tagErotic HorrorA Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 04

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 04


Just a few hours earlier, John had been wondering what he was going to eat for dinner, and now he was being forced to rape his room mate's girlfriend! Good grief! How was he going to get himself out of this mess? Charles would be home any minute and John could feel himself beginning to lose control again as that musky scent once again seized control of his mind and body. He looked up to Julie and Minara with a hunger for something other than the culinary in his eyes.

Minara twisted her nipples and gyrated her hips on Julie's mouth, pressing her clit against the girl's nose as Juliet cried pitifully. Even as Julie tried to get free, her body was betraying her with its rapidly increasing arousal. It had happened when she had been forced to breathe the demon's musk, so it must have something to do with-


Juliete's train of thought was derailed as John pushed the head of his cock against her sphincter and made his way inside. The tight ring of muscle relaxed against her will as her lust once again took control and her body welcomed her boyfriend's room mate inside. His seven inch shaft, thicker and less flexible than Minara's snaketoungue, tunneled its way up her tight anal cavity, which was once again lubed by her vaginal juices and now his semen as they oozed down from her leaking vagina.

Her colon burned with pain as the thick cock roughly thrust in and out, John grunting and groaning as his meat was tightly enveloped inside her rectum, her strong legs resting on his shoulders, ignoring her commands to kick him off of her. He once again reached forward and began pinching and twisting her nipples roughly, watching his Mistress's ass and back move back and forth as Minara ground her pussy in Julie's tear-streaked face. Julie had stopped screaming and crying, and was now protesting in a steady cadence, the tone of her voice now matching her lust rather than her emotions.

"No, no, no, nohh God. Please, stop, ohhhhhh, nghhhhh, Ohhhh...."

Minara spun around on Julie's face, now leaning forward to hold John's head in her hands and kiss him deeply, her tongue once again coiling around his tongue. Julie's cadence of protest had lost coherence as she began to loose control completely and begin tonguing and eating out her Mistress's pussy. Minara broke away from the kiss and looked at John with a mischievous grin. She then bent all the way forward to put her mouth over Julie's pussy, John's lower abdomen bouncing off the top of her head as he continued about his work fucking Julie's ass.

Minara's tongue once again snaked out of her mouth and went around his penis, dragging across the thrusting shaft as it made its way between his legs towards his asshole. The tonguesnake got behind him, and then shot forward as he pulled back on his outstroke, the tongue lancing his asshole and quickly making its way up his tailpipe.

John grunted and babbled incoherencies, eyes glazed over as he thrust in and out of Julie's ass, on every outstroke himself getting skewered on Minara's wondrous fucking tonguesnake. Forgetting her previous restrictions on him, he grabbed Minara's head in his hands, holding her to his abdomen as he thrust back and forth. Julie was now totally gone, moaning with every thrust and trying her best to make her Mistress come, her now-freed hands massaging the firm red globes of Minara's ass cheeks.

Finally, John slammed his pelvis into Julie's ass, as Minara forced her tongue as far up John's colon as it would go, and Julie bit down on Minara's clit, the three of them having an immense mind-blowing orgasm. John collapsed awkwardly on top of Minara, who extracted herself from between the two humans. Minara, catching her breath while the two humans fell fast asleep, looked at the clock on the wall.

"What the hell is taking Charles so damn long to get here?"


Charles waited in the express line at the grocery store, while two people ahead of him, a customer and the cashier argued over the price of some thing or another. He really despised these late night grocery runs.


Author's Note: Thanks to those of you who have sent me feedback about my story, and I just thought I would take this chance to drop a note in. There is actually a plot arc planned for this story, and it should start some time in the next two chapters. It will be very interesting, featuring sexy demons, witches, Priest-Knights, high-speed car chases, epic space battles, and a talking kangaroo who sings punk-rock remixes of disco classics. Or maybe not, I guess I'll have to get writing to figure that all out. Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming.

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