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A Friend's Wife


I am in the service and stationed in New Mexico. A friend of mine got deployed recently and asked me to check oh his wife while he was gone. I was more than happy to help him out. We had dinner together, the night before he left, and Mike told Susan that if she needed anything to give me a call. I made sure she had my cell number before I left for the evening. I knew he would be gone for 4 months and wanted to be alone with his wife.

A couple of days went by before Susan called me. I went over as she was having problems with their water softener. She met me at the door in a pair of shorts and halter. I could help but look and I am not sure if she saw the look in my eyes or not. The problem was the conditioner was out of salt so I loaded it and made sure the system was working. She hugged me and thanked me for my help. I told her anytime and I hugged her back, I could feel her breasts poke against me. I moved away before she could feel the bulge in my pants. I asked her if there was anything else. She said no and that I was a life saver. I smiled and after a little more small talk left. Hard as it was I had to.

A week went by when Susan called again. She asked if I could stop by for dinner. I told her I would love to and would be over at 6:30.

I took a shower and cleaned up. Put on a pair of Dockers and pull over shirt. I picked out a bottle of white wine and got in my car. I arrived at there place about 5 minutes late. Knocking on the door, she opened it. She was wearing a white button blouse and a mid thigh skirt, that showed off her legs. She smiled at me and let me in. I followed her into the kitchen. Whatever she was making smelled great as I set the bottle on the counter.

"I am going to open this and let it breathe," I said as I opened the kitchen drawer and took out the corkscrew. I opened the bottle and laid the cork on the counter. Susan turned to the stove to check on dinner. She bent over to look in the oven and her short skirt rode up her legs. I had to keep myself from grabbing her right them, God what an ass she has and the skirt rode up just enough to let me see she was wearing a thong. I turned to the cabinet to get two glasses and not stare at her ass.

"How has it been since Mike left?" I asked making small talk.

Susan turned to face me and looked in my face. "It has been hard, we have not been apart since we were married." "I did not know it would be so hard."

I smiled and moved over next to her and gave her a hug. "I will be over before you know it," I said as I rubbed my hand down her back. I felt a thin bra strap as I hugged her.

I moved away, as I felt my cock harden slightly in my pants. "Whatever you are making smells delicious." I said, "Is it almost ready?"

Susan smiled as she said, "Pour the wine and I will serve it." She moved back to the oven and I turned to take the wine and glasses to the table. I could not take looking at her legs and ass again, it was too much for me.

I poured the wine and set one at her place and one at mine. She had set the table so we sat on a corner of the table next to each other. She came out with dinner a few minutes later. I watched her walk to the table, damn she was sexy looking. She set the plates on the table and I pulled out her chair. She sat down looking up at me and said, "Thank you kind sir." I smiled back at her and sat down.

I looked down at my plate and then at her and smiled, baked chicken, black eyed peas and okra. I said, "This looks as good as it smells."

She looked over and said, "Mike told me it was your favorite, I hope I did them right."

I started eating and we made small talk through out dinner. When we were finished, I helped her clean the table and clean up. I emptied the bottle of wine into our glasses and told her that dinner was delicious.

She smiled as asked if I could stay a little while as she was tired of being alone at night. I said, "It would be my pleasure to stay for a while."

We moved into the living room and I sat down on the couch. Susan sat down next to me, closer than I thought she would. She sat her glass on the coffee table and grabbed the remote and said, "Let's see what's on TV." She flipped through the cannels and turned it off. "Nothing, I really want to just talk and have company. It has been hard since Mike left."

I smiled as I set my glass on the table next to hers. I sat back and let my hand brush her knee as I turned to look at her. "Susan, you are a lovely woman and I am sad that Mike is gone, I know how much you miss him." She looked at me as I continued. I slide my dark hand over her knee and said, "I should go, because I can not promise I will not come onto you and I don't want you getting upset with me."

She looked in my eyes and moved her leg closer to mine. I slid my hand up the inside of her leg just below the hem of her short skirt. She closed her eyes and moaned.

I leaned over and kissed her. When my lips touched hers, she opened them slightly and I slid my tongue between them. She kissed me back and pushed her leg against me. I slide my hand up under her skirt and rubbed my fingers just below her lips. Slowly she sucked my tongue, as I touched her panty covered lips rubbing up and down.

I broke the kiss and looked at her, "Is this what you want Susan?" She put her hand behind my head and pulled me back to kiss her again. I worked my finger under the thin material and between her wet lips. She kissed me harder as I fingered her wet, hot pussy rubbing my fingers over her clit.

Susan was moaning as I slid my fingers from her pussy and broke the kiss. I looked at her and said, "Show me your bedroom."

I got up from the couch, no longer hiding the bulge in my pants. Susan looked at it then up at me as I pulled her off the couch and against me. "I want you, now." I said as she took my hand and led to her bed. Her hand was tight on mine as we walked, small against my hand as we entered the bedroom.

Susan told me to sit on the bed as she slowly took off her clothes. Her eyes were on mine the whole time as she slowly undid her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders. My eyes were on her tits, covered with a white lace bra. She moved her hands up the front clasp and opened it pulling the bra from her tits. Her nipples were hard and pink against her firm tits. She smiled as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall down her legs. Her thong was wet as she turned and bent over sliding the thin material down her legs and she let me see her hot wet smooth married pussy.

I stood and started to remove my clothes. Susan shook her head as she moved in front of me. She pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it on the floor then knelt in front of me. Her eyes were on mine as she lifting my legs removing one shoe at a time and my socks. She then moved her hands up to my belt, undo it and my pants. Susan kept her eyes on mine as she slid my pants down my legs and I stepped out of them.

I looked down as she looked at my bulge, slowly pulling my shorts down my legs until my cock sprang up in front of her face. I stepped out of my shorts leaving us both naked.

Susan looked from me to my cock as she reached out and grasp it in her small hand. "God," she said, "Mike said you had a nice cock, but I was not expecting this." She stroked my cock back and forth pulling the skin back revealing the head, wet with precum.

Susan leaned forward and licked the dark head of my cock, savoring the taste, then opened her mouth and took me between her lips. I watched as this lovely woman sucked my cock in her mouth. She moved forward taking half them backed off, looking up and me and smiling before sucking me back into her mouth again. God could she suck cock.

Susan sucked my cock in and out of her mouth and would have kept sucking if I had not pulled her mouth off my cock and lifted her up. I kissed her deep as I moved to lay her on the bed. I lifted her legs over my shoulders as I looked down at her. "My turn," I said as I kissed her stomach and moved my lips down over her smooth mound.

I open her lips with my fingers as I licked my tongue up between her wet lips and over her clit. I sucked it between my lips, raking my teeth over the hard nip as I slide a finger deep into her wet hot pussy. I felt her hands move behind my head pulling me tight into her pussy as I sucked and licked her clit, working my finger in and out of her as felt her pussy gripping my finger.

Susan moaned as she pulled my head tighter against her flesh and ground her pussy against my face. "Oh god," she moaned, "Mike never licks my pussy." Hearing her words made me suck harder; I wanted her to cum using only my mouth and fingers. I took her clit between my teeth and bit it lightly as I fingered her harder and deeper, using two fingers now.

I could tell she was close when she started bucking against my mouth and tongue. I sucked and licked harder, pushing my fingers deep inside her. I pulled my head tight as she came. She flooded my face with her juices as I lapped and sucked her pussy harder and faster, pushing my tongue deep between her lips. Susan wailed as she came so hard then almost passed out. I licked up between her lips one last time feeling her spasm as I looked up between her tits to her face. Her eyes were closed and she was panting. Her breasts moving up and down as she did.

I just watched for a few minutes until she looked down at me and smiled. Her eyes full of lust as I moved up between her legs, lifting up higher as I knelt between them. Susan's eyes widened as I rub the head of my hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips, pushing the head just between them. "Fuck me," was all she said before I started working my cock back and forth sinking deeper into her pussy.

"Oh my god," she moaned as I took her, sliding my cock in and out and getting deeper with each thrust. I worked my cock back and forth until my balls slapped her ass, my cock completely in inside of her wet pussy. I held it there for a moment or two as I watched her face, then started to slowly slide in and out. She was so tight and wet as I worked my cock in and out.

I start to fuck her faster as I moved my hands around her legs and cupped her tits in my hands. I flicked my thumbs over her nipples before rolling them in my fingers; my cock sliding in and out of her pussy faster. Susan was pushing her pussy up, meeting my thrusts as I fucked her harder and faster. I knew this was not the last time I was going to fuck her, while Mike was gone and I smiled looking down onto her face and into her eyes. She knew it too.

I fucked her deep and hard, changing my pace from fast and hard to slow and long as Susan rocked her head back and forth just moaning over and over. I pinched her nipples in my fingers as she started to cum all over my cock. I fucked her as she came hard, sliding my cock in and out as she came hard and squeezed her pussy, all over my cock. I thrust in deep and left it deep inside her as she finished cuming. I looked down at her as I slowly slid my cock from her pussy.

Susan looked up at and pouted. "We have just begun, Susan," I said as I moved her leg over my head and turned her onto her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder with a questioning look until I moved back behind and thrust my cock deep into her pussy again from behind. She dropped her head onto the bed and moaned as I took her deep and hard. Holding her hips, I began fucking her pussy again driving in deep with each thrust, my balls slapping her legs. I felt her move her fingers to her clit and pussy as I fucked her. I slapped her ass lightly as I said, "Yes play wit your clit and pussy, I want to feel your fingers rubbing my cock as I fuck you." Susan was rubbing her clit and my slick cock as I fucked her hard, driving my shaft in and out of her hot wet pussy.

Over and over I fucked her deep and hard, taking her completely with my cock then pulling out until just the head was between her lips, then as she pushed back against my cock, I thrust in deep and hard. She was making noises as I fucked her from behind hard and deep. I felt my balls tighten as I started to pulse and swell in her hot pussy. I moaned loudly that I was close. Before I could ask her if she wanted me to cum inside her, she started to grind her pussy all over my cock, pushing back hard against me.

I pulled out, holding her hips, until the head was just between her lips then shoved in deep and hard to her pussy as I exploded. I came deep inside her shooting my hot cum against the walls of her tight pussy. Cuming over and over I filled her pussy with my hot seed as it worked it way around my cock and started to run down her legs. Susan came again with me.

I fucked her as I came hard, shooting over and over, until she collapsed on the bed, causing my cock to slide out of her pussy. I lay down on top of her and kissed the side of her neck then onto my side beside her. My hand rubbing down her back and over her ass, then back up again. Susan laid there panting softly then turned to look at me. She moved her head over until her lips touched mine and kissed me softly. I moved my hand from her back around to cup a hard warm tit rubbing it as she kissed me again. She slid her tongue over my lips before pulling away to look at me. "I wanted that Steve," she said, adding, "For a long time. I knew you would be good."

Susan pushed me onto my back as she looked at me. "I want you to stay and fuck me all night," she said as she moved so she could kiss my chest. She licked each nipple with her tongue sucking one then the other as her hand moved to my cum coated cock. She stroked my cock, as she kissed down my stomach. I watched her as she looked up at me before opening her mouth and sucking my sticky cock between her lips. She closed her eyes as she sucked my cock in and out of her mouth, I knew she could taste herself on my shaft as she sucked harder, slowly sucking my cock in and out of her lips.

She moaned as she felt me harden as she sucked. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft as I hardened again her hand rubbing my balls and between my ass cheeks. When my cock was fully hard in her mouth, she pulled it from her lips and moved up onto knees. I watcher her straddle my body and lower her wet pussy slowly down onto my hard cock.

Her eyes were glassed over as she started to ride me, slamming her pussy down on my shaft hard and taking it deep over and over. She would move from riding me to rubbing her pussy back and forth on my cock hitting her clit against my shaft over and over. I moved my hands up to cup her tits as she rode me harder.

Susan bounced up and down on my cock, rubbing it back and forth, until she slammed her wet pussy down hard. Her nipples hardened even more in my finger as she came again. Squeezing my cock hard with her pussy as she came over and over, as she slowly rubbed her pussy back and forth on my cock.

She looked down at me as she moved down to kiss me again. Her lips touched mine as my cock slid out of her pussy I could feel her juices running down over my balls as she laid on my body. Her lips were near my ears as she softly said, "Where do you want to cum this time." I though of her ass, but did not want to take something she was not giving me. I had cum in her pussy already as I put my hands on her shoulders and looked at her. "Your mouth," I said and she smiled, sliding down my body.

She moved between my legs lifting them up slightly as she lowered her hot mouth to my cock. She took me deep with one suck and then started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft. I watched her as she sucked me in and out of her mouth, then she did something I would not have thought she would do. She slid a finger into my ass rubbing all around. She worked her mouth up and down faster as she fingered my ass. Turning her finger over she pressed against my prostrate working it finger back and forth.

I lifted my hips as she fingered my ass deeper thrusting my cock up into her mouth as she pushed her head down. She pressed against me again and could feel my cock swell and pulse. Susan sucked harder, keeping her mouth around my cock as I came. I shot my hot cum into her mouth and she swallowed each spurt as I came, working her finger in and out of my ass and over my prostate.

Susan sucked my cock until the last spurts filled her mouth and she swallowed. She slid her mouth off my cock and her finger from my ass at the same time. Her lips were puffy and red as she looked at me and smiled, licking her lips and catching any cum she did not get when I came.

She looked at me as she moved up my body, kissing me again before laying down on her side next to me. She smiled as she laid her head on my arm and said, "lets rest for a while, I want you again later." I closed my eyes and breathed softly and deep until I knew she was asleep. I dozed off as few minutes later, with Susan well sated body next to me.

I woke up a few hours later and looked down. Susan was looking up at me with my cock between her lips, softly sucking me in and out of her mouth. I smiled at her as she sucked my cock softly, I knew there was going to be trouble when Mike got home, but at that moment, I did not care at all and gave into Susan hot mouth sliding up and down my cock as I felt her finger sliding between my cheeks.

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A slut wife and a horrible friend. Hope he comes back and puts a bullit in both their heads.

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