tagErotic HorrorA Frightful Night's Delight

A Frightful Night's Delight


John walked in the front door of the ugly, but roomy 3 bedroom house totally exhausted from his day. Flipping on the light, he walked across the living room, made small and crowded by two sofas, two easy chairs, a coffee table, and a TV cabinet which the various room mates had produced from their previous residences when they moved in. John dropped his backpack on one of the chairs and then walked down the hall to his room, turning on the light, shutting the door, and plopping down in his chair to check his email.

That was when the world went dark.

Or, if you prefer that I be a bit less dramatic, when the power went out.

"Great, did Charlie forget to send our checks to the electric company again?" John sighed and began to get up out of his chair.

"No, Charlie didn't forget this time, I just wanted to have some fun."

He froze in confusion at the female voice, as an indefinable sense of fear began to grow in the back of his mind. "Must be Juliet and Kyle playing a joke on me."

The voice purred in reply: "Pffth, that girl is with Charlie at the beach for the weekend. And Kyle is out of town for that camping trip. It's just you and me." John, wanting nothing more than to bolt for the door, found his body being pushed back into the chair by invisible hands. Invisible hands which traced their way down his torso and found his belt, undoing the buckle, followed by the button and zipper as he sat there, too stunned to react. His pants and underwear were yanked down as if of their own volition, and before he realized what was happening his soft penis was taken into an invisible, but very warm and wet mouth, and under the confident ministrations of his unseen attacker, quickly rose to the occasion.

"I see that you find the situation agreeable," cooed the voice, now localized between his legs.

"Now wait just a min-" John's voice of dissent was brought to a sudden silence as that same warm, wet mouth, with it's skillful tongue enclosed his shaft again, the tongue working around the head as the mouth applied suction. The rest of whatever he was going to say dissolved into a series of grunts and strained breathing noises as the unseen entity fellated him. The tongue seemed impossibly long, snaking its way around his seven inch penis in a long continuous spiral until it enclosed the entire thing in the unseen mouth. His grunts and gasps began to reach a peak when the tongue and mouth suddenly released him.

"Hey, why did you stop?"

"Oh, NOW you want to play, huh? I'm just getting you warmed up so I can enjoy myself when I take what I need from you. Now lie back and behave, as if you had a choice."

"Can't I at least see what you look like?"

"Humph... I guess so, seeing as how I'm going to be using you for my personal pleasure." With that a small girl with reddish skin and long brown hair materialized at his feet, dressed in a skirt and top made out of the same earth-colored fabric. She wasn't exactly what you'd call hot, despite her slim, well-toned body, so much as really cute in a sexy way. A small, upturned nose was strategically placed (where else?) above a set of small, pout lips and two blue eyes looking up at him. The lips were cranked up in a crooked grin. "Like what you see?"

"He, you're rather..." He paused as she quickly flicked her tongue out of her mouth to lick the end of his cock, a full foot away from her face. "...how long is that?"

"More than long enough for you, Johnny." After she said this, she stuck out her tongue its full length, just around two and a half feet.

"What are you, anyways?"

"I think you humans like to call me a Succubus. I feed off of sexual energy, as well as the product of said energy."

"What exactly does that mean?"

"Basically, I live to fuck. Take off your shirt." John obediently did as he was told, and the Succubus pulled his shoes off his feet and removed his pants and briefs. Once again that snakelike tongue shot out and ensnared his penis, pulling it towards her mouth as she leaned forward to accept it deep into her throat. He reached out with his hands to place them on the back of her head when she suddenly bit down on his manhood."

"FUCKING HELL! What did you do that for?!"

"I fuck you. Not the other way around. Hands off until I tell you to, or else you'll never fuck anything again. Understand?" He could only nod in reply as he gripped the armrests of his chair tightly while she continued. That tongue, oh that tongue once again cocooned his penis within its grasp, pumping it rhythmically as he gasped and grunted. Part of the tongue un coiled itself from his penis as she leaned farther forward to take more of it in her throat, the remaining portion of her tongue sliding itself down to his base while the rest slipped out of her mouth and slid it's way down... down to...

"Hey! What do you think you're UGHHH...? Stop... OHH... GHHH... That's my... aahhh...." Her tongue probed confidently around the entrance to his ass, even as the base of it was still coiled around and sliding up and down it in her mouth. After a minute or two, the slippery tongue squeezed it's way past his defenses into the cavity of his anus, wriggling around inside as his head exploded in pleasure and his cock erupted forth, spraying his seed down her throat while she moaned contentedly and he cried in mind-numbing pleasure. She withdrew her tongue from his anus and pulled his spent cock from her mouth. As he began to pass out, he saw her quickly climb up into his lap and wrap her arms around his neck, staring him in the eyes. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was her eyes as she said "This house... and its inhabitants... are mine."

That was when the world went dark.

To Be Continued...

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