A Friend of the Family Ch. 01


"Oh yes, fuck yes Jimmy, lick it hard." It grew longer and harder under his ministrations and she leaned more firmly against his face. "Bite it," she demanded, "bite my fucking nipple...hard." Eager to please, he complied and she tossed her head back in delight. "Pinch the other one," she demanded.

Anne was thoroughly enjoying the affection of Jimmy's enthusiastic and wet tongue and lips on her sensitive nipple, but quickly grew impatient for more. She pried her nipples free from his lips and fingers, stood and slid the fingers of each hand between her hips and the waistband of her tight pants. Jimmy noticed the dark wet spot on the skin tight pants as she swung her hips from side to side and lowered her hands titillatingly revealing more and more of her taut midriff. Jimmy stared, confused as to where her pubic hair would start, until the tops of her labia appeared, her swollen clitoris already peeking out for a look, then the rest. 'No hair,' he thought to himself, 'too cool!'

Once there was nothing left to hide Anne lifted her right leg and withdrew her foot from the pants. She then removed the left leg and foot and gently tossed her pants in his face. They fell to his chest from where he clutched them as though he would never give them up. Anne sensuously inserted a finger into her mouth and then gently and lightly traced the wet digit up and down the slit between her labia.

Again she looked at Jimmy, his face was covered in her lipstick and she smiled. "So what do you think of my bald little pussy? Is it what you imagined all those times you beat your meat?"

"No, it's much nicer...I love it." He remembered her request to talk dirty and added, "It's the sexiest cunt I've ever seen."

"Cunt?" she repeated as though a pleasing question and moistened her finger once more returning it to where it had been. "I like the sound of that, say it again."

"Your juicy little cunt is fucking gorgeous...just like the rest of you."

"It's not that juicy...yet," she teased exaggeratedly stressing the word 'yet.' She held both hands out toward him. "Come here," she cooed. He raised his hands to meet hers and allowed her to guide him to a standing position in front of her.

Again she took his head in both hands and kissed him passionately, deeply exploring his mouth with her ravenous tongue, he eagerly mimicked her actions. He thought to himself how incredible it felt. He'd been kissed passionately in the past but never with the same combination of aggression, tenderness, skill and lust. In all the years of heated fantasies about her, nothing he had imagined came close to the luscious enjoyment of her sweet kiss. 'How much better could it get, he wondered?'

Anne delightfully slid her hands down Jimmy's face and neck until she reached the collar of his short-sleeved sport shirt. Still standing on her tiptoes to sustain her amorous lip lock, she slowly and meticulously undid each of the buttons of his shirt until she could push it off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She lowered her heels to the floor and kissed his upper chest as her hands explored the rest of his torso with firm caresses.

Jimmy's chest was by no means as muscular as the shirtless men at the gym but firm nonetheless. His skin was delectably smooth and there was only a tiny sparse patch of hair in the centre between his small, now hard nipples. She kissed her way down stopping momentarily to kiss, lick and gently suck his young nipples. Jimmy moaned in pleasure, never having had experienced a woman's kiss there. Anne finally kissed her way down to the waistband of his shorts where she could bend no further. With her hands placed firmly on his hips for balance she slowly lowered herself to her knees.

Again she noticed a thin trail of light coloured hair beginning just below his navel and disappearing into his shorts. She looked up to see him staring at her and smiled. "Would you mind if I have a look at what's in here?" she asked teasingly pulling on his shorts.

"Mind? Fuck no!"

"You won't think I'm a slut, will you?"

Again, Jimmy recalled her appeal for him to talk dirty and decided to kick it up a notch. "You're naked and on your fucking knees in front of me, if that doesn't make you a God damned slut, I don't know what would," smiling to show he was playing.

She smiled back, "this does." And she unzipped his fly, unfastened the button and pulled his shorts and boxers to the floor in one swift and practiced action. Jimmy was already intensely aroused so that the shorts and boxers forced his shaft downward as she pulled. When he was free from his clothes it sprang back up and became lodged under Anne's chin then the slippery head slid up her right cheek leaving a glistening trail behind. They both chuckled.

She took a few moments to simply admire it first. 'It was beautiful,' she thought to herself, 'massive in fact'. The surrounding veins bulged out from its surface and it bent slightly upward. She couldn't help thinking the shape was absolutely perfect for her. It was more than thick enough to provide that wonderful stretch, even for a woman her age and the way it curved she was certain that it would meet her G-spot with every thrust. Thrusts she was now imagining.

With her left hand she took hold of him at the base, then with her right grasped above her left like a baseball player would hold a bat. She remembered back to college when she would measure a lover's organ by fingers, only one of them had been 'eight plus' fingers. Extending beyond her eighth finger was almost another inch of Jimmy's shaft and then his glistening and engorged purple mushroom tip. As she gazed at it and pumped it slowly, watching his foreskin hide then reveal the tip she pictured in her mind the other 'eight plus' trying to recall which had the most 'plus.' Before she could decide, she suddenly remembered the face of the other man; it was Jimmy's father!

Pushing that thought from her mind, she kissed the slippery tip and moved her head forward allowing it to enter until her lips met her eighth finger. She circled the pulsating tip with her tongue as she applied light suction and marvelled at the amount of sweet slippery drizzle that streamed forth. She removed her right hand so that she could take more of him and used it to massage his hefty testicles. As more of him disappeared beyond her lips she drew her nails from just below his anus forward. Jimmy's body tensed and he moaned at the dual sensations then began to rock slowly forward and backward instinctively imitating intercourse with her mouth. Anne moaned her approval as she kept her tongue busy licking.

Jimmy felt his penis swell more than was normal. He felt slight pain as the skin stretched to accommodate the intense swelling. "You're one hell of a cocksucker Anne. I love it. I've always thought you looked incredibly sexy, but with your mouth full of my cock, you look even sexier."

Anne was thoroughly enjoying his huge tool in her mouth and became even more aroused hearing the young man call her 'a cocksucker' and saying she looked sexy with her mouth full of cock, but it occurred to her that if he really had been fantasizing about this for nearly ten years that he was not likely to last long and she desperately wanted to feel his young, long, thick and oh so hard manhood explode deep inside of her. She pulled her head away and pushed him roughly back onto the loveseat.

"If you like the way I suck it, you're gonna fucking love the way I fuck it." She pushed him back to a sitting position and placed her left foot on the loveseat next to his right thigh and lifted herself up placing her other foot next to his other thigh. As she stood up she placed her hands palm down on the large ornately framed mirror anchored to the wall above the loveseat for balance. Her face and breasts were visible in the mirror staring back at her. She smiled a wicked smile and as though speaking to the woman staring back at her, she thought, 'God you're Gorgeous! And a filthy slut to boot!' It was only then that she noticed the reflection of the street and farm field through the front window and realized anyone walking by would see her naked ass in front of the face of her new young lover. 'What the fuck,' she said to herself, 'I'm getting fucked and I don't give a shit who sees!'

In a motion suggestive of a push-up she relaxed her arm muscles and looked down as her ravenous mound moved closer and closer to Jimmy's face. Their vastly different heights made this position perfect for what she wanted. She repositioned her feet slightly and when she was mere inches from his face in an impassioned voice demanded, "eat me Jimmy...I want to feel your tongue on my hot wet cunt."

Looking straight ahead at what he had coveted for so long, Jimmy reflected that it was much more fascinating than he had ever imagined. Anne's hairless vulva was smooth, plump and the prettiest of pinks. The colour of course owing to the increased blood flow he was causing. Her inner labia spilled out beyond their outer counterparts in thick curvaceous pink ribbons of heavenly flesh. Lower down, where the ribbons of flesh were less curvy, he noted moisture beginning to collect into a large viscous teardrop. Anne's engorged clitoris protruded out past her labia and its protective hood as though trying to find the tongue it knew was near. He had never been so close to one in the bright light of day and contented himself with only admiring it. Anne allowed him to simply stare for as long as she could bear until her longing for the touch of his tongue overcame her and she teased, "It isn't going to lick itself." And as she pressed herself against his face, "lick me...oh please lick my cunt Jimmy."

Jimmy's tongue travelled in no particular direction with no particular goal. He had only done this twice before and had learned nothing from the earlier episodes. As his tongue roamed aimlessly, Anne determined that some subtle tutoring was required. Balancing herself on both feet she replaced her hands on the mirror with the top of her head providing balance and a clear view of what she was about to make the young man do to her. She moved her now free hands downward. Using the fingers of each hand she parted both sets of labia wide to display the beautiful and sensitive parts within. Using her right index finger she gently rubbed her distended clitoris and spoke. "Jimmy, see that little shiny bump? I would reeeeeally like it if you kiss and suck and lick me right there."

Her choice of words was successful in making him think this was something she alone liked, rather than indicating that he was doing something wrong. He encircled the illustrated part with his lips and kissed gently. She left her fingers in place to facilitate access. "Mmmmmmm...yea...right there Jimmy...lick it right there." He readily complied with her instructions.

"Oh fuck yea...faster...oh...move your tongue back and forth faster. Oh yea Jimmy. Just like that...oh fuck yea." Jimmy had moved his hands to her thighs, at the same height as hers. Anne's instructions and moans grew louder and more savage. "Fuck yea...right there Baby...that's it...faster. Stick a finger inside my cunt!"

He moved his right hand, middle finger extended, to the general vicinity of her wet and famished opening and awkwardly fumbled to find it. Aching for stimulation inside as well, Anne grabbed his unskilled hand and urgently guided his finger where she wanted it forcing it inside of her until his knuckles would allow no more finger to enter. "Yea Jimmy, mmmmm...fuck me with your finger!"

Concentrating on his new task, Jimmy's tongue stopped moving. "Keep licking me too," she directed. Jimmy quickly mastered his simultaneous assignments and Anne felt her orgasm begin to form deep within. She considered steering him to her G-spot, but quickly determined that it would waste precious time and could wait. She was too close to become distracted now. "Oh yea Baby...faster, harder, suck it hard!"

It had been more than eight months since Anne had sex; she hadn't even masturbated in that time. Her pent up sexual vitality, so close to release, overwhelmed her tiny body as every muscle tensed in preparation for the impending ecstasy. Less like one powerful orgasm she shuddered in wave after wave of pure delight, repeatedly slamming herself into Jimmy's face with violent thrusts, each accompanied by a loud and gratifying. "Yes!"

Struggling to breathe between thrusts, Jimmy still managed to think to himself that he must be doing something terribly right as no girl he had ever been with had cum with such force. He continued to lick, suck and pound his finger enthusiastically where she had guided it until Anne's mind returned from wherever it had gone. "FUCK Jimmy, that was incredible," she shrieked with glee. "Now I really need your big fucking cock inside me."

She calculatingly moved to a sitting position repositioning her feet and placing her hands on his shoulders until the bulb of his stiff wet shaft pressed lightly against her willing opening. Their eyes met and she smiled wholeheartedly then kissed him ardently. As her tongue roamed passionately about the inner recesses of his mouth she painstakingly sunk lower and lower, savouring the sensation of each glorious inch of his massive pole unhurriedly disappearing inside of her. During the process she moaned through her kisses until she could feel him in a place where she could not recall being touched before and gasped. "Mmmmm Jimmy, your cock is sooooo fucking big."

"You're so hot and wet in there...it feels soooo fucking good."

With her buttocks now firmly supported by his thighs, she slowly swivelled her hips compelling his pulsating tip to come in contact with every part of her possible. Eventually realizing that her new young lover was not likely to last much longer, she used her strong leg muscles to slide herself slowly up until only his bloated tip remained inside. She smiled at him again then allowed herself to gradually fall back to his thighs. She repeated her up and down movements allowing all but his tip to escape then letting herself fall so she could feel him so very deep inside. With each complete set of up then down movements her pace increased until she was powerfully and speedily moving up and down.

Much to her delight, he raised his hips to meet her every downward thrust forcing himself deeper still. She quickly forgot that she had only intended for him to orgasm and concentrated on allowing her second orgasm to build. She was beyond words and only grunted each time she crashed against his thighs. As another climax grew quickly she found two words and repeated them in rapid succession over and over. "Fuck yea, fuck yea, fuck yea..."

When she was about to arrive at the satisfying place she had been only minutes before she cried out, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Oh God I'm cumming again."

Jimmy replied, "Me too, me too, I'm cumming inside you." He grunted loudly with each upward thrust of his hips, continuing the rhythm until she was quiet.

Together they experienced intensely magnificent orgasms and continued their movements until each could move no more. Anne remained seated, Jimmy's only barely diminishing member still inside of her and they rested their heads on each other's shoulders. Jimmy sat motionless, revelling in the miracle of finally having fulfilled his long held smoldering fantasy. Anne slowly regained her composure and realized that dismounting him would cause a surge of their combined amatory fluids to escape and perhaps soil her furniture and carpet. She spied her discarded pants on the loveseat and strained to reach them. Finally clutching them in her right hand she pushed them between her legs and rose off of him sliding the crumpled pants into place.

She turned her back toward her end of the loveseat and collapsed her head landing on the heavily padded armrest. She placed the balls of her feet on Jimmy's thigh allowing her knees to part and the crumpled pants to rest where they would catch any further flow but not obscure his view. She reached behind her head and managed to grab her lipstick, lighter and package of cigarettes. Setting the lighter and cigarettes on her stomach she reapplied her lipstick then lit a cigarette. She replaced all of the items on the end table and her hand returned with the ashtray that she set on her stomach. She drew greedily on her cigarette then spoke as the depleted clouds escaped from between her smiling lips. "You are one helluva fuck young man. Where did you ever learn to fuck like that?"

Jimmy wasn't sure how to answer her question nor did he really appreciate that she had done most of the work and the question was in fact rhetorical. He had little experience and the few girls he had been with were no more experienced than he. They had stumbled and felt their way through it together. "D'know...guess it just comes naturally," he replied as he too turned and assumed a similar position to Anne's at his end of the loveseat.

"Natural or not, I love how you fuck." She looked between her legs at his creamy emission still oozing out of her. With the index finger of her free hand she recovered a large bead and wiped it on her extended tongue. "Mmmmm, we taste as good as we fuck, you'll make some lucky girl one helluva husband someday." Anne looked between his parted legs. He wasn't completely flaccid, still somewhat firm. "She'll have that whole big talented cock all to herself."

"The only thing I'm thinking about right now is fucking you again, I'm a long way from even thinking about getting married, but thanks for the compliment. You're pretty good yourself...that was definitely the best sex I've ever had."

"Well, I've been fucking since long before you were born...practice makes perfect as they say." Jimmy had definite potential she thought to herself, but she couldn't honestly return the compliment, not yet. Having such a young and enthusiastic man inside of her had indeed been wonderful. And he was by far the biggest she had ever had. As she smoked her cigarette and stared between his legs she came to the conclusion that she definitely wanted more of him, that afternoon and in the days and weeks to come.

Anne got up from the loveseat carefully holding her crumpled pats in place. She picked up her t-shirt from the floor and threw it into Jimmy's lap. "Here, wipe yourself off and get us another drink. I'm going to freshen up." With her free hand she grabbed her cigarettes and lipstick and sashayed down the hall to her bedroom. Knowing she was being watched, she exaggeratedly swayed her bare hips. Jimmy watched his fantasy - finally naked and real - disappear into her room.

Once again he did as instructed, leaving her soiled t-shirt on the floor and making his way to the kitchen. As he surveyed the kitchen he had been in so many times before it occurred to him that this was the first time he had been naked in her house. He played back in his mind what had just happened. It had been better than anything he had imagined; her willingness and control of the activity had been something even he had not dared to imagine.

In her bathroom Anne lowered herself onto the toilet tossing her sticky pants aside and lighting another cigarette. She reached for the taps of the bidet and adjusted the flow to strong at a very warm temperature. Finishing her cigarette she moved to the bidet and let herself descend onto the spout of warm water. She lit another cigarette. Anne hadn't used the bidet for some time and wondered why as the gushing water bathed the engorged and sensitive parts of her mound. She remained on the bidet until her cigarette was finished moving periodically as Jimmy's spent seed was washed down the drain. She dried herself, lit yet another cigarette and pranced back toward her new young lover pausing as she passed her dresser mirror to admire her own naked form and musing over the pleasure it had elicited in both of them.

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