tagGroup SexA Friendly Game Continues

A Friendly Game Continues


Author's note: This is the second part of a story that began with Jon's recounting of him and his wife's first experience swinging with another couple in A Friendly Game. The story continues, but now from Ashely's point of view instead of her husband's.

As the night heats up, Ashely and Jon will find their boundaries pushed even further, including some male on male play, so if that isn't your cup of tea, you may want to bow out now.


As the four of us lay on the bed together, Jim had continued Mona's thought, "But I'm still in charge, and I'm thinking that the night has barely begun."

Barely begun? I thought, my heart and mind still racing from all that had just happened. A few hours ago, Jon and I had been nothing more than a happily married monogamous couple visiting a good friend and her newish boyfriend on a long weekend trip to Atlanta.

A friendly poker game had seen the stakes rise, leading first to my getting naked in front of someone other than my husband for the first time in over a decade, and then... and then to kissing a woman for the first time, touching a woman for the first time, having my pussy licked by a woman for the first time, watching my husband have sex with another woman for the first time, and having my husband watch me get fucked by another man for the first time.

And to discovering, shockingly and suddenly, how much I enjoyed each and every one of those firsts. And how I knew, with no uncertainty, that I didn't want any of those things to be my last. Had Jon enjoyed this evening as much as I? Was this something he wanted or was just going along with?

We'd never even talked about the possibility of a threesome or... the word came into my head like a shot... swinging... with another couple before. All we had was a promise made that night to speak up if things went further than we were comfortable with, and we would both walk away instantly.

But neither of us had stopped. And as we made our way to Jim and Mona's bed, I was sure that our having sex with them would be the end of the game, and Jon and I would go back to our rooms and cuddle together and kiss, and the following day would talk about it and figure out what to do next.

"Yes," I found myself saying. "You won the game, and I'll honor any request you make of me tonight that I can unless Jon says otherwise."

"I'll do the same," I heard Jon say from the other side of Mona. I heard him sit up, and I looked over to him, saw his face smiling down at me. "I love you."

"I love you too," I replied back.

"You two are too sweet!" Mona said and then continued, "Jim, why don't you come help me get some ice water. I think we're gonna need it."

They got out of the bed and left the room. I rolled over and began kissing Jon passionately. A moment later he was hard and inside me, and his cock felt so perfect in my pussy that it instantly grew wet as I moved on top of him. His hands reached up to my breasts, cupping them gently as my long red hair fell down in front of my face. I looked at Jon and his curly blonde hair, blue eyes and handsome face. At five-ten and 165 pounds, Jon had a tightly muscled runner's body that had just a bit of Mediterranean olive in its tone as opposed to my stark white. I looked down at my breasts, still full at 37 and just enough to fill a D cup, down to my softly curved belly and strong legs straddling Jon, a thin line of red hair coming up from my slit towards my belly button and to Jon's cock inside me as I rocked on top of him.

"You are so amazing," he said to me as he brushed my nipples with his thumbs, and the electric line that shot from them down to my clit brought yet another orgasm, this one short and strong, and when I finished, I lay down on top of him, my breasts pushing into his chest and kissed him deeply.

A moment later Jim and Mona were back, a pitcher of ice water with a few sliced lemons and four cups. I rolled off Jon's still hard cock, he hadn't cum with me, and no surprise that given that he had just done so deep inside of Mona not five minutes ago, and reached up for the glass Mona was offering.

"I thought you might enjoy a moment to connect again. Still game for more?" She asked.

"As long as at some point I get to taste you, yes," I replied back.

"I'm fairly certain that can be arranged," Jim said and took a long drink from his glass.

"So what are you going to request of us next," I asked with a mischievous grin.

"I think a group shower is in order. If you can still stand, that is," Jim returned with a grin.

We followed them into the master bath and their large, walk in shower, which had heads on both sides and a line of jets in between with marble lining the walls and floor. Mona had mentioned to me that Jim was a pretty successful businessman, and there was no doubt that his tastes were that of someone with a fat pocketbook.

Jim was very good looking, with a strong jaw, intense brown eyes and skin a much darker black than even Mona's. He had a nearly shaved head that didn't look like he had started to bald at all, had the strong, well-muscled body of a football linebacker and was perhaps six-three or six-four. But it was the confidence that radiated from him that had gotten me wet when I'd first removed my shirt for him earlier that night.

There was just enough room for the four of us to fit comfortably, but not so much as to avoid nearly constant skin to skin contact. The water was hot and steaming the moment it was turned on, and felt absolutely fabulous.

With the two men on either side, Mona and I took up the middle, and she began to soap me up immediately. I returned the favor, spreading the white foamy suds across her dark skin and paying good attention to her breasts, which were slightly bigger than mine but still natural, though on such a tiny frame they looked huge. Mona was rail thin, her ribs and hip bones visible beneath her skin and almost no padding on the backside. At almost six feet, she may have been 115 pounds, where I was 125 at five foot eight.

My nervousness about touching her flower was now gone, lost in the incredible orgasms that we had given each other earlier in the night, and so I soaped her gently there as well, careful not to go overboard on what I was sure was still a sensitive clit.

I decided to get bold, and turned her towards the jets to wash the soap from her lower body, then knelt down and tasted another woman's nectar for the first time in my life.

"Ummm," Mona moaned as my touch reached out and slid into her slit, "Oh Ashely, I think you're a natural. You sure you've never been with a woman before." And then she grabbed my chin and led me back to my feet for a kiss, our soapy breasts sliding against each other.

"Never," I replied after breaking the kiss, and felt her hand reaching down to my ass. "I have..." I trailed off, surprisingly embarrassed for just a moment, and felt my skin flush pink, "I've thought about it. Touched myself thinking about it. I'd just always thought it would remain a fantasy."

Mona's soapy hand was now in the crack of my ass, and my eyes widened as I felt her probe a finger into my tiny brown hole. She was gentle but firm as she pushed in and out for a few moments, her kiss on my lips stealing away any thought I had to ask what she was doing. Instead, as I had earlier in the night, I did what she did, reaching around to her tiny hole and probing it, earning a gasp of her breath as I did.

Jon and I had never played around that area much. He'd been inside my ass maybe a half dozen times in all the years we'd been together, and never for very long. I didn't dislike it out of hand, and in fact very much liked the sensation I was then receiving from Mona's finger, it was just... Well, I guess when it came right down to it, while our lovemaking had always been enjoyable, Jim was a good and attentive lover who always made sure I came, it also tended to stay pretty vanilla. Neither of us pushed for anything kinky, and like an object at rest, you don't just try some of these things without an outside force changing momentum.

As she removed her finger, I did the same, and opened my eyes to see Jim, with his large penis still flaccid, paying what looked to be special attention to his back side as well. He noticed my look and said, "Gotta be squeaky clean all over. It's only polite."

Fair enough, I thought, and turned around to kiss Jon, letting his once again stiff cock push against my pelvis and belly as I reached around and ran my hand between his butt cheeks as well. I felt him stiffen a bit, so I didn't try sliding my finger in, instead opting to gently push against the outside of his hole, and he relaxed and kissed me deeply.

A few minutes later, we toweled off together, and then made our way back to the bedroom with the thick white towels wrapped around us.

"Let's treat Mona as the goddess she is," Jim said when we sat back down on the bed. Mona moved to the center of the bed, laying on her back and opening her legs. "I want you to make her cum with your tongue, Ashley."

I let the towel drop off my body and moved between Mona's legs as Jim put a pillow under her ass to lift her up towards me. I was suddenly nervous if I would be able to do it. Not to put my tongue to her clit, but to actually get her off. Using my hand was one thing, I'd had lots of practice with that of course, but this was completely different. It had taken Jon a good month of near daily practice before he knew what he was doing down there.

I realized I was hesitating, my head just a few inches away, the smell of the soap already starting to be overpowered by Mona's scent. I saw the boys on either side of Mona now, and they lowered their heads to suck at her nipples as I directed my attention to the beautiful flower before me. I could see her clit clearly, and reached out my tongue and began to work.

I shouldn't have worried, Mona's sighs and coos were enough to guide me once I got started, and within a minute I began to find a rhythm that was clearly doing its job. My hands had worked under her ass, kneading the flesh there, and soon her hips began to gyrate in time with my movement and I could hear her breath begin to quicken. Her legs then began to squeeze down on my head and pull me even tighter. I was about to make this beautiful woman cum in my mouth, and even as I thought that she screamed out and I felt a gush of liquid squirt into my mouth and onto my face.

"Oh my god," Mona said breathlessly as the orgasm subsided. "Oh my god I can't believe you've kept that talent hidden for so long. The ladies are going to be lining up for your magic tongue, Ashley."

I almost blushed, almost laughed, but as I looked up from her bald pussy into those big brown eyes staring down at me, I knew she was being sincere.

"I don't have to stop. If you can take more..."

"Mmmm, yes but I want to taste you at the same time," she replied and began moving around the bed until her head was by my ass. I shifted around and buried my head into her again as I felt the electric sensation of her tongue on my clit again. The pause for the shower had done its job, and I soaked in the sensation of her soft lips and tongue on me.

We stayed like that for what seemed an eternity, the rest of the room fading away until we both began to orgasm again at the same time. It took all my concentration to keep my rhythm with her going as the shudders coursed up my clit to my breasts and then my head.

Mona rolled off of me as our orgasms subsided, both of us panting heavily. It was then that I got the shock of the night, as I looked to the side of the bed to see Jon sitting on the edge, while Jim was on his knees sucking Jon's cock.

Back in college, I'd once taken two men to bed after a party. I'd been attracted to both of them and they had both been hitting on me, and in a pique of boldness I'd suggested that since I couldn't choose between them, they'd just have to both come back to my dorm room and fuck me. They'd agreed, but once the clothes were off and the three of us were in bed, one of them had accidentally (I think) brushed the other guy's cock with his hand, and the night came to an abrupt end. That was the end of my experience with any kind of group sex until tonight.

I felt my heart sink for a moment as I thought that this might be too much for Jon, and that the night might once again come to an abrupt stop. He wasn't the kind of guy who recoiled at the sight of two men kissing or even a sex scene between men on a show, but if he'd ever been curious about men, he'd never told me about it either.

Then I looked at my husband's face, and saw that he was unmistakably enjoying what was happening. He turned his head just then to me and blushed deep red, then shrugged his shoulders.

"Never say no to a blowjob, that's my motto."

"When in Rome," I replied back, smiling.

Jim pulled away from my husband's cock at that point and looked over to us, lazily continuing to stroke Jon as he said, "I wasn't sure you two were ever going to be done with each other."

"Done?" Mona replied, "Well, maybe for now. I'm sure you've got some other requests you want to get to before Ashley and I run off to get married."

Mona and I both broke into giggles, and I wondered if the little bit of weed we'd smoked earlier was still having an effect.

"Just for that, I think I'm going to have you sit this round out," Jim teased back. "At least I can be sure that you've gotten her nice and ready for me again."

My pussy clenched when he said that, shooting electricity through my pelvis. Jim was ready to fuck me again. And I was ready to have him in me.

He moved around the side of the bed and pulled my legs apart as he slid between them, his long dark dick pointed directly at my open and willing slit. He came face to face with me, then leaned down to kiss me. A strong, sure kiss. I could feel the head of his cock taping at my clit and at the hole beneath it, saw Jon looking at us out of the corner of my eye, and then felt Jim slip into me.

As before, it was a mix of pleasure and pain, with the pleasure winning out, but just barely. Where Jon's seven inch cock was a perfect fit for me, Jim's was longer, thicker, heavier and pushed me right out of my ten year comfort zone with Jon.

When I'd first seen Jim, I thought it would be like the big nine inch dildo that Jon had bought and used with me once, and that I had secretly continued to use on occasion when Jon was out of town. I had been wrong.

Sure, 'Big Jon' as I affectionately called the toy, was a little bit thinner than what Jim had between his legs, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why the real thing was so much more intense. I realized my hands were up, and trying to hold back his torso, like... like it was my first time all over again. Maybe Madonna had it right. Like a virgin indeed. "Ahhhahhh," I cried out as Jim's cock thrust into me again, another bright rumble of thunder temporarily overcoming the pleasure.

And yet. And yet I didn't want to stop feeling it. Maybe it wasn't just the longer and thicker cock inside me. Jim's body was much more heavily muscled than Jon's, and I could feel the extra sixty pounds of weight crushing down on my thin frame with each stroke of his penis in and out of me. The relief that came each time he moved out and pushed away quickly extinguished by the next thrust in. How did Mona take this all the time?

Jim pushed my legs back into the air as he began to fuck me in earnest, his cock striking my cervix with each thrust while his heavy balls slapped against my ass, then expertly pulling nearly his entire length out, giving me just the briefest moment to recover before filling me completely again. With one hand he pinned my wrists together behind my head on the thick red comforter, denying me the opportunity to try and control his movement. He was having his way with me, and it was glorious.

I grunted with each thrust in and sighed with each stroke out, my pussy so drenched in my own juices that I could feel it leaking down the crack of my ass and wetting the bed underneath me. His rhythm would increase and start to bring me close to orgasm, then back off and let it fall away. He knew what he was doing to me, and was making the most out of every moment.

At one point I whined out, "Let me cum, pleaaase!"

"Not yet," was his only reply. I was in such a haze that I lost track of how long the lovemaking went on.

Then I felt Jim's strong arms move around my back, and, with seemingly no effort, he flipped me around to put me on top of him and pulled out almost the entire way. Mona had moved over to Jon as was now giving him head while Jon's eyes stayed laser focused on the two of us.

"I want you to take control now."

I sat atop Jim for a long minute, trying to catch my breath and will myself to continue. I finally began moving back on his cock, slowly at first and not taking him all the way in. I released a long breath and realized that I was drenched in sweat. But I could do this.

After a few more tentative thrusts I was starting to take more of him in, and then all at once I found the right angle to let my clit rub against his pelvis, the pleasure overwhelmed the pain and I began to really ride him, sitting up and rocking my hips onto him as I felt his full length inside me. Having control made it much more like using 'Big Jon' on myself, and in less than a minute, the orgasm that had been built up while he was on top of me was finally released in a crashing wave. I screamed with pleasure as my body shook and my vision went grey. I had nearly blacked out.

I saw his breath begin to change and realized that my ongoing climax, that clenching of my muscles around his dick, was bringing him close, but before he could come, he pulled me back down to his chest, his cock still deep inside me as my orgasm subsided.

"Mona, will you get her ready for Jon, please."

I wasn't sure what he meant. Then I saw Mona pick up a bottle of lube from the nightstand and move around me. Next I felt the slick lubricant being rubbed on my asshole. Oh. Fuck.

"Get behind your wife, Jon, and fuck her tight little asshole with me in her."

John looked at me nervously. He was perhaps more nervous than I was. But before I could think about it too long, I heard myself saying, "Do it Jon, I want to feel you both inside me. Get behind me and fuck my tiny asshole while Jim's black cock is stretching my pussy."

Surprise, surprise. I'd never been one much for dirty talk, but there I was, talking (thinking) like a porn star. Bravado, I thought, to get me through the moment. The bravado nearly left a few seconds later when I felt the tip of Jim's dick at my hole as my words had moved him to action. Could I really do this? Be fucked by two men at once?

"Agghh!" The pain as he slid his first few inches into me was the most exquisite of my life. Jim had shifted at just the right time to brush my clit with his thick pubic hair.

"Should I..." Jon began, but I cut him off.

"No, don't stop. Not now, I..." oh god I didn't like pain but that pleasure, that little bundle of nerves just above my pussy, it was brighter now than I'd ever felt it, "Do it Jon!"

He slid the rest of the way into me, and as he pulled back, I thrust myself back onto both Jim and Jon and paused there, taking in both the pleasure and pain of having these two men inside me at once, my clit throbbing beneath me. Jim lifted his head up then and kissed me deeply while cupping my breast with his hand and lightly pinching a nipple.

At last I began to move back and forth on the two of them. It was slow going at first, not because of the pain, which was now just a dim background thunder rumbling in my mind, lost in the electric light of the pleasure shooting from my clit, but because of the awkwardness of the position.

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