tagGroup SexA Friendly Competition Ch. 02

A Friendly Competition Ch. 02


This is the second of a planned four-part series. Please let me know if you like this chapter/narrative and whether or not you want the series to proceed. All characters, unless otherwise specified, are 18 or older.

Warning: there is a lot of texting in this story.

If Lindsay is texting, it will be bolded with the designation L:

If Stacy is texting, it will be italicized with the designation S:

If Rachel is texting, it will be underlined with the designation R:

Note: If you have not already done so, please read the first installment for context. Just as a quick summary so far:

Lindsay and Stacy are engaged in a competition to determine who is sluttier.

Rachel is their neutral judge.

The winner gets to unequivocally command the loser to do one task.

Stacy is currently leading in points 9-6.


I woke up in my bed to the tune of The Who's "Pinball Wizard." I had originally chosen it as my alarm song for how much I liked it, but after only a short period of time, it became my most reviled song. I wonder why?

I felt refreshed, and very alive. I had orgasmed about ten times yesterday, both from the competition and from my own horniness outside the challenges. I hadn't showered since yesterday afternoon, so I could still faintly smell the odor of pussy juice on my panties and fingers from my later climaxes.

A warm shower and a cup of coffee later, and I was sitting in my kitchen naked, waiting to hear from Rachel about the sixth challenge. She had promised actual sex today, so I was already anticipating a good day. My nipples felt oddly sensitive and erect, and I realized that my air conditioning had been fixed in the early hours of morning. Two days ago, that would have been the literal epitome of heaven, but I had bigger fish to fry and cocks to suck now.

My mind wandered as I chewed on a pop-tart. I was still pretty surprised at how good my body looked considering how unhealthily I tended to eat. But exercise and constant fucking burned all those calories right up. And cum didn't have any calories. I would be really screwed if that weren't true.

Since both of my other two compatriots were silent, I decided to break the ice.

L: time to get real guys and answer the important questions. pop-tart. is it a sandwich?

Rachel responded a minute later.

R: what kind of shit are you smoking and can i get some? a hotdog isn't a sandwich, so a pop-tart sure as shit ain't either.

L: fucking purist. why haven't you released the challenge yet?

R: didn't know either of you were awake yet. still not sure stace isn't comatose.

Speak of the devil (or a succubus, in this case).

S: god, could you two shut it the fuck up? some of us need their beauty sleep, and constant pings are not conducive to a good environment for my aura. i need to be gently kissed and serenaded by a noble king in order to be properly woken up.

L: turn notifs off, woman! and please, the only king coming to kiss you awake is the burger king! amirite?

S: just... no. a fucking awful effort. absolutely disgusting (which describes burger king pretty well actually). oh, and by the way, hot dog is a sandwich. pop-tart is not.

L: damn. wide variety. true purist, true neutral, and true rebel. wait till you hear my thoughts on calzones.

S: okay, ben wyatt. keep spreading your calzone supremacy bullshit. they're just italian burritos.

R: goddamn. here i was thinking i had volunteered to judge a sex competition, turns out i had also volunteered to babysit some squabbling toddlers. yay me. i'm never having kids.

S: you're no fun.

R: see! blamed for shit that i didn't start. i'm already getting a great jump on parenting. guess i gotta get a dog now, that's the next step. now can we please move on with challenge 6?

L: the dog reminds me. is sushi a sandwich?

S: no!! and why do dogs remind you of sushi?

L: well, you know. the thing about eating dogs in china...

S: just no. don't go there.

R: fuck it, i'm going to announce it even if you assholes aren't paying attention. the challenge is to see who can deepthroat more. i could do dildos, but real dicks are more fun, so we're doing that. to minimize discrepancy in girth or hardness, you will both be doing it on the same man. got it?

S: ooh, that one sounds pretty fun.

I wasn't as thrilled as Stacy. I had heard tales that she was notoriously good at deepthroating, and she had espoused her own excellence many times. I, on the other hand, wasn't great. I was probably above average, but I hadn't ever quite mastered my gag reflex. Normally my tongue-work and enthusiasm more than made up for it, but that wouldn't be at issue here. Still, I had to put on a brave and confident demeanor.

L: and who, pray tell, is this man who will be devoured by us?

R: friend of a friend. i've told him to meet you guys at stace's apt, since it's really nice and conducive to a good environment for his getting-dick-sucked aura. stacy, you will be okay with it because i said so. now lindsay, you had better haul ass over there if you want to make it before him.

L: ugh, fine, mom. i'm getting dressed. oh, and i almost forgot to complain about my ac today. finally fixed, but i need some hill to die on, so let's say it took too long. so... fuck my landlord.

S: challenge accepted. hold my cosmo.

R: video of the challenge (and landlord fucking) please too, so i can confirm and examine it for scientific research purposes ;)

S: ew, mom, stop making masturbation jokes. it's unbecumming of a woman your age.

L: lol, solid effort. almost as solid as any man's dick when he sees the ultimate sandwich: a calzone, with a pop-tart inside.

S: you legitimately need help.


An hour later and I was at Stacy's apartment. I was dressed in a tight white t-shirt with a generous dipping neckline that showed off a good amount of cleavage. My black bra was quite easy to make out, a very intentional move on my part.

My bottom was clad in a very small pair of tan cargo shorts, that just barely covered my whole ass. As is, the shorts contoured around it perfectly and definitely made my butt stand out. My hair was done up in a sloppy bun, to avoid it getting in my face during the blowjob.

I let myself in to Stacy's apartment to find that she wasn't there. A quick text later revealed she had been in her rooftop pool and was on her way down. It became apparent why when she stepped into her luxurious high-rise.

Her towel dropped, and Stacy's whole tanned body was on view to me. Her small bikini was clinging to her wet skin, giving her the faintest trace of a camel toe and outlining her hard nipples. Stacy's brown hair was hanging straight down unlike it's normal wavy-bob style, and her blonde highlights were especially noticeable. With the morning sun still reflecting off the water on her body, she looked stunning. I almost wanted to yank her bottom down and eat her out right there.

"Wow, you look great," I complimented.

"You as well," Stacy replied as she strode past me into her open kitchen. She began looking for something in the fridge, even as water puddled around her on the black marble floors, though I doubt she cared. "The guy should be here soon."

About ten seconds later, there came a knock on the door.

"Huh. Have you bought a Powerball ticket yet?" I joked as I went to let our mystery guest in.

I opened the door and came face-to-face with Jerome Higgins, a star member of the U's basketball team... I also may or may not have hooked up with him a few times.

Jerome was kind of a hotshot on campus, especially during the most recent March Madness run. I had met him at a party and was sucking his dick about two and a half minutes later.

And trust me, he had a huge dick, close to ten inches. In my experience, the stereotype around black guys didn't always hold true, but in this case it was very much correct. His informal nickname was "Biggest tool in school," which seemed apt not only for his member, but also because the guy was not, in the immortal words of Smashmouth, the sharpest tool in the shed. He was a really nice guy though, and didn't let his small fame get to his head.

"Well, when I got the call from Rachel, I was happy to help her out with a favor, but I didn't think I'd be seeing you here, Lindsay. How's it been?"

I blushed a little and batted my eyelids. "Good, Jerome. I haven't seen you in a while."

"I know. We really should make a point of getting together more often. You look great by the way."

"Aww, thank you. And I certainly wouldn't be opposed," I chuckled. "Did Rachel not tell you about why you were here?"

"Nope, just said she needed someone to lend a hand and I was the perfect guy."

"Oh, you're so selfless. I do think you'll like what you've gotten yourself into."

"Lindsay, let me meet our friend," Stacy yelled as she began walking towards the doorway. She stood right next to me and turned to face Jerome.

"Oh yes. This is my friend and opponent, Stacy."

"Oh my god, you wouldn't be Jerome Higgins, would you?"

His eyes lit up when he saw Stacy's barely-clad, lithe body still shimmering with moist droplets of water.

"Yes, ma'am. At your service."

I was slightly surprised Stacy had never met him before, considering her reputation. She always did go for the football players though.

"Hmm, hopefully," Stacy seductively purred back. "Please come in and take a seat."

He made his way to a chair in the living room area of her open-concept apartment. Stacy and I were not far behind on his heels.

"So since Rachel didn't tell you, I'll let you in on why you're here," I began. "Basically, Stacy and I are having a competition to see which of us is the bigger... um... harlot."

I could see Stacy mouth "me obviously" out the corner of my eye.

"And so Rachel designed it, and for this part, Stacy and I are seeing which one of us can uh... take more."

Jerome listened attentively, but didn't quite seem to grasp what this all would entail for him.

"In our mouths," I elaborated.

He nodded, and gears were beginning to turn.

"So we'll be using you to determine who can deepthroat more," Stacy added.

He responded to this, and his eyes lit up.

"Well, well, I certainly won't stop you ladies. I'll gladly do it if you need a helping hand."

"Well, I don't think it's your hand we'll be using," I quipped back.

Jerome smiled and began undoing his belt and pants, while shifting his butt forward so it was closer to the edge of the seat. Stacy and I both dropped to our knees, right next to each other, in eager anticipation.

He pulled his shorts down to his ankles and freed his cock. It was only partially hard, but already really big and thick. Stacy gasped as she got her first look at it, and I remembered the first time I encountered that thing in all its glory. God, my pussy was sore for two weeks. She and I would certainly be getting our money's worth on this one.

I took my phone out of my back pocket, switched to the camera app, and handed it to Jerome.

"For the competition, we need it filmed, so if you wouldn't mind being our trusty cameraman, that would be great."

He took the phone, pointed it down to his crotch, and pressed the button. "Ready. Oh, wow, I need to shave."

"Uh, wait, the video's reversed." I popped back up and helped him get set. He had somehow reversed the camera and taken a panorama shot of just his own face, but I got it solved, and returned to my position on the ground next to Stacy.

Stacy had the shaft of Jerome's cock in her hands and was slowly stroking it, still looking somewhat in awe at the size. I tugged on the strings to her bikini top, and it fell to the floor, leaving Stacy topless. Beads of water from Stacy's still-wet skin accumulated on her pert nipples, and Jerome's cock gave a surge of encouragement.

"Go on then," I told Stacy. "Let's complete the challenge."

She swallowed her saliva. "Uhh, yeah." She was acting more surprised than I would have imagined. I figured she would have taken quite a few cocks close to Jerome's size at this point, just based on statistical probabilities. I was glad to know I had her beaten in that department then.

Stacy moved forward and picked herself up slightly. Her mouth was opened in an o-shape, just over Jerome's massive black crown. She leaned down and her lips flared around his dick as she got her first taste of him.

She began bobbing her head on Jeromes cock. Stacy moved slow at first, limiting herself to just the head and first couple inches. I could tell her jaw was being stretched heavily, but she toughed through it. One hand jerked the bottom half of his shaft at the same speed as her mouth, creating an odd sense of harmony and rhythm.

As Stacy got to work, I lifted my flimsy t-shirt over my head and unclasped my bra from behind my back. My beautiful DD-cup boobs popped free, and both Stacy and I were now topless.

"Damn Lindsay. I forgot how perfect those titties are. I'd love to feel them wrapped around my dick. Although you're obviously doing a wonderful job too, uh... Stacy," Jerome remarked, always averse to offending anyone

"Well, you'll have to wait for some later time. For now, you'll just have to settle for my tongue."

Jerome chuckled. "You know, I guess I can't complain too much."

I was kneeling at an angle slightly behind Stacy, letting me view her blowjob perfectly, as well as grope her small perky boobs from behind. Stacy had begun to speed up, and was taking about half of his cock in her mouth with each successive head bob.

"That tool looks so pretty in your mouth right now. I wish we could share."

Stacy gave a slight nod. She had more than half down now, with probably four inches left. Her hand had abandoned the shaft, and she was now steadying herself on Jerome's knees. Stacy's mouth certainly could take quite a lot.

"Come on, Stace. Just a few more inches left." She continued pushing forward. "You're almost there."

Saliva was pouring out of her mouth now, coating Jerome's shaft, balls, and Stacy's chair. I could see her tongue wiggling on the underside of Jerome's cock. Stacy was very devoted and more skilled than I was. No wonder she was the biggest hit at that gloryhole fundraiser back in sophomore year.

"Two inches left. I believe in you." Stacy's cheeks were flushed, and her throat looked slightly distended. "Come on, one final push." She paused briefly, then lurched herself forward in that one final push. All ten plus inches had totally disappeared down her throat. Jerome's balls rested on her lower lip.

I squeezed Stacy's tits. "Yay! You did it. That is very impressive."

Jerome gave a quick pump of his cock into the back of her throat before Stacy withdrew. Huge strings of saliva fell down from her face onto her otherwise clean body and floor.

"Wow, Stacy. I have to hand it to you. That was one hell of an effort. I don't know too many girls who have ever taken the whole length in their mouth," he complimented.

"Thanks." Stacy wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "I'm not like many girls I guess," she quipped with a wink. Loose strands of hair were clinging to her cheeks, and Stacy looked like she had been through a very tough ordeal, which actually wasn't far from the truth.

"And thanks to you, Al Michaels, for providing commentary," she shot at me. "Really helped motivate me."

I muscled Stacy out of the way and took my place between Jerome's legs. Stacy stayed to the side, one hand on Jerome's knee and the other running over my back.

"You really want to see some insightful commentary? 'Well, Bill, the girth measurement and length are really well above the mean value for this young man here. It's going to be difficult for Lindsay to wholly engulf such a tumescent instrument, but in this game, it's a war of attrition. Our competitor just has to pace herself and know that she's in it for the long run. This and other platitudes are brought to you by Ram, the official truck of the Deepthroat Challenge League.' Fucking hire me NBC. I am on this shit."

"Wow. I have listened to more than a few broadcasts in my time Lindsay, and you would make a great color commentator," Jerome remarked. "Plus, show up on TV dressed like you are," he motioned to my big breasts hanging freely, "and the basketball team will be raking in the viewers."

"Fuck yeah. See, Stacy? Some people recognize talent."

"Oh, just get on with it. Weren't you supposed to be rooting against me and not encouraging me anyway?"

"Aw fuck. Well, semantics."

With my piece having been said, I took Jerome's engorged head into my mouth. I knew I almost certainly couldn't beat Stacy, but I would give it my best shot.

Jerome's shaft was already very well-lubricated, so I didn't have to warm him up any more. I began bobbing my head up and down his dick, going further each time to get myself more and more ready. My tongue was licking over his head and around his shaft, just out of instinct at this point. I could even taste the pre-cum on his cock. This was probably the best competition in the world for Jerome.

I had half of his length down. My eyes were glued to Jerome's the whole time, keeping eye contact steady. My blowjob lips remained sealed around his cock as my head gave the characteristic forward and backward motion of fellatio.

Six inches. It had been a while, but I feel like I remember only going another inch or so at my max with him. I would have to break that today.

My jaw was stretched further as another inch crept in, and I had to concentrate heavily so as not to gag. My now-opened mouth was already choking on his cock. I kept doing my best. Three inches left.

I kept pushing, but I couldn't take any more. A steadying hand came to rest on my head though, and I realized Stacy was trying to help me out. She pushed down on my head, forcing me further down Jerome's shaft. Two inches to go.

My eyes were screwed shut, and all I could taste and smell and feel was cock. It overwhelmed my senses. I gagged, and pulled my head back.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed. Eight inches was damn good, but not good enough. Stacy had taken another challenge. I was really slipping behind.

"Haha, loser! More points for yours truly!"

"Yeah, yeah. Alright, you beat me fair and square," I remarked after I regained my breath. "Jerome, you can stop filming. You have been an excellent cock model," I joked.

"Oh come on," he replied. "You can't just leave me hanging like this. I'm about to burst."

"I'll take care of it while Lindsay sends the evidence of her complete and utter humiliation to Rachel."

Stacy was right back between Jerome's knees, dutifully jerking and sucking him. He was groaning, and lightly forcing her head down on his cock with a big hand.

I sent an email over to Rachel, and slipped my bra and shirt back on.

"Alright, well I guess I'll just go and wallow in self pity until the next challenge. I take it you two are staying here for more?" It was too easy to predict. No woman could resist more of Jerome's cock, especially if it was their first time with it like Stacy.

"Hngh," she said, signaling with her hand for me to wait.

Jerome tensed up, and finally got to drain his balls straight into Stacy's warm mouth. He groaned and reclined back in the chair.

Stacy got up and turned to face me. She moved in to kiss me, and I opened my mouth to receive her tongue.

What I wasn't expecting was for Stacy to let a mouthful of cum swap into my own. I figured she had swallowed. She didn't even stop kissing. The cum flowed over our tongues, streaking down our cheeks and chins. I brought a hand to the back of her head and pulled Stacy in tighter to me, so her small boobs were pressed up against my shirt.

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