Bob. No our 'agreement' works best with it just between us."

After dinner we showered together, dried off and returned to my bedroom. I had another go at her asshole and then fucked her two more times I had her finish up the night with a blow job. We got ready for bed. She had pyjamas in her case but I insisted that she sleep naked. I opened the windows and she snuggled up to me to keep warm. I woke up in the middle of the night with Alison wrapped around me.

It was a wonderful feeling. I ran my hand along the length of her as far as I could reach. She did not stir She was smooth and soft. I let my hand linger over her ass for a while. I fell back to sleep a very happy man.

In the morning after Allison used the bathroom I had her cook us an elaborate breakfast. She had to be very careful not to get splashed by the frying oil when she made bacon. Allison is a very good cook. I always enjoyed her meals when I went over to her and Bob's house for a visit. After cooking I had her sit on my lap in bed and I fed her.

When we were finished she had syrup on her face and drops of food on her breasts and legs. I was a bit sloppy in feeding her. I had her clean up after the meal and announced that it was bath time once again. I washed her head to toe and Allison asked, "What are your plans for me today master?"

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