tagFetishA Friend in Need Ch. 01

A Friend in Need Ch. 01


It was one of those crazy Summer Days in London, wet, cloudy, gloomy with a cold wind blowing all day. The kind of weather that makes people do strange things.

And if you were to see Lisa, lying naked, heaving, moaning, writhing, tits bouncing from the cock that was slamming into her cunt ... her grunting muffled because of the dildo in her mouth on which Kalie's ass was sliding up and down, you would tend to agree with the saying.

To think that it all started less than three hours ago, over some exquisite Sauvignon Blanc and crab cakes.

Kalie was Lisa's closest friend from work. They both worked in a leading advertising agency in London. They were meeting up on a warm Friday evening for some 'catch up'.

"So, how's the new guy you are dating? When do I get to meet him", Lisa asked.

"Oh he is unlike anything I have met before. He is so different. It's amazing." Kalie gushed.

"Really? He is from India isn't he? So what's he like, a guru or something. He does have a strange name." Lisa said laughing.

"Prince. Yeah, it is a bit of a 1980s name you know". They both laughed.

"But he is not a guru or something. He is a fashion photographer. I met him during an ad shoot. Him, in his colorful clothes, and strange mannerisms. They talk a lot with their hands, you know, these Indians." Kalie laughed.

"So do you like him? Is it going somewhere?"

"I think so Lisa. He is smart and is doing really well. We have the same interests and he is so talented. He makes me laugh, cares for me like I am his baby.... I think I love him."

"That's fantastic. I am so happy for you Kalie. This calls for a celebration."

The evening continued. The Sauvignon Blanc flowed. The girls were having a party. The conversation turned more intimate.

"So how are things with you and Charlie? Are things getting better?" Kalie asked Lisa.

Lisa snorted and smiled cynically, "Its getting worse. We sit in one room and have nothing to talk about anymore. Its like we just drained ourselves off anything to talk about."

"That's terrible. Maybe you guys should go for a holiday. Work things out."

"We did go for a holiday to Paris. The bum drank beer and watched football on TV all day long. The schmuck."

They laughed.

"You know Kalie, we haven't had sex in three months now." Lisa declared after a big gulp of the wine.

"REALLY? Oh my god darling, why are you putting up with this? It's no use dragging something that's dead. Dump that asshole."

Lisa looked up, her eyes swimming just slightly. She narrowed them and hissed, "You know what? You are right! I am going to dump that bastard. I'm going to throw his sorry ass out of that door TODAY!" she hiccupped.

"Do it. Do it girlfriend!" Kalie whooped. "Let's drink to that."

More wine followed. The discussion veered to sex.

"I really miss a good raunchy romp in the bed, Kalie. It's been so long." Lisa whined.

"I can't complain about that, sweets. Prince and I have been going at it like rabbits."

Laughter, reprimanding slaps on the thighs.

"You animals", Lisa laughed.

"That's us!" Kalie pointed to her chest and did a little shake to claim the title. "He is so experimentative and playful. I have done things I NEVER thought I could. It's liberating. The games we play. Everyday is something new. I think he is a guru of that book Kama sutra, you know."

"Really? Tell me more."

"Well, like yesterday, we dressed up like Goths and it was Gothic sex. Oh my it was nasty and wild."

Lisa felt a shiver run through her body. She really missed the fun and games in bed.

"Ohhhh.. I so want some raunchy, animal sex. Just sex, you know. No making love and all that. Just a hard body bucking fuck" Lisa confessed.

And then Kalie said something that stunned Lisa.

"Do you want to join us in one of the games?"

"WHAT?" In your games? Like be part of your sex? Kalie??!!"

"I am serious Lisa. Prince and I have been discussing a fantasy for a long time. I think you will be perfect."

"Oh I couldn't. Kalie darling. I cant' have sex with you and your boyfriend"

"Why not Lissie?? We have known each other for the last 5 years now. And I want you to be a part of our lives. Prince would love it. And besides, its not as if you are cheating on that limp dick Charlie."

"You are my friend Lisa. In Need. And I am here to help you." Kalie whispered.

Lisa thought about it. The wine was making her mind float around like a butterfly. It all seemed absolutely right. Charlie was not satisfying her. Kalie was her friend. And if she wanted to make Lisa a part of this, then why was she being cagey..

"So what's the fantasy?" she asked saucily.

"Lissie, you are IN!" Kalie squealed.

"I am. Now will you tell me what your naughty fantasy is??"

Kalie looked at Lisa in the eyes and said, "To have you as a sex slave. Be our fuck toy Lisa."

Lisa felt the juices leak out just a bit as she rasped, "I will..."

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