tagErotic HorrorA Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 02

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 02


John woke up, lying on his back on his bed totally naked. He struggled to remember how he had gotten there, and why he was naked, when he felt that tongue again.

"Rise and shine, Slave. Are you ready to pleasure me?" The Succubus appeared between his legs, her long tongue whipping out to tug on his hardening penis. Once she had it at attention, she crawled her way up to him, dragging her soft, firm body and it's coverings up his body, teasing him. She finally straddled his torso as she looked into his eyes, mere inches away from his face. When an answer wasn't forthcoming from him, she caught his upper lip between her own lips, tugging on it insistently until he responded in kind, the kiss increasing in intensity until her snake of a tongue coiled itself around his own tongue, tugging on it insistently before exploring the back of his throat, causing him to gag. She pulled away as he coughed and made retching sounds. Finally he managed to speak.

"Who are you?"

"Didn't we cover this? I'm a succubus. But you can call me Minara if you must have a name."

"What do you want from me?"

"What I want from you, and the people you live with, is your sexual essence. Easiest way to get it is to fuck it out of you, of course. I can take a little at a time, and let you recharge to give me more, or I can take it all at once."

"What... what happens if you take it all at once?"

"Then I dispose of your lifeless husk and find another host."

"Ahh. What if I refuse?"

"You really can't."

With that, she reached down with one hand and gripping his cock, sank down onto it with her tight, hot pussy. The strong muscles within gripped his penis with tremendous force, pulsating along it, as if it were trying to suck him in further. As he was about to cum, the mouth of her vagina put a death grip on the base of his cock, stopping him from releasing. John moaned in protest and shot his hands out towards her hips, only to have them caught in her own strong grip.

"What did I say about who fucks who? Just relax and enjoy the ride." With that she began to twist and gyrate her hips around on his cock, her pussy massaging his cock as it was trapped inside. She reached down and pulled off her top, revealing small, well rounded breasts that perked up with dark brown nipples. "Now do something useful and suck on these for me, would you?" She leaned forward to offer a nipple for John's consumption, and he went to work on it, licking it, nibbling it, and suckling it as she saw fit. She would switch nipples every few minutes as she continued to hump gently on his shaft.

His hands grabbed fistfuls of the bed sheets as he neared his climax once again. This time, she didn't stop him from his release, instead jerking herself upright and humping madly as she cried out in her orgasm with him, their animal cries filing the darkness of the room around them.

However, she wasn't done this time; she climbed off him, releasing his softening penis from her love trap and lowering herself between his legs. She didn't bother to clean off his penis, there was no need, as her vagina had sucked every last drop of juice right off it as she dismounted. Instead she kissed and tongued at his perineum, inciting a moan from her slave. Before he knew what she was doing, Minara snaked her tongue into the now relaxed opening of his asshole and pushed deep inside as he cried out and moaned in surprise and uncomfortable pleasure.

It was like nothing he had ever felt before, as a foot of her long oral appendage fucked in and out of his asshole, and he just grunted and moaned in response. The tip of her tongue found his prostate gland and began to massage it firmly, causing his moans and groans to become far deeper and relaxed. John found that every time he tried to rise up to move or see what was happening, an invisible, intangible force kept him lying on his back. All he could do was lie there and moan helplessly as his body beaded with sweat and his half-hard penis oozed a steady stream of precum.

Though she couldn't have talked with her tongue indisposed as it was, he could still hear her voice in his head.

"Do you like this? Do you like getting your asshole fucked over and over again, helpless to resist? Do you want release? Beg me for release, and tell me how much you enjoy getting fucked."

"Ughhh... I... I love this.. please... let me... oooahhhhh..."

With that, she took his cock in her hand and stroked it gently, covering it in the oozy precum as it stiffened quickly in her hand. Once it had risen to its full stature, she stroked it quickly and vigorously, all the while fucking him over and over again with her tongue. Out in the hall, the sound of the front door opening and closing could be heard. John no longer cared, he only wanted his climax and release from this delicious torture.

Juliet walked slowly down the hall to the open door to John's room, drawn by the load and desperate moans coming from within. What she saw was quite possibly the most arousing and shocking thing she had ever seen in her life, the small, lithe red-skinned woman with her tongue deeply embedded in John's ass, using her hand to stroke his cock vigorously as it fired it's salvo of cum all over his body, Minara's body, and the bed, as John let loose with an animal roar of passionate release.

Minara withdrew from his ass, leaving him lying on the bed in an incoherent twitchy lump of post-coital bliss. She sauntered over to Juliet, admiring the petite Hispanic girl's deep tanned skin, shoulder-length dark brown hair, high-sitting B-cup breasts, and quivering lips.

"Who are y--" Juliet's question was silenced with a kiss as Minara covered her mouth with hers. As the kiss deepened, Minara pushed her tongue against the back of Julie's throat, and Julie instinctively obliged as she opened up and deep throated the tongue as it traveled through her mouth and down her throat. Juliet's eyes grew wide at the length of the tongue as she felt its passage through her mouth and down her throat. Her pussy was sopping wet with excitement as the strange woman had her way with Juliet, and soaked through her panties and began to drip down her legs. Then the tongue withdrew from her throat as Minara broke the kiss.

"I am your new Mistress, Juliet, and you shall do anything I say, no matter how depraved it is, even if I tell you to fuck James here while your boyfriend sleeps in the next room. Where is Kyle, anyways?"

"H-he dropped me off and headed to the g-grocery store to get f-food for dinner."

"Very well, we'll just have to entertain ourselves while we wait."


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