tagLoving WivesA Friend in Need Ch. 01

A Friend in Need Ch. 01


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Part 1

There's an old saying that you never know someone as well as you think you do, and that proved to be the case with my wife. Claire is a few years younger than me, in her late twenties, and we've been together since our late teens. Six years married and with two kids, from the outside we probably seem the most conventional couple around, but that's all changed recently.

It started quite innocently enough, when Claire received a Facebook friend request from a guy called Matthew. She showed me his picture and told me that he was one of her best friends at school when she was very young. She'd lost touch with him as they went to different schools later, when she was around twelve years old.

Her mother and his mother were friends, and so they had seen each other a couple of times over the years but the last time she'd seen anything of him was right back before we were married. So when he messaged her to say hello, she couldn't wait to catch up with him.

He was married around the same length of time as us, and had three children. Their conversation mainly consisted of comments about the kids and life in general and it made Claire smile - something she hadn't done too much of late due to work being particularly stressful and putting me a tired and grumpy mood most nights - so I didn't mind at all.

Then, a couple of days later, she asked me if I would mind if she met up with Matthew for a coffee, and again I said that of course I didn't as long as that was all it was. She smiled and said thank you, then confessed to me that Matthew had been her very first boyfriend. By 'boyfriend' she meant when she was ten years old - and purely the hand-holding school sweetheart thing, before she had dumped him for someone called Robert, fickle as young love is.

I laughed at her, and jokingly told her to be a good girl and not go rekindling any long-buried feelings. Claire giggled back that she wouldn't.

The next day when I got home from work, I asked how it went, and she said it was lovely. He hadn't changed, she instantly recognized him but he hadn't recognized her at first apart from her very pale long blonde hair, which she's had since she was very young. Claire was quite skinny when I met her, but being married had agreed with her and she'd filled out nicely, especially when she was pregnant with our first child and her breasts had grown from a 36C to a 36F and never really shrunk back. She put on a little weight with the babies that she also hadn't lost, but I preferred her with a slightly bigger bottom and a curvier figure.

They talked all about their partners, how we'd met and all the typical 'catch-up' stories about the kids' births and other mundane subjects such as work. He made her a little bit sad though, and when I asked why, she said he's such a lovely man and it was a shame because he seemed stuck in a loveless marriage in some ways. I asked her to explain further and after making me promise not to tell a soul, she said that he confessed that while he loved his wife and family, since the third child, their sex life had almost completely died off.

Claire said it was probably just a phase, and that it would get better again if they worked at it. But he seemed quite down because their sex life hadn't been good for a long time. Claire rather tactlessly told him that our own sex life had gotten stronger if anything since having our youngest, but even we had our down periods from time to time.

He asked Claire for advice and she said that she'd given him the usual woman's talk on how he needed to make an effort to spoil her occasionally with flowers or chocolates, make sure they went to bed early, taking a shower and making sure he smelled nice beforehand. He should take her out sometimes and compliment her or even buy her some naughty underwear to get her in the mood. Matthew took that on board but said he had already done most of it, and that it had only got him sex once in the past year.

I looked at Claire and winced - once in a whole year? That WAS bad, and Claire said she agreed. She had changed the subject after that, so as not to have the conversation get too depressing, but he continued to text message her about it afterwards, and over the next few days his messaging continued although Claire found it difficult to advise him on anything, mostly because she had no idea what sort of person his wife was. But she did try and be a friend to him.

Then, a few days later as we were eating, Claire read a message on her phone and laughed out loud, explaining to me when I raised an eyebrow that Matthew was confessing to losing his confidence in bed - and wondering whether that was why his wife didn't want to sleep with him. When she asked why he'd lost his confidence, he admitted that he thought his penis was a bit on the small side.

I'm not huge in the trouser department, but I'm not small either, falling squarely in the average with my six inches but I could understand how feeling insecure about your cock might make you lose your mojo and I told Claire to be nice to him and tell him that size didn't matter, which she did. She also said to him that unless his penis had shrunk since they'd first met, it was very unlikely that had anything to do with it, as long as it wasn't ridiculously tiny.

Matthew asked her to define 'ridiculously tiny' but she played safe and told him to go and measure and she would tell him what size category he fell into. The text chat turned into back-and-forth banter from there on, with him saying that it was a bit of a personal question and how would she like it if he asked her what bra size she was? Claire was happy to tell him that she was a 36F, but he still wouldn't divulge his size. He did send a photo of his reasonably muscular chest though - with a caption that he was happy with his body, he just wished his cock was a bit bigger. Claire forwarded my reply: all men wish the same thing!

They continued to text, with the tone getting a little bit naughtier. Claire showed me one where he said that he knew that they were both happily married but he had to admit that he found her attractive and still felt a bit of chemistry. Claire flirted back but kept it purely friendly and nothing too heavy. Although when he told her that he felt a bit unfairly treated because he'd sent her a chest photo and she hadn't reciprocated, she did send him a teasing picture of her cleavage.

She said that the cheeky photo was all he was getting and if he wanted more then he should send her a picture of his penis, saying she would give him an honest opinion but he just sent a 'smiley' back with a wink and a 'maybe.'

This was on a Sunday and he asked that evening if he could pop over the next day for a chat because he wanted some advice. She replied that it was a bit awkward with working the following morning and then picking the kids up from school later. He said that it wouldn't take long because he lives close to where she works, so perhaps she could come round for a quick coffee straight after she finishes work. Claire checked with me and when I said yes, she told Matthew okay but she really couldn't stay long.

That night, when I got home from work, I could tell something was wrong and guessed that Matthew had said something to upset her. When I asked, she said she would tell me after the kids were in bed, but I could see that she was holding back tears. I was inevitably quite concerned when she finally sat down with me later and explained.

She had gone to Matthew's and it had just been a friendly coffee. He was off work while his wife was out shopping and kids were at school, so they sat in the sunshine in the back garden chatting and he asked Claire for advice. Basically he suspected his wife was having an affair. He'd tried getting it on with her a couple of nights before, using some of Claire's tips, but she'd turned him down flat. The following day, he'd found some sex toys in her drawer and putting two and two together with her being secretive with her phone lately, he had begun to suspect that she might be up to something.

Claire tried to reassure him, despite not being sure herself, that he should give her the benefit of the doubt. Of course, he should look for any definitive evidence but failing to find any, he shouldn't accuse her of anything unnecessarily. There wasn't any point in possibly wrecking their relationship unless he was absolutely sure. Then as they talked more, she told him - in confidence - that she had been a naughty girl once behind my back.

I did know about this - it was a blip in our marriage - Claire had been very drunk one night and ended up sleeping with one of my best friends at the time. She had confessed to me a few days later and we worked it out.

Without going into too much detail, she told him vaguely that she had been in a one night stand with an ex-friend of mine, and that even the best people could sometimes make mistakes like that. Matthew was a bit shocked but she explained that our sex life was still great and our relationship was good and that it had been a one-time thing, so even if his own wife was up to something, perhaps it was just a silly fling. Not something worth wrecking their marriage for, and maybe he should leave it be for now.

At this point, I didn't understand why she was so upset and asked her to get to the point. Claire's eyes teared up again as she confessed that after that, it had got a little bit flirtier and naughtier. Matthew said that he'd got a hard-on now, with her wearing the cleavage-revealing vest top that she was wearing for the fine weather and telling him that she'd been unfaithful. He asked her about it - and if my friend had been good, or better/bigger than me - and Claire admitted that they ended up having a bit of a saucy chat, going indoors so his neighbours couldn't hear.

When I prompted her with, 'And...?' Claire turned bright red in the face as she explained that eventually after he kept telling her that he was really horny and hard, she told him to get his penis out while he was erect and she would give him her honest opinion if it was small or not.

Claire couldn't stop apologizing to me but I just told her to tell me what had happened and to stop saying sorry. She continued, admitting that she was quite horny from telling him about being naughty and what she'd done. Apparently, Matthew had asked for as much detail as she could remember - and that while she did hope he would get his cock out, she never really expected him to, so she was quite surprised when he undid his zipper and pulled it out.

I took a deep breath and told her to carry on and she asked if I was sure and when I said yes, Claire carried on. She said she couldn't see it properly and so he took his trousers and shorts down so she could judge it better. I asked Claire where all this happened and she said that they were in his front room, with her on the sofa and him standing in front of her.

He was very hard, so it was sticking straight out like a smaller erection does. Claire said to me that he was small-ish but not too bad (she's seen smaller - estimating it since at about five inches or so, and a little bit thin but okay) but she didn't tell him that. Instead, she said that he was probably about average really, and really didn't have anything to worry about. She did admit that she'd seen bigger and that mine is a little bit bigger (he asked) but that she'd had several smaller cocks in her time before me, and had still gotten pleasure from them.

He asked her how many men she'd been with but she wouldn't tell him. Then he asked her if she wanted one more, which made her giggle. Even though I was feeling a powerful mix of conflicting emotions, I did laugh out loud at his cheek.

Claire told him that she wouldn't sleep with him because he was married, and even if his wife was cheating she wouldn't do that. I asked Claire if her own marital status hadn't also been a factor in that decision and she said that of course it was, but she hadn't been thinking straight.

I told her I wanted to know everything. If she hadn't slept with him, then why was she so upset and she said that after she turned him down, she couldn't help but feel sorry for him because he looked embarrassed and awkward, standing there with his small but rock-hard cock sticking out, obviously very horny and not sure what to do.

Claire said that Matthew was eyeing up her cleavage all through their chat, and now wasn't making any attempt to hide the fact, blatantly staring at them. So, purely on impulse, she pulled her top up and showed him her breasts in her bra, saying that it was a treat and something for him to wank to later, after she'd gone.

He replied with a shy giggle that he'd rather wank now and Claire said, 'And cum on them?' meaning her breasts. When she admitted this to me, she cringed and stopped for a moment, before trying to explain that she was just meaning to tease him but that again when he had said 'Yes, please,' she had again impulsively responded, telling him to go ahead, guessing that he wouldn't dare, being a bit on the shy and awkward side as he was.

However, instead he replied that he wouldn't want to stain her lovely bra and that it would be even better if she did it for him.

I was fuming as I listened to this and wondering what the hell I was going to do. How were we going to get past this? It was years ago now, but her first indiscretion had taken a lot of time for me to forgive her, but while I wasn't sure how far they had gone at this point, I started to wonder if I could trust her and wondered if she was telling me the whole truth anyway. My mind was whirling as I told her to finish telling me what had happened and then we would obviously need to talk about our relationship.

Claire said okay and the rest came out in a big rush. She said she wasn't going to lie - she was feeling really quite horny herself at this point with Matthew. She asked if his wife wasn't due back anytime soon and he replied that he was that horny and hadn't done anything as naughty and exciting as this for fifteen years so it really wouldn't take very long!

My wife looked at me as she told me that once again pure impulse had taken over and that all that had run through her mind was the thought 'why not?' .She undid her bra, and described him 'gasping' as he saw her boobs for the first time. His reaction had made her grin as her ego swelled and loving the attention, she took hold of his cock and began to play with him.

I closed my eyes, trying not to picture the image in my mind but I couldn't help it. My gorgeous curvy blonde wife, topless to the waist, playing with another man's cock. The last time I had found out about her cheating, I had been slightly disturbed to find the inevitable mental pictures rather arousing - but I put that down to me imagining that it was me and not someone else, as a sort of mental self-defence or denial at what had gone on, but again the thought of Claire with another man was starting to turn me on, for whatever reason. I fought against my rising arousal, sighing as she continued to explain.

Claire said Matthew closed his eyes and was obviously in seventh heaven - she stroked him and played with his balls at the same time, trying to make him cum as quick as she could because she was a bit worried that someone might walk in at any time, and that while it wasn't over quite as quickly as what he'd said it might be, it still didn't take very long at all.

I told her that I'd heard enough and that I could imagine the rest, but she refused to stop, saying she needed me to know what she'd done. She went on to say that she found it quite funny, because he was thrusting his hips a bit, obviously really turned on, and at one point he tried to pull her head towards it but she said no, and then he practically begged her to show him her pussy, to which she again said no but that he could feel her boobs if he wanted and he cupped her tits for a moment.

The mental images in my head were becoming more and more vivid. Did she know that this was turning me on? Was she teasing me? Or was she trying to hurt me? Because it did hurt, despite my finding it an unexpected and shameful turn on. Whether it turned me on or not, she had still betrayed and cheated on me.

Then Matthew said he was going to cum so she pulled him towards her and let him spurt on to her chest. He came hard and heavily, groaning out loud and there was lots of cum she said, for someone with a smallish cock, but she guessed that he doesn't empty his balls that often, and after she cleaned herself up and got dressed again there was a bit of awkwardness again.

Claire finished the story by saying that Matthew had said he felt guilty now for being bad behind his own wife's back. Claire replied that was why she wouldn't let him do anything more than a handjob (which she doesn't see as cheating really as there's no penetration of any kind) and then he said he also felt guilty for making her do this behind her husband's back. He was just really horny and got a bit carried away.

Claire told him it was fine and that she had been really horny too. It took two to tango, and she was just as guilty as him. She had been tempted to do something further, if she was honest, but instead she was going to go home and fuck me senseless later, to get it out of her system and make it up to me. She repeated that he shouldn't worry about it, then that yes - his dick is perfectly fine - and finally just to keep an eye on his wife and not to do anything rash unless he knows with absolute certainty that she is cheating.

She left not long after, with them agreeing to stay friends and that what had just happened wouldn't affect anything for either of them, but they had texted since, with him being rather flirty still. Claire assured me that she doesn't plan to fuck him and end up ruining his marriage and ours, so nothing else will happen between them in the foreseeable future.

The big question was if I could forgive her again? She implored me to, saying she would do whatever it took, including cutting off all contact with Matthew, if that was what I wanted. She would fuck me later and I could do whatever I wanted with her, if I could just see past what had been just a stupidly impulsive set of actions earlier.

I said that I appreciated her being honest and telling me all of this, but that I also needed some time to think. Part of me was screaming that she was a cheating whore who I should kick out of my life for good, but we had a marriage and kids to consider and besides all of that, the other part of me - the part that even now was as horny as fuck from thinking about her being so slutty - actually got a kick out of it. Didn't that make me as bad as her?

Where did we go from here? If I took her back, was I being a pussy? Was I being stupid? After all, this was twice now - surely she would do it again. And again, and again, if I just kept forgiving her.

I reached a decision. I would leave temporarily and book into a hotel while I sorted my head out. I couldn't cope with this right now - work had been so stressful - I felt like I was about to crack up. When she burst into tears, I reassured her I wasn't making a final decision now. I just thought it was a good idea for us to spend a few days apart, so we could both get our heads around things.

She saw the sense in that, but was obviously heartbroken, however I stuck to my guns and packed a bag and got out of there that very evening. I knew it would be a difficult time and we had tough decisions to make, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

What I didn't realise though, was where all of this would lead.

I would end up back with her - and our marriage would be stronger than ever - but the tale of how this happened is for the next part of this story. Like I said at the start of this tale, our marriage is not a conventional one - not any more, not since the day she let her childhood friend cum all over her tits. That day I learned that I had married a slut, and while it took another turn of events for me to realise, the only way to live with a slut, is to embrace it.

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