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A Friendly Visit


(Note from author: This story is not about young college students who have the bodies of supermodels or better. This is a story about two middle age couples of average looks who after many years of platonic friendship happen upon a chance to take their friendship to another level. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.)

It was a cool autumn day late in the afternoon. Linda was saying how much Bill enjoyed playing ball and would never give it up as long as he was still able to walk. Amy, my wife, was sitting next to Linda with a glass of wine, and I was sitting in the rocking chair watching a Patriot football game, occasionally looking and listening to what the girls were talking about but not paying much attention. Hell this was football season and nothing gets in the way of a Patriot game, well almost nothing. I couldn't help thinking that this was going to be a great season for the Pats, Brady was looking good and they had picked up a bunch of great guys for the defense and then I heard "He's in another world Linda and hasn't heard a word you said."

"What did I miss?" I said. They laughed making me feel a little foolish, but that's nothing new. Over the years we have grown comfortable enough to be able to make a little fun of each other and know that it was just that, fun.

"OK, what did I miss?" I asked again.

"If I gave Amy a kiss you would have noticed!" Linda said.

"Well yea!! I may be oblivious but I'm not dead!" I said. We all laughed at that. "As a matter of fact I still have that picture of you kissing Amy a few years ago, in fact its part of my screen saver on the computer at home. It makes me horny every time I see it!"

I had snapped a picture of the girls just as Linda gave Amy a kiss on the cheek while fooling around, it was an innocent kiss but I love the picture anyways.

"You guys are all the same" Amy pitched in with a chuckle.

"Bill is the same way, always telling me I should make out with Amy while he watches" Linda says.

"I think Bill has a very good sense of adventure" I said.

That's when Bill came in the front door, slightly overhearing our conversation, at least the Bill part.

He's a tall guy, about 6'-4" and weighing in at about 200 pounds. At 55 he's in good shape and stays active both in work and play. He and Linda have a good marriage and I hardly ever see them argue. Linda is 49, about 5'-7" and 140 pounds give or take and very attractive with brown hair and eyes. She doesn't see herself as pretty but I do and I'm sure most people do also. My wife Amy is about 5'-4" and 140 pounds also. She is the youngest of the four of us at 43 and is also very attractive with short reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 51, 5'-9" and 180 pounds with brown hair and eyes, but the hair is going gray very quickly. Amy says it makes me look distinguished only I don't want to look distinguished.

"You guys talking about me behind my back? And I'm sure it was all good" he laughed.

"We were just talking about your fantasy of seeing me and Amy making out in front of you" Linda said.

Bill just looked at her for a second or two, then at Amy and then at me, obviously not sure how we had taken this little bit of personal info that Linda offered to us, and maybe a little bit peeved at Linda for telling us, after all this was said in private to her, not Amy and me.

I figured someone had better say something or this could get very awkward. I don't think Bill knew what to say and Linda may have realized she may have said a little too much.

"I was just wondering how both of us could have the same fantasy and the girls never fulfilled that fantasy for us!" I said.

We all laughed at that and things lightened up to my relief. I didn't know how they felt, but I didn't want this to put a damper on our visit. We only got to visit Linda and Bill a couple of times a year, them living about 4½ hours from us and we really did love going up to visit them, probably more than almost anything else that we did. Lately, things have changed a little because the kids are now grown and we can visit without the distractions, not that all the distractions are gone but we don't have to spend most of our time together taking care of the kids. Both of us now have a grandson and we really enjoy that even if it does mean we're getting older. It is a little funny in fact because both of us had our second child, a girl, within 3 days of each other and it was totally unplanned, just a coincidence. There has been a lot of water gone under the bridge since we've known each other but we have remained good friends through it all and there is something to be said about that these days.

"Well I'm going to take a shower and be back in about 15 minutes" Bill said.

"And I'm going to start supper" Linda said.

"And I'm going to help" said Amy.

"Well I guess that leaves me and the football game," I said.

Everyone went there own way that being said. The game ended about ten minutes later and the Patriots squeaked out another win at the last second to my surprise and enjoyment. Love those Pats!!! I strolled out to the kitchen to see how supper was coming along. The girls were chatting, cooking and drinking wine so I decided on a beer and sat down to watch and put my two cents into the conversation.

"So you still have that picture of me kissing Amy huh?" Linda asked.

"Yep and I would love to add a couple more. I've got the digital camera now so I don't have to worry about getting the film developed either."

"You afraid of someone seeing your wife kissing another woman?" Linda asked.

"No, but you know how weird people get about sexual pictures going through normal developing companies. Anyway, that would be something I think should remain private, like it would ever actually happen." I said sarcastically.

"You never know" Amy said. This raised my eyebrow a little but not taking it seriously.

That's when Bill came in saying "When do we eat?"

"Now" the girls said together.

We sat down, ate, drank and talked about lots of things. An hour went by before we knew it. The girls said to go watch TV while they cleaned up and we ignored them and helped. I always clean up at home since Amy does the cooking so this wasn't going to be any different. The girls did help us though and it wasn't long before all was cleaned up and we retired to the family room with our drinks. The girls went to the couch, Bill his favorite chair and I sat in the rocker, I love rocking chairs. The TV was on but we weren't really watching it, just kind of continued our discussing all the worlds problems, how to fix them and other really important issues. If the world leaders just listened to us there would be no more problems, right? Right!

We were getting a little silly with the drinks flowing and all. Then the discussion headed towards porno movies. Of course, we knew how to make the movies good but for some reason the moviemakers didn't have a clue as to what was really hot to watch. Why couldn't they at least try to put a story line together with the sex, it would make the movie so much better. Of course I had to ask the question "What would you like to see in a porno movie?"

Amy pipes in with "I would love to see a girl dominate a guy, make him do the things to her that she wants or get a whipping or a spanking, at least some sort of punishment." I know for a fact that she likes to spank a guy, puts her in control. This really surprises Bill and Linda because they had now idea she would like something as kinky as that. Amy comes across as 'Little Miss Nice' except when she gets mad at something or someone.

Then Linda says "We already know what Kurt and Bill like"

"And what is that?" Bill asked with a chuckle.

This is when I get the shock of a lifetime. Linda said "Kurt, do you have your camera ready?"

I said yes and picked up the camera showing it to her with a puzzled look. You have to understand that I would never in a million years believe that Linda would do this.

With that she said "Turn it on or you'll miss the best shot of you life!"

Then she turned towards Amy and gave her a kiss on the lips, just a short light peak really. I just had time to raise the camera and take a quick shot, not sure if I got it or not. Bill and I looked at each other and smiled.

"That was great but I don't think I got the picture. Can you do that again only hold the kiss a little longer so I can focus the camera" I said.

Both Amy and Linda gave me the look, like yea right, great excuse to get us to kiss again. Then they faced each other for a long pause like they were thinking about this.

Linda asked Amy "Are you game?" Amy shook her head yes without saying anything but I could see her neck turning pink. This always happens to Amy when she gets embarrassed or mad, sometimes wine does it. I didn't know what the cause was but I was sure she wasn't mad. Then Linda leaned closer to her slowly, closed her eyes and kissed Amy on the lips. This time she held the kiss for maybe ten seconds and Amy kissed her back. This was way cool! I could feel myself getting turned on immediately, my cock growing hard. I glanced at Bill and he was just sitting there staring in disbelief, but I didn't want to watch Bill, I wanted to watch the girls. Somehow I remembered to raise the camera and take a close up shot, knowing this was going to be my favorite picture of all time!

Then they separated slowly, still looking at each other with a very turned on look. Then Linda looks at Bill and then me and asked "Did you get that one?"

"Yea, it was pretty good" I said. Then I began to wonder if I could get them to do a little more. "How about you two kiss one more time but maybe you can do a little tongue swapping while kissing" figuring not a chance in hell.

"You mean like this?" Linda asked. Then they leaned into each other and began to kiss again and to our surprise they opened their mouths and started frenching. God, that was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed! If I wasn't hard before I sure was now. Bill was growing a tent in his shorts as well. I took a couple of more pics and went back to watching, getting hotter and hotter.

After a minute or two of this most excellent show they broke the kiss, breathing a little heavy. "How was that guys, you like?"

"That was so hot!" Bill exclaimed with a cracking voice.

Now my mind is really going and I'm beginning to wonder how far are they willing to take this. The wine is helping here I'm sure but are they just teasing Bill and me or are they doing something that they have always thought about doing but never had the chance to do. There is only one way to find out.

"Are you two going to stop there? I would love to get a pic of Amy feeling Linda up, maybe a little under the blouse feel"

With that Amy leans over to Linda, brings here hands up to her tits and starts rubbing them slowly, provocatively. Linda's eyes close again with a very turned on look on her face. Then Amy begins to unbutton her blouse, one button at a time. She did this so slowly that I almost got up and unbuttoned them myself but was able to hold back. I started taking some more pictures, zooming in and out. Amy pulled Linda's blouse open exposing her bra-covered breasts, this was too good to be true. It felt like I was dreaming. Amy pulled her bra straps down and unclipped it and pulled it off of Linda. My pants were getting way to small now and I had to start rubbing myself to relieve the pressure. Amy then started feeling Linda up, rubbing her tits, cupping them and even pinching her nipples which had grown very hard and puffy. They looked so good. Again I had to really work hard not to get up and start sucking on them myself. It had been many years that I had dreamed of doing just that to Linda. Then Amy bent down and started sucking on her nipples as if reading my mind. Linda took in a deep breath; I could see she was definitely enjoying Amy's tongue. She was even starting to rock her hips and I thought I could see a small wet spot beginning to show between her legs on her shorts.

That is when Linda opened her eyes and reached for Amy's shirt and pulled it up and over her head. She then undid her bra and took it off, not as slowly as Amy did to her. I think Linda really wanted to get to Amy's tits, she had a very turned on look in her eyes. Linda leaned down and started sucking on Amy's nipples, biting them and pulling them with her teeth. It was Amy's turn to take a deep breath with a moan. Linda seemed a little more aggressive than Amy, which was really hot to watch.

It was getting close to the time to release my cock from my pants, the hell with what Bill or anyone thought; I was really getting into this show and was losing rational thought very quickly. As the girls went back to sticking their tongues into each other's mouths I unzipped, unbuttoned and pulled my cock out. It felt so good running my hand up and down my cock while watching my two favorite women making out and half nude. Bill saw me and gave in to his lust as well. This was the first time I had seen another guy half naked and masturbating but it didn't turn me off like I thought it would, hell he was doing it watching my wife having sex with his wife, how bad could that be. I have always fantasized about watching Amy make it with another guy, maybe Bill, so that was an added turn on. One thing was for sure, this had gone way beyond turning back and I don't think anyone there would have wanted to stop this from happening even for a second.

The girls were rubbing their tits against each other as the embraced and kissed making their nipples even harder. Then Linda started necking Amy, kissing here ear and then moving around to the back of her neck. This really got Amy going because the back of her neck is one of her hot spots, it drives her crazy! That's when Amy started petting Linda's pussy through her shorts causing Linda to buck her hips back and forth again. I'm sure Amy could feel the wetness in Linda's crotch and that had to turn her on even more. Linda pushed Amy down onto the couch on her back and unbuttoned Amy's shorts, unzipped them and pulled them off leaving Amy in her white cotton panties which showed there own wet spot in the crotch. Linda began rubbing Amy through her panties wide eyed and breathing very heavy. I think both Bill and I were screaming to ourselves "PULL THEM OFF!!!" And then she did, it was an incredible sight. I almost came when Linda bent down and started licking Amy's pussy, slowly running her tongue from her ass to her clit and then into her slit. The wetness was pouring out of Amy and her pussy was as swollen as I've ever seen it. Her lips were all puffed out and glistening as she started moving her pussy up and down trying to get Linda to lick every part. Amy reached down and held Linda's head trying to guide her or maybe trying to suck her whole face into her pussy. Linda broke off when I thought Amy was just about ready to cum causing a big sigh from everyone, especially Amy. She then stood up and took her own shorts off follow by her panties.

Everyone was watching her every move and she gave Bill and me a glance as she was stripping, a big smile crossed her face. We must have been quite a sight, sitting there intently watching her, our eyes wide open and our hands gliding up and down our exposed cocks. Linda then looked back at Amy and turned her to a sitting position on the couch and kneeled down in front of her. She bent down between Amy's legs and continued eating her pussy making slurping and kissing noises. Linda's ass was sticking up into the air in this position and I could see her sweet pussy between her spread legs and did she ever look good! This was the point when I decided I could no longer be just a spectator, I had to get involved or I would explode. I looked at Bill who was very intently watching the girls and jacking off and decided to go for it figuring that if he didn't want me touching Linda I would get a sign from him soon enough. I got up and moved behind Linda and kneeled down looking at her beautiful ass and pussy, then ran my hand up the inside of her leg. Slowly I rubbed her leg and ass, bringing my hand closer and closer to her pussy. When I was only and inch or two from her extremely wet lips I glanced at Bill to get a sense as to how he was going to react. He just nodded his head and I knew that was the go ahead sign.

As I placed my hand onto Linda's pussy she stopped licking and took a huge breath but did not pull away. That was all I needed to continue so I began fondling her, pushing a finger and then two inside her. She went back to licking Amy as I ran my fingers all around her pussy, circling her clit and even spreading her juices around tight little asshole. She started moaning as I was doing this and that was when Amy realized what I was doing. She just looked at me and smiled while continuing to enjoy Linda licking and eating her pussy. I looked down at Linda, taking in all her oral attention to Amy when I realized that she had a finger buried deep into Amy's ass, stroking it in and out. Amy loves this when she's really turned on and I'm sure it was even better with Linda doing it.

That's when Bill got up and walked over to the couch to get a better look, his cock sticking straight out and looking as red and swollen as any cock I've ever seen in a porno movie. He looked at Amy who was watching him and then moved closer to her by climbing onto the couch next to her. Amy reached out and put her hand around his cock and started running it up and down the length of his shaft. Bill moved closer to her putting his cock right next to her face and then against her lips. She opened her mouth and slid it down his length and back up leaving it soaked with her spit. This was a huge turn on for me and I'm sure for Bill and Amy as well. I also noticed Linda watching intently as well.

This was a scene that I had fantasized about many times but never thought would ever happen, and it was just as exciting as I imagined, maybe even more! I snapped back to what I was doing and moved behind Linda, my own cock bulging straight out and as hard as it has ever been. Slowly I slid it into the depths of Linda's pussy. God, was she wet and hot!! I had to put all my concentration into not cumming right then and there. I just stopped, letting my cock enjoy the feel of her pussy while gaining a little control. Linda let out a gasp as I slid into her and she pushed back into me, she felt so good. This was one of those moments when you wish it could last forever but you know it will be over way to soon. Amy was going down on Bill like a sex starved woman, licking every part of his cock and balls, taking him as deeply as possible into her mouth. Bill looked like he was close to losing it, as close as I was. Amy didn't look like she was going to last very long as well and Linda, whose face I couldn't see very well as it was buried in my wife's cunt, seemed to be doing nicely by the way she was bucking into me as I slide my cock in and out of her.

I slid one hand around her and started rubbing and circling her clit as I pounded into her pussy. The other hand was busy playing with her tits. My vision was becoming a little blurred being as turned on as I was but I could see Amy bucking her hips up and down faster and faster, almost to the point that Linda could barely keep her tongue inside Amy's cunt. All of a sudden Amy started to scream as she climaxed all over Linda's face sending a huge amount of pussy juice all over Linda and the couch. It was the most beautiful and erotic thing I have ever witnessed and it must have set off Bill too because not a minute after Amy started to quiet down I saw Bill jerk his cock in and out of Amy's mouth grunting, his cum spraying out of his cock and was flowing in and out of her mouth and running down her chin onto her tits, what a wonderfully erotic scene!!

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