tagLoving WivesA Friend in Need

A Friend in Need


It was nearing the time that I knew I would be leaving for another overseas assignment and Linda could not accompany me on this one as she had our first. It was going to be tough for her, and even worse for me, but I knew that I owed it to her to find some company for her to occupy her time while I was gone.

A Friend in Need (15)

It was nearing time for Linda and me to move on when I walked across the parking lot of our company and saw a familiar bumper sticker. It was the decal of a well known swinging group. I recognized it immediately and decided to hang around, since it was nearly quitting time, to see who would go to that car.

I was very surprised when Greg Chillcot, one of our purchasing agents approached, unlocked, and slid inside it. I knew Greg only faintly since our two functions were not alike, but he was the kind of guy that I thought Linda would like – average height, blonde hair, muscular build and about our age (late 30’s) – who dressed well and always looked presentable.

I got home a little later than usual that night and found Linda was still entertaining our neighbor, George. It had become more or less routine for him to drop by in the late afternoon, if Sandy was busy with their child, and get a little from my wife who had enjoyed his advances early that summer. Their affair had continued until now, late spring, while I did a few afternoons with his wife ‘to keep the score even.’ Linda liked George, but she especially like the hard, thick cock he kept in her pussy as often as possible. I certainly had no objections to that since I got all the sloppy seconds that I had come to appreciate more than a fresh fuck. The real plus was, after fucking her, I always got to eat that freshly fucked pussy. It was still my favorite dish and I dined on it often, thanks to George and some of our other friends.

I sat down and watched a good porn tape while George finished his fun with Linda. Normally I would have gone into the bedroom and watched for a while before joining him in a threesome with my wife, but I had become so engrossed with the idea that I might have found a new playmate for Linda that I really preferred to wait until he was finished with her, then tell her the good news as I got my own share of her hot pussy.

I didn’t have too long to wait. George usually only spent a couple of hours with her, despite Linda’s insistence that longer would be even more fun. Less than a half our later, George came out of the bedroom with his arm around my wife. He was fully dressed, but she was still nude. He greeted me and then turned and gave Linda a relatively brief kiss with lots of tongue and a final squeeze of her magnificent boobs before telling us good by and going out the door to rejoin Sandy.

Linda looked at me and smiled, a trace of George’s enjoyment sliding slowly down the inside of her thigh as she beckoned me into our bedroom. She was already on the bed, legs spread wide before I finished undressing and joined her.

“You’re looking very pleased with yourself. Did you drop by and give Sandy a poke while I was doing George?”

I shook my head as I sat down and turned toward her, lying down between her thighs and scooping the first of my tasty treat off her sodden muff with one finger that found its way to my mouth.

“No, but I think I’ve found us a new playmate. I don’t know whether it’s a couple or not. Do you know Greg Chillcot.?

She frowned as she thought about the question. I knew that at one time or another he might have met Linda, but I didn’t believe he knew her or she knew him well, so I wasn’t surprised when she shook her head and told me that she didn’t recall having met him or his wife.

I told her what I had seen today in the parking lot and told her that I was going to leave a note on his car tomorrow with our phone number and ask him to give us a call.

“So, if you get a call from him tomorrow, just tell him that he has a decal on his car from a club we belong to and see if there is any reaction one way or another. You know, it could be that he bought the car from a used car lot and the decal was on it when he bought it.”

“Interesting,” she sighed, leaning back and thinking about it, but not to the exclusion of what she had come to know was the natural result of her having been fucked. She smiled and then added, “But you’d better get busy, your supper is getting cold.”

I didn’t need a prompting like that more than once. Taking off my glasses and stretching out between her thighs, I inhaled the fresh aroma of a well-fucked bush as my hands reached higher and wrapped themselves around her breasts. I gave them a gentle squeeze, admiring once more the fullness and delightful sight of her nipples projecting almost a half inch above the areolas. I buried my nose in the valley of delights and used an upward movement of my head to spread her lips wider, giving her clit a gentle nudge as the swollen, reddened lips opened for me. I sank my tongue into the lowest part of that coral valley and used the tip to scrape the first of my reward from her, causing her a shiver of delight.

“M-m-m,” I murmured, lifting my head. He really left a big load in you this time.”

“He always does,” she managed to giggle. “But nothing like that first time when he thought I was cheating on you. I thought he was going to fuck me to death that afternoon, remember?”

How could I forget how concerned George had been that first day when I he walked into our living room, both he and Linda, naked as they had been all afternoon with each other. Of course it hadn’t taken long for us to reach an amicable agreement to share spouses, and – even better – to compare notes about other swinging partners which had led to several more eventful meetings with their friends and ours that often turned into weekend long orgies.

I chuckled with appreciation for the memories as my tongue broadened and once again found its way down that widening valley as I spread her legs wider. I let it drag over her clit. Not much, just enough to cause her to jerk with the pleasure it sent through her., Then I began ‘drilling for oil’ as I called it, using my tongue like a scoop to take as much of their combined juices as I could, savoring the taste as much as the vision of George fucking her for me. Ever since I had begun eating Sandy our, she too insisted that I eat her pussy. I’ve found that every one tastes different, but Linda’s had always been one of the sweetest, and I was enjoying it now. I knew that after such a short fuck, Linda would need another orgasm or too and I began using my lips around her swollen, protruding clit to give it to her. She was clasping my head tightly to her gash, thrusting upward with her hips and grunting with pleasure as I found the right combination and worried that lovely morsel until it gave up its juices to me once more. Linda was jerking in the spasms of delight, almost twisting my head off as she rolled from one side to the other as the sensitivity of her clit increased with my sucking, nibbling oral touch.

When, with a final gasp, her toes uncurled and her body was no longer shaking with the pleasure of a good orgasm, I wiped my face and crawled higher on her belly. Her lovely breasts took their own punishment as I sucked and squeezed those full breasts of hers. Linda’s breast had always been extremely sensitive to sex play and within minutes she was encouraging me to fill her cunt with my own shaft. Of course I did as she asked, pushing deep into that chamber of delights in one long thrust, lubricated by the remains of George’s cum in her tight sheath. I lay there on her belly, my elbows and knees keeping most of my weight off of her as I let my cock soak in the silky warmth of her love box.

Only after I felt her hips thrusting against me did I begin the slow in and out motions that I knew would eventually lead her to Nirvana once more. I could feel the muscles of her well-trained pussy gripping me, trying to pull my seed from me as they had from George, but I always liked to take my time. Linda also has one of the hottest pussies I’ve ever been in, and it was the delight of being in that velvet glove-like core that kept me coming back for more every time I could convince her that I was in need – or at least a half dozen times a week, whichever came first.

Tonight was no different. In a variety of positions and speed of movements, we gave each other the ultimate pleasure until she warned me that she was becoming tired and asked me to finish. I could understand that. After three hard orgasms, and another couple or so with her lover, even Linda needed a break; so with a final flourish, I pressed my cock to the end of her soft shaft and filled it to overflowing with my own love juices. She was barely able to make it to the bathroom, cupping her crotch with her hand, before it began leaking between her fingers. She always hated that, and I knew I would be tasked to clean her juicy pussy when she had gotten rid of the most of the overflow.

“Do you think he will call?” she asked, coming back in and climbing on the bed once more for the required cleaning.

“I really have no idea and we’re getting so close to leaving, that it really makes no difference. You have George and his buddies. I have Sandy and her friends. That’s probably enough for now.”

“Yes, but it’s always so nice to have a fresh one,” she giggled as I pressed her thighs apart and began using my tongue to clean that sweet residue from almost chapped lips.

She called me at work the next day and told me that Greg had called.

“He was pretty evasive,” she said, “but admitted that the decal was one he had put on just a week ago. He’s married, but his wife left him and now he’s trying to find someone who he can play with as a single. He said it’s really tough. He wanted to know my name and where I lived, but I told him that you would call him back and talk to him if he wanted to play. Here’s his phone number. He says it’s best to call him about 7 or so.”

I could just imagine why Greg had been so interested. On the phone, Linda sounds almost like a child, but the longer you talk, the hungrier men get to see her. It was just coming up on 7, so I told her I would call.

Greg answered almost immediately. I got the impression that he had been sitting by the phone waiting for this call. Not that I blame him after talking to Linda. Her voice literally radiates sex and she really turns guys on.

I asked him if the decal was his once again and he said it was. I asked him to explain what it meant, knowing that if he was a swinger, he would be able to explain it.

“Greg, I think you and I work for the same company, and I can understand your situation as a single. Why don’t I meet you at the barbeque place on Smith Avenue in a half hour. I’ll recognize you and then we can talk.” I listened as he confirmed the place and time, telling me that he would be driving the car with the decal. I told Linda that I would go meet Greg and, if he worked out to be kind of person I expected him to be, I would bring him back with me. She should be prepared to entertain.

It was almost exactly a half hour later when I pulled into the parking area for the barbeque stand. Gregg was there, waiting, eating a sandwich. I got out of my car and approached his on foot.

I leaned through the open window on the passenger side and spoke to him with a smile on my face.

“Hi, Greg,” I said, offering my hand. “I think you are waiting for me.”

Greg was startled, but took my hand and smiled. “Well, I never would have guessed it was you, Earl. Get in and let’s talk.” I got into his car and ordered a sandwich from the car hop.

“Was that your wife who answered the phone?”

I nodded assurance as I took my first bite. This place had excellent barbeque.

“Man, I never would have believed it.” He repeated. “I’ve never met your wife, but she sounds like a kid on the telephone.”

“I suspect you would recognize her if you saw a picture,” I told him, reaching into my pocket for pictures that I showed to men who were interested in meeting her. I gave him the top one which showed her in what she called her play clothes – a short skirt and very low cut blouse. Standing as she was in the picture, in high heels and stockings, she looked almost as gorgeous as she really is. He looked at the picture almost as though he intended to memorize it, and then whistled softly.

“Wow, she’s a knock out! Does she like to fuck?” I showed her the next picture which showed Linda riding ten inches of very hard meat. She was bent forward and her 42DD’s hung directly over the poor guy’s mouth. He had both hands wrapped around the far one, and was obviously nursing that hard, long nipple as Linda sighed with pleasure.

“If she’s interested in a guy, she does,” I told him with a smile and handed him the other three pictures I had of her. They were varying poses, but all emphasized her full breasts, wide hips and lovely shoulder length hair. In all of them she was still wearing high heels and hosiery that ended at the garter belt around her hips. My favorite pose showed her with a hard dick in her mouth just at the instant it had exploded its load of cum and you could see her lipstick smeared along its length. What was keeping her in that position was a long, thick cock pressed deep into her pussy which was also leaving a trail of sperm along the inside of her thigh. All had been cropped at the time I took them to eliminate the possibility of anyone recognizing her partners. I thought Greg’s pants were going to rip when he saw that one.

“Oh man, those are beautiful!” was all he could say as I reclaimed them from his clutching hand.

“I understand that your wife left you,” I told him, then sat back to listen to his tale of woe.

“She told me I wanted sex too often,” he finished, “and then when I told her I wanted other men to fuck her, that was the end.”

“Too bad,” I said, shaking my head. “If I remember correctly, she was a good looking woman.”

“She was that,” he sighed, “but she just couldn’t or wouldn’t go for the idea that I needed sex every day.”

“Well, as you may know, we’ll be leaving her shortly. I’m going back to Asia for a while and Linda can’t come with me. I’m lining up friends who I want to keep her satisfied while I’m gone.”

“I’d love to satisfy….I mean meet her, before you go.” Greg said with a wide smile.

“What are your plans for the rest of the evening?”

“I really don’t have any,” he said, his grin widening. He knew an opportunity when he saw it, and so did I.

“Well, why don’t we finish our sandwiches and you can follow me home. If she likes you, I think the three of us will have a great time with her.”

I’ve never seen a man eat so fast. I think fully half of his sandwich disappeared in one bite. I laughed and told him to calm down. “If everything works out right, we have the rest of the evening.” He was still impatiently waiting while I finished mine. Then, telling him to follow me, I got into my car and started the short trip back to our house.

Linda was waiting for us when we came in the door. She had changed into a wrap-around skirt, high heels and hose, with a blouse so sheer that you could see her breasts in the half-cup bra I always like for her to wear when she was meeting a new potential partner. She smiled as she saw Greg behind me.

“I thought it might be you,” she said, recognizing him from her occasional visits to our work place. She took his hand and led him over to the couch.

“Have a seat,” she said, motioning him to sit down. “I’ll get us something to drink.”

I knew she would have a pitcher of margaritas prepared. They were her favorite drink in the summer and had just enough alcohol to lower any inhibitions she might have felt with a stranger. As she leaned forward to pour Greg a drink, I could see him eyeing her breasts which were almost out of her half cup bra. She caught him looking and laughed.

“I guess that’s meant as a compliment,” she said, pointing to the tent formed in his trousers.

“You have no idea how much of a compliment it is, Greg fired back with a big smile.

“Maybe you can show me in a minute,” Linda said, smiling at him. After pouring me a drink, she took one for herself and sat down next to Greg. Her skirt slipped off her thigh, revealing the warm flesh to a point above her stocking tops. She put her arm behind him on the low back of the couch and held out her glass.

“A toast,” she said, “to long friendships.”

“To long friendships,” Greg and I repeated, with smiles of our own.

“You were telling me that your wife left you,” she said after sipping her drink while Greg studied her profile. I don’t know if he ever got above her breasts, but he obviously like what he saw. I did too. From my viewpoint opposite them, I could see that Linda was not wearing panties and her vulva was already slick with her own juices. She wanted to fuck someone and Greg looked just right to her.

“I explained that to Earl,” he said, blushing slightly. “My wife said I was a sex maniac because I like to fuck,,, I mean have sex, every night.”

“That’s quite all right,” Linda snickered. “We use that word a lot around here. You must have worn the poor girl down. I can understand though. Earl and I do it every night too – and sometimes during the day.” She gave me a smile remembering that Greg might not believe that.

“And Linda likes to have a few friends around during the day,” I added with a smile. “She says it keeps her warmed up for me.”

Greg made a low groan, and then set his glass down on the coffee table. He slid his hand over Linda’s thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. Linda, to encourage the gesture of friendship spread her legs slightly to give his hand more freedom. It moved her skirt edges farther apart to the point that now, just by lowering his head slightly, Greg would know she was not wearing panties. He didn’t lower his head though, his eyes were fixed on my wife’s breasts which were rising and falling a little more rapidly. She lifted his hand from her thigh and put it on her breast, directly over one button in the center of her blouse, then unbuttoned that fastener.

“Earl isn’t jealous,” she said softly. “He knows I like to have fun and encourages me to have some friends over occasionally. Would you like to be my friend, Greg?”

“I would love to be,” Greg said, unfastening the next button then sliding his hand into the open facing. He was studying her eyes now, alert for any change that might be coming, but Linda continued smiling as his hand closed over one full breast. He took his other hand and began unfastening the other buttons slowly, one at a time until they were at her waistband.

She turned on the couch to make it easier for him. I could almost hear her purr. She loved this part of the game, and so did I.

Greg was trying to take her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt with little success until she unfastened the side button that held it closely to her. He undid the last two buttons and spread the facings of her blouse wide, showing her breasts completely, still in their cups. Linda’s nipples had become engorge during his efforts though and now stood above the upper part of the solid cups.

Taking his left hand, she lowered it once again to her thigh and then moved it higher until it was beneath her skirt. I saw Greg’s hand move beneath the soft material higher still and knew that he was feeling the thin line of pubic pelt above her clit. I caught a glimpse of the back of his hand when he took advantage of the fact Linda’s skirt no longer hid her crotch completely. He cupped her sweet pussy with his hand and tightened his grip as his head went down to one exposed nipple.

Linda sighed an “O-o-h, y-e-s-s,” as she used her hand to push one breast out of its cup. She cradled his head and then pulled it to her lust engorged breast as his fingers clutched her already swollen labia. “Suck it, baby.” I could see the middle finger working its way down that canyon of joy, welcomed by a sheen of Linda’s juices as she succumbed to her lover’s touch.

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