tagGay MaleA Full Moon Ch. 03

A Full Moon Ch. 03


Monday in the office was kinda funny in a scary way. I knew they were all Lycanthropes of whatever sort. Wolves were the most dominant here with a few tigers, owls and bears thrown in. The funny thing is I was not the least bit frightened and I should have been. I came in whistling and all the bitches took one sniff of me and look so confused. I know they smelled me, but they also smelled Patrick's scent that still lingered about me although he had told me how to clean up with a soap that neutralized odors to some extent. Yet I was wearing my heavy jacket since it was raining and we had cuddled in it together beside the fire before we drove back to Salem. His scent still lingered on it and thus on me. No need for him to mark his territory, I did it for him.

I stepped onto the elevator with a pretty brunette with pansy eyes and a great set of tits. Normally I would have been all over her but I was not in the mood for anyone other than Patrick. She on the other hand was very happy to see me. "Hi. You're Jonathan right?"

"Sure am."

"My name is Connie," she said with a sight purr in her voice.

"Ah, Constance Yates from accounting. I'm glad I caught you alone." Her face lit up and she stepped closer, her blouse seeming to open of its own accord to offer a great look into the Grand Canyon of Cleavage, the Marianas Trench of Tits. "Other than your duties in accounting you handle overseas accounts in the Caymans, right?" She nodded, sidling up closer to where her leg was touching mine. Heavy handed tactics that could get her fired. "The sales for that region are down by fifteen percent. I need you to inquire among your peers who is being lazy. Reviews are coming up after the next filing day and I would hate to bear the bad news since I have only been here a week."

The look on her face was comical. She was expecting something a bit more romantic I think. "I'm the only one who sells to that region," she said as she took a step back. Her nose must have told her I was not interested in her at all. I did not like to be hunted like this, it was a turnoff.

"Then I'm glad this was a private conversation. Try to get your sales up before reviews so I can say that a discreet word was all it took to get you back on track. I am sure Mr. McLeod will be happy to know his employees aren't lazy." She stepped closer again and slid her hand inside my jacket and pulled it away as if burned. "Oh! Are you okay? Did you cut yourself on my necklace?" I asked and pulled out the silver wolf head. She looked at it and took a very hasty step back just as the doors opened for my floor. "If it gets too painful you should get a band-aid. Can't risk infection." I waved as the doors closed and chuckled to myself, removing my outer jacket and letting them all see the pendant. Almost as a one every set of eyes looked to it, knew what it meant, and looked away.

"You are going to cause trouble, young man." I looked back at the janitor, that Sean Connery look alike. He glanced at the pendant and snickered. "Nice necklace."

"Thanks. Mr. Andrews sent it to me via my OA as a welcoming gift to the main office. Seems he likes that I play no favorites and don't tolerate prejudice where I work." I looked him dead in the eye, knowing this was one of Patrick's kind. His slightly wrinkled face broke into a grin.

"Seems like someone told ya before they should have." He did not seem displeased about that either. I think he was kind of happy I was openly saying I would not tolerate anyone putting the Canis Lunais down because they were born Lycans and not infected.

"It happens when I'm in charge of layoffs. I want to thank you, Eugene, for keeping my office so clean. Nice to know someone around here takes their duties seriously and with professional decorum." He nodded and went on about his day. I walked to my office and hung up my coat. Patrick came in with my memos and messages. "Close the door and let me hear what I have going on today." He closed the door and quietly came over to kiss my cheek.

"Thanks for Gene. He gets way more harassment than I do."

"Is that a formal complaint?" He shook his head, telling me I had to see it for myself. I nodded and we got to work. Once I had the rundown he went back to his desk and I sat at mine. We had agreed to play it cool although anyone with eyes, ears and a nose could tell we were intimate, just not at work. No sooner had I sat than my phone rang. "Jonathan Davenport," I said briskly.

"It's Angus. There has been an incident report with your name in it." He sounded almost angry.

"Really? I just got here twenty minutes ago and my entire trip here I was never alone. I am sure security cameras saw my every move." The bitch had run and told on me.

"A young lady filed an injury report and cited you as the cause."

"You mean Ms. Yates in accounting? I had a private conversation with her informing her that her sales were down and that reviews were coming up. I believe in thanks she gave me a chaste and companionable pat and cut her finger or something on my necklace. I told her she should put a band-aid on it to lessen the chance of infection. It should be all logged on the camera."

"Jonathan, don't hem and haw with me. What happened?"

"She practically was trying to get me out of my clothes in the elevator and had her hands in my jacket and cut her finger." You wanna play hardball, Connie? I can play all day. "I would like to hope she will not make advances like this again in hopes of garnering favor so close to reviews." I opened up her employee file and found seventeen claims of harassment against her in the past year alone but none panned out.

"I see. By your tone and first statement you don't seem to want to make this formal." Angus was looking for a way to keep everyone happy since he was probably watching the surveillance footage right now.

"I am flattered by her attention but I think it inappropriate for the work place. I believe a gentle warning should suffice. I am sure this is an isolated event." Bull shit! The bitch was a fucking whore by the statements the other guys had made.

"Then I will speak to her discreetly. So you are doing you reviews after the next filing days?"

"Yes sir. You probably know my file inside and out so you know I do them at random times." I heard a grunt on the other end of the line.

"I won't keep you then, Jonathan." He hung up and I stuck my tongue out at the receiver before hanging it up. Time to do some investigating. Time to cause some trouble. By the end of the day, after two meetings with the top sellers for the region, to learn first hand what I needed to know here, I had done some digging and found the entire employee roster for the building. Calling in Patrick we went over every name and he pointed out every Lunais here and then I went further. I found out not only were they not being promoted when they had better skills than the mongrels they put there, they were not getting raises. I checked everywhere to look for patterns to use so it did not look like I was singling out this group of people. I found some other non-wolves that were being shafted for those who were wolves or at least canines. I compiled the list and found out the names of all those who got the jobs instead and as a whole their work was substandard.

All week I gathered info on everyone because I was going to shake this company and its stupid hierarchy up. I even dug around in Patrick's file for any dirt and found only that he had never applied himself to assisting his last boss. "Lacks initiative," and "lazy" were common in the reports. The last boss was transferred out by Angus for embezzling so the reports were ignored. Nice to know my boy was a hard worker. File after file I looked at, even logging in extra hours to get this review done. Friday afternoon I sent out a mass email letting all the staff know how I did my reviews. It was simple. White backgrounds showed no problems and they were in no way getting fired, but they would not be up for promotion. Red was a notice of a probationary period where their division heads would keep an eye on them to look for improvement or I would personally. Yellow backgrounds were for exemplary reports and to let them know they are being considered for raises and/or promotions. Grey was a notice of termination where they would have one chance to meet with me, their division head and Angus to discuss reassignment rather than termination.

"You have an interesting way of doing things, Jonathan," said Angus when I handed him the approval for this style of notification. "Simple and direct with nothing to get wrong. I like this reassignment idea."

"They should not be punished if they fail to succeed in a place they may have trouble in. I recall my supervisor transferred me to another division and I flourished there rather than get fired."

"All good then. When will these be sent out?"

"Next Thursday after we get back from the filing days. Only you know this. Less anxiety that way, less mistakes during filing. The actual reviews for the rest will be at your convenience." He nodded like that was a good idea. It had been Patrick's idea too since he said after a full moon Lycanthropes are very lethargic for a day or two and more susceptible to accepting change. This way they would not really raise a stink if they get canned.

"Good. You are aware that your division head for sales enters in your reports."

"Yup. He told me I would be evaluated for next review. Training period."

"Good." He dismissed me with a wave of his hand and I left his office and headed down to mine.

Gene was just leaving it with a load of trash and I gave him a nod of thanks which he returned. On my desk was a small basket with a red bow and a card. It was filled with fudge, my one major vice, and I sat to read the card.


Thanks for thinking the best of us here.

That was all it said and it brought a smile to my face. Looks like word got around of what I was doing and I know which little bird told which little bird. "Patrick could you come here for a moment?"

"Yes, Mr. Davenport." He came in my office and shut the door. He looked at the fudge and smiled.

"Someone has been very generous to me. Since I don't know who sent them I cannot find favor with anyone." I stood and wrapped my arms about his waist. "Tell him thanks for the delivery and to thank the cook."

"You are smarter than they know."

"You are the only one who knows what I'm planning, knows I love fudge, and who it affects. So you will let them know." I swatted him on the butt and shooed him from my office with a piece of fudge in his hands.

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